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Tue, 22.03.2011 - 14:02
Current Events: Putin denounces US military action in Libya
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin distanced himself from President Dmitri Medvedev on Monday criticizing US-led military intervention in Libya.
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March 22 - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin this week criticized the United Nations for its resolution authorizing the United States and its NATO allies to launch a series of military attacks against Libya.

"Under Bill Clinton, they bombed Yugoslavia and Belgrade. Bush sent troops into Afghanistan and under completely false pretenses, they sent troops to Iraq and liquidated the entire Iraqi leadership. Now it's Libya's turn, under the pretext of protecting the civilian population," Prime Minister Putin said on Monday during a visit to central Russia.

On the other hand, Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, criticized the remarks, and defended Russia's decision to abstain from last week's vote in the United Nations Security Council, rather than exercising its veto powers to block the resolution.

Meanwhile, US-led coalition military forces continue to bombard the Libyan countryside as stipulated under the UN Security Council's resolution, targeting military and communications installations. So far, reports have confirmed that several civilians have already been killed as a direct result of the foreign military intervention.

Source: Russia Today