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Youtube Video Encouraging Dissidents not to Softent Their Message

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Here it is, by me.  I’ll prepare some of our esteemed Marxist readers that this is more from a third positionist viewpoint.


A New Type of Racialism : Affirmative Action

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Often ones who yell “bigot” themselves are bigots. Often those who yell “racist” themselves are racist. Such is the case with the system of discrimination known as affirmative action. Affirmative action is a perfect example of why a multicultural society is more difficult to manage than a homogeneous one. Firstly, tension and anger. Whites who are passed over will feel resentment, and Blacks will view this resentment as proof that whites are evil and demand more entitlement with a mutual resentment. Is this better race relations? Secondly, the civil rights act provides complete “equality” to Blacks; this means that the only useful purpose of affirmative action is to give black people an advantage over whites. Not hiring the best people has the result of poorer performances which have pragmatic consequences that negatively effect society. From the point of the more qualified person who is not hired, it is not fair, but this is only half the deal. It also may not be fair to the person who dies because the policeman is not qualified enough to stop the murderer, or the person who dies because the Doctor is not qualified enough to diagnose the cancer, or the people who die because the airplane pilot crashes the plane. Proponents of this entitlement program claim to be fighting racism, but the “racism” that supposedly needs to be fought could not exist without diversity. If the goal is to reduce the total amount of racial tension in society, than why build the society on a multiracial foundation? It is counterintuitive to making the goal easy! This brings up the immigration argument, but that is peripheral to the original topic.

The root of the problem is that Black responsibility is not taken, instead white oppression is blamed. If blacks are not to be blamed for their own failures, the next step is to blame whites. This is inconsistent with the facts. Blacks have in every way been advanced ever since the 1960’s, rather than discriminated against. What about East Asians? If society was bigoted and oppressed the others, being racially variant, East Asians would be facing similar problems as Blacks. But they are not, instead they are prospering.  I find it hard to believe “white racism” would allow that.

Does giving people an unfair boost really benefit them? Does rewarding people for being less qualified really help their own development? A legitimate argument could be made that affirmative action cripples the black work ethic. Without a sense of responsibility, blacks are unlikely to mature as a community. A culture of victimization is not a healthy culture, and a culture of resentment and jealousy will not produce the peaceful society that the new left claims to be fighting for.

Anyone who notices the flaws in the bigotry of affirmative action is labeled a racist by the left-wing power structure. But anyone strong enough to resist this should be starting to ask tough questions. One of these questions is whether diversity really a strength. Does it strengthen the economy, increase work performances, cut down crime, alleviate tension, or anything of that nature? Is there a benefit to becoming a nation of squabbling minorities? Affirmative Action is a perfect example of that type of nation.

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