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Why Jews and Europeans are not Separate Races

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

A casual comment : Read what I actually say before you try to refute what I say! I am not arguing that Jews are simply people who converted from all over Europe and the Middle East without a standard pattern. There is a pattern, but it does not constitute a race. If your read this carefully, I am not arguing that typical Jews do not have a genetic signature, but I am saying they are not a race or non-white. I am referring to Jews who do not have any recent converts in their family line. I am aware that you can test someone’s DNA and forensically examine evidence that they are probably Jewish, but you can do the same thing to find that someone is of French ancestry and not German as my links below will prove.

(Another Note: I do not think this applies just to Jews, but also to Arabs and North Africans. They are not “races” either. they tend to be part of the greater Caucasoid race centered around the Mediterranean sea. However Jews without recent converts, both Ashkenazi and Sephardic, cluster near Southern Europeans and they cluster further away from Arabs and Israeli Geneticists AND White Nationalists never admit this! Ashkenazi Jews also have levels of Eastern European admixture, but it is not the majority of the ancestry.)

Racial Reality on Jews
Races of man
Coon on the Mediterranean Race
Coon’s Work Remains Valuable
Analysis of Ashkenazi Jewish Genomes Reveals Diversity, History

“We were surprised to find evidence that Ashkenazi Jews have higher heterozygosity than Europeans, contradicting the widely-held presumption that they have been a largely isolated group,” says first author Steven Bray, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow in Warren’s laboratory.

Plates from C.S. Coon’s “Races of Europe”

“The division of the Caucasoid stock into Europids and non-Europids is a totally arbitrary division. The Caucasoid race has local types in both Europe, Asia and Africa, and these blend into each other whenever the natural environment presents no obstacles. There are (in particular) no obstacles that separate Europe from West Asia, or Central Asia. To claim that a magical line that separates Europids from non-Europids can be drawn is to (automatically) give “peripheral” Europid status to the European people living on the western fringe of this fictitious line.” – Dienekes Pontikos, anthropology expert

Huge paper on human genetic relationships based on 650K SNPs

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. This paper is proof positive that European ethnicities can be distinguished from each other genetically. Even close-by populations (in this case the French and the Italians) are neatly separated. When geographic distance increases there isn’t even a hint of confusion: e.g., Russians, Orcadians, and Basque are neatly and clearly separated from other groups. Doubtlessly there would be some more overlap if more individuals/population were used, but the thrust of the discovery is intact: it seems that several European ethnicities and local populations make sense not only culturally but also biologically. – Dienekes Pontikos

The reason Jews are not a race is based on what the definition of what a race is. Before the liberals took over society, race was defined based on measurable characteristics, chiefly bone structure. The term “race” was also used to describe Mediterraneans and Nordics, by Coon, but Coon explained this by saying that they were one race, Nordics were “depigmented Mediterraneans.” So while Coon may have talked about a Nordic race and a Mediterranean race he meant they were both still part of the Caucasian race and thus the implication is that these are not really races but subraces. The layman’s explanation, is that hair color and skin pigmentation are not what a race should be categorized based on, but bone structure and that those other traits are subracial traits.

I am not speculating here, it is pretty obvious that that is what Coon meant, so read it yourself!

Based on these measurements of bone structure and not “genetics hokus pokus” (good word from Jon Entine) which is interpreted wrongly to “prove” that anything that can be “distinguished” is as different as a Black person is from a White, the five races are Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid, Capoid and Australoid (notice that native Americans – who are Mongoloids – and Hispanics – who contain people of every race – are not included). Now pretend for a minute that I am wrong. Pretend there are really more races or less races. Even so, I am taking a six sigma “DMAIC” view that the number of races can be defined based on a process and that the result can be based on an objective criteria. The basis of my critique is that “race” must be properly and consistently defined and calculated in an impartial way before it is measured and quantified. You cannot define the process in a way to promote the political objective that Jews and “Aryans” are separate, but you have to define the process objectively and then apply it mechanically. Six Sigma is a tactic used by most successful manufacturing companies to reduce the number of defects by arguing that everything should be measured and the process should be clear.

Analogously, there are a certain number of continents, a certain number of Planets (even though Pluto was kicked out) and there are also a certain number of races. Within these races, variation is really a “subrace” not a race. In fact modern dna does confirm that the basic races exist, but it what it shows is that genetic drift is a gradual process that is separated by major barriers such as the Sahara Desert and Ural Mountains. Modern genetics show that DNA changes in each of these races, but it also shows that parts of the genome were blocked by those barriers. So while an Italian may be different from a Russian and a Syrian, both have Caucasian DNA that Negroids or Mongoloids (East Asians) do not have.

In order for Jews to be a race and not an ethnic group or subrace, Jews would have to have DNA that is outside of those five groups or outside of whatever other number of groups are produced by a measurable process. The races would have to be : Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid, Capoid, Australoid and Jews.

See how it is kind of ridiculous! Even if we were to suggest that Jews were not Caucasoid, the rest of their ancestry would fall into the normal human groups. However, non-converted Jews are overwhelmingly Caucasoid and mostly (but not completely) Mediterranean. The most similar population is the Italian population and this is logical because of Italy’s geographical location and the dominance of the Roman Empire during which Jews converted in large number when now they do not.

Now one may think that the Jews are just a religion. They are a religion but they are not just a religion, (except during the Roman Empire) the religion did not attract many converts and thus many Jews married other Jews. One mistake I made was to argue that there is no genetic profile of a stereotypical Jew. I was wrong to do this, but this genetic profile is not the result of Jews being a pure race but of the normal random variation that exists in human beings. You and your parents also have a genetic signature! Because Jews have existed in Western Eurasia (Europe and the Middle East) primarily, most Jews are Caucasoid.

Now to talk about whether Jews are white or not. Unlike white nationalists claim, “European” and “Caucasian” are not different enough to be separate races, neither were they isolated from one another because boats have existed since 3200 B.C (another source : When were boats invented). Like Jews, Southern Europeans also come from the Middle East and Northern Europeans are depigmented Southern Europeans and thus they also have Middle Eastern ancestry, but lost their pigmentation. The idea that the Mediterranean sea was an uncrossable barrier, causing genetic variation, but then that genetic variation stopped once entering Europe is false. Instead, genetic drift is slow and steady! Crossing the Mediterranean Sea is far easier than crossing an Ocean to go to the Americas.

A final point of interest is that even though non-converted Jews do not have a majority of ancestry form Northern Europe because the majority comes from the Mediterranean, they do have more ancestry from Northern Europe than Italians and Greeks, because they lived there in recent history.

Yesterday’s Bourgeoisie

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Some people may mistake people who take an arrogant view towards non-whites and conspiratorial view towards Jews as part of the proletariat. After all, the upper class since at least 1960 has clearly not desired their company. These people are arrested for denying the holocaust, demonized by the media and claim to care about the people instead of making money.

In actuality, these people used to be bourgeoisie and they were replaced. These are the ideologies of Yesterday’s bourgeoisie!

Arguing that these people represent the true working class socialist proletariat is like arguing that the Monarchy of Britain represents this!

On the Relevance of the Existence of God

Monday, April 30th, 2012

I have repeated my view many times on radio programs that I am a materialist and do not believe in the existence of God.

However, let’s assume that I am wrong. Let’s assume that there is a God.

-Even if there is something like “god,” religions are still man-made. Christianity and the Gospels are man-made, Judaism and the Torah/Talmud are man-made and Islam and the Koran/Hadith are man-made. Even if “god” did exist, people could still invent religions if “god” allowed it to happen.
-Even if there is something like “god,” I do not believe I would be judged negatively for not believing in its existence. Maybe if God acted like a three year old child he would be angry that I doubted it. I would think the supreme being would be able to get over something so trivial.
-Even if there is a god, there is no way that “god” would have as many human characteristics as portrayed in Islam (God getting angry) or Christianity (God being Jesus).
-If “God” was all-powerful, then “God” would not allow so much free will unless “God” decided to step away. If “God” decided to step away, then why would he come back to judge later?
-In summary, even if there is a higher power, which I doubt, religion is still fake.

But people like Starr / Kristen Jemming can pretend to be cultural Christians even though they hypocritically acknowledge that God does not exist. Like Appolonian said on the radio program, it is a conveinent position to take if you are an opportunist.

Bottom line is that atheists and true Christians have more respect for each other than they do for fake Christians.

More on Antisemitism

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

A good point came up during Yesterday’s radio program.

Marxists may criticize Zionism and Jewish institutions, but the reason they are not anti-semites is that they see the Jewish Question as an applied example of a greater question of class warfare. From the eyes of a Marxist, Jews are not puppets who have controlled the world, but only people who have adapted to the material conditions that were handed to them (albeit, by allying with the Anglo-American bourgeoisie since 1948).

You may question this saying perhaps that the support for Black Civil rights was a proletariat cause and that many Jews supported the civil rights movement (but it would have happened without them). By 1960, the bourgeoisie had taken an anti-racist line because it realized that to promote racialist policies could cause non-whites to support the revolutionary class. By the time the civil rights movement happened, the idea of “liberating” Blacks was no longer a cause that only the working class movements supported.

I repeat this frequently because it has to be understood. True Marxists do not defend the behavior of reactionary Jews, but true Marxists also disagree with the interpretation of history that argues that Jews are more important than the class struggle and material conditions they live in.

The fact that some of the big organized Jews may act like they run the country does not mean they actually do. Every once and a while, Abraham Foxman gets a stroke of luck and the ruling class supports the same cause he does. Then he acts like the ADL is making the difference and the clowns on the message forums use it as “evidence.” I guess the fan waving the pom pom in the stadium caused the opposing team to win the championship.

The bottom line is that an ideology is nothing if it is not based on real world economics. The reason some of the ideas that Jews promote catch on is not because they are Jewish ideas but becasue they are popular ideas in relation to the conditions of the society that they are being dispensed into. Economics and pragmatic applications are everything and if you do not understand that you understand nothing.

Reponse to Workers World Party

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

A facebook “friend” of mine who goes by the name “Steel Bolts” has informed me that Eric Struch of the Workers World Party is spreading the message that I am an “anti-semite.”

There is some antisemitism on free media productions but I only tolerated it, I do not agree with it. Yes, Besoshvilli did appeal to some antisemitic themes in his videos against Trotsky. Yes, John Paul Cupp did openly advocate antisemitism.

I recruited Jews into this project as far back as 2008 but most of them did not want anything to do with it! Well I disagree with some of the content, I agreed long ago to tolerate ideological dissent with the other people who were involved in the project.

As for my own posts, I go out of my way to separate myself from antisemitism. I do not believe Jews are “ethnic enemies” who control America and who have DNA that causes them to fight like Zombies in night of the living dead. I do believe organized Jewish groups tend to support problematic political lines, but so do most people. In short, I am not anti-Jewish but anti-human (lol), anti-capitalist and anti-religion!

That said, I have really attacked Israel because even though I dislike the host (western capitalism) I believe the parasite (Israel) sucks off of that host. The only reason the West defends Israel is because Muslims would fight against capitalism more than Zionists do who leach off of it. If Israel had to fend for itself, it would have to treat the native Arabs differently. It can only get away with what it gets away with because Western Countries produce the wealth and hand it away and generally they want to trade money for political power to advance the imperialism of liberal capitalism.

I have gone out of my way to condemn antisemitism, but what other people write and make videos of, that is them, not me.

I understand that the person making these comments is a Trotskyite. I have always thought Trotsky was an embarrassment to Soviet Jewry. Yes he was good at war, but no, his ideas were not pragmatic, logical or Marxist. Without Trotsky, Hitler would have had a harder time scapegoating the Jews for his own money and power.

Class Conflict and Identity Politics

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

I reached a huge milestone in my understanding of the world when I realized that issues of identity politics are simply used to advance material goals. This applies as much to liberal Americans who trumpet “freedom and demoracy” and use it to invade countries as it does to National Socialists and Zionists who hide behind identity politics as well in a more explicit fashion. It applied to Christopher Columbus when he invaded countries for “Christianity” but really wanted Gold (nod to Howard Zinn) and it applied to Muhammad as well who clearly invented the the Koran based on millennial outdated myths (the Torah and Gospels) to gain influence over the people of Mecca and Medina.

Historically, why was Slavery supported? To advance Southern agrarian economics!

Why was Slavery opposed? To support Yankee imperialist industrial economics!

Why did Hitler obsess over Jews? To create a false racial theory (“aryan” and “semite” are linguistic terms) so that he could explain the economic depression, send the Germans to war (military industrial complex) and take over Polish land and then argue that the Jews were responsible for the war because they were “controlling” (lol) America and Britain (Poland’s allies) and crashed the economy to begin with.

Why did Britain and America oppose Germany? Aside from self-defense (Pearl Harbor bombing, the proximity of Britain to Germany), the Americans and British wanted to advance capitalist imperialism in a way which was more eloquent than German Nazism. Pragmatically, this is why Israel became propped after 1948! A zig-zag by an opposing capitalist power to support Imperialism by using Jews as the useful idiots instead of using them as the scapegoat!

Why has the ruling class in America rejected racialism? First of all, labor (non-whites gained economic strength), but secondly the Cold War because the ruling class realized that if it did not drop its racialism, then non-whites would revoke their alliance to the bourgeois class and Marxism would appeal instead. Besides, there are a host of ideologies available that include non-Whites which could attract them if America continued to support racialist policies. Just as antisemitism caused Jews to side (temporarily) with the Soviets against the Tzar, racialism could cause non-Whites to abandon American politics. It’s interesting that as soon as Jews had an opportunity to join the bourgeois class, many of them abandoned proletarian politics and switched to Zionist-American politics! As scumbag “Prak Stal” wrote, “use the latter then kick it away” (I don’t plagiarize he only invents that).

Why is there mass immigration, outsourcing of jobs? Again, economics!

People who believe that “moral principles” guide racial policy are idiots. Internet “white race spokespeople” who speak of the “rights” of races to survive and liberals who speak of the “rights” of minorities are mistaken. Under capitalism nobody has any rights, but simply privileges which are granted based on both present and outdated material conditions but hidden behind bullshit ideology. The cold truth is that I will be more honest. Socialism does not believe the “bourgeiouse” has any rights! When you realize the sham of human rights activism, you realize that society is latent with racial double standards because of capitalism primarily, rather than Catholicism or organized Judaism (any resemblance is coincidential). “Human rights” are simply tools used to rally segments of population behind propaganda. The Media does not care about the truth when it under-reports Black Crime (I like thugs) and Judicial system does not see Black or White, it sees Green (dollar bill). “All men are created equal” did not always mean Black men but still emotionally this stirred many American revolutionaries against the British Imperialists. “Human rights” are a propaganda tool, whether used by American colonial Whites (but not Blacks) or used by a biased Media that makes stupid narratives around crime cases to make it appear as if “white supremacists” are frequently attacking Blacks when data shows otherwise.

Another comment. Have you ever seen Abraham Foxman’s salary? Norman Finkelstein (the most skilled writer on the Zionist question) explains the money politics behind victim whoring very well!

The people who I fought with on forums are idiotic morons who are living in a false world in which identity politics are legitimate instead of covers for material politics. They believe “The Jews” and Nazis actually were/are sincere in their identity politics and not simply using them to exploit the stupid. Hell, even Jim Giles made fun of the “white money movement” (note that Hunter Wallace is no longer part of it).

Endorsing American Atheists

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

I would like to endorse two organizations:
- American Atheists
- Pa Non-Believers

The Next Quote of The Day

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

What stupid political dissidents do not understand is that the solution to the US-Israeli imperial alliance is not to use it as an opportunity to point fingers at the all-powerful Jew, but instead to revolt the classes in both Israel and America. Smart political dissidents realize this and show the class ties among the Governments of Israel and America. Dumb ones “Name the Jew.”
-Metal Gear

“The Economist” – Blatant Neo-liberal Capitalism and Imperialism

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

From : http://www.economistdirect.com/

A magazine called The Economist is talking about “setting Syria free.” Spreading “freedom” means spreading capitalism. HAIL THE HEROIC BA’ATHISTS! Hail Saddam Hussein and hail Bashar al-Assad. Long live Secular Authoritarian role. Death to liberalism and a slower death to Islamic Fundamentalism!

Hail the Ba’athists (they have much in common with Stalinists)!

A False Dilemma

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Modern day posters on the internet often believe that there is a choice between two choices: Being a “neo-con” and being a Judeo-obsessive.

I am a race realist. That means I believe that race should be approached with logic, not political tact (ass kissing) or emotion. However, most Judeo-obsessives are not merely race realists; they are reactionary racists. They insist on labeling Jews as a foreign entity and they argue that America is politically correct and defensive of Israel because Jews control America. They then use the Jewish question to distract people from the class question (here and here).

They say that one has a choice; accept their viewpoints or you are a neo-con!

A neo-con, in my opinion, is a supporter of US imperialism. One does not have to support US imperialism to disagree with the so-called “wn” view on Jews. I believe the Caucasian race is a legitimate category biologically. It includes Jews, non-Jewish Europeans and in fact includes many western Asians as well (Arabs, Iranians, etc.). As far as Jews being genetically programmed into degeneracy, I do not believe that either. I consider myself White and I don’t consider Jews alien (plus race is not everything, I have Black and Asians comrades). Yet I still oppose the imperialistic policies of the US and Israeli Governments. I have written on this matter before.

Truth be told, Abraham Foxman (the “example” of Jewish hypocrisy) plays identity politics just as aggressively as David Duke does. The crazy wnists and the crazy zionist-imperialists reinforce each other with their paranoid stupidity and victim whoring. The wn clowns say “the Jews” control the world. The ADL lobbies to prevent White people from gaining information that they are entitled to, such as crimes committed by non-Whites and so forth. Yet even though the ADL is run by a hypocritical leader, I would never argue that Abraham Foxman is responsible for the White race’s predicament. The real problem is capitalism.

I am neither a neo-con nor a neo-nazi. I guess the dilemma put forth by both sides is a false dilemma. I am such a counter-example to this dilemma.

edit : Most people with a scientific socialist analysis, like Marx, reason that religion is reactionary and that each religion has specific reactionary characteristics, but as much as the supporters of US-Israeli imperialism would like to say so, being against Judaism is not the same thing as reactionary style Third Reich antisemitism. People of Jewish ancestry are my brothers. Judaism is only as real as peoples imaginations that either believe in it or believe “the Jews” control the world.

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