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Sun, 27.02.2011 - 18:20
Current Events: Byelorussians not to leave calm Libya
According to Byelorussia's TUT.By, many Byelorussian citizens working in Libya before the start of riots are not going to leave the country. The situation in Tripoli and Ghadames is normal, with the shops, schools, and communications functioning normally.
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TUT.By spoke with a Byelorussian woman Julia, who is now in Tripoli with her child. "The situation in Tripoli is stabilized, they have restored mobile communications."

Julia said on February 24 taht she does not want to leave: "All is calm! The weather is not very good, but I cannot her gunfire! The Byelorussian embassy phoned me last night and they too confirmed that all is quiet!

She observed that, "Listening to the news, you would think Tripoli is in ruins. There was a heated situation in the city center previously, but without air attacks on civilians as claimed by foreign media, and now everything is fine. Media have created particular confusion, especially the Al-Jazeera channel."

Another citizen of Byelorussia said about the town of Ghademes, "If the situation does not deteriorate, the majority of Byelorussians would like to stay." According to her, "all is quiet in Ghadames: "Shops are open, no one shoots. In connection with such events we are watching for our safety in the dark trying not to go out. The local population to us appears normal.

In a hospital of Ghamdames work 63 Byelorussian citizens.

Source: Rosbalt.ru