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Class Conflict and Identity Politics

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

I reached a huge milestone in my understanding of the world when I realized that issues of identity politics are simply used to advance material goals. This applies as much to liberal Americans who trumpet “freedom and demoracy” and use it to invade countries as it does to National Socialists and Zionists who hide behind identity politics as well in a more explicit fashion. It applied to Christopher Columbus when he invaded countries for “Christianity” but really wanted Gold (nod to Howard Zinn) and it applied to Muhammad as well who clearly invented the the Koran based on millennial outdated myths (the Torah and Gospels) to gain influence over the people of Mecca and Medina.

Historically, why was Slavery supported? To advance Southern agrarian economics!

Why was Slavery opposed? To support Yankee imperialist industrial economics!

Why did Hitler obsess over Jews? To create a false racial theory (“aryan” and “semite” are linguistic terms) so that he could explain the economic depression, send the Germans to war (military industrial complex) and take over Polish land and then argue that the Jews were responsible for the war because they were “controlling” (lol) America and Britain (Poland’s allies) and crashed the economy to begin with.

Why did Britain and America oppose Germany? Aside from self-defense (Pearl Harbor bombing, the proximity of Britain to Germany), the Americans and British wanted to advance capitalist imperialism in a way which was more eloquent than German Nazism. Pragmatically, this is why Israel became propped after 1948! A zig-zag by an opposing capitalist power to support Imperialism by using Jews as the useful idiots instead of using them as the scapegoat!

Why has the ruling class in America rejected racialism? First of all, labor (non-whites gained economic strength), but secondly the Cold War because the ruling class realized that if it did not drop its racialism, then non-whites would revoke their alliance to the bourgeois class and Marxism would appeal instead. Besides, there are a host of ideologies available that include non-Whites which could attract them if America continued to support racialist policies. Just as antisemitism caused Jews to side (temporarily) with the Soviets against the Tzar, racialism could cause non-Whites to abandon American politics. It’s interesting that as soon as Jews had an opportunity to join the bourgeois class, many of them abandoned proletarian politics and switched to Zionist-American politics! As scumbag “Prak Stal” wrote, “use the latter then kick it away” (I don’t plagiarize he only invents that).

Why is there mass immigration, outsourcing of jobs? Again, economics!

People who believe that “moral principles” guide racial policy are idiots. Internet “white race spokespeople” who speak of the “rights” of races to survive and liberals who speak of the “rights” of minorities are mistaken. Under capitalism nobody has any rights, but simply privileges which are granted based on both present and outdated material conditions but hidden behind bullshit ideology. The cold truth is that I will be more honest. Socialism does not believe the “bourgeiouse” has any rights! When you realize the sham of human rights activism, you realize that society is latent with racial double standards because of capitalism primarily, rather than Catholicism or organized Judaism (any resemblance is coincidential). “Human rights” are simply tools used to rally segments of population behind propaganda. The Media does not care about the truth when it under-reports Black Crime (I like thugs) and Judicial system does not see Black or White, it sees Green (dollar bill). “All men are created equal” did not always mean Black men but still emotionally this stirred many American revolutionaries against the British Imperialists. “Human rights” are a propaganda tool, whether used by American colonial Whites (but not Blacks) or used by a biased Media that makes stupid narratives around crime cases to make it appear as if “white supremacists” are frequently attacking Blacks when data shows otherwise.

Another comment. Have you ever seen Abraham Foxman’s salary? Norman Finkelstein (the most skilled writer on the Zionist question) explains the money politics behind victim whoring very well!

The people who I fought with on forums are idiotic morons who are living in a false world in which identity politics are legitimate instead of covers for material politics. They believe “The Jews” and Nazis actually were/are sincere in their identity politics and not simply using them to exploit the stupid. Hell, even Jim Giles made fun of the “white money movement” (note that Hunter Wallace is no longer part of it).

Newt Gingrich : American Imperialist

Monday, January 23rd, 2012


Newt Gingrich is exposing US imperialism for what it is. This may be a good thing. He is showing his cards, now we can rally the working class to oppose him.

Don’t count on Barack Obama to oppose him. The working class must destroy the imperialists the same way the working class has destroyed SOPA.

I must credit Hunter Wallace for revealing this to me.

A False Dilemma

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Modern day posters on the internet often believe that there is a choice between two choices: Being a “neo-con” and being a Judeo-obsessive.

I am a race realist. That means I believe that race should be approached with logic, not political tact (ass kissing) or emotion. However, most Judeo-obsessives are not merely race realists; they are reactionary racists. They insist on labeling Jews as a foreign entity and they argue that America is politically correct and defensive of Israel because Jews control America. They then use the Jewish question to distract people from the class question (here and here).

They say that one has a choice; accept their viewpoints or you are a neo-con!

A neo-con, in my opinion, is a supporter of US imperialism. One does not have to support US imperialism to disagree with the so-called “wn” view on Jews. I believe the Caucasian race is a legitimate category biologically. It includes Jews, non-Jewish Europeans and in fact includes many western Asians as well (Arabs, Iranians, etc.). As far as Jews being genetically programmed into degeneracy, I do not believe that either. I consider myself White and I don’t consider Jews alien (plus race is not everything, I have Black and Asians comrades). Yet I still oppose the imperialistic policies of the US and Israeli Governments. I have written on this matter before.

Truth be told, Abraham Foxman (the “example” of Jewish hypocrisy) plays identity politics just as aggressively as David Duke does. The crazy wnists and the crazy zionist-imperialists reinforce each other with their paranoid stupidity and victim whoring. The wn clowns say “the Jews” control the world. The ADL lobbies to prevent White people from gaining information that they are entitled to, such as crimes committed by non-Whites and so forth. Yet even though the ADL is run by a hypocritical leader, I would never argue that Abraham Foxman is responsible for the White race’s predicament. The real problem is capitalism.

I am neither a neo-con nor a neo-nazi. I guess the dilemma put forth by both sides is a false dilemma. I am such a counter-example to this dilemma.

edit : Most people with a scientific socialist analysis, like Marx, reason that religion is reactionary and that each religion has specific reactionary characteristics, but as much as the supporters of US-Israeli imperialism would like to say so, being against Judaism is not the same thing as reactionary style Third Reich antisemitism. People of Jewish ancestry are my brothers. Judaism is only as real as peoples imaginations that either believe in it or believe “the Jews” control the world.

Power Dynamics

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

I had an interesting conversation on facebook. Because I do not want individuals who engaged in this conversation to experience any harassment, I have cut out the last names and the full name of a person who is not a political activist of any sort. But I posted the conversation.

Power Dynamic Conversation

This conversation marks a significant realization. It explains why “we” are protesting the 1% as the 99%. It explains why employers like to blame their employees. It explains why Governments go to war but Soldiers die.

Read it and reflect on it.

The people who get screwed over are the ones UNDERNEATH those in power. That is why we must assert ourselves. Your mistake is our problem.

The other issue is that we have a system of Government that is not addressing this and rectifying it. It is maintaining the power dynamic(s).

Foreign Policy Magazine on the Rising Chinese System

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

“On the Economy, Be Careful What You Wish For” by Ian Bremmer of Foreign Policy Magazine

The July/August issue of foreign policy magazine, to which I do not subscribe, had many interesting articles about the Soviet Union and the changing economic landscape of the world currently. Other article mentioned warnings that Gorbachev did not see change coming and that nobody predicted the collapse of USSR. This article discusses the current economy.

I have explained earlier how Market Socialism works. Market Socialism is pragmatic socialism applied to a more advanced market economy. The reason “centrally planned” socialists Stalin and Mao “started from scratch” when building their economies is not because it is inherently Marxist to have an economy that is near completely planned (although there must be more planning under socialism), but because the countries they took over were so backwards that they had to start from scratch. Built in a modern country like USA, certain market forces would be utilized after a Socialist Revolution, but the market would no longer control the Government and it would be more like “non-profit” businesses with Socialist Party people in some of the management roles, instead of businesses that exist only to “maximize the profits of shareholders.”

This article indicates that the Chinese System is being mimicked and the US system is losing popularity:

Indeed, the American way of capitalism itself is now under threat. That model was built on open market access and minimal government meddling. But the world loves a winner: China’s heavily top-down approach is finding adherents from Vietnam to Venezuela, while the idea of American-style market-driven capitalism has lost some of its allure. As the appeal of state-driven capitalism grows, we can expect a much less efficient global economy. We’ll see politics injected into economic policy making much more often and on a much larger scale — within both emerging and established powers. We’ll see governments defend their political interests with new sets of tools and weapons, like currency policies, market access, intellectual property rights, and new forms of resource nationalism that move beyond oil, gas, metals, and minerals into commodities like food.

“Juche” (self-reliant) Socialist Kim Jong Il of North Korea as well admires the success of the Chinese system, but that is not mentioned here. While a Market Socialist System is the only way socialism can be built in an advanced country (Stalinism and Maoism could NOT work in those conditions), it is also true that China at time walks the line between market socialism and capitalism.

People are finally accepting that the government has to be there for its people, which is essentially what socialism is, economic populism based on class awareness. This article bashes America for getting into debt and starting costly wars to spread an economic system that does not work and is not wanted by anybody but a few ideologues. If capitalism produces antagonism here, it will produce more antagonism in Iraq. However it will also produce profit and that is why we see class conflict. The people who control a capitalist system do not care about “the good of the people,” much less “the good of the people in Iraq/Afghanistan.” They ONLY care about their own profit. But the class war is turning in favor of the working class and soon the people will start movements to take control of their own countries and try to fix the problems against whatever odds.

For Americans, what this all means is that the long, postwar party is over. The U.S. debt-to-GDP ratio has climbed above 84 percent, putting America’s ability to meet its obligations in question for the first time in memory. To close the gap, U.S. consumers will have to pay higher taxes, save more money, delay retirement, and accept less generous pension and health-care benefits.

In coming years, an increasingly cash-strapped U.S. government will have to become more sensitive to the costs and risks of its foreign adventures. It will be harder to persuade more cost-conscious Americans (and their lawmakers) that the stability of countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, or even a longtime U.S. protectorate like Taiwan is worth a bloody and costly fight. Questions will arise abroad about the U.S. commitment to the security of particular regions, encouraging local players to test American resolve and exploit any weakness they find.

On another note, the analysis of the American economy in this article receives my approval. Globalization is being attacked here. By relying too much on another economy, one’s own economy is at risk. This is not very “fault tolerant” to use a computer term.

American consumer purchasing power will continue to be an important variable for global growth and the economic health of many countries, but Americans won’t have as much money to spend. The financial crisis pulled huge amounts of money from the pockets of U.S. consumers by, among other things, deflating the value of their biggest asset: their homes. And the loss in U.S. purchasing power will be felt in every economy that depends on access to U.S. markets. That’s exactly why Chinese policymakers are now working to decouple — not because Washington wants them to, but because excessive long-term dependence on U.S. consumers puts China’s future growth trajectory at risk.

Overall, a very useful article in a very useful issue of the entire Magazine!

Karl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party

Monday, July 4th, 2011

A good spokesman for the most effective activist revolutionary Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist party.

Members of all races should be Communists and “race realists” at the same time. He argues that the current order is not good for Blacks or for “the majority of the people.”

US Imperialism, Islam and Class Consciousness

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

US imperialism harms the movement against Islam.

Americans have created the image, among both Islamic sympathizers and those who oppose them, that those who oppose Islam should support American foreign policy. American foreign policy includes the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War and support for the “war” between Zionists and Palestinians.

US imperialism (as well domestic capitalism) takes advantage of modern technology and discredits it by association! When technology and modernization become associated with these goons in power, the popularity of Islam increases. Technology just isn’t “cool” when capitalist warmongers use it.

A class conscious analysis combined with modern technology on its own will get rid of Islam. The same factors will destroy US imperialism as well.

Kill two birds with one stone!

I apologize for not making the case as well as I should have earlier. I always opposed the Iraq War and opposed the prolonged characteristics of the Afghanistan War, but I never said it enough to sink it through people’s thick skulls. People misinterpreted my opposition to Islam as support for the US policies. People also misinterpreted my opposition to stupid antisemitism as support for these policies. When you are dealing with people of below average intelligence, you have to be extra articulate.

Sound Political Theory and Antisemitism

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

I showed, in previous articles, how leaders of some fringe movements use antisemitism as an attempt to confuse the followers that they wish they had. They do have a few followers however, and for people who buy into what their leaders tell them, it gives answers. The wrong answers, but they feel like the right answers. In this article, I will explain why antisemitism is incorrect not in an Ad hominem sense of being bourgeois and not in an ethical sense, but grounded in deep political theory.

I should note that a defense against anti-Jewish conspiracy theories and obsession with the national background of Jews is not a defense of Jewish extremism or imperialistic iterations of Zionism. Neither is it an attack on modern science in favor of Orthodox religion. Rather, the aim of this article is to explain the secular causes of our current society, the theoretical deviations of antisemites and the differences between them.

First off, hardcore antisemites view themselves as knowing something that the rest of the people are too weak to know. Analogously, one cannot give a rated “R” movie to a twelve year old. It may be true that the average person will not even touch issues involving Jews, due to the emotional overtones of the issue, however this does not mean that fringe antisemites know what they are talking about. People who blame the Jews as the primary cause for racial dispossession and imperialism in the middle east do not understand the difference between opportunism and cause / effect.

Someone who sees things in terms of political opportunism only sees things in terms of platforms. “I’m pro-gun, pro-life, anti-market, anti-immigration” etc. “You have the same positions, so we have something in common.” But that is just opportunism, it does not mean we fundamentally see things the same way. And it is only a matter of opportunism that the current mode of production – imperial capitalism – happens to be good for liberal warmongering Jews (not ALL Jews. Jews as a group were more anti Iraq war than the national average). There are plenty of opportunists who benefit from the current order. However, opportunists do not control democratic opinion and opportunists do not create the material conditions that lead to their delightful benefit.

As I noted earlier, systems of government form as reactions to material conditions and economic circumstances which cause antagonisms which are managed by leaders in different directions. Tzarist despotism created conditions which caused the Russian revolution. The loss of world war I and the great depression set the stage for Nazism. Conflicting systems of economics between the slave-driven agrarian South and the industrialized North caused the Civil War. British imperialism created antagonisms that caused the American revolution and its two-party Oligopoly.

As technology and economics evolve, sometimes the systems of government do not immediately change with it, but instead hold on to nostalgia, or “the way things used to be.” Take the confederacy. The people may be ready to abolish slavery and/or advance the social conditions of Women, because of an economy that is structured differently as modes of production change, but the Government may react, or be “reactionary,” and oppose this. What we have in fringe white nationalist groups are people who are reacting to this conflict. They want to keep the society the way they think it used to be, but the material and technological conditions are changing. A class conscious nationalist, unlike a reactionary nationalist, understands that material conditions and nationalism must be designed to intersect in a future manor, not as they did in the past. But a reactionary feels the pain and tension between the customs of the past and the material conditions of the present, and he/she tries to understand and explain this without actually grasping a materialist analysis. People like this feel their society is being taken away, and they do not really understand “why” in a macroeconomic sense.

Blaming the Jew is the glue that holds together the broken political theory of the followers of the fringe movement, but for the leaders, blaming the Jew is “scapegoating,” or a cynical ploy. It works because some individual Jews indeed are opportunists who indeed fully support the current order. But the answer is still a shallow answer. It should be noted that the REAL leaders, not the fringe leaders but the people with power in society, also benefit, because these movements never get very far.

In summary, antisemites see Jews in power positions and see opportunists who think the current order is good for themselves, and therefore think that the current order was created by Jews, instead of by the material conditions that lead to it. In any system of government, there are opportunists and profiteers, and people who advocate a specific agenda, but fundamentally the opportunists are like people who are merely riding a wave.

Yes Israel has some influence on America, but that is only because the two countries are linked, and it is a “reward” given to Israel for cooperating with America’s globalist agenda and advancing it in the Middle East while oppressing Arabs who resist. Yes some individual Jews may support immigration, but free market liberal capitalism is what drives it and sets the conditions for the political legislation which enables it. Yes some Jews may profit from the system, but contingent forces, ideas and the reactions to them create the system. Fundamentally, “follower” antisemites do not understand the clash of the times and blame the Jews to explain it.

Modern Modes of Production – Manufacturing to Servicing

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Right now we are observing the transitioning of America from a manufacturing economy to a globalized economy in which the third world does most of the manufacturing and America uses manufactured materials to perform services. If a hair cutter uses a buzz trimmer, that buzz trimmer was manufactured somewhere. If a plumber uses a wrench, that wrench was manufactured somewhere.

As Marx pointed out in his time, each transitioning mode of production has negative effects. We can point out now, in our time, that the transition that is occurring now has its own set of negative effects.

-The third world does not develop its economy independently, but is exploited.
-The gap between rich and poor is growing bigger and bigger, with less opportunities.
-As the geographical locations of working trades stratify, with manufacturing being out of USA and servicing being in USA, it forces people to move and live as aliens in another culture just to get a job.
-To the extent that manufacturers still manufacture in USA, downward competitive pressure is applied to wages to push them beneath the higher American cost of living. This is the worst in areas that are most expensive, like New York, and least noticeable in areas that are less expensive, like Pennsylvania. But it exists in all of USA.
-America starts wars to “spread democracy” so that it can pathetically attempt to further develop its system of economics. The paths of success and failure have their own sets of negative consequences.
-People are told an assorted set of lies in higher education to advance the interests of the greedy. “Outsourcing is good,” “we’re all the same,” etc. The exploiting class does not care about people’s safety or whether or not they know the truth.
-If another Hitler rose and America had to defend itself, factories would be needed. Good luck! America would have to just hope that the third world doesn’t side with Hitler 2.0. Even if America got the support, it would be less efficient.

These are just a few consequences.

Class Division, Warfare and Israel

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

When America decides to launch a war in the middle east, Israel gives the exploiting class an excuse. “We need to stabilize the region.”

It gives the political dissident class an answer. “Israel is responsible for us going to war.”

The exploiting class wins, because it not only gets to go to war, but it avoids the responsibility for it.

Nobody is going to take political dissidents seriously who are not class conscious enough to realize the extent to which financial interests motivate American foreign policy.

Who benefits? Something like Israel allows America to do anything and never get blamed for it by its own dissidents. By dissidents I mean people who are not part of either the Republican or Democratic parties. The Democratic party is not a dissident party. Democrats gave George Bush the votes he needed to launch the wars, and Democrats continue to be wedded to the same corporate machine that unemploys its own people while they join the army to make money for the exploiting class.

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