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Mon, 07.09.2009 - 20:13
Archived News: Taliban call for investigation into Kunduz massacre
In a statement e-mailed on Monday, the Taliban mujahideen in occupied Afghanistan denounced the NATO airstrike which slaughtered 150 innocent civilians in Kunduz province and called on the international community to launch an investigation into NATO's murderous campaign against the Afghan people.
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September 8 - The Taliban in occupied Afghanistan called on the international community to investigate the criminal NATO air strike in Kunduz which killed upwards of 100 people on Friday, including dozens of innocent men, women, seniors and children.

On Monday, Taliban mujahideen resistance forces released a statement through an e-mail distribution reporting that 150 civilians were killed in NATO's NATO's indiscriminate air-strike in Afghanistan's northern Kunduz province. Local authorities of the Afghan puppet regime, undoubtedly under pressure from NATO commanders, reported that the number of casualties resulting from Friday's attack remained at 54.

The statement also condemned the brutal, criminal acts of the foreign military occupation for carrying out violent attacks against the civilian population, while calling upon international human rights organizations and governments to investigate the massacre in Kunduz.
"Without any doubt a big crime has been committed in Kunduz province, and civilians have been targeted," the statement read.

"International law, the Charter of the United Nations and the Geneva Conventions are very clear on such crimes. If the United Nations, Amnesty International and human rights organizations really recognize human rights or hold them important, then the truth and the lies will be known in this affair," the statement added.

"We urge the world human rights organizations, the United Nations authorities and other independent world bodies and governments to observe their humanitarian and ethical responsibility by condemning this incident and preventing such incidents in future."

According to the statement, the NATO strike came as many civilians arrived at the site where the two tankers were located in an effort to siphon fuel, given the extreme poverty and oppression ravaging the Afghan population after eight years of violent occupation at the hands of foreign armed forces.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported Sunday that the criminal bombing on Friday has been the source of considerable controversy within the NATO militarist alliance between the Americans and Germans. Washington and other NATO foreign military forces in occupied Afghanistan criticized the German field commander who gave the order for Friday's criminal bombing; however, it was an American pilot and jet responsible for carrying out the attack. According to protocol, any pilot has the authority to decline to drop a bomb if the intended target has not completely been identified. According to the NATO military occupation, an investigation into the matter is being launched with the "utmost scrutiny."

Source: Afghan Islamic Press, BBC World Service, Associated Press, AFP