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Free Media Productions is not a philosophy-based website, even though many contributors express an interest in political philosophy and know that it is important. What binds us together is a goal – and that goal is to create an alternative media using various technological mediums which is free of business interests, political correctness, internet egos accompanied by typical forum drama on a solely vbulletin medium and invasion of privacy on a public social networking medium. While FMP tends to shy away from the centrist mainstream (i.e. liberalism), members are not tested for political philosophy and categorized based on their philosophy. We have a goal, and we work towards it.

Readers may notice a few tendencies that perhaps stand out a bit more than others, including a general antipathy towards liberalism, capitalism, globalism, imperialism and so forth. However, there are very few things that the staff will not tolerate, and we do our best to maintain a relatively open platform for discussion.

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