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Sun, 27.02.2011 - 14:48
Current Events: Libyan Ambassador to Malta debunks distortion of events
Saadun Suayeh, Libya's ambassador to Malta, delivered a statement in which he denounced distortions by the international media and described what has actually been occurring.
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Libyan ambassador Saadun Suayeh has set the record straight on recent events in Libya, on which the international bourgeois media has unleashed a campaign of hysteria about a "revolutionary uprising".

The ambassador reported that rumors about Col Gaddafi's daughter's attempt to go to Malta yesterday are false. He exposed that the unrest has been grossly exaggerated, as the death toll actually amounts to about 300. These included civilians, police, and members of the army. Contrary to allegations from certain "social media" outlets, civilians were not attacked by aircraft.

The ambassador said that foreign observers were welcome in Libya to determine the truth, which would help to further debunk the lies about the situation in the country.

He stated that small sections of the country in the East was seized by rebels. Libya's foreign ministry reported that thousands of foreigners are involved, and that they are largely responsible for the trouble.

Suayeh said that there must be an end to the unrest for the sake of the country's unity and territorial integrity, and that it would be catastrophic for the country if the rebels seized power.

"What Libya needs is stability, reconciliation and dialogue," the ambassador said.

The Ambassador defended the Jamahiriyan forces to protect the Revolution: "As in all insurgencies, the government has the right to take what action necessary to quell the insurgents."

Source: Malta Times, Malta Today