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Problematic Lines on Israel/Palsetine

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Cited Post from “admin” of socialist phalanx forum in Editorial

In separating between those who institute colonialist policy (respected Zionists and American spokesmen) and those who may not institute it but still tolerate it while going along with it, important points are made in the cited post. It is not that the people who go along with the agenda of leaders are innocent, but the people who compose the top of society are guiltier than those at the bottom. Pragmatically, is it not worth appealing to people who tolerate a bad idea but do not create the idea? Would one not appeal to a capitalist to drop his/her capitalism? Then one should also appeal to Israelis to drop their imperialism in favor of progressive nationalism and to address the grievances of Palestinians adequately without conceding to either Islam or America. These appeals will be less effective when Israelis have a sort of external enemy to rally against, even though Israeli policies and Zionist leadership before Israel have played a role (along with material conditions and cultural clash) in making Israel’s own enemies.

Even though Israel has successfully oppressed Palestinians and many crimes have been committed, truly radical Muslims who may desire leadership by no means have a proletarian mentality. They would prefer to appeal to theology and identity based arguments to unify Muslims than to actually appeal to secular reasons which could divide the oppressor. They may appeal against Zionism, but not as a theoretical appeal against imperialism and capitalism. They appeal against American imperialism but they use the wrong precepts. Why? Because a true class conscious approach would also lead to the end of Islamic Fundamentalism. While they attack American imperialism, they dream of their own imperialism.

As for more secular Palestinian leaders, if they are of the bourgeoisie, then they merely give lip service to anti-Zionist rhetoric. Let us not forget that Arafat had chances to form a state, but did not go capitalize. Why? If he did, then people would no longer rally around him. The job would be finished. Which brings me to a great realization: supposed radicals in the Palestinian community depend on Zionism just like Republicans depend on talking about abortion. Do Republicans really get rid of abortion when they are the majority, or do they leave it in place so they can campaign against it again?

As noted in the post which is cited, many people are unwilling to adopt a viewpoint which separates between those who promote an ideology and those who go along with it. Bourgeois leaders have a vested interest in keeping Israel as an enemy. The proletariat class of Palestinians could potentially fall into the arms of its own bourgeois class, and if so, the ruling Palestinian class will continue to throw the dog a bone, but it will make sure the bone stays outside of the cage so the dog cannot actually grasp the bone. In other words, the cynical secular bourgeois community within Palestine (as opposed to the Islamic bourgeoisie) will continue to use anti-Zionism as a rallying cry, as opposed to actually making the issue no longer an issue. The end result will not aggravate a struggle against imperialism, but merely give lip service to it. The issue will be used and replayed like a song at a rock concert is played each time a band tours.

A thorough understanding of issues similar to Marx’s analysis is the only real solution. The more people become class conscious, the more people will know how to find solutions to the problems, as opposed to digging them deeper.

Class Division, Warfare and Israel

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

When America decides to launch a war in the middle east, Israel gives the exploiting class an excuse. “We need to stabilize the region.”

It gives the political dissident class an answer. “Israel is responsible for us going to war.”

The exploiting class wins, because it not only gets to go to war, but it avoids the responsibility for it.

Nobody is going to take political dissidents seriously who are not class conscious enough to realize the extent to which financial interests motivate American foreign policy.

Who benefits? Something like Israel allows America to do anything and never get blamed for it by its own dissidents. By dissidents I mean people who are not part of either the Republican or Democratic parties. The Democratic party is not a dissident party. Democrats gave George Bush the votes he needed to launch the wars, and Democrats continue to be wedded to the same corporate machine that unemploys its own people while they join the army to make money for the exploiting class.

The Most Common Type of Loser : The Bandwagoner

Monday, March 14th, 2011

A good example : Look at the way the voting public switches back and forth, but always between the same two parties.

The majority of losers are bandwagoning scum. They do not seriously think about their popularity contests; they simply anticipate what the majority will think and follow it. I can not tell you how many people I have viewed on the internet, who hardly even know me, yet through only word of mouth, act as if they are certified consultants on what I am about. They join in the echo chamber without even knowing what they are talking about. They insert themselves into conflicts that they do not belong in because of annoyingly persistent parties. Conversely, at times when I am very popular in real life, I notice how popularity tends to come in clusters. And I have, at times, been very popular.

This site is elevated ABOVE the loser crowd.

A Hardcore anti-political rhyme

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Note that I do not really wish anyone to carry these acts out. This is just art.

kill a politician
shake your bat and hit em
take your gat, spit him
break his back and split him
two party system
gettin me pissed son
it ain’t fixed son
its a trick, son
doubt this, son?
I don’t miss, son.
bomb the white house
till the government die out
if a helicopter fly out
shoot the eyes out
kill the racial leaders
and their bottom feeders
talkin forum shit
shut your mouth, don’t run it
cyanide for your forearm
cuz you gossip
like a bitch
I’m the undisputed champ
when you post, better alter the time stamp
cuz if I find that
your heads on the rack.

Discrimination against the old is justified

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Enough of this politically correct bullshit.

Younger predominately male workers need to stop waiting at the back of the line (we’ve waited long enough, how long are we supposed to wait), and really start to discriminate against older workers wherever we have the power to do so. It is the older generation, this baby boomer generation of screwups, who ruined the economy, and it is the older generation who imposes flawed ideology on the younger the generation. The older bourgeoisie useless parasites can shut their mouths about age discrimination, and realize how unfairly good they have it. They can shut up about how hard they worked to get to where they are, and realize that it was easy to succeed until they screwed everything up. The blatant nepotism! The preference of age over skill! The desire to hire a worker solely because he/she is more experienced, when he/she may be an idiot. They run up deficits, they deconstruct the ethnic identity of nations, they outsource jobs, they start imperialistic wars for liberal capitalism, they flood the working class with more immigrant competition and they think they are clever with their two party system.

(note that this article is merely artistic and I don’t really advocate violence)
Death to the bourgeoisie! Exterminate them. Imprison them. Kick them. Spit on them. Throw rocks at them. Hell piss on them. Throw them into volcanoes and then clap when the volcanoes erupt. Make them suffocate on their dollar bills.

Funny Quiz about Democrats and Republicans

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

I know that both parties are the same and don’t consider myself a Republican, but this quiz really eats at the ideology of political correctness that is corroding America.


Retarded funny untrue link

That is the basic difference between Aslan Maskhadov and me on the Islamic question.

Liberal Democratic Capitalism is a failure

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Libertarianism is an unquestionable failure. The economy and country has been ripped to shambles by outsourcing, uncontrolled immigration, poor loan policy, greed and a government that enables it. Globalization has created a system where each country cannot be self-sufficient and political correctness has completely destroyed this country socially. If one country crashes, they all crash. The government “solution” of bailing out the same people who caused the recession is an unquestionable failure. Our system of economics is far behind computer networking, as good networks are designed to be fault tolerant but our economy is not. Only the people who screw things up get bailed out while other people never get a chance to even start their careers.

Americans should get more militant if the government doesn’t cooperate. We’ve had enough of being bounced between a facade of two similar parties like pinballs and we’re not going to waste our lives away decaying under this system. Both parties serve the same elite and both hate communitarian nationalism. We’re not as dumb as the government thinks we are. If there is no light at the end of the tunnel, you can count on anti-government action and feeling escalating.

Politics is multi-dimensional

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

The left-right spectrum is a one dimensional classification system in politics. The idea is that everything must fall on that spectrum. Rightists are conservative on social issues but libertarian on economic issues. Leftists are libertarian on social issues but against deregulating the market.

This model is challenged by a 2-D model which suggests that economic and social issues should be considered separately rather than in a package. A libertarian is neither left nor right, because he/she is libertarian on both economic AND social issues. A populist is neither left or right, because he/she is for regulation on BOTH economic and social issues. But even this is insufficient. A democratic socialist and a revolutionary communist would be placed on the same place in this spectrum, because both have similar aims. But other dimensions must be considered by those who are detail-oriented. This model is inadequate for even American politics, and certainly inadequate for world politics. The world is much more complex and I’m afraid that if you can’t figure this out, then I can’t explain it to you.

We must reject the idea that politics is one or two dimensional, and realize that it is multi-dimensional.

David Brooks on Obama and Independent Americans

Friday, September 4th, 2009


Over the first months of this year, the number of people who called themselves either Democrats or Republicans declined, while the number who called themselves independents surged ahead.

The number of Americans who trust President Obama to make the right decisions has fallen by roughly 17 percentage points. Obama’s job approval is down to about 50 percent. All presidents fall from their honeymoon highs, but in the history of polling, no newly elected American president has fallen this far this fast.

Fifty-nine percent of Americans now think the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Most Americans still admire Obama and want him to succeed. But if he doesn’t proceed in a manner consistent with the spirit of the nation and the times, voters will find a way to stop him.

America could really use more “out of the box” thinking. This, from my view, is good news. Even though Americans are turning libertarian and I am not libertarian, a change in direction means that Americans are realizing that something is wrong and needs replacement.

“Left and Right” vs “Us and Them”

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

The National Bolshevik Party States:

There’s no longer any left or right. There’s the system and the enemies of the system. The system is the liberal democracy that triumphed everywhere, that noxious, shit-colored weed. The enemies of the system — that’s who we are, extreme Communists, extreme nationalists.

This should sound familar. In my previous writing, I wrote:

What passes for “left and right” is simply two sides of the same liberal Democratic coin. The debate is framed in a deceptive fashion, where two very similar parties (Democratic and Republican) are seen as representatives of an entire “left/right” spectrum. The first reality is that both parties are basically the same, and neither represents the historic left or right. The second reality is that the terms are meaningless to begin with.

The terms left and right are obsolete, and we are beyond left and right. They are oversimplifications that originate from a smear system within American politics, and philosophically, the terms are baseless. They derive their meaning from American history and that alone, rather than any philosophical reasoning. As soon as somebody uses this terminology, it is a good indication that they are brainwashed by the liberal democratic status quo.

I commend anyone who can see through the oversimplified views related to the political spectrum that exists in modern discourse. Apparently it is not just America but Russia too and all of the neo-liberal world that is oversimplified. The first step in rejecting mainstream politics is rejecting the left-right spectrum. Rejecting the idea that Republicans and Democrats are positionable on that spectrum and rejecting the idea that dissident political movements fit on that spectrum. A Communist and a Nationalist who oppose the status quo have more in common with each other than either do with the “left or right” within the status quo. There is no “left and right.” There is an “us and them.”

The truth is that instead of viewing political thought through the nice compartmentalized boxes that the intellectually lazy would find comfortable, dissidents who envision the larger picture know that fully comprehending politics is about understanding details. Free Media Productions encourages its members and readers to be detail-oriented and sophisticated, and to reject simplistic ideology.

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