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Gangster Bolshevik Demo

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

This is what gangster Bolshevisk rule would look like.



We can’t until it is legal to kill people who oppose our rule.

It’s 2012: Check your game

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Original Song Lyrics

It’s 2012 players check your game
Make sure them net clowns respect your name
Keep keyloggers at close reach cocked and ready
Java drive bys will catch you slipping, rock ya steady
Watch your back with the posters that you feel is real
The staff from your crew, yeah them the ones that do you
The suckas that got the player hater venom
I want to out their identities and lay some slugs up in em

[King T]
When they need work
They call the md5 expert
Smashing a hash that users is burnt
Looking flossy living costly
away from the crust, out of state
They gots to break passwords, for sho
I needs mo’ sign ups for the data sto’ (store)
logins sets blow when I’m sipping the mo’
Freebasin on lyrics, trying to build a blog
like fade did
so I can avoid that ho alison when she posts naked with her fake kid…

True, huff the aerosol `kick back and let the players represent
kane is the true boss game- his soldiers take aim
These sucka gonnabe’s red
Nigga please – ur rep is dead not green
I’ll attack internet hoes on the downlow with page rank thats obscene
want to rule the radio shows, bet you wish you could (man against time)
And try to steal Pennsylvania out my ass like sponges
I run this.
You can’t fuck with fmp yo
You forums want to grow
When I’m on the blogs I play solo
traffic flow
One track mind serial killer
Quick to break a traitor a snitch bitch?
I’ll drill ya (ixabert)
Bentley ballin’ bastard
No hustler faster
Game maker
I hack a ‘white’ bitch and break her (starr, if she’s white)

[King T]
but i fight chronic trolling using my brain
for soothing my pain, I’m true to the game
I got my mind made I gotta get that snitch motherfucker
Set it up so my net enemies suffer
The fat fucker (overwatch)
The fag drummer (greg johnson, he drums it up the ass)
- what’s your choice?
video with a picture and his voice
when he’s moist (in the ass)
I’m throwing up the W
Bringing trouble to
Those online
Metal Gear aka ice(man)

But il ragno that’s trippin’ and that ain’t my sport
you’d rather die of cancer in my crib and flip the Robb report
And set your wife on the streets
Bump her feet
Cause when you’re writing a troll post
Can’t nobody compete
Imagine this:
my page rank at your finger tips
Imagine this:
any sockpuppet to twist
Imagine this:
traffic that’s a lot for a single fish
Ha – that shit wouldn’t nice man
But your name ain’t “iceman” – kid… (iceman = metal gear)
I’ll screw up the login form on – rock you softly
How you gonna step to me kid? You grew up off me
posts, rhymes, vidoes and flame wars
So many busters tryin to copy that it’s disgusting to the core…

[King T]
But this will be a classic
Many facets to get that pass-hacked
The gas huffing Don, call me King Tragic
Watch me code the magic
php/mysql. that old habit – full of havoc
And shays will upload the mix when its static
People play
Just to have me stay
And say a curse
I’ll praise the devil unrehearsed
Then I burst
I mean I bust
From all angles
Guarunteed banning from a forum; never fails.

Yo T, I really must admit I’m the best
Master K does some other shit PC’s in the head rests
Never wear no anti-virus cuz I got mad love
I catch respect when other niggas catch bugs
1, 2 I load shit to destroy u
defeat for the annoying ones
Somebody’s gotta do’em
p-phags screw ‘em
Faggot’s wish they had my whole crib bugged
Mad tapps on the wires cause I deal with the thugs
Drugs? never
No, the K is too clever
I’m over east
Checkin G’s
Nigga please
Ballin’ since fmp – yeah baby
Blew up with besoshvilli
Now you niggas hate me
You can’t see me motherfucker your focus is off
You can’t be me motherfucker, you’re fake and you’re soft
Too many niggas live a bullshit lifestyle – romancing
Misogynistic. I was pissing on the women while them kids was flirting and dancing
Overwatch – so why the wack forum ain’t dead?
Probably because my aim is over nigga’s heads.
Philadelphia – Lancaster – Allentown, I play eastern Pennsylvania and bounce
They got a benz but live in a midwestern house…

[King T]
To all my G’s rock on
get your headphones on – when you hear it
The forbidden metal gear spirit
net enemies fear it
Get you right up close near it
Possessed by the 123 spirit
big d set the limit
And cowards won’t visit fmp – across this line
suicide – and niggas won’t cross this nine
in your mouth
man against time talks like a nigga down south
what the fuck this really all about? man..
I’m coming out
front and back, 2007 i left the forums to roam
All you fake G’s stay home
Leave that shit alone
kane123 back on the throne
And that nigga on the mic – straight gone
Cra-zy, why’all crust circlers want to know the real deal?
I’ll teach you and smack you in your grill
Good websites (+), most circle jerk forums are gimmicks (-)
This website will put you in the mix – biatch…

Mental Breakdown – Video by Metal Gear

Friday, November 12th, 2010

This video was too hardcore. It violated youtube’s “terms of service.” So I went with daily motion.

They are all on the “Videoroom” link on the free media productions website, whether youtube or dailymotion.

Link to Video

twizted(tm) crystals

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Imagine that you are looking into a crystal ball. Your feedback is not based on what others think you are, but who you actually are.

See the person you are. See the person you want to be.

Put in the effort to become that person.

Be unconcerned about what others think.

What do you see? Maybe you’ll see my middle finger extending when you look into the crystal ball.

I see a disturbed and sick person, who rightfully hates a phony and pretentious world. I see a person who used to care about the livability and well being of his environment, but wants to not care and does not care. After all, even the so-called “change agents” are bullshit. Every single one, from Obama to the tea party to some nazi on the internet. I see this person, and I want to stay that way. The Southeast Pennsylvania way.

I see a misogynist and someone who hates sexual degenerates, including people who are pussy whipped. Pussy whipped people are even worse than homosexuals.

I see someone who is biologically racist, but still enjoys “rough riding” blacks who “thug it up.” I see someone who enjoys Communist dictators and Saddam Hussein.

But I see someone who cares just a little too much. I’ll work on not giving a shit even more. Until some group of gangster bolshevik thugs creates a technocratic regime, nothing will change.

Gangster Technocracy

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

When the technocracy comes, I’m using a computer to digitally operate murder machines. Mass murder, like a dictator. Pol Pot would approve, because his rejection of technocracy was not internal to his own Government. You may think I write this stuff just to “shock” and “troll,” but man oh man, I’m “getting off” in a non-sexual way just typing these words.

When the technocracy comes, all my net enemies are getting their heads chopped off.

When the technocracy comes, I will run people over on subway lines just because it is enjoyable.  I’ll get the mass transporation working TOO well.

It’s kind of like Mario Brothers, only real life people are getting squashed. It’s like the Dark Carnival. Time to cross-blog with Violent J and Shaggy 2dope.

Out of your league. This post is going straight gangster. In fact I have the urge to keep rhyming, and I have to fight the urge. The crane of pain. The bulldozer of death. The concrete that is complete to knock you off your feet and suffocate you while I speak.

Not to mention, I might mine your data and hack you.

Daryl………………why couldn’t you use your talents to make the world a better place?  We always taught you to love everybody.
I’m pulling a nero and my momma’s getting it too. All of the norms are gone. This is horrorcore. This is gangster. This is acid. This is MY ghetto. If you want high brow posts that a two year old child could make, then leave.

The Voices in my Head

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

” You’ve got to get your head straight.”
Do you have a hammer?

“Why don’t you make the world a better place?  We raised you to be so loving.”
The world is turning to shit and I don’t care!

“Stop defending those damn Jews.”
Jews are the master key of the white race. Even though “Jewish unity in Palestine” is a bad idea.

“You’ve got to let those feuds go.”
I’ll be feuding with you soon, Mr. Gulag. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

“Stop talking about serial killers.”
Soon you won’t be talking about serial killers. When I kill you.

“Stop pretending to be a ‘leftist.’ ”
It’s gangster bolshevik, not liberal leftist, thank you very much.

“It’s time to grow up. Seriously.”
Note that this criticism comes from net nazi keyboard commandos.

“You’ve got to be professional and understand politics and business etiquette.”
Watch me flip you off in video.

“You really don’t have any Jewish ancestry. In fact all your ancestry is bullshit. You aren’t eastern european.  You don’t have Bolshevik blood.”
Gosh, even my parents support me against this “voice.”

A Hardcore anti-political rhyme

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Note that I do not really wish anyone to carry these acts out. This is just art.

kill a politician
shake your bat and hit em
take your gat, spit him
break his back and split him
two party system
gettin me pissed son
it ain’t fixed son
its a trick, son
doubt this, son?
I don’t miss, son.
bomb the white house
till the government die out
if a helicopter fly out
shoot the eyes out
kill the racial leaders
and their bottom feeders
talkin forum shit
shut your mouth, don’t run it
cyanide for your forearm
cuz you gossip
like a bitch
I’m the undisputed champ
when you post, better alter the time stamp
cuz if I find that
your heads on the rack.

Johnny Gulag’s Murder Bus

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

I made this pic, when I thought of Johnny Gulag.

Favorite Forms of Self-mutilation

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

edit by metal gear : Johny Speaks only for himself, not for free media productions. This post is crazy.

Hello, it’s me, Johnny Gulag. Metal Gear informed me that this blog was going low brow to scare away the suit and tie types. I decided to help him. He informed me that he was tired of trying to impress phony intellectuals who mentally masturbate, and wanted me back.

This one goes out to my homeboy “nigga,” Mandalore, who posts on the forum http://stumbleinn.net/forum.

I like to drink my own piss to punish myself? Do you?

How about cutting my hands on open cans? Then pouring acid on it?

I want to be a homosexual, and have someone make the tape and put it on the internet. Then I can have an excuse to kill other people when I kill myself.

How about punching myself in the head?

I’ll get professional and put on a suit and tie, but then I’ll hang myself.

I want to pour gasoline on myself, and then jump into a valcano, with a rope full of razors tied to my genitals.

Hail Satan.

A new religion

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Guess what MUTHUPHUCKAZ! You thought I was gone. I was arrested for encouraging people to kill themselves in internet chatrooms where they talk about depression. Well guess what, I’m writing this letter to metal gear and he’s posting it for me under my name.

I want to design a new religion where the prophets are authoritarian dictators and the disciples are famous serial killers, gangsters, mobsters, thugs and Hitmen. I will make the dictators into divine beings close to Satan and rewrite history having the serial killers worship the godly dictators.

I bet I could do a better job than Moses, Jesus or Muhammad. In my religion, Jeffrey dahmer would be a disciple of the prophets (Hitler, Stalin, Hussein, Lavey, Mussolini, Marx). So would Richard Kuklinski, etc.

Hail satan! The only way to commit a theocide is with a competitive ideology.

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