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Young People do not Pay Attention to media

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Most young people do not even pay attention to mass media. Most old people have already made up their political opinions.

The mass media is not the center of the universe.

As I alluded in my theory, some people develop their political opinions with age, but most people close their minds. Just like most people gain weight with age but some people stay in shape!

More on the Media

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

I made a strong case in an important article that the idea of a genetically-motivated Jewish conspiracy to control Gentiles THROUGH THE ENVIRONMENT is dubious. I don’t believe that theory.

I do want to say one thing, however. I do believe that the people who control the media are professionals and they are very organized at what they do. At the end of the day, their goal is to make a profit, not to do the right ethical thing. On the other hand, your average Joe is not an organized professional, just an open minded person.

Basically, I do agree that the media can confuse people, but I do not believe it has the ability to take salt and turn it into pepper. As said before, the ability to manipulate an audience is based on the audience.

Ideological Evolutionary Theory (vs. Ideological Creationism)

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

People who believe that Jewish influence dictates the direction of society through the media have a most peculiar view if they believe that human behavior is genetically determined. If they believe in an ethnically based ideological determinism that dictates that Jews are just “acting as Jews because they are Jews” and non-Jewish Europeans are simply “acting as gullible Gentile Whites,” then they raise a contradiction to their own presumption of genetically inherited ideology when they focus on the environment (cable tv, the internet, newspapers). If people’s ideologies are more or less determined by how much Jewish blood they have, then how can Jews be influencing non-Jews? Are Jews natural leaders and Gentiles natural followers? If such a theory actually were true, the only solution to this problem would be genetic engineering! If the strength of genetic determinism cannot be mitigated, then why start a movement to convince people to change their viewpoints? If you believe that people can change their viewpoints, then should you not renounce your genetic determinism? If people can change their ideology voluntarily, then much of what white nationalists say is hogwash! The White Nationalists raise this own contradiction by pushing “Jew-genetic” determinism on one hand but raising the importance of the media environment on the other.

Obviously to argue that Jews control the thinking of non-Jews is to argue for a blank slate hypothesis in which white gentiles are programmable but blacks are subhuman and Jews act as a group. Notice that most people who “name the Jew” are information technology style nerds like Mike Conner who probably write computer programs and view White Gentiles as programmable beings.

Mike Connors’s “Name the Jew” Computer Program:

// below is programming code
// lol
string x_Jew = “follow me. I am the jew.”;
class white.ideology = x_Jew;

My response.
// x_Jew = strong and white.ideology = weak!

It would seem difficult to reconcile a belief in genetic determinism with a belief that the environment (which Jews allegedly control) sets the pace of society. However, it is insufficient to act offended when people push these theories. To combat the inconsistent babbling of the “name the Jew” crowd, it helps to both point out these inconsistencies and promote theories (instead of simply crying foul). One problem that I have had is that I have not promoted a theory to explain “why” we are in the situation we are in. A person who does not like me may think I am simply raising objections because I want to “defend the Jews.” The Basarab theory of ideological evolution will challenge this viewpoint and show that I have good and valid objections!

Evolution vs Creationism
Marxists who focus on dialectical materialism and class struggle are like evolutionists. They believe society evolves piece by piece and that the persuasive powers of the media are limited by the characteristics of the audience (contingent prejudices, assumptions, material conditions, market forces). In contrast, “right wingers” who blame the Jews are like creationists. They believe our society was just created by ideas that somehow the “blank slate” white Gentile European can absorb. These supposed “genetic determinists” believe that any ideology can be environmentally PUSHED on a “white gentile” society!

My viewpoint takes into account material conditions and argues that humans view the dissemination of propaganda through their own ideological lenses. People set goals to achieve outcomes and consider the material conditions, so while I reject hardcore genetic determinism of ideology, I do not believe an audience is a “blank slate” for a speaker either. According to my view, the media cannot just say anything it wants to and automatically transform society. My theory questions this, because society must move from “point a” to “point b” before it gets to “point c.” While I believe ideas and goals matter, goals and ideals cannot be utopian but must be materially based (and we can view humans as a resource for this purpose). An extreme economic determinist position argues that people’s ideologies are determined exclusively by their material conditions. This position is more extreme than Karl Marx’s position. Even Marx referred to ideology as important, but saw ideology as being tailored around real life conditions (dialectical materialism). Marx’s position has influenced my thinking because I believe it to be correct. The theory of the wns is more this : Jewish people have specific genetically-programmed interests. The Jews acted to push anti-racist ideas and push America into wars for Israel. They seized control of the media and disseminated their propaganda to achieve their outcome. The only material condition that matters to WNists is the amount of Jewish blood in MsNBC and Fox News!

My Rebuttal : Even if Jews control the media, they must operate within market forces. Let us pretend that Jews had an objective that everyone else vehemently opposed. In this scenario, Jews would still have have to compromise their arguments in a way to make them practical and achievable by building a consensus. To deny this fact is to argue that the rest of the society went along with the plan and questioned nothing. In that case society is to blame! To accept this is to argue that Gentile underlings and Jewish “masters” compromised! In that case, Gentiles are still to blame! Whether Gentiles simply lied down and let Jews control society or actively negotiated the outcome, the blame cannot be solely laid on Jews.

Regarding the media and its support for Israel : The media is controlled by corporations who need cash and see Israel as an ally. The same media works in a multi-racial and multi-regional American society (do not forget that I am Eastern Pennsylvania 100%)! Society is driven by an imperfect desire to secure its business position in an evolving market situation. The media cannot just say anything it wants to and automatically transform society. In summary, my theory (the Basarab theory of ideological evolution) postulates that this is not possible because of the reasons listed in this essay.

Nobody can reasonably believe that Jews operate external to the material conditions of society. Society was not a perfectly working computer program that got hacked by a Jewish virus, but instead a process of evolution of which Jews are an internal part affected by the same material conditions. I am arguing that even if Jews promoted the ideas, the material conditions are what allowed for the ideas to prevail.

Israel on its own

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

If Israel did not receive aid from the west:
-The gap between rich and poor would grow. Because Israel lives off of the money America sends it, most of the Jews there get a free ride. But if that started to change, it is inevitable that some Jews who feel disenfranchised would ally against the ruling class. There would be “proletariat” Jews who see the Palestinians as their ally and see the bourgeoisie as the enemy.
-Palestinians would be doing more than suicide bombing a few people. They would be resisting and because Israel would be weaker, they would have more success.
-The Media would have less funds to support the official ideology.
-Without a free ride, Israel would have to produce its own wealth. If it used a market economy, which most Israeli Jews prefer, the market would open cracks for Palestinians to sneak in. Just like illegal Mexicans are used in the American market and Black Slaves used to be used. Cheap labor is a feature of capitalism and it would occur in Israel if America was not paying the bill. This would threaten the Jewish identity of the state, but it would happen if Israel did not get a free ride.
-Jews would start to leave Israel and go back to America / Russia / Europe / Wherever else. Employment, security and weaker media propaganda would all play a role.
-It is inevitable that eventually Israel would stop pretending to be a state for “The Jews” around the world and would start being a state for its own people (Jew and Palestinian). Without the free ride which allows it to to fight perpetual wars and due to the employment of Palestinians in industry and return of many Jews to Europe/America, Israel would become Palestine. It would have to rely on its own market system so it would have to employ Arabs and other Gentiles who live in the area.
-In summary, Israel is based on a text that comes from the bc era, but if it did not have a free ride, it would have to face reality and change its game. It’s easy to “experiment” with an abstract idea of Jewish unity on land that was stolen when America is paying the bill.

Closing Comment
Even though Israel is objectively pretty parasitic in its behavior, it is “friendly” towards the capitalist system to the extent it gets a free ride and the surrounding countries are hostile. People who support imperialism in the West do have reasons, however corrupt, to support Israel. American imperialism would continue even if Israel had a revolution and went away.

Trey Martin – Gangster Bolshevik Martyr

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Free Media Productions has been relatively silent about the event involving Zimmerman and Martin.

Elsewhere, I have let on about my stance on this, but officially nothing has been written on this website.

Personally, I think Zimmerman went around with a loaded weapon looking for someone to provoke. He singled out Martin because he “looked wierd,” called the cops on him and then physically approached him. The only thing Trey did was not pound his head hard enough into the sidewalk. He should have broke it off.

Zimmerman picked a fight and was lucky to have a gun. Trey put it down for the hood. 8-19.

By the way, I don’t buy the media narrative that it was a “white supremacist” attacking a Black person. Like many people of Latino heritage, Zimmerman appears to be part Indian. He may be part White but he’s not completely White. If you want to see a White hispanic, look at that Cypress Hill video I posted a few days ago. B-real looks like the typical Caucasian hispanic.

8-19. I can only wish more people would rebel like Trey Martin who is a martyr.

“holocaust deniers” are “holocaust obsessives”

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

I’m not really talking about the Iranians. They bring the issue up, but they aren’t obsessed with it. They ask questions and then move on. Their “denial” is exaggerated by the media. What the Iranians really do is look at the issue in a very inquisitive way.

I’m talking about the pathetic “spokesmen” and “spokeswomen” who think they represent “white people,” and only represent a few backwoods unemployed rednecks in the Midwest and South. The kind of whites who think they advance the white race, but embarrass the white race.

“holocaust revisionists” randomly bring up the holocaust more than Jews do. It’s pathetic, these people try to bring the issue into areas where it isn’t relevant, like immigration restriction, and then put the blame on Jews. “If only those Jews would shut up about the holocaust, then Mexicans would stop stepping the border because native-born Americans wouldn’t feel guilt.” This is the retarded rhetoric that gets passed around the internet! These people lack the material analysis that links immigration (and imperialism) to the capitalist system!

Do I need to explain why the issue I describe is retarded?

No I don’t, I trust that the people who read this blog aren’t stupid!

Do I need to cite examples?

No I don’t, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Mainstream Media Cowards – Me in their Shoes

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

People who know me, either in real life or through net events, know that I have strong competitive instincts. These instincts are actually cultivated on purpose.

I do not like the way the politically correct media fires people, and then those people lie down. If I was working for a news outlet, and I got fired for an editorial opinion without due process, I would literally raise hell. I do not work for a news company, so should my employers find this, they do not have to worry.

I’d make websites that bash the capitalist news outlet, and they would become well known because of the controversy. I’d make rap songs and sell them on cds, and plant the seeds for antagonism against the cowards who discriminated against me for my political views. Look what happened with Notorious BIG and Tupac. First they exchanged words, and it lead to their fans committing murders. But never did they openly threaten. I would escalate to a level that I have not over internet feuds.

These people get fired, by the politically correct bourgeois media, and fear for their life. I would raise hell. I raised hell on a smaller scale over internet feuds. Imagine what I would do if I was publicly fired for being too politically incorrect.

Life has never been about money for me. I’ve got to pay my bills, but my competitive instincts are above those of the average person. Those who know me know this, and they admire it.

The Average American is a Coward

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

That is the conclusion I have reached. Watch the way big media outlets fire people over fear of “reputation in the community.” Watch the way people rally behind their phony religions to justify their support of the status quo. Watch the way you probably disagree with me, but are too much of a pussy to tell me that.

The average American really is a coward. I expected more but am a bit disappointed. People just do not have backbones anymore. And the ones who do don’t have brains!

HOAX NEWS: Russia attacks Georgia, Saakashvili killed

Monday, March 15th, 2010


Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Finally switched to CNN.

Feel much better now!

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