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Women Bashing Rap

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

I have made it clear now that I support hardcore hip hop as part of my class warfare against the bourgeois class. I also support some hard rock, metal, nu metal, rap metal etc.

This is how the Lyceum is different from occidental dissent, counter current (which is run by a faggot), The Occidental Quarterly and Alternative Right. We cut the chase. We openly bash women.

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Celibacy is the route.

Response to Constantin Von Hoffmeister

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

CVH asked me some questions.

I decided to answer in audio.

First Free Media Productions Track

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

The Song Stages has been put together. I did not add the skit yet but just the song.

Free Media Productions has invented a new genre. It is subversive Political rap. I would not call it gangster rap (ice-t), I would not call it horrorcore (insane clown posse), I would not call it party rap (vanilla ice), I would not call it rap metal (limp bizkit) or rap rock (kid rock) or comedy rap (Eminem).

click here to download

Draft for Song “Stages”

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

We’re a record label now.

skit: yo nigga, fuck Gangster Bolshevism. We on that pat Buchanan shit nigga.
Fuck that nigga Daryl B too. We talk shit on him on the internet.

Daryl : Fuck you, gangster Bolshevism.
I’ll feed you to the rats like my idol Richard Kuklinski

Chorus: Feudalism – People are sold as property.
Capitalism – Exchange through gold and currency.
Socialism : Working class in power, a monopoly.
Communism: The dollar bill will cower. Drop the D.


Verse 1 : Announcing my policy on the MIC
Bitch, this is my centralized committee.
For the professional revolutionary.
I’m dictating, like Genghis Kahn or Mussolini.
Speaking the truth. My name ain’t il duce.
Stealin currency from the bourgeois sweet tooth.
Proletarian power, society’s cancer.
Move to different stages. I’m the advancer.
Abolish your life and wages, astronomically.
Technocracy and class struggle, do this methodically.
Convert the mode of production.But for now we’re happy cash smugglin.
Juggle-in cash on the black market.
gangster Bolshevism, ain’t charity.
I’m not wide-eyed like Kim jong il, RIP,
but I see the transparity.
I want to run the gulags, through my PC.
Pull you L.i.F.E.
On my key-board when I press delete.
I kill more than a test file, I kill the bourgeiouse(ze).
facilitatin the idolation of many other dictators.
self-destructive, I’m the masochistic rhyme spitter.
I’m a slav with some Jewish blood, that ain’t bullshit either.
Gangster Bolshevism, more wicked than Hitler.

Verse 2
First let’s reminiscence in the era of the feudalist.
If you NEW TO THIS area keep your plantation arable.
i’d start as a serf and end up ruling like Ivan the Terrible.
Big D : King of the ring.
Disrespect the system and cheat the class enemy
with a fake identity.
You can’t rise without blood ties
but if I didn’t have them, I’d tell lies.
And say I did, make the impression.
Nail in the coffin for anyone who questioned,
teach them a quick lesson.
You gettin the smithin wesson.
with my opponents removed, nobody will be guessin.
Most lords of the serfs guard their turf
for whatever it is worth.
no surprise.
I stay loyal to the peasant, push for free enterprise.
Capitalism may itself require remedy but the royal family don’t trust me.
Gotta emplower the rest of society.
I stick with the population
cuz the nobles hate me and I hate em.
Even though I am running the baddest plantation.

Verse 3
We’re back in the capitalist phase.
Break the rules, make our wage.
Disrespect authority.
Like termites, take down society.
The rules of the game call for competition.
Work the system.
make cash but never fit in.
to the bourgeois class.
Check your mentality.
Style anti-social. Don’t fellow the bourgeois legality.
Get your own. Get ahead, like a broken metronome.
The goal is socialism. not utopian hopin like u stoned.
No matter what mode of production.
I’ll always be a hustler. Get that right.
Satan is my guiding light.
Today you bleed illegally.
After revolution, I’ll kill you constitutionally.
Break the law. Don’t get caught.
Make the law. Force has begot who’s in charge and who’s not.
The government has no legitimacy.
On its claims of morality.
Fuck this disgustin filthy system.
But while i’m here, I’ll get some.
let’s get ready for transition
organize the vanguard party
call for revolution.

Socialism follows capitalism
working class activism
Political rules of proletariat class.
Technical limitation prevent communism full initiation.
This stage is bloody. Tussle based on ideology.
Nothing done subtlety (suddly). stalinist purges happen suddenly.
The political struggle urges on with intensity.
A type of rule that resembles the mob in its propensity.
The bourgeoisie want a capitalist relapse to the past.
We organize along productive lines
to get society ready for communism at a future time.
This is the stage where I cock my nine.
Threw you in the gulags. Then make you blind.
Do my labor, bourgeois scum, as I say.
Or I’ll let the trigger spray.
(click click) motherfucker, get out of my way.
motherfucker , you talk shit but you afraid.
Break out the inmates,
throw the judges and guards in jail gates.
Take over we’re free
Put Richard Ramizrez and Gary Ridgway in my army.
The blood flows down my bourgeois opponents.
The highest duty is to unload a clip.
Click Click, I’m firing at a women, fuck a bitch
The slavery of feudalism looked like this,
but the people doing my labor used to be rich.
we’re not in communism but in preparation.
For that to come, there’s work to be done
and ideas to be discovered
like your mother’s corpse that I uncovered.

Verse 4-
We’re in the communist phase,
Futuristic, like outer space.
No more money
but I’ll make you go hungry.
Society is organized
along economic lines
If you don’t kiss my ass, you lose your lives, the vitals left behind.
Total power, domination is the target.
We’ve abolished currency but I still play the black market.
Gangster Bolshevism, I still hord my stash.
After society has made obsolete the need for cash
Don’t need to keep a case.
Wave my dough right in your face.
The underground racket, that’s what cash can get.
We’ve said screw feudalism
to capitalism
through socialism
now a new communism
all through the prism
of the dictatorship of the proletariat.
we’ve overproduced, no problem to feed you like the poison that speeds through your beef stew when you eat through food by my people. (peep pul)
We’ve manufactured weapons to make you bleed too.
Indeed, that’s what we do.
Think you’re safe cuz you’ve got material.
But we’ve got political power like pot pot, year zero.
Throw you in the trash.
Just like the last man who who got a blast, he fell in the can.
The previous ruling class piling up fast.
An overwhelming supply of resources makes ownership unnecessary.
I own everything and your life too, don’t mess with me or step to me.

-verse 5
Like magic, I’m a genie.
Snap your fingers
or suck cyanide.
Cuz that’s how I ride.
There ain’t no dissent.
Gangster Bolshevism, that’s how we represent.

Gangster Bolshevik Raps

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

2:41 in

I read the New Testament and gave it up for Lent (anti-religion)
All the places I went just to pay my rent (working class)
Used to keep me bent, on a ritual daily
Cock my hammer, spit a Comet like Haley (proletarian force)
I’ll buck a three-eighty on ones that act Shady (Eminem diss)
I’m original like Grady, check my Sanford, Son
You know you ain’t the one that rep peckerwood status
I’ll bust that ass, keep your eyes on the floor
What you comin here for, son you know the law
Let’s take it back to the house, slide off your blouse
Lift up your skirt and expose your panties
For the world to see, you can’t rep it like me
I’m Communist, terrorist, vandalist
Catalyst, scandalous, masacous, never miss battalist
You must be crazy, or just plain dumb
You might catch a beatdown now where I come from
It’s like that

(2:31 in)

[Violent J]The last little piggy, his house is made of gold,
He lives in a mansion on his own private road,
I started walking down it, the guard he told me wait,
I bounced off his head and did a Jackie Chan over the gate!
Cuz this little piggy, must definitely fry,
I’ma lop his nugget off and toss it in the sky.
And then I watch the moon take the form of the devil,
And pull it out the sky, and beat it wit’ a shovel.
People in my city, they fight for they meals,
He sleeps on a mattress stuffed with hundred dollar bills.
A richie is the devil, he never will admit it,
So I’m a take his money stack and stuff his face wit’ it.
Opened up his door, he’s sleeping in his bed,
I grabbed a brick of gold laid it upside his head.
He begged for his life, I told him it’s too late,
Then I took away his dough and watched the devil suffacate

(9 sec in)

[DMX]Y’all been eatin long enough now stop bein greedy
Just keep it real partner give to the needy
Grips is touchy, so don’t make me wait
fuck around and I’m go’a bite you and snatch the plate

(66 sec in)

[Uncle Murda]You don’t want no beef with me.
If you ain’t gettin money find a way to eat with me.
Cuz i’ll lean on you niggas, faggots respect pressure.
In the streets, faggots respect pressure.
It’s better to have me on your side than against you. You don’t want me
scheming plotting how to get you.
Cuz i’ll lean on you niggas, faggots respect pressure.
In the streets, faggots respect pressure.
Oh you got a nice car nice chain looking good
Word is you making too much money in the hood.
Niggas don’t like that, son they scheming on you.
I just had to stop niggas from squeezing on you.
I’m dead serious, homie I ain’t fronting.
They ready to kill that baby that’s in your bitch’s stomich.
He said why cuz i get money and feed my kids.
What, you think you the only nigga out here with kids.
They don’t care they bring the drama to your mommas crib.
Like this give me the safe or i’m a blow up your whig.
he said word that’s how they give it up. They think something’s sweet.
They think I’m a chump.
I said they probably in your crib right now
duck taping your wife and your kids right now
the other half of them probably at your momma’s house
these niggas are serious, I know what I’m talking about
they some real live killers
he said “who you talking about”
I said “Me and my niggas”
I know you getting 15 gs a weekz
We gunna bust that down that 7-5 a piece.
And I know you got like a hundred grand in your crib.
For your life you only gotta give me half of that kid.
He said man, I thought we was cool
I said we is, now we getting money together my dude.

It’s 2012: Check your game

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Original Song Lyrics

It’s 2012 players check your game
Make sure them net clowns respect your name
Keep keyloggers at close reach cocked and ready
Java drive bys will catch you slipping, rock ya steady
Watch your back with the posters that you feel is real
The staff from your crew, yeah them the ones that do you
The suckas that got the player hater venom
I want to out their identities and lay some slugs up in em

[King T]
When they need work
They call the md5 expert
Smashing a hash that users is burnt
Looking flossy living costly
away from the crust, out of state
They gots to break passwords, for sho
I needs mo’ sign ups for the data sto’ (store)
logins sets blow when I’m sipping the mo’
Freebasin on lyrics, trying to build a blog
like fade did
so I can avoid that ho alison when she posts naked with her fake kid…

True, huff the aerosol `kick back and let the players represent
kane is the true boss game- his soldiers take aim
These sucka gonnabe’s red
Nigga please – ur rep is dead not green
I’ll attack internet hoes on the downlow with page rank thats obscene
want to rule the radio shows, bet you wish you could (man against time)
And try to steal Pennsylvania out my ass like sponges
I run this.
You can’t fuck with fmp yo
You forums want to grow
When I’m on the blogs I play solo
traffic flow
One track mind serial killer
Quick to break a traitor a snitch bitch?
I’ll drill ya (ixabert)
Bentley ballin’ bastard
No hustler faster
Game maker
I hack a ‘white’ bitch and break her (starr, if she’s white)

[King T]
but i fight chronic trolling using my brain
for soothing my pain, I’m true to the game
I got my mind made I gotta get that snitch motherfucker
Set it up so my net enemies suffer
The fat fucker (overwatch)
The fag drummer (greg johnson, he drums it up the ass)
- what’s your choice?
video with a picture and his voice
when he’s moist (in the ass)
I’m throwing up the W
Bringing trouble to
Those online
Metal Gear aka ice(man)

But il ragno that’s trippin’ and that ain’t my sport
you’d rather die of cancer in my crib and flip the Robb report
And set your wife on the streets
Bump her feet
Cause when you’re writing a troll post
Can’t nobody compete
Imagine this:
my page rank at your finger tips
Imagine this:
any sockpuppet to twist
Imagine this:
traffic that’s a lot for a single fish
Ha – that shit wouldn’t nice man
But your name ain’t “iceman” – kid… (iceman = metal gear)
I’ll screw up the login form on – rock you softly
How you gonna step to me kid? You grew up off me
posts, rhymes, vidoes and flame wars
So many busters tryin to copy that it’s disgusting to the core…

[King T]
But this will be a classic
Many facets to get that pass-hacked
The gas huffing Don, call me King Tragic
Watch me code the magic
php/mysql. that old habit – full of havoc
And shays will upload the mix when its static
People play
Just to have me stay
And say a curse
I’ll praise the devil unrehearsed
Then I burst
I mean I bust
From all angles
Guarunteed banning from a forum; never fails.

Yo T, I really must admit I’m the best
Master K does some other shit PC’s in the head rests
Never wear no anti-virus cuz I got mad love
I catch respect when other niggas catch bugs
1, 2 I load shit to destroy u
defeat for the annoying ones
Somebody’s gotta do’em
p-phags screw ‘em
Faggot’s wish they had my whole crib bugged
Mad tapps on the wires cause I deal with the thugs
Drugs? never
No, the K is too clever
I’m over east
Checkin G’s
Nigga please
Ballin’ since fmp – yeah baby
Blew up with besoshvilli
Now you niggas hate me
You can’t see me motherfucker your focus is off
You can’t be me motherfucker, you’re fake and you’re soft
Too many niggas live a bullshit lifestyle – romancing
Misogynistic. I was pissing on the women while them kids was flirting and dancing
Overwatch – so why the wack forum ain’t dead?
Probably because my aim is over nigga’s heads.
Philadelphia – Lancaster – Allentown, I play eastern Pennsylvania and bounce
They got a benz but live in a midwestern house…

[King T]
To all my G’s rock on
get your headphones on – when you hear it
The forbidden metal gear spirit
net enemies fear it
Get you right up close near it
Possessed by the 123 spirit
big d set the limit
And cowards won’t visit fmp – across this line
suicide – and niggas won’t cross this nine
in your mouth
man against time talks like a nigga down south
what the fuck this really all about? man..
I’m coming out
front and back, 2007 i left the forums to roam
All you fake G’s stay home
Leave that shit alone
kane123 back on the throne
And that nigga on the mic – straight gone
Cra-zy, why’all crust circlers want to know the real deal?
I’ll teach you and smack you in your grill
Good websites (+), most circle jerk forums are gimmicks (-)
This website will put you in the mix – biatch…

A Hardcore anti-political rhyme

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Note that I do not really wish anyone to carry these acts out. This is just art.

kill a politician
shake your bat and hit em
take your gat, spit him
break his back and split him
two party system
gettin me pissed son
it ain’t fixed son
its a trick, son
doubt this, son?
I don’t miss, son.
bomb the white house
till the government die out
if a helicopter fly out
shoot the eyes out
kill the racial leaders
and their bottom feeders
talkin forum shit
shut your mouth, don’t run it
cyanide for your forearm
cuz you gossip
like a bitch
I’m the undisputed champ
when you post, better alter the time stamp
cuz if I find that
your heads on the rack.

Long Live Comrade Stalin (Poem)

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Long Live comrade

By  Kuo Mo Jo

(Chairman of All
Chine Association of writers and Artists)

Great Stalin, beloved
steel, eternal sun!

Because humanity has

Marxism Leninism can
exert its might today;

Because humanity has

The proletarians can
display its strength today;

Because humanity has

The work of
liberation can extend its glory today,

It is you who lead us
to the open sea of world Communism;

It is you who
instruct the west to not forget the East;

It is you who unite
us into a force unparalleled in history.

The peace fortress of
Soviet Union stands firm,

The unity and
progress of the New Democracies of Europe and Asia advance;

And the brilliance of
the People´s Republic of China shines forth.

The history of
mankind has started new chapter;

The order of native
to will follow the path of revolution;

The name of Stalin
will forever be the sun of humanity.

Long Live great

Long Live beloved

Reference: People´s China Vol 1, No 1,  Jan 1 1950; Pg 4


Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Evil liberalism stems from the guilt of survivors of German ancestry.
The Third Reich affected not only lives but also minds destructively.

The decaying corpses of Nazi traitors signals a change in history.
The fiery light of national liberation explodes for occidental glory.
Buildings hasten to fall in harmonic rhythm, story by story.
The Third Reich dismantled in gory haste,
For the viability and stability of the white race.
Germans, Jews and Slavs rejoice.
The Reich will capitulate in disgrace.

Hitler is to blame
For neo-liberalism’s reign.

The scapegoat has changed, and the Nazis have become the Jews.
Ideology rearranged. Only an idiot would refuse to chose.
HAIL the Fire Bombing of Dresden!
Hail the New Nationalism!

The Pledge of Allegiance

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

I pledge allegiance to the flag of hypocrisy.
One nation run by god. Imperialistic thought is the monopoly.
The republican democracy for which it stands- corrosive to the nation,
Then spreading it around the world…an abomination.

Liberty and justice for all?
Actually only for the elite.
Consumerism: the nation, the world burned raw.
I’ll use the flag to wipe my feet.

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