Open Forum on Marxism-Leninism

Free Media Productions is proud to announce its “Open Forum on Marxism-Leninism,” a chance to debate, discuss and learn about the philosophical, economic, and political basis for the revolutionary theory of the masses. This is an opportunity to develop theoretical understandings of scientific socialism, which in term is of the absolute necessity in dictating the practical work of all Marxist-Leninists.

In addition to our own content, we invite our readers to post question regarding general or particular areas of theory, or topics they would like discussed. No questions or topics will be ignored, and as always, we welcome open-criticism.

“ALL worship of the spontaneity of the working-class movement, all belittling of the role of the ‘conscious element’, of the role of social democracy [communism], means, quite independently of whether he who belittles that role desires it or not, a strengthening of the influence of bourgeois ideology upon the workers.”

-V.I. Lenin

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