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Gangster Bolshevik Demo

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

This is what gangster Bolshevisk rule would look like.



We can’t until it is legal to kill people who oppose our rule.

Complaints over Double Standards

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

I would like to direct you to an amusing thread that is attacking people who do not have a message except to complain about “double standards” which usually are explicable when one looks at the material conditions under a magnifying glass.

The Left Hand Path and The Left Wing

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

First of all it should be noted that the terms “left” and “right” are stupid terms in my opinion and my follow-up. I even used the term “third positionist” to indicate that I do not support this one-dimensional view of politics. But usually people who believe in class struggle against the ruling class are called “leftists,” so I’ll use the term here because it mixes well with the term “left hand path.”

The left hand path is a term for the dark religions. It can include the Occult but I am really focusing on theological variants of Satanism and Luciferianism.

The left hand path refers to “dark” religions including : Levay Satanism, Theistic Satanism, Symbolic Satanism and Luciferianism. Now on the surface it may appear that these religions inherently contradict Marxism because Marxism is a Communitarian philosophy not an individualist philosophy. In fact I was banned from SIN for trying to promote Karl Marx

I will explain how different philosophies can tie links to Marxist theory to resolve apparent contradictions, but first I would like to link you to content about serial killer motivations, because I am going to look into psychology and human motivation to make analogies in this post.

Holmes deburger mode and a post about it

There are 4 types.

Visionary : Kills because they have a psychosis which causes them to believe supernatural power are commanding them. Very disorganized and random.

Missionary : Kills to eliminate a group of people deemed undesirable. Kills very quickly with non-sexual motive.

Hedonist : Lives a deviant lifestyle (full of lust, crime, etc.) and the deviant lifestyle becomes intertwined with murder. Further subdivided into lust killers (sex addicts), thrill killers (compulsive risk takers), and profit oriented (hitmen).

Power/Control : A Jekyll and Hyde killer who wants to totally dominate the victim, and plans crime in extreme detail. Because he wants full control when he takes the mask off (and to avoid detection), he lives his life tricking people into believing that he is a regular guy.

Next I will explain various left hand path philosophies and how their philosophical links can be drawn to Marxism and how each link resembles the motivation of a different type of serial killer.

Levay Satanism and Marxism
Lavey Satanism is radical individualism. Lavey’s argument is that being a Satanist is about trying to be your own god to so to speak. In the Serial Killer taxonomy, this would potentially match with the “hedonist” killer who kills because it either feels good, gives them a thrill or profits them immediately. It could also match with the “power/control” killer due to the desire to feel that one is making his/her rules and controlling life and death.

I should note that I do admire the work of Jake Black but I did not copy Jake Black. Jake Black makes the case well for a Lavey Satanist philosophy and its compatibility with Marxism-Leninism. Basically he argues that individual greed is compatible with working class activism.

A quote:

Ironically, in order to fulfill my individual desires, I find it necessary to reject the limitations of individualism.

(In fact Jake Black can thank my link to him for boosting the front page of his website. Until I linked, he wasn’t number one in google for “satanic left.” He individually benefited from collective behavior.)

Symbolic Satanism and Marxism
A Symbolic Satanist does not believe the devil exists, but still identifies with the Judaic-Islamic-Christian (Abrahamic) Devil. It is sort of “if Satan did exist, I would side with Satan.” This is largely my view. In serial killer taxonomy it fits well with the “mission-oriented” category. You are of the opinion that the devil does not exist, but you are wishing to create a world in his image.

In order to be a Marxist and a Symbolic Satanist at the same time, a good belief system is that Satan sort of symbolizes the working class rebelling against the Upper class.

To quote “occupy.”

When they say CUT BACK we say FIGHT BACK

Well a Symbolic Satanist looking to synthesize his views with Marxism should find inspiration in the way that Satan is depicted as fighting back.

Devil Worship and Marxism
Devil Worship is when you believe in Satan literally. According to the serial killer taxonomy, it would fit good with the Herbert Mullin style motivation known as “visionary.” You hear voices in you head.

In order to be a Marxist and a Devil worshiper, you would just have to believe that Satan exists and wants you to be a Marxist.

Luciferianism and Marxism
Luciferianism differs from Satanism in that it believes that “Lucifer” is a concept that has roots in pagan religions and was only borrowed by the Old Testament, New Testament and Koran. I guess that’s the only difference. A Luciferian can probably still be either literal or Symbolic. Someone who engages in a Levay Style self-worship may also be a reader of ancient pagan iterations of Lucifer. So the philosophical ties between Luciferiniasm and Marxism are not much different from the Philosophical ties between Satanism and Marxism. It’s just a different set of religious texts that are used to depict Lucifer. Still, the philosophy could branch out in the same way.

A post on the 600 club tells us that some Luciferians do not consider Lucifer to be Satan. To them the pagan religions describe Lucifer better.

mabon2010 : It is tiresome to hear ignorant Christians rant on about Lucifer being Satan. A campaign is planned to re-educate those Christians of a second idea — that Lucifer is no Satan.

Those Satanists who claim to be Luciferians — no you are not. I am going to be kind when I say you are neo-Luciferians, but you are Spiritual Satanists who worship Satan, and have added another entity you claim to be Lucifer onto your worship as an afterthought.

Yet another Luciferian disagrees:

Dimitri : It is in the Christian mythology written and made clear that Satan and Lucifer are the same being. Lucifer was Satan before being cast out of heaven. That’s what they belief. They are not ignorant for the fact you want to see it otherwise.

8-19. Hail the termites.

Those who read this post may be interested in the Satanic Reds. They actually deny that they are Satanist and Socialist/Communist.

RAHOWA : Gangster Bolshevik Radio

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Click Here

American Onslaught host Breckenridge Elkins and his demented troll (demented is good here) “Yakub Israel” team up with Free Media Productions for an anti-social radio program. This radio show is now included into the Audiozone section of the Free Media Productions website as well. Watch the termites as they eat away at society. If they can’t build something, at least they will destroy something.

Metal Gear and his Psychologist

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

The following is a session between Metal Gear, a serial killer from eastern Pennsylvania, and his psychologist Dr. Omniel, a quack who has a fake PHD in psychology and a fake MD.


Soldiers in the Class War

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

edit by Metal Gear : Please note that Johnny Gulag does not represent free media productions, and he is insane.

Every single serial killer, mass shooter, bomber and suicide leader is a solider in the class war. I have no doubt that when Jared Loughner shot, he shot for the working class. I have no doubt that when Dennis Rader strangled, he strangled for the working class.

Old Communist Forum Re-discovered

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

(Editor’s note : This is a nostalgia post, not a ‘high quality’ post)

I have been looking for this old forum for the longest time, but it finally appeared in google again.

It reminds me of the John Wayne Gacy video with the song “bury it” by Muse. I liked the video, but then suddenly it was removed from the internet. But it came back.

In this case the forum did not get taken down but merely fell out of google. I could not find it.

Here is the base url :

Here is a thread that I found really really memorable. I used to browse this forum and posted just a few times, but I was only learning more about Marxism. At that time I was basically a “dictator worshiper” in general without a clear political philosophy. I admired Stalin but I did not connect Marx to Stalin.

Here are some of my older posts.

Even though I appeared to be defending human rights and religious people, my hobby at that time was to listen to slayer, radiosatan666, skinhead music (micetrap radio, micetrap cds) and worship the devil. I wasn’t really religious; I was just pretending to be religious. This was not just a net thing, I did it off the internet as well. The BTK Killer and John Wayne Gacy had similar hobbies. But now I’ve taken the “in your face” atheist approach (like Richard Ramirez), not the “fake religion” approach.

The Lyceum Mafia

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Daniel Shays – John Gotti
Daniel Shays was the man who put it together. The boss. But just like John Gotti, his underboss ratted on him.

Ixabert – Sammy the bull Gravano
Sammy the Bull Gravano was the underboss of John Gotti, but he eventually turned on him, and went to the Feds. Ixabert was involved in Lyceum operations, but ended up not getting his way and therefore collaborating with enemies.

Metal Gear – Richard Kuklinsk ‘the iceman’
Kuklinski was a “special” hitman used for hits that required precision and calculation. He was kept separate from Demeo’s other hitmen. He was not originally part of the family, not being Italian, and “discovered” by the family. Metal Gear was not part of the lyceum clique until it formed, aside from some friendly relations with Shays and Ixabert.

Face it, Metal Gear was the technical man who carried out the “cyber hits.” But just like the iceman, he also got a thrill out of doing the dirty work. He saw it as “cleaning up trash.” He also made the decision to “take people out” on his own for motives such as revenge and anger. Just like the iceman.

Also just like Kulkinski, Metal Gear started out as a relatively behaved guy, until he realized that the only way he could get the upper hand against “loud mouths” (the iceman hated loud mouths) was to start “giving instead of receiving.”

Kuklinski would use the forested areas of Bucks county Pa to do dirty work. He’d torture people with rats and throw bodies down “bottomless pits.” Metal Gear has used forests in the same area, but for different reasons.

Mazdak – Roy Demeo
Roy Demeo worked closely with hitmen and was the first to hire Richard Kuklinski. Mazdak talked to Metal Gear about getting revenge against a certain website before the Lyceum had been formed yet. Before Shays even talked to Metal Gear. Roy was also connected to many other hitmen. Mazdak has a good friendship with B-pep.

B-pep – One of Demeo’s Gemni lounge Slaughters
B-pep would be a good “thrill killer” who just kills, and doesn’t really plan things.

Besoshvilli/Berianidze – Robert Pronge ‘Mr. Softee’
Face it, they both drove Ice Cream Trucks in the New York Metropolitan area. Robert Pronge would study all kinds of books on death and destruction and how to kill people. Besoshvilli probably does too, but he’s only open about his study of Marxism-Leninism.

Kuklinski (the iceman) and Pronge (the ice cream truck killer) ended up randomly meeting and teaching each other a lot. Unfortunately, Kuklinski eventually killed Pronge. That doesn’t fit here. The degree of collaboration however does fit. While other are gone, Besoshvilli and Metal Gear are still cyber collaborating just like Kuklinski and Pronge.

Fade the Butcher – Peter Calabro
Peter Calabro was a former cop who then sided with the Mafia. The only difference is we didn’t kill Fade. He was with our “net enemy,” but then he switched and collaborated with the “bad guys.”

The bottom line is this website is more then a discussion forum…

Satanic International Network Suspends “Nazi” Poster

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

The link to his latest post

This is interesting.  A poster with a Hitler avatar came on SIN and tried to converge national socialism with satanism.  After a few blog entries, he was banned.  They are funny to read.  I know nothing about and have nothing against this particular individual.  This is posted more for entertainment.

Originally Posted by DarthVindex

Recently, some Jews of Ning have felt threatened by certain revelations I have been expressing in some of my recent posts. It is understandable because the American Jewish Press crucified Jesse Marcel, the occupants of a downed craft which crashed somewhere near or in New Mexico in 1947 and his family over 60 to 70 years ago, and perhaps it was out of a desire, it is my personal opinion, to consider the possibility that the Christians would look upon Jesse Marcel as their Second Messiah. Thinking that they would thus embrace the coming of a worldly messiah figure, who would replace the kingdoms of Earth with the kingdom of Heaven. I am not saying however that this is the truth — only what I think is the truth about why the Jews of Ning are so afraid.

Fortunately the Christians of that time were wiser than their Jewish oppressors thought. They did not fell for the trick. Perhaps there was no such trick at all in operation in the American Jewish press in that time. I do not know.

What I do know with absolute certainty is my personal convictions, including the conviction that the American Jewish Press crucified Jesse Marcel.

By attempting to assassinate his career, the American Jewish Press committed treason against the people of the United States and the rest of the world.

The result has been a desire by many to hate the American Jewish Press. Not because they crucified Jesse Marcel, but because of their hatred and bygotry towards those whom they dub Goyim. From their perspective, a few Goyim souls were being sacrificed in order to preserve the interests of the greater good. That good being the continuance of the creation and expansion of the State of Israel. The formation or creation or establishment of a State of Israel is illegal according to the Torah, and this has been confirmed to me by a friend who has been a proud national socialist for years, and is an Icelander just like me.

I am not requesting those here who support the Jewish State of Israel to agree with the content of this post. I am however requesting people to understand why I hate the American Jewish Press. I do, as I said, because they bloody crucified Jesse Marcel and his family. And not only because they crucified him, but because they have tried to crucify and make scapegoats out of many, including such persons as Lee Harvey Oswald. When people woke up during the Unveiling to what had happened and how corrupt and rotten to the core the American Jewish Press had become, the worldwide UFO debate increased expotentially and the American Jewish Press with it´s participation in the illegal zionist state, began to feel threatened. It is because of this, that it´s lackeys often go to places such as this website, to find persons such as myself, and some other persons who have expressed a genuine, sincere and honest desire to oppose the American Jewish Press.

As Zach has asserted on his website, we are all equal here. That means that I have the same right as anybody else has, to make accusations against the United States Federal Government, and against the American Jewish Press. I have also a right to respond when I am behaved dishonourably against, either on this or other websites. Out of respect, however, I have decided not to participate much in arguments here over tiny details, often unimportant, or over some isms or some ´ologies´, such as for example ´ufology´, or ´feminism´. I have no need for such. I did not come here to argue with people about ´isms´and ´ologies´. If there are those who support the American Jewish Press who feel that I have committed treason against American or Icelandic interests, I stand proud in my conviction, that 9 — 11 was an inside job, and that the American Jewish Press crucified Jesse Marcel.

Those are however bygones — and it would be wiser for me to let bygones be bygones. It would likewise be wiser still for those people to let bygones be bygones and apologize to the American people and pay compensation.

I should admit now, that I am not alone in my view that 9 — 11 was an inside job.

When I heard last time, nearly 90% of Americans believed that 9 — 11 was an inside job. Asserting that 9 — 11 was an inside job, is proudly and sincerely expressing a political opinion. Asserting a different view on a culture or an ethnical minority group, or an underprivileged group, is doing what is right, when one is convinced that it is the right time to do so. Being ready to assert and affirm openly, that 9 — 11 was an inside job, is something even as of today some people are still unprepared to do. I am also not requesting any of them to believe that 9 — 11 was an inside job. Attempting to bullshit with the FBI about 9 — 11, however, is not something that adult persons should be doing who use internet websites. The FBI have asserted on their own website for a number of years, that Osama Bin Laden is wanted for a terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, before 9 — 11 happened, sometime between 1997 and 1999 if I remember correctly.

The Jews of Ning, however, have recently made it nearly totally impossible for people to create free social networks on ning.com. They have infiltrated or attempted to infiltrate every existing ning.com network, especially with the aim to find those who will be likely to stand firm in their faith and belief on whatever it is that they assume is right. On whatever it is that they believe. They do this, in an effort to break these people, emotionally, and spiritually, so that it can be easier for them to convert them into becoming Jews like they are. I ask; is this not disgusting? What does the rest of the world´s Jewry think about this? What are their opinion? I don´t hate Jews. What I hate, is for example, the American Jewish Press. And what people hate in the world today as of present, is injustice. The Jews of ning.com aren´t all like that, however. Douptlessly there must be a tiny few who have learnt to be independent free thinkers and to question authority, and to imagine.

Thus it is, that ning.com has become just another collective mind — set with the aim to enforce as many souls as possible to succumb to collectivism, now that capitalism has turned out to be the colossal failure it always was, is as of present and always will be.

So, if the Jews of ning.com think they can participate in the War against the People of the United States of America and the rest of the world in the same manner that some governments have been doing as of present with their agencies, the Russians will react. We all know what that means. They´re probably reacting right now.

The response to this post was overwhelmingly negative

Originally Posted by Wicked6Puppy

If ya don’t like the way ning.com runs their sites, why not pick up webdesign and make one of your own instead of relying on others and bitching when they don’t agree with you?

Originally Posted by MindFux

The ‘Jews of Ning’? It sounds like something out of a bad Monty Python sketch.

Originally Posted by Dan_Dread

One word — psychiatrist.

Originally Posted by ReVRonaldFrench

Three letters — WTF

Originally Posted by Born

Shut the hell up ya fucking Jew.

Smf Modding

Monday, December 13th, 2010

I’ve done so much modding to get this “Simple Machines Forum” to work specifically for free media productions that they should probably put me on their team!

My next step is to disable md5 and phish facebook accounts (just kidding)!

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