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Women are not Gatekeepers of Sex

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Edit by Metal Gear : Johnny Gulag is a very disturbed young man. He has good points to make about society’s double standards, but we don’t advocate violence on Free Media Productions. Please realize that his views do not represent Free Media Productions.

One of the common claims by aspergers forum posters is that Males always want to have sex but Females are the ones who have power to grant or deny it. They claim that this is based on biology. I call bullshit right now on the entire theory. I’ve walked away from so many sexual opportunities that I have lost count. I certainly couldn’t count on two hands.

This is bourgeois bullshit. The latest genetic studies prove that the strength of the sexual drive is determined by an individual, not by gender. Males don’t want sex more than women based on biology. Even if it were true, biology does not mean anything when your mind knows how to ignore your body. Bourgeois losers tell us we need women so that we can get married and build a family. Being a male and a virgin is a bigger accomplishment than being a female and a virgin, because a male virgin fights against peer pressure while a female is encouraged by society be prudent.

We don’t need women. I get off far more on strangling women than I do on touching my private parts. Males must follow the examples of Dennis Rader, Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgway and solve the Women Question once and for all.

Women Bashing Rap

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

I have made it clear now that I support hardcore hip hop as part of my class warfare against the bourgeois class. I also support some hard rock, metal, nu metal, rap metal etc.

This is how the Lyceum is different from occidental dissent, counter current (which is run by a faggot), The Occidental Quarterly and Alternative Right. We cut the chase. We openly bash women.

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Celibacy is the route.

The Book and the Cover

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Liberal capitalists push the idea of individualism and condemn the idea of dividing people in a way that inhibits globalization. If “sexism,” “racism,” “nationalism” or other “isms” are bad for business, they are condemned.

Yet even though Corporate culture trumpets the merits of individualism, in my experience, Corporations still judge books by covers.

It’s not your skills or potential, it’s your experience.
It’s not your loyalty, it’s your work history.
It’s not your interview, it’s the results returned from your background check.
It’s not a good background check, it’s a google search.
It’s not you, it’s your network and who you know.
It’s not what you know, it’s how you look on paper.

You get my drift? I am sure you do.

Corporate culture pushes the idea of not judging the book by a cover when it is convenient. However during other periods of history, the controllers of economic activity (not necessarily Corporations) have used other propaganda to perpetuate institutions such as slavery to the extent it fits the given mode of production. Yet corporations do judge people by things that are very unrelated to their qualifications for the job. They just don’t do it for the same reason as a “racist” or “sexist.”

In fact, corporations are willing to sometimes fill quotas by ethnicity simply for political / public relations reasons. That may not be racism against Blacks, but it is still racial.

More Males are Not Screwing Around – Staying Abstinent

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

The link
I know it is 2008 but still thought it was interesting.

Marketing Technology that discrimiantes based on apperance

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

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Computers are being trained to be sexist and “race realist.” They probably judge on characteristics such as height, age and weight also. Bigoted computers! Cisco and Intel can be accused of bigotry, but certainly not of opposition to globalization!

Demographic “realism” is part of marketing. True it is not as precise as psychograpahic history, but without knowledge of actual individual buying patterns, the next best strategy is to go by demographics. The logic behind this is that while you will occasionally make a false judgment, at least a percentage of the time you will be correct in your stereotype.

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Using technology from top Silicon Valley companies such as Cisco and Intel, advertisers are creating a new breed of digital signs that can be customized depending on a viewer’s age and gender.

Already starting to appear in selected malls and other spots around the country, the signs have the potential to revolutionize the retailing industry, but their intrusiveness has led to criticism from privacy advocates and nervousness from some in the marketing industry itself.

“The vast majority of people walking in stores, near elevators and in other public and private spaces have no idea that the innocent-looking flat screen TVs playing videos may be capturing their images and then dissecting and analyzing them for marketing purposes,” the nonprofit, Southern California-based World Privacy Forum warned in a report it issued on digital signs in January. “Controls need to be put in place now, before this technology runs amok.”

Businesses insist the signs are good for them and for consumers, because they can offer more focused and effective advertising. And the burgeoning market has caught the eye of Silicon Valley companies. Among them is San Jose-based Cisco, which makes gear that displays images and management software for the signs. It’s not a huge business yet for the company, according to Thomas Wyatt, general manager of Cisco’s digital media systems unit. But he said it’s growing, adding “these are really emerging technologies.”

The trend stems from a desire among marketers to make ads more effective by making them more relevant to those seeing them.

“If you come by a sign and it’s playing something you’re not interested in, it’s noise to you,” said Joe Jensen, a manager at Santa Clara, Calif.-based Intel, which touts the ability of its chips to provide visually appealing ad images and to process the audience data the signs capture. But if the message is tailored to a specific individual’s needs, he added, the person often will welcome the information.

Using facial-recognition software from other companies — such as TruMedia of Tampa, Fla. — the signs can recognize the demographic characteristics of people standing in front of them and instantly change their ads.

Tony Leger, a TruMedia sales director, said hundreds of signs with that capability are in operation worldwide in retail malls, airports, banks and other places. But he said it’s unclear how many are automatically adjusting their ads for customers because many businesses that have installed them don’t want to reveal that to competitors.

Some of the signs have proven controversial, including digital billboards Castrol operated in London in September. Equipped with cameras, the signs read the license plates of each passing motorist, accessed a database that revealed the automobile’s model and year, and flashed the driver a message about what type of oil their vehicle should use.

The ads were blasted as intrusive and a potentially unsafe distraction, and Castrol halted them after only a few days.

The digital devices are beginning to resemble the brainy signs featured in the 2002 science-fiction movie “Minority Report,” which could recognize people and hail them by name. Many can gauge the sex and approximate age of those standing in front them. That way, if a pre-teen girl watching the screen wanders away and an adult male approaches, the sign automatically can switch from showing an ad for Hello-Kitty Dress-Me Bears, for example, to one for men’s work boots. Samsung claims its versions can even determine the race and nationality of a viewer.

These digital signs are part of a growing push to personalize ads through technology.

Web ads that are customized based on a user’s interests and demographics have been a staple for companies like Google and Yahoo for years. Although critics have decried the tactic, Forrester Consulting found that 77 percent of the marketers it surveyed in January “are planning to use or already use audience targeting for their online strategy.”

More recently, companies have used GPS technology in mobile phones to tailor ads to a user’s location (“25% off lattes” as someone walks by a coffee shop, for instance). Although many retailers won’t send such ads unless invited to do so by a consumer, the practice worries the Center for Digital Democracy. In a letter to the federal government on Monday, the nonprofit public interest organization warned against letting the practice proliferate “without strong privacy and consumer health-related safeguards in place.”

Any ad targeting makes some people uncomfortable. A survey of 1,000 adults last year by University of California-Berkeley and University of Pennsylvania researchers found that 66 percent opposed such pitches.

Count Will Douglas among them. The 25-year-old consultant from Oakland, Calif., who was shopping at the Milpitas Great Mall, termed the idea “weird” and wondered if the equipment might make insulting errors about “someone of ambiguous gender” or mistake a short person for a child. Assuming a sign “can tell something about you strikes me as arrogant,” he said.

“That’s so wrong,” added state agricultural technician Bobbi Thornton, 55, of Milpitas, who was at the same mall searching for a handbag. “This is like the Internet search engines that follow your shopping behavior. It’s so invasive.”

Face-assessing digital displays even make some advertisers skittish. Last month, Point of Purchase Advertising International published guidelines for using the signs, advising among other things that consumers always be told when they are under surveillance. Despite the advantages of such technology, the industry group concluded, being able to monitor a consumer’s every move and facial feature “sends shivers down the spine of even the boldest marketer.”

The recession was caused by women

Monday, February 15th, 2010

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If you are really anti-recession, then you have to be anti-women. If you enjoy the recession, then enjoy women. The current economy and unwillingness to loan forces men and women to live together. Men have to either live with their Mothers or a girl-enemy, because the economy sucks too much to actually find a steady job and thus isolate oneself from the need of assistance towards housing. The current economy is a result of a deliberate conspiracy of women to buy expensive houses in order to keep their husbands in debt, and to crash the whole economy so that men can’t live without a roomate. I pointed out in an earlier post that women have not been harmed by the recession nearly as much as men. But dick masterson argues that they engineered it.

Perhaps good women are the ones who take on their co-sexualists, and admit that they are responsible for everything that is wrong with America right now. It doesn’t matter if women are necessary for reproduction. We can change that with a technocracy.

This letter was sent to me from America’s Heartland.

Dear Dick,

I live in Nebraska where anyone with a decent job can afford to buy a house. Recently, I’m seeing a trend in the amount of women who feel that they can AND SHOULD buy their own house. “How the fuck do these women expect to mow the lawn?” I asked a friend of mine who is buying a house. She replied, “You.” After I finished laughing, she asked if she could borrow my lawnmower to do it. “How are you going to get the mower from my house to yours?” I said. She replied, “Your truck.”

Property ownership for women should be discouraged, starting at the real estate agent.

CE in Nebraska.

Well said, CE in Nebraska. Women should not own property.

A woman owning property is like giving a monkey a dog on a leash. It doesn’t mean the monkey has a pet. It means some idiot tied a dog to a monkey.

Women owning property doesn’t mean that they themselves aren’t property.

But what’s the worst that could happen? So a few women buy a few houses and fuck them up, it’s not like that will fuck up the entire global economy, right?

Wrong. Women caused the subprime mortgage meltdown.

You Are What You Eat

Women don’t know how to treat property. Just look at how they treat themselves! Getting fat as hell, speaking when they could just sit there and look pretty, giving it up on the first date. Women are the world’s oldest property and they treat themselves like shit.

They also treat their cars and houses like shit. The last time I let a woman drive me anywhere, I didn’t. I insisted on driving her car myself and she had to kick through a foot of trash and debris in her passenger seat to even sit down. That’s how a woman treats something she owns. She lets it go to hell.

If women can’t fuck to make a problem go away, or at least pretend they’re going to fuck after the problem goes away, then the problem goes unsolved. Take my new best friend CE from Nebraska. Sure, he could get his freak on for mowing some dozy bitch’s lawn, but that’s a waste of time and worse yet, it’s a loss of Man Points.

The maximum amount of work any man can do to get laid without losing Man Points is 30 minutes. Any more means you give a shit.

Women Are Consumers

Women don’t understand ownership. They only understand consumership. That’s why they should only purchase things that can be used. Things like make-up, clothing, pots and pans, and especially birth control; all things meant to be used up or thrown away when something better comes along — just like women.

Men are owners. We invented ownership and we fought the wars that resulted from this awesome invention. Ownership is about putting work into something, including ourselves, in order to increase its value. Women just complain until someone either pays more for access to their sex organs, or lies better while doing it.

A boob job doesn’t make a girl smarter, it just makes her look smarter.

Subprime Fuck Up

Subprime is the first word I think of when I think of women and their shit brains. However, it also perfectly describes their real estate investments.

If you don’t understand what the subprime mortgage crisis is, I’ll explain it in man terms.

Let’s say you’re throwing a party and stocking it with booze. You get a bottle of Patron, a 12 pack of Pacifico, and a case of Ralph’s brand charcoal filtered potato Vodka.

Guess what, no one will fucking drink Ralph’s brand charcoal filtered potato Vodka and the people who will drink it, you don’t want at your party! That’s the subprime alcohol at my party crisis. The Pacifico will be gone in ten minutes and the Patron will get smashed on your car by pissed off, sober party guests during an angry mass exodus.

In 2003, one in five home purchases were made by single women.

In 2006 women were 32% more likely to receive a subprime mortgage than men.

In 2006 women were 41% more likely to receive a high-cost subprime mortgage than men.

In 2006, 30% of mortgage borrowers were women

In 2006, 38.8% of subprime mortgage borrowers were women.

In 2006, women were 29.1% more likely to be stupid and irresponsible.

Men are better than women.

The economy is like a symphony. It doesn’t take an orchestra to fuck it up, it just takes like 29.1% of the instruments.

Accountability? Who Me?

Women are experts at shooting themselves in the foot. I think men have too much practice not shooting ourselves in the foot from pissing outside our entire lives. We learn to account for wind, splash factor, all kinds of shit. We learn not to piss all over our shoes. But women don’t. According to women, the reason they accepted shitty mortgages from banks and didn’t use LendingTree.com to shop around like TV told them to, is because banks are sexist.

Fuck you. Banks hate everyone. To banks you are a number not a name and a collection of statistics to milk for cash — not a person. For more information on banks, consult your local library — or ask Mel Gibson. I’m sure he has some interesting theories.

Financial Advice From the Retarded

Aside from trash books telling women not to base their self-worth on men — which they will anyway — financial advice books written by women for women are some of the biggest selling titles out there.

Among money saving pearls like, “Bring your own snacks to the movies”, and “Don’t bother getting a car, just get some man to drive you everywhere!” you’ll will also encounter the following gem amongst the kitschy self-empowerment slogans:

Home ownership is the key to building wealth.

What women fail to realize is that affording a home is the key to home ownership. Women are economically retarded. They’ll write checks until their checkbook is empty. They’ll pay the minimum required amount on their credit cards just for fun. They’ll buy the Extended Warranty because it makes them feel better. Then they’ll throw all the fucking receipts away and cry when their shitty little television breaks two years in.

The point is, women are fiscally retarded.

Financial Advice For the Retarded

“Women are Disproportionately Represented in High-Cost Mortgage Market.” -CFA 2006

So what if women got offered shitty deals? They still took them. That makes it their fault. Who knows how much shit women forgot to put on their applications or how much effort they put into researching the loan process or even looking up the word “loan” before taking one out and leaving the global economy alone on the swing set while trying to convince her friends that she’s had a busy day. Running errands is not having a busy day.

Women wouldn’t know a good deal if it offered them a ride home in exchange for a blowjob. That’s a good deal! It’s five minutes of work vs. an hour of walking. Do the math.

But women can’t do math. Women look at APR and amortization rates and closing costs and fiduciary terms and their little heads start replaying the training montage in Dirty Dancing. “Maybe this time she’ll get in the air without laughing like a whore!” thinks a woman as she’s signing away daddy’s retirement plan.


All problems by women are actually caused by men. Men who think their daughter, wife, sister, girlfriend, mother, fuck buddy, or co-worker, has anything more than shit between her ears.

In the case of the subprime meltdown, some man thought it was a good idea to give his daughter a down payment. It wasn’t.

Welcome to the big leagues, ladies. Having the world on your shoulders isn’t as fun as it looked, is it? Make sure your degrees in Political Science are framed to match your bedroom set when the repo man comes to collect both.

“Though no statistics exist to compare foreclosure rates among men and women, it is logical to conclude that higher rates of subprime mortgages among women translates to higher rates of foreclosure.” -Allen J. Fishbein

Here’s a statistic for you. Women have only been allowed to own property for 1% of the time we’ve been around as a species. There’s a reason for that.


“35 percent of women home equity borrowers used the loans to pay off credit card debt, and a third of those borrowers had rebuilt the same credit card debt within four years.” – Money Magazine, July 2004

I should have just lead with that quote, but since it also ends the discussion, I saved it for the end.

End of discussion. Women are fucked.

If I was a bank, I would never lend money to a single woman wanting to buy a house because I know she’s going to blow half of it on overpriced furnishings and a new puppy she won’t discipline for shit. Besides, she’s just going to get married in a few years anyway, and the day a woman gets married all her money suddenly becomes discretionary. Yours is hers and hers is hers. Welcome to marriage. That means whenever a bank signs a mortgage over to a single woman, they’re actually signing it over to her future husband.

Since when is it good banking to give loans to imaginary people!

Pushing Women Away

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Women frequently find me physically attractive and I push them away because they are nothing but a waste of time. Avoiding women is a form of delousing. I prefer not to party with immature children at bars and houses, but when I do, you can count on the women all talking to me. When in college, I frequently retreated to my dorm room and wrote posts just to avoid the corruption of women. The opiate of the masses is being pussy whipped and showing any kind of caring towards women.

Before the recession I was not so open about my serial killer style hatred of women, but now all my prejudices are coming out because I’m angry with the world. Women are like snakes – some of them may not be poisonous but the ones who are not will strangle you.

When the lyceum was formed, I was less extreme. I wanted to separate between “good women” and “bad women.” At one point we banned someone “for being a women” and I protested. I wasn’t too kind to the pedophora poster Starr, but that’s not only for her womanhood.

Now I’ve become more extreme. Women do nothing but sit in the kitchen and distract men from their superior goals. Imagine if you are shooting the foul shot to win a basketball game, and then you stop to look at a women and miss the shot. That is what women are like. A giant waste of time. Useless. Worth nothing.

But women find me physically attractive, and this is a biological fact. Obviously my physical condition is very high. Because I don’t fully articulate the extent I hate women when talking to the average person casually, they actually find me likable. But they don’t know I hate them.

Recession is hurting men – not women!

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

The link
If I was not already a misogynist, the recession has certainly helped me to become one. If I was already a misogynist, now I am more extreme.

I know “racial awareness” will appreciate this post!

For the first time in recorded history, women outnumber men on the nation’s payrolls.

This benchmark is bittersweet, as it comes largely at men’s expense. Because men have been losing their jobs faster than women, the downturn has at times been referred to as a “man-cession.”

Women’s new majority in the nation’s workplaces comes decades after women first began trading in their aprons for pantsuits in droves, and it reinforces expectations that women will continue on the path to pay parity.

“Important milestones remain to be achieved, but women’s surpassing 50 percent of employment is something that historians will note for years to come,” said Casey B. Mulligan, an economics professor at the University of Chicago who has been tracking the recession’s effects on both sexes.

According to seasonally unadjusted data released on Friday by the Labor Department, women held the majority of nonfarm payroll jobs in January. They also did so during February, March, November and December of last year, but the shift emerged only on Friday when the Labor Department revised its 2009 data. Women’s slender lead was highest last month, when they held 50.3 percent of the nation’s nonfarm payroll jobs in the raw numbers.

Over the last few decades, women have been steadily claiming a greater share of the nation’s payrolls. In 1964, the first year for which the government began collecting this data, less than a third of the nation’s nonfarm payroll jobs were held by women.

But it was the recession that finally pushed women into the majority.

As in previous recessions, male workers have borne the brunt of the job losses in the last two years. Since the recession began in December 2007, men have lost 7.4 million jobs on net, whereas women have lost 3.9 million jobs.

In other words, both sexes are worse off than they were before the downturn, but men have suffered more.

The types of jobs held by men and women help explain the shift. Men are more likely to work in industries like manufacturing, which rise and fall with the economic cycle. Women are more likely to work in government, health care and education, among the safest categories in a downturn. Health care employment has been among the strongest of any type during the recession.

It is also “no accident” that women pushed ahead of men during colder months, says Professor Mulligan.

Male-dominated industries are actually especially cyclical in two different ways: They are not only influenced by the business cycle, but also by the seasonal cycle. Industries like construction, which tend to employ men, get more work in warmer months.

If you adjust for these regular seasonal factors that affect the job market, women would have held just less than half of the nation’s payroll jobs in January, at 49.9 percent.

All of this means that women are likely to fall back to a minority of the nation’s payrolls again once the weather warms and the recovery gains a foothold in the labor markets. Still, the longer-term trend of stronger representation on the nation’s payrolls will most likely continue, economists say.

Russians Deny Slavic Origin – Claim Finnish Origin

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

note to the poster “racial awareness” : you’ll enjoy that there is women bashing in this post!
The link

Russian nation was created by Russian climate and Russian blood.

Contrary to common misconception, Russians living on territory of Russian Federation are not of Slavic blood. The ancient inhabitants of Kiev’s principate were Slavic people, that’s true. When Moscow principality was created a few centuries later in the 14th century, its population was overwhelmingly Urgo-Finns. Descendants of Kiev’s genealogical tree, their princes were originally of Slavic blood. But when Kiev’s armies moved north with their small troops, they conquered enormous vast variety of Finnish tribes who lived on enormous territory of European Russia. Only aristocrats of Russia were originally Slavs. Simple folk were descendants of Finns. That is why it is practically no different between “Chuvash” and “Finn.” And that is why Serbs are so different from Russians. Because Serbs are Slavs.

Russians are a depressive tribe because of centuries they were living in shadows of moisty forests. Russians are as unhappy with alcohol as Finns are.

So, forget about Slavs. When you will adopt my vision of Russian history, and of Russians, you will understand who Russians are.

I am the best Russian writer, but I am forced to confess that I hate Russian language. Russian words are painfully long, they remind me of naked slimy worms. You know, those pink awful creatures that you can see on some hot summer night on path you walk. Worms get out of soil to copulate under the moonlight. Russian words are copulating on my table every day and night. I am looking at them with hate and I am screaming. I am gnashing my teeth. Why should put “icheskaya” to the end of “social” in “Social Republic?” Seven letters I am adding for what fuck? Fucking “icheskaya!” Hysterical, hystericheskii laugh goes out of me when I am imaging those fucking Urgo-Finns in their shadowy forests. They move in slow motion, they take their time. Why wasn’t I born in a clear lucid language dealing in “Achtung!” and “Shnell?” And when I think that Russians are only a handful of 142 million readers, it’s really depressing for a writer.

The so called “Russian Soul” can be also explained by origins of the Russian people. Proverbial slowness of Finns (”hot finish lads!”) can be seen as phenomenon of Russian soul. Enigmatical Russian Soul is simply Russian man, uncertain, slow to decide, hesitating, never sure of itself, never sure of its own decision. Forest man with a milky skin, with thin blond hair. Not a Slav, but a Finn, Finn, Finn! And don’t accuse me of racism. Happily we have Turks and all sorts of Mongols amongst us. But the sick from alcoholism urban Russian Europeans are descendants of native Urgo-Finns and their tribes. They have shadowy mysterious souls because for hundred generations their ancestors were living by the river banks in the forests. They like to get drunk and to weep. Of too many trees, of too much of river’s water the Russian Soul is created.

Then, of course, we live in a terrible climate. We have eight months of winter and only four of summer. This summer, however, can be called a “summer” only such on condition that you have never travelled abroad. The lack of sunshine is chronic on the Russia’s territory. Everything is explained by its climate and the Urgo-Finn blood. Even more, the blood is explained by the climate. It moves slowly because of the freeze. No sunshine makes our kids look sad. When I was young, I thought almost everyday why “we Slavs” (I thought we were Slavic people) living in such an unhuman, uncomfortable climate? Why we didn’t move out of that terrible territory? However, I had tried to move. Our national ideas for centuries was to move south. We fought First World War to capture the the straights of Bosphorus and Dardanelles. We didn’t get it, alas. (Before that, in January of 1878, we were some kilometers from Istanbul-Constantinople before English bastards intervened.) Russian man carries all weight of his climate on itself. My deepest belief is that Russia should swallow Kazakhstan territory if we want our children to have sunshine.

Russian women are very, very bad. The worst of all. Russian women is like the Russian Government. Most Russian women at least are good looking when they are in their twenties. Some Russian women are gorgeously beautiful. But they are bad. They are treacherous because they have no moral principles. Christian faith was eliminated during existence of the Soviet Union so nobody taught Russian women morals. No such discipline was taught in Soviet schools. Russian woman hates man because she is envying him. She wants to be as brutal and stupid as him, she wants to lay on a divan doing nothing as man does, but she has less possibilities. Russian woman is disastrous, relationships with her destined to be tragedy. There is no way that you will end happily. You must subjugate her. If not, she will subjugate you. On both occasions, you will lose. Don’t forget that abortions and divorces were permitted even in Stalin’s Russia, so our country educated women as bitches. Millions of bitches walking our streets. I am absolutely and positively on the side of Muslim strict code of behavior for women. Their system of separation of sexes if effective and healthy.

Russian Government is bloody beast eating human flesh. It is deeply medieval in its principle conceptions. Russian Government strongly believed that Russians are subjects of Russian Government, that they are its property, that Russians should be physically punished for not showing proper respect for its Government. European Governments behave cruelly towards foreign populations, towards Yugoslavs or toward Iraqis. But Russian Government represses its own citizens. Russian Government never said one honest word. Blatant lies, we, citizens, hear from Government. They terrorize us.

Their instrument are police, brutal and unhuman, just millions of scoundrels dressed in grey uniforms. And judges: archaic men and women with terrible medieval faces and black souls under their judges clothes.

As you understand, my view of Russia is macabre, like Lovecraft’s work. I hope country will change soon, I am working for it. Then I will look at my country through rosy tinted glasses. Just wait.

Interesting. This may explain why Russians have tiny traces of Mongoloid blood (but not as much as Finns do).

The joys of male virginity

Friday, January 8th, 2010

I have a confession to make. I am a male virgin and fiercely proud of it; in my childhood, I early recognized the vile, wicked character of the mentally sick female and took an oath of perpetual celibacy. Many days as a child, I would lie awake at night wishing that I were a priest or monk in some faraway Buddhist monastery. The sight of a woman has always filled me with mortal terror; when any of those frigid creatures ever tried to invade my personal space, I would scream bloody murder at the top of my lungs. I can say with pride that I have never slept with a woman, dated a woman, lusted after a woman, touched a woman, called a woman, kissed a woman or fantasized about a woman in my brief 28 years of human existence. As a matter of fact, I have never once polluted my body with any sexual act whatsoever; the perverted and sick practice of idle sexual fantasizing and masturbation fills my soul with the greatest of horrors. Neither will I indulge in such savage, barbaric practices in the future, as the conservation of my vital fluid/retention of my masculine essence is more precious than physical defilement with females. Because any physical contact with the repulsive female drains a man’s life force, it is necessary that they be avoided at all costs; thus, by means of a natural aversion to females, one’s redemption from the world of matter can be finally sought.

There is nothing which makes me happier than the knowledge of my virginity; there is nothing more sensual or alive than the knowledge that I am pure forever. It is my virginity which sustains me and separates me from disease, criminal lust, hypersexual negroes and mestizos, as well as other brute beasts of the field.

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