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First Free Media Productions Track

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

The Song Stages has been put together. I did not add the skit yet but just the song.

Free Media Productions has invented a new genre. It is subversive Political rap. I would not call it gangster rap (ice-t), I would not call it horrorcore (insane clown posse), I would not call it party rap (vanilla ice), I would not call it rap metal (limp bizkit) or rap rock (kid rock) or comedy rap (Eminem).

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A battle we can win

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Let us describe the way that social media background checks would be governed if the Government worked the way it should on behalf of the populace. If the Government really wanted to allow rights to its individual citizens, instead of allowing corporations to penalize people for free speech because corporations directly fund the capitalist and imperialistic Government, then some of the rights of corporations would be smaller. In exchange for a true right to free speech, employers would have to lose some of their rights to make hiring decisions off of political ideology or off the job legal conduct. What the bourgeois class loses, the middle and proletariat classes gain.

Instead all we hear about is “free markets,” the “rights” of employers and “democracy.” But below is a reasonable moderate social media policy. While many goals that the working class are shooting for are a bit out of reach, I do believe we can reach this goal. We can make it illegal for employers to penalize employees and potential employees based on off the job conduct that is legal and not directly impacting on business operations. I do believe the fear of being out of work in a bad economy causes a large amount of people to stay silent who otherwise would correctly fight harder for change.

When discussing social media, blogs and employment background checks, one of the trite arguments made by apologists for the bourgeois class is “if you make it public, then we can judge you on it.” In legal issues, the standard proof of criminal conviction is “beyond a reasonable doubt.” I believe a similar standard should be required of employers who assess employees not on their performance but on their lives outside of work. The standard must be that it must be determined, beyond a reasonable doubt, by a Jury that the conduct is directly causally related to a legitimate and proven loss of business (loss of customers, loss of employees) for such behavior to be retaliated against.

For example, if John Doe posts about his hatred of midgets and you find it on his facebook, your business should not be able to retaliate against John Doe by firing, not promoting or treating him differently simply because YOU are offended. Instead, John Doe’s right to free speech should be prioritized over your “right” to retaliate against him. Sure, you have the right to disagree with John Doe and say “hey, that is offensive, I disagree” but that should be the end of it.

John Doe has the right to say he does not like midgets or the Government of Iowa. A business should have to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt by a Jury, that John Doe making his “tweet” about midgets is costing the company employees or customers. Correlation is not causation. Now it is true, he did “put it there” and it is “public,” but if it is not directly tied to a business issue, retaliation should not be an option. You being offended about John Doe’s tweet should be an insufficient cause for termination, lack of promotion or consideration of the behavior.

We must find a strategy to lobby for such change in legislation, so that the American people can be truly empowered to speak up for their own interests instead of for the interests of the small minority who profit the most from doing in the private sector what the Government does not do in the public sector. Let us face it, until we develop labor solidarity, we will never have any rights.

It is entirely legitimate to make jokes, to speak informally when addressing friends, to post a picture, to make political opinions, to listen to music others do not like, to write music, to have a life. Until the government sets an example by criminalizing the retaliation against free speech in the private sector by employers against employees and potential employees, there are no rights in the “land of the free” (the land of imperialistic warfare, cosmopolitan greed, rootlessness, racial self-hatred and politicized religion).

Reading Pennsylvania and Socialism

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Cited below, by the inclusion of relevant content in picture format, is a very old book about Pennsylvania history. What is very interesting is that much of the existing infrastructure in Pennsylvania today is a result of what was set up earlier. It was good to find that the Pennsylvania of Yesterday is very much recognizable when compared to the Pennsylvania of today.

Reading Pennsylvania was founded by English but inhabited by Germans between Lancaster, Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia. When reading the section on Reading (no pun intended) Pennsylvania, I learned that this Pennsylvania Dutch town actually had what was described in the book as a Socialist administration and a history of Union activity and strikes. I also learned that during the original American revolution, the population of Reading was quite revolutionary against the British imperialists. This is interesting, because the people of Reading rejected the mainstream economy and society for revolutionary change, just like the Amish outside of Lancaster City have. However, Reading moved away from capitalism in a Socialist direction, whereas Lancaster Amish purposely insulated their own community from finance capitalism and modernism in a separatist religious direction. Still, it is interesting to be aware of the historical ability of the region to arrange society instead of simply riding the course of history passively. No one can doubt Philadelphia’s own role in bringing about the original American revolution.

While Pennsylvania may have trampled over Southern Revolutionaries, Pennsylvanians have proven themselves capable of revolutionary thought and action. Yet in my opinion what existed in Reading Pa was not true socialism, but capitalism administrated by people with socialist ideologies. The system was still capitalist, but the people who ran the system were socialists. This would most likely be comparable to Mensheviks if any parallel could be drawn to Russia, but drawing a parallel is always an oversimplification of history. Considering the material conditions of America as a whole, Pennsylvania as a state and Reading as a city, that may have been the most ideal arrangement at the time.

By my colloquial knowledge of the region, I know that Reading has a history of being an important manufacturing city with outlets (and is now being outsourced). The included content below alludes to this. Perhaps something about the economy brings about class antagonisms and something about the culture caused people to fight for populist change on behalf of those antagonisms.

Included below is the material which I referenced.

Foreign Policy Magazine on the Rising Chinese System

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

“On the Economy, Be Careful What You Wish For” by Ian Bremmer of Foreign Policy Magazine

The July/August issue of foreign policy magazine, to which I do not subscribe, had many interesting articles about the Soviet Union and the changing economic landscape of the world currently. Other article mentioned warnings that Gorbachev did not see change coming and that nobody predicted the collapse of USSR. This article discusses the current economy.

I have explained earlier how Market Socialism works. Market Socialism is pragmatic socialism applied to a more advanced market economy. The reason “centrally planned” socialists Stalin and Mao “started from scratch” when building their economies is not because it is inherently Marxist to have an economy that is near completely planned (although there must be more planning under socialism), but because the countries they took over were so backwards that they had to start from scratch. Built in a modern country like USA, certain market forces would be utilized after a Socialist Revolution, but the market would no longer control the Government and it would be more like “non-profit” businesses with Socialist Party people in some of the management roles, instead of businesses that exist only to “maximize the profits of shareholders.”

This article indicates that the Chinese System is being mimicked and the US system is losing popularity:

Indeed, the American way of capitalism itself is now under threat. That model was built on open market access and minimal government meddling. But the world loves a winner: China’s heavily top-down approach is finding adherents from Vietnam to Venezuela, while the idea of American-style market-driven capitalism has lost some of its allure. As the appeal of state-driven capitalism grows, we can expect a much less efficient global economy. We’ll see politics injected into economic policy making much more often and on a much larger scale — within both emerging and established powers. We’ll see governments defend their political interests with new sets of tools and weapons, like currency policies, market access, intellectual property rights, and new forms of resource nationalism that move beyond oil, gas, metals, and minerals into commodities like food.

“Juche” (self-reliant) Socialist Kim Jong Il of North Korea as well admires the success of the Chinese system, but that is not mentioned here. While a Market Socialist System is the only way socialism can be built in an advanced country (Stalinism and Maoism could NOT work in those conditions), it is also true that China at time walks the line between market socialism and capitalism.

People are finally accepting that the government has to be there for its people, which is essentially what socialism is, economic populism based on class awareness. This article bashes America for getting into debt and starting costly wars to spread an economic system that does not work and is not wanted by anybody but a few ideologues. If capitalism produces antagonism here, it will produce more antagonism in Iraq. However it will also produce profit and that is why we see class conflict. The people who control a capitalist system do not care about “the good of the people,” much less “the good of the people in Iraq/Afghanistan.” They ONLY care about their own profit. But the class war is turning in favor of the working class and soon the people will start movements to take control of their own countries and try to fix the problems against whatever odds.

For Americans, what this all means is that the long, postwar party is over. The U.S. debt-to-GDP ratio has climbed above 84 percent, putting America’s ability to meet its obligations in question for the first time in memory. To close the gap, U.S. consumers will have to pay higher taxes, save more money, delay retirement, and accept less generous pension and health-care benefits.

In coming years, an increasingly cash-strapped U.S. government will have to become more sensitive to the costs and risks of its foreign adventures. It will be harder to persuade more cost-conscious Americans (and their lawmakers) that the stability of countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, or even a longtime U.S. protectorate like Taiwan is worth a bloody and costly fight. Questions will arise abroad about the U.S. commitment to the security of particular regions, encouraging local players to test American resolve and exploit any weakness they find.

On another note, the analysis of the American economy in this article receives my approval. Globalization is being attacked here. By relying too much on another economy, one’s own economy is at risk. This is not very “fault tolerant” to use a computer term.

American consumer purchasing power will continue to be an important variable for global growth and the economic health of many countries, but Americans won’t have as much money to spend. The financial crisis pulled huge amounts of money from the pockets of U.S. consumers by, among other things, deflating the value of their biggest asset: their homes. And the loss in U.S. purchasing power will be felt in every economy that depends on access to U.S. markets. That’s exactly why Chinese policymakers are now working to decouple — not because Washington wants them to, but because excessive long-term dependence on U.S. consumers puts China’s future growth trajectory at risk.

Overall, a very useful article in a very useful issue of the entire Magazine!

Utopian Socialists vs. Scientific Socialists

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Anyone who reads Marx knows that he writes about “Utopian Socialists.”

I would argue that Utopian Socialists are not Socialists at all. They are merely progressives who are stuck in the current mode of production. FDR could be considered a Utopian Socialist. He wanted to strengthen the economy, redistribute wealth and base society off of ideals, but he did not want tie his analysis and worldview to concepts which involved changing modes of production. Increasing taxes was not changing the mode of production, but a matter of administration within a mode of production that already existed. Increasing taxes may be Socialistic, but it is not Marxist.

Improving people’s quality of life could be considered Utopian Socialism. Arguing that the state should be revolutionized based on the antagonisms caused by class conflicts in Marx’s era is what Marx called Scientific Socialism.

You could argue that even Fascism and Nazism have some Venn Diagram overlap with Utopian Socialism. They want to change society to pursue an ideal, while working within existing means of production. Fascism is based on a strong state and imperialism, whereas Nazism is based on scientifically invalidated interpretations of race.

I personally believe that some Utopian Socialism is necessary after the Socialist Party takes power, in the form of technocracy. Technocracy is idealistically orienting society towards technological improvement and is not inherently tied to a mode of production. Technocracy is necessary to produce an abundance of resources, otherwise Communism will just be poverty. Whether this Technocracy occurs in the Capitalist, Socialist or Communist mode of production is a matter of debate. But the key is that the technocracy must occur after revolution, because a good economy will mask class antagonisms.

Socialist Korea poised for economic growth

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Workers World online

By Deirdre Griswold

This year’s economic plans in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will put greater emphasis on the development of light industry and agriculture, promising a surge in the living standards of the people.

An outline of these plans was contained in a joint New Year’s editorial that appeared in the DPRK’s three leading newspapers: one representing the party, one the youth and one the army.

For almost a decade, at great sacrifice, the DPRK has had to allocate a large amount of its resources to building up its means of defense. This emphasis took on special urgency when, in January 2002, former U.S. President George W. Bush arbitrarily added the DPRK to the propaganda invention he called the “axis of evil.” Such a pronouncement by the commander-in-chief of the world’s largest military power could only be interpreted as a threat to attack Korea.

At the time, the Bush administration had already embarked on a war in Afghanistan and was threatening to invade Iraq, another country on Bush’s “axis.” Hundreds of billions of dollars were being added to the budget for the Pentagon and other agencies of U.S. aggression and intervention around the world.

The DPRK had to take the threat seriously.

From 1950-53, hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops had invaded Korea and fought a war there against the People’s Liberation Army of the DPRK. The Korean soldiers were bolstered by a million Chinese volunteers, who came across their common border to fight alongside their Korean comrades. Both the Koreans and the Chinese were defending revolutions that had begun in their countries decades earlier, when the masses of people suffered under Japanese troops and puppet regimes. Sweeping to victory when World War II ended in Japan’s defeat, the Korean revolutionaries soon had to fight a second war for national liberation and social justice — this time against U.S. imperialism.

Virtually no family in Korea was left untouched by that war. Millions of civilians and soldiers were killed. At the end, the U.S. continued to occupy the south militarily — and still does. This division of Korea and the constant pressure on the north have been a drag on its economy ever since.

Despite all this, industrialization in the DPRK began almost immediately after the armistice in 1953, and its economy soon outstripped the U.S.-occupied south. Living conditions for the people rose quickly. Ever since, the socialist system of the DPRK has been able to provide quality free, universal medical care and education to its people.

However, much of this progress was cut short in the 1990s. Not long after the fall of the Soviet Union, which had been an important ally and trading partner of the DPRK, the legendary leader of the Korean Revolution, Kim Il Sung, died. The country then experienced several years of the worst weather of the century, when floods ruined much of its agricultural land and swept away bridges, hydroelectric dams and other important infrastructure.

Add in the increased threats from the U.S., including economic sanctions that still continue, and it is clear that this has been a very difficult period for the Korean people, but one in which their resolve to defend their socialist state has never wavered.

In recent years, the DPRK has announced its ability to defend itself not only with a superbly trained and motivated army but with nuclear weapons. It has staged underground nuclear tests and launched several missiles that could send a warhead thousands of miles if Korea were attacked. Last year, Pyongyang announced it had put a communications satellite in space, launched by its newly developed Kwangmyongsong-2 missile.

Underlying these military achievements is the DPRK’s progress in rebuilding its scientific-technological base on a higher foundation. The joint statement points to its success last year in perfecting new steel-making techniques at the Songjin Steel Complex and in achieving “cutting-edge” computer-guided machinery.

The DPRK registered growth in its economy last year, even as the economy of the south was contracting because of the world capitalist crisis. The joint New Year’s statement credits the unity of the people with the Workers Party of Korea and its leader Kim Jong Il for having turned the situation around so dramatically.

Now the DPRK is poised to take a leap forward in providing more and better consumer goods and services.

At the same time, it is calling for the U.S. to drop the sanctions and join it in signing a peace treaty ending the Korean War. Only an armistice exists — which Washington uses as the basis for keeping some 30,000 U.S. troops in southern Korea to this day. Pyongyang is also calling for Washington to join it in hammering out an agreement to create a nuclear-free Korean peninsula — a reminder that the DPRK was under the shadow of U.S. atomic weapons for more than half a century before it attained a nuclear deterrent of its own.

Griswold has visited both the DPRK and south Korea a number of times.

The Great Dream of White Proletarian Liberation

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Revolutionaries are dreamers and must always remain dreamers or they become borderline suicidal, uncontrollably angry and can’t even function marginally in the world. Having had the secular religious experience in our hearts, we can never possibly go back, because the People are our god and the Revolution is our path to the heavenly prospect of national, proletarian, and racial liberation. We must keep the deep feelings of youth in our hearts, but also become wise with age and experience. Always knowing that we are ready to find martyrdom at the hands of the Zionist Occupied Government, we must become scientific and materialist dreamers, not idealist or Utopian dreamers, for we live in an evolutionary and dialectical world.

Imagine a racial communist super-State comprising all of Europe and Russia and stretching across the reclaimed Siberian Land Bridge Project into White North America and includes Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina in its project. Bloodline shall supersede  geographical boundaries. This shall be the greatest civilizationational accomplishment in the entire history of the world. We are talking about the total victory of White Power over the conspiracy for our genocide, more than just racialism, but true socialism, and the rebirth of the neighborhood and family again.

Only within the racial communist super-state within a vast regionalist and ethno-nationalist framework and an organic ethnic local character can our people be saved and find their truly greatest era. Nationalism will only die  when it is outmoded by racialism, and even then nationalism is an intricate part of our framework, not rootless cosmopolitanism. Our project to Pan-Africanism, Pan-Arabism, the Bolivarian project, is a brother in a common trench, but it goes deeper than theirs and reflects our true potential and the vanguard role which Darwinism demands of our people who constitute the biological aristocracy of world history.

For now we must address the miserable state of existence our people wallow in. We must painfully internalize the pain of knowing that as things stand now the White race may not even exist in years to come. We must feel the troubles and the brokenness of the middle aged crisis and the nihilistic teenager, the single mother and the white man down the street who just lost his job.

More than that we need to be beacons of light and hope. My own European-American nation already knows they are fucked, double fucked and then kicked in the head just for fun. They may not have some deeply advanced political analysis of how this is happening, but we don’t need to be doomsday prophesiers fullfilling a self-prophesying picture of defeat. We already have enough defeat. We need VISIONARIES.

The fact is the White race is NOT going to be exterminated and neither are we going to wind up being permantly ruined financially either, no matter how damn miserable things get. We haven’t survived since at least the Ice Ages and built some of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known just to go the way of the dodobird, and it isn’t going to happen as a result of Zionism, liberalism, finance capital or “globalization”, a vulgar euphenism for imperialism, today either.

In the end our people will fight!

Getting away from the areas closest to Hollyweird and Jew York and into the heartland, our masses own guns more than any other citizenry in the world per capita except north Korea. ZOG isn’t going to take our guns away, because the gun was brought into our psychology as small children learning the first and second amendment in school as if memorizing and idealizing bible versus. Our people still have some level of strong family life even though everything from meth to poverty to a lack of committment from men for our women and children is really blowing it for us big time. Unlike Jews, our people work for their money. They still know that it is important to have a self-reliant economy, community and healthy Teutonic work ethic and Celtic sense of identity. Even Lenin in his day admired our people’s powerful work ethic. Not only are we brilliant and creative, but we have the drive, muscle and determination to do something truly fanatastic. Things seem so aweful for us because we really are such a gifted and incredible people and anything but the best, especially the wallowing backwardsness of the era, is completely intolerable for our spirit. Drink can’t take that feeling away nor drugs nor finding a healthy partner who loves us to fill such void. The void comes from the need to freely express our intrensic nature for creative development, and hyper-alienation of the hour can only be eliminated with the new connect, the renassiance.

The redneck hates the intellectuals who betrayed him and hates his own organic intellectualism. Actually, this is true of the vast majority of just regular good ole’ all-American working people. Our people now think they are stupid, glorify at times the lowest common denominator of mass culture and have little hope in their hearts. If they had the hope they would be as brave as any Palestinian human bomb. You can see it in their eyes. You feel it when you go on a fishing trip or watch people drink coffee in the breakroom at work. You here it in the middle of the third quarter of a boring football game when the score is 24-7 and talk turns back to reality and not the images of distraction on the television screen. Maybe we can get some sort of healing going between nerds and rednecks, or all sorts of sub-cultural “groups” whose identity will eventually become meaningless in the new society anyways since we are the same people.

Our people aren’t going to become Nazis and they aren’t going to build the Bolshevik Revolution either. Our people are going to reclaim the neighborhood, and we need the trust of those who don’t trust fancy talk and only would be willing to work with those they learn to admire over a long period of time, leaders who either are organic or at least go out of their way to be as organic as possible to our conditions today. Our Lenin is going to be wearing a flannel shirt and blue jeans with a baseball cap. Maybe he worked at Dairy Queen when he was 16 and use to have a nice construction job making $20 an hour until that fell apart, or she is going to have concerns about the future of her children and sees beyond the phoney patriotism for the real patriotism of a mother for her cubs, watches her man become less of a man in his heart because he can’t provide the level of economic comfort he once did or thinks the family deserves.

We absolutely need violent extremism, because ZOG isn’t coming down without weapons and ammunition, but it has to be at the heart and soul of our people. It needs to be able to read the direction our people are going in without becoming too depressed when our people still cling to all sorts of self-defeating ideas. Violent extremism needs to have a dialectical compass that will do the best it can to find what is useful in our people, something that provides a dynamism and gets people to feel they aren’t part of some political group, but a LIBERATION STRUGGLE.

We need the equivelant of “Allahu Akbar!” to racial national materialism, a scientific battle cry, but one with deep religious emotion.

Nothing starts automatically. Revolutions don’t come about because of spontaneous collapse of “the system” but because they are built and mature so that when conditions are ripe they can mature.

2010 has come, let’s each vow to take concrete steps towards building things on the ground, and yes we need the regular “activists” too, but let’s push for getting the bulwark of our people who aren’t in any sort of group at all and are instinctively distrustful of them. To do that we must reject politics as usual and push for an uncompromising battle cry of liberation without being sectarian and splitting hairs over stupid ass secondary differances, many of which the people may eventually agree with us on through persuasion, anyways.

Let us each brainstorm in the coming weeks ideas for what we each are going to do, even if it is just some meetings and get togethers as a first start, to actually build something on the ground. Ask yourself how you are going to get those pissed off people with radical ideas that just float back into mainstream society into our National Front. We have to build things, even small ones, because it provides the mutual support against alienation at the very least, and has unlimited upwards potential beyond just that.

Long live the White race!

Long live the communist revolution!

Let us vow to die in the trenches of combat before ever even considering the thought of surrendering our European-American Nation!

Joint New Year Editorial

Friday, January 8th, 2010

From the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)

Pyongyang, January 1 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun, Josoninmingun and Chongnyonjonwi Friday published a joint editorial titled “Bring about a radical turn in the people’s standard of living by accelerating the development of light industry and agriculture once again this year that marks the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea” on the occasion of the New Year.

The following is the excerpt from it:

Today our service personnel and people greet the New Year Juche 99 (2010) with the pride of being victors, who wrote a new history of great revolutionary upsurge.

A heyday unprecedented in the history of the nation lies ahead of them, who are courageously rushing towards the world by tapping the inexhaustible potentials of Songun Korea.

Kim Jong Il is leading the campaign for the building of a great, prosperous and powerful nation to a brilliant victory as he steers the efforts to effect a great revolutionary upsurge on the strength of single-minded unity.

Now all the service personnel of the Korean People’s Army and all the people are offering their heartfelt thanks and the greatest glory to him who is shaping the brilliant future of the country and the revolution with unflagging energy and untiring leadership, and are filled with a firm determination to support the Party’s cause to the last with intense loyalty and heroic feats.

Last year Juche 98 (2009) was a year of dramatic change, when a phenomenal age of realizing all the ideals of the people has come.

Kim Jong Il worked out a grand plan for making a decisive turn in the Korean revolution and the building of a thriving nation by effecting a new revolutionary upsurge and wisely led the efforts of the service personnel and people.

After kindling the torch of a great upsurge in Kangson, home to the Chollima movement, he proposed launching the 150-day and 100-day campaigns successively, and took revolutionary measures to bring them to a victorious conclusion. His outstanding leadership ability was the source of impetus for the unprecedentedly great innovations and leap.

The matchless fighting spirit of the leader, who continued the forced march of high intensity to vibrant hard-fought fields for an upsurge throughout the year, burning his heart with noble love of his country and fellow people, gave free rein to the mental strength of all the service personnel and people and worked world-startling miracles across the country.

Last year’s struggle etched in their hearts the truth that his decision is precisely practice and they will always emerge victorious when they follow him.

Last year witnessed one remarkable event of knocking on the gate to a thriving nation after another.

The successful launch of man-made satellite Kwangmyongsong-2 and the successful second underground nuclear test by our own efforts and technology were a landmark event signaling the first victory in the building of a thriving nation.

The perfection of the Juche-based steel-making system in the Songjin Steel Complex and the attainment of the cutting edge of the CNC technology constitute a great victory of the great Juche idea and an auspicious event for the whole country and all the people that demonstrated our inexhaustible economic and technological potentials.

The firework displays on the Day of the Sun–birthday of President Kim Il Sung–, May Day and the WPK anniversary in October were a striking manifestation of the lofty ideals and ambition of the Korean people who are building a thriving nation and the rosy future of Songun Korea that is advancing under the leadership of the great Party.

The economy of the country entered the stage of full-scale upturn as all the people staged a life-and-death struggle under the leadership of the Party.

The 150-day and 100-day campaigns were an unforgettable struggle that wrote the most brilliant chapter in the history of our great upsurge.

The whole course of the heroic campaigns conducted by all the people, including the workers, clearly showed what kinds of miracles would be performed and what kinds of changes would be effected when we give free rein to the might of the harmonious whole of our leader, our Party and our people, in which the Party trusts the people and the people defend the Party and the leader at the risk of their lives.

Production sharply increased in the sectors of basic industries, vanguards of the national economy, and the industry as a whole achieved revitalization.

Structures of lasting value in the Songun era, like the Nyongwon Power Station, the Wonsan Youth Power Station, Waterway on the Miru Plain and Mansudae Street, were built across the country.

The gasification project in the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex was completed, and dynamic efforts were made to upgrade major factories and other enterprises.

Last year remarkable achievements were brought about in agricultural production and rural construction, many cooperative farms transformed into ideal villages appropriate to a prosperous country and the production foundations and potentials of the light-industry sectors, including the textile and food-processing industries, strengthened markedly.

Remarkable successes were achieved in the development of socialist culture.

In the heat of the revolution in literature and the arts in the Songun era conducted under the energetic guidance of Kim Jong Il, masterpieces were produced and re-presented one after another in the fields of the cinema, opera, drama and music.

Examples of mass-based culture and the arts in the era of a great upsurge were set to inspire the whole country with revolutionary enthusiasm and militant spirit.

Kim Il Sung University, Wonsan University of Agriculture and other institutions of learning were refurnished splendidly, and sportspersons registered good results bringing great pleasure to the people.

The victorious great upsurge of last year confirms that the DPRK is developing in leaps and bounds, and the day when the successful building of a thriving nation will be proclaimed is just approaching.

New Year Juche 99 (2010) is a year of general offensive, when all-Party and nationwide efforts should be concentrated on improving the people’s standard of living on the basis of the laudable victory and achievements of the great revolutionary upsurge.

Kim Jong Il said:

“Our building of the country into an economic giant is aimed, to all intents and purposes, at radically improving the people’s standard of living. When the people’s living standards are decisively improved, hooray for socialism and singing of Arirang of prosperity can ring out louder across the country and the gate to a prosperous nation be opened.”

This year marks the 65th anniversaries of the founding of the glorious Workers’ Party of Korea and the country’s liberation.

The anniversary of the founding of the WPK will be an important occasion for demonstrating the mounting national spirit and mettle of the Korean army and people, who are adding brilliance to the undying exploits performed by President Kim Il Sung in building the Party and carrying out the revolutionary cause of Juche and the human cause of independence, and are speeding up the building of a thriving socialist nation on the strength of the single-minded unity around the leadership of the revolution.

We should celebrate the anniversary as a great revolutionary event to be written down in the history of Kim Il Sung’s nation by giving the fullest play to our ardent loyalty to the Party, great guide, that has opened up a bright future for the country and people.

The great upsurge we are bringing about as we make unheard-of creation and leap forward under the leadership of the Party has entered a new phase.

The might of the country’s economy, including the heavy industry, was strengthened in the flames of the gigantic great upsurge, setting up a springboard for the country, already a politico-ideological and military power, to justifiably reach the status of an economic giant.

Now, based on the brilliant achievements of the great revolutionary upsurge, the Party is unfolding unprecedentedly grand plans and operations to bring about a decisive turn in the people’s standard of living.

It is the firm determination and will of the Party to enable the people, who have braved severe hardships together with the Party, to enjoy the blessing of socialism to their hearts’ content by getting them relish the substantial fruits of the present great upsurge and realize without fail the noble intention and desire of President Kim Il Sung who devoted his heart and soul to the people all his life.

True to the intention of the Party, which regards it as the supreme principle in its activities to steadily improve the people’s standard of living and spares nothing for them, we should channel all our efforts to improving the people’s standard of living.

To launch a sweeping campaign to bring about a drastic turn in improving the people’s standard of living in the flames of the great revolutionary upsurge–this is the general orientation of this year’s efforts.

We should conduct an all-Party and nationwide drive for improving the people’s standard of living to ensure that the achievements of the great upsurge are followed by greater ones and this year becomes a prosperous year filled with the people’s happiness.

“Bring about a radical turn in the people’s standard of living by accelerating the development of light industry and agriculture once again this year that marks the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea!” is a slogan we should uphold.

Light industry and agriculture are the major fronts in the efforts for improving the people’s standard of living.

Great are the foundations of light industry and agriculture, which our Party has laid out with an eye on today against all odds.

An all-Party, nationwide effort should be directed to mass-producing consumer goods.

The light-industry sector should carry forward the upgrading of its factories and enterprises on a high level, and strive to improve the quality of the consumer goods.

Local-industry factories should be operated at full capacity, and units, as many as possible, should launch a campaign to turn out more daily necessities favoured by the public.

The agricultural sector should sharply increase the grain production by thoroughly applying the Party’s policy of agricultural revolution, like improving the seeds, doing double cropping and improving potato and soya bean farming.

It should strictly observe the requirements of the Juche farming method and introduce organic and other new farming methods and technologies.

We should ensure that the updated stockbreeding, fish farming and fruit production bases that have established a Juche-oriented breeding system and embodied the principle of profitability demonstrate their great effect in reality.

We should radically increase the state investment in the fields related to the people’s living, and all the sectors and units should supply fully and in time the raw and other materials needed for the production of light-industry goods.

We should gain access to more foreign markets, and undertake foreign trade in a brisk way to contribute to economic construction and the improvement of the people’s standard of living.

The four vanguard sectors are the engine of the national economy and a key to solving the problem of the people’s living.

In December last year, Kim Jong Il kindled the flame for the new year’s drive while inspecting the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex and placed the workers of the Songjin Steel Complex, who had perfected the Juche-based steel-making system, in the van of the great revolutionary upsurge in the Songun era.

The vanguard sectors, with a firm view that the development of light industry and agriculture depends on that of heavy industry, should push ahead with today’s general offensive for improving the people’s standard of living by means of increased production.

Steel production leads to the production of grain and machinery.

The sector of metal industry should increase the capacity of Juche iron production that relies on the domestic raw materials and fuel and scale without fail the targets of pig iron, steel and rolled steel production set by the Party.

The sector of electric power industry should channel effort to run thermal power stations at full capacity and push ahead with the construction of large-scale hydroelectric power stations, including the Huichon Power Station.

The sector of coal industry should produce coal without condition for the thermal power stations, chemical factories and other important units, and step up modernization projects to steadily enhance its production capacities.

The sector of rail transport should set an order and discipline as strict as in the army, produce new-type locomotives and freight cars in a larger number and make railway service modernized and railways heavy-duty.

The sector of machine-building industry should extend the scope of introduction of the CNC technology on a high standard as required by the IT age, and effect a revolution in the production of tools, so as to produce high-performance, state-of-the-art machinery in a larger number.

We should implement the people-oriented policies of the Party and the state to enable all the people to substantially enjoy the benefits of socialism.

The true nature of our socialism lies in putting the people’s well-being above anything else and providing them with all the benefits.

We should ensure that the advantages of the people-oriented policies, like giving free medical care and free education, formulated by President Kim Il Sung and applied by the Party and state throughout their history are given fuller play in the people’s living.

We should speed up the construction of 100 000 flats in Pyongyang with those in Mansudae Street as a model, and build beautiful socialist streets and villages in a greater number in other urban and rural areas.

Socialist principles should be maintained in commodity circulation, and the quality of welfare service improved decisively.

The fundamental secret of making a new leap in this year’s general offensive lies in launching a campaign to push back the frontiers of science and technology in all sectors.

We must turn out as one under the slogan, “Let us push back the frontiers of science and technology in all the sectors of the building of a great, prosperous and powerful country and leap higher and faster!”

The sector of defence industry, a major front in pushing back the frontiers of science and technology, should continue to lead the efforts to open the gate to a great, prosperous and powerful country, and all other sectors and units of the national economy should launch a drive to push back the frontiers of science and technology.

They should bring science and technology close to production and put themselves on a modern and scientific basis in a far-sighted manner, focusing on enhancing their abilities to develop new technologies and products.

We should map out a correct strategy for the development of science and technology as required by the 21st century, and rapidly develop core technologies, technical engineering of major sectors and basic science.

Scientists and technicians should fulfil their role as the pioneers in pushing back the frontiers of science and technology and standard-bearers in making their country a scientific and technological giant, with a determination to glorify their country by means of their intelligence, their technology.

All the sectors should conduct a vigorous mass technological innovation movement to push back the frontiers of science and technology and create new norms and records.

Today’s vibrant reality requires a revolutionary change in organizing economic work.

The leading economic officials should map out aggressive and realistic business and management strategies, and actively push ahead with the advance of the current great upsurge.

A strict discipline should be established in planning, financial management and labour administration, so as to give full play to the superiority of the highly-organized, socialist planned economy.

In order to maximize the speed of this year’s general offensive, it is necessary to give steady play to the unconquerable mental strength of the service personnel and people.

Our Party remains unchanged in its stand to persistently hold fast to the ideological strength, mental strength, no matter how the situation may change.

The mental strength of our people is based on the strong will and fighting spirit of General
Kim Jong Il.

All the Party members and other people should become staunch revolutionaries and vanguard fighters, who, defending their leader unto death, translate into reality the idea of great upsurge and the far-reaching plans of the General, who continues his unremitting forced march for the benefit of his country and fellow people.

The slogan “When the Party is determined, we can do anything!” must become the eternal motto of our people in their life and struggle.

For us, who have to make a higher and faster leap towards the world, national dignity is as precious as life itself.

We should thoroughly embody the Korean-nation-first spirit in all fields of social life as befits the people of a dignified power, who opened up an era of frontier science in which our satellite is circling the orbit.

The sector of art and literature should produce many masterpieces so as to give the fullest play to the mental strength of the service personnel and people.

In order to achieve the goals set by the Party this year, we should strengthen in every way the might of our revolutionary ranks, whose core is the Korean People’s Army.

The KPA should plan and conduct all forms of its military and political work on the highest level this year that marks the 50th anniversary of the start of the Songun-based revolutionary leadership of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Il, thus giving fuller play to the inexhaustible might of the revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu.

The KPA is an elite force that has formed a harmonious whole with the Supreme Commander in idea and will, in disposition and pluck, and in feeling and emotion.

It should train all its men and officers into the vanguard fighters of the Songun revolution, holding aloft the slogan “Let us defend with our very lives the leadership of revolution headed by the great Comrade Kim Jong Il!”

It should ensure that it overflows with the soldiers’ spirit of implementing without condition the orders and directives of the Supreme Commander by holding the work of establishing the revolutionary command system and military discipline as a priority task of the Party political work and developing the work without letup.

It should always remain highly alert without a moment of relaxation or indolence while keeping itself fully ready for combat action so that it can resolutely frustrate any surprise attacks of the enemy.

The men and officers of the People’s Army should continue to perform feats that would go down in history in the grand construction sites, including the Huichon Power Station, by displaying the revolutionary soldier spirit.

Under the slogan “Let us help the people!” they should strengthen the unity between the army and the people, a foundation of Songun Korea, and become the role models for civilians in the ideological spirit, morality, sports and physical culture, the arts and all other aspects.

The working class, youth and all other people, who are taking part in the effort for the building of a great, prosperous and powerful country, should launch determined offensives, regarding their work places as battle fields.

Our workers should create a new speed of advance in the spirit of having performed labour feats during the 150-day and 100-day campaigns.

The youth, who are a shock brigade in the great revolutionary upsurge, should make breakthroughs in the construction site of the Paektusan Songun Youth Power Station and other most difficult and labour-intensive posts and build more monumental edifices representing the Songun era, burning their hearts with the determination to move even the mountain if the Party calls them to do so.

They should become heroes, who add lustre to the era of great upsurge with undying labour feats, and talented persons, who highly demonstrate the dignity of the country by pushing back the frontiers of science and technology.

We should strengthen the Party and remarkably enhance the role of Party organizations to achieve a brilliant victory in this year’s general offensive.

This year, when we will be celebrating the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Party, Party organizations should give free rein to our Party’s militant might, which was built in the tempest of the Songun revolution, by bringing about a fresh turn in the Party work.

They should further intensify the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement, so as to ensure that the revolution in ideology, technology and culture is waged briskly at all units.

We should defend the interests of the masses in a thoroughgoing way and solve all problems by relying on their strength as required by the revolutionary mass line of the Party.

Officials should become true servants of the people, who understand their sentiments and unfold their work as suited to these sentiments, and commanding personnel who, enjoy reputation and love among them, as they are possessed of free and easy character and ennobling humane traits.

All Party members, with a high political consciousness that they are the members of the glorious Workers’ Party of Korea, should become skillful political activists and courageous fighters, who always hold the flag in the van in all fronts of making a great upsurge.

The working people’s organizations should strengthen ideological education and briskly conduct various kinds of mass movements, like the socialist emulation movement among their members so as to give free rein to their patriotic enthusiasm in today’s effort for building a great, prosperous and powerful nation.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the publication of the historic June 15 North-South Joint Declaration.

The North-South Summit and the publication of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration in 2000 were a historic event that is of great significance in accomplishing the cause of national reunification.

Under the banner of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration, a new era of independent reunification has been opened, and great, unprecedented successes were achieved in the development of inter-Korean relations and the national reunification movement.

The previous ten years since the publication of the June 15 joint declaration followed by the publication of the October 4 declaration for its implementation, during which the Korean nation has advanced along the road for independent reunification and peace and prosperity, has clearly confirmed that these declarations are the most reasonable reunification programmes and the ideal of “By our nation itself” is the very national spirit and the one and only ideal in the June 15 reunification era.

Last year, we took active and bold measures and made sincere efforts in order to improve the aggravated inter-Korean relations and bring a radical phase in national reunification.

Our measures evoked great support and sympathy at home and abroad and created an atmosphere of dialogue and cooperation between the north and the south.

The schemes of the separatist forces to thwart the advance of the era of June 15 reunification are vicious, but they cannot break the desire and will of the fellow countrymen to achieve independent reunification and national prosperity by implementing the north-south joint declarations, and it is inevitable that the pro-reunification, patriotic forces will prevail over the separatist forces and emerge victorious.

This year we should hold high the slogan “Let the entire nation unite under the banner of north-south joint declarations and achieve national reunification at the earliest date!”

The way for improving the north-south relations should be opened.

Unshakable is our stand that we will improve the north-south relations and open the way for national reunification on the basis of the historic June 15 joint declaration and October 4 declaration.

If the south Korean authorities continue to negate the June 15 joint declaration and cling to the policy of confrontation in collusion with the foreign forces, the relations between the north and the south will never be improved.

They should refrain from committing acts that may aggravate the confrontation and tension, and take the road of respecting the inter-Korean declarations, promoting north-south dialogue and improving the relations between both sides.

National reconciliation and cooperation should be promoted actively.

Reconciliation should be promoted with the common national interests given precedence, and cooperation should be encouraged through travel and contacts between the people from all walks of life.

All sorts of legal and institutional mechanisms that hinder the projects for common interests and prosperity of the nation should be abolished and free discussion and activities of the broad sections of the people for reunification should be fully ensured.

The unity of the entire nation constitutes a decisive guarantee for the country’s reunification.

All the fellow countrymen in the north and the south and abroad should strengthen solidarity and collaboration to develop the national reunification movement.

They should build up the atmosphere of independent national reunification, reconciliation, cooperation and unity on a nationwide scale to greet the 10th anniversary of the publication of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration and the 30th anniversary of the proposal for the founding of the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo.

The entire Korean nation should crown the year 2010 as a year of opening a new phase of independent reunification by frustrating all challenges of the anti-reunification forces with their concerted efforts and stepping up the grand nationwide march toward reunification.

The fundamental task for ensuring peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in the rest of Asia is to put an end to the hostile relationship between the DPRK and the USA.

It is the consistent stand of the DPRK to establish a lasting peace system on the Korean Peninsula and make it nuclear-free through dialogue and negotiations.

Our Party and the government of our Republic will strive to develop relations of good-neighbourliness and friendship with other countries and achieve global independence under the unfurled banner of independence, peace and friendship.

Our Party is a great guide which steers our motherland and people to sure victory, and ours are heroic army and people who perform everything without fail once the Party has planned and decided to do it.

The majestic firework display to be held on the auspicious October holiday will resound all over the world as a reflection of the determination of all the service personnel and people to follow the Party to the last along the road of Songun and the delight of all the people in enjoying the blessings of socialism.

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Long Live Comrade Stalin (Poem)

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Long Live comrade

By  Kuo Mo Jo

(Chairman of All
Chine Association of writers and Artists)

Great Stalin, beloved
steel, eternal sun!

Because humanity has

Marxism Leninism can
exert its might today;

Because humanity has

The proletarians can
display its strength today;

Because humanity has

The work of
liberation can extend its glory today,

It is you who lead us
to the open sea of world Communism;

It is you who
instruct the west to not forget the East;

It is you who unite
us into a force unparalleled in history.

The peace fortress of
Soviet Union stands firm,

The unity and
progress of the New Democracies of Europe and Asia advance;

And the brilliance of
the People´s Republic of China shines forth.

The history of
mankind has started new chapter;

The order of native
to will follow the path of revolution;

The name of Stalin
will forever be the sun of humanity.

Long Live great

Long Live beloved

Reference: People´s China Vol 1, No 1,  Jan 1 1950; Pg 4

The White Proletariat

Sunday, December 6th, 2009
picture of me

A photograph of me, John Paul Cupp, founder of the European-American Socialist People's Front

In the face of a conspiracy for genocide and the humiliation of the White proletariat, simply proclaiming your White identity in the US today, while not the revolution itself, is a revolutionary and defiant act, and a necessary condition for socialist construction. It is a will to live. My organization, the European-American Socialist People’s Front, calls for a patriotic front which closes ranks with our people and nurtures their resolve, while struggling among them for a correct line that brings forth the resistance option: White Power in form, national democratic and communist in content.

Within the context of our European-American nation, the redneck is not without a great many self-defeating flaws, namely vulgar anti-intellectualism, a lack of scientific class consciousness and geo-political international understanding and a fully distorted view of the nature of true patriotism, but the proletarian redneck remains the heartbeat of our people. The redneck is more than an impoverished but proudly self-reliant Southerner dawning mossy oak long after deer hunting is out of season or a Midwestern farm boy in a long sleeve flannel shirt and blue jeans whose reality is corn and football, but the best organic project the popular classes of our people have against assimilation, liberalism and a world that despises us as “backwards White trash” and wants to eventually kill us after it is done forceably ducking our heads in a mud puddle. In a broad sense these cosmopolitan times treat all of us like we are rednecks, “White Supremacists” or “White trash” whether we work in an office or a foundry, whether we hail from New Jersey or Oklahoma, South Carolina or Washington if our completely natural and healthy desire to preserve and enrich our ethnic character becomes too visible. Any White European-American who thinks and feels White, who wants to stay White and a build a future for White children, and wants to define and come to grips with our reality on our own Eurocentric terms receives the haughty mockery and disdain directed towards the redneck today. For that reason, the Confederate Battle Flag, a symbol hated and feared by anti-White cosmopolitans, belongs to all of us and is more than a symbol of regionalism today. Our motto: This multicultural politically correct Kosher world can kiss our collective White ass!

While I am not without a great deal of criticism of my current experiences in the rural South, one of the things that truly delights me is that to a certain degree, White people still are White. Jews, Hollyweird, liberal cosmopolitanism, and corporate globalism still stands out as alien foreign elements, despite the idiotic hours our people spend in front of their big screen Talmudic televisions wasting their lives away on football when they should be preparing for a guerrilla war. We define what it means to be attractive according to our own standards. A beautiful lady is a lady that reminds you of your mother and sisters or the neighbor lady or school teacher you had a crush on as a small child, not a bimbo celebrity dancing around to hip hop. Keep in mind, if Marilyn Monroe were born today she would be too fat and earthy for the mega sex symbol which has come to traumatize both White and non-White girls alike. Judaized Whites could never understand how gorgeous and divinely feminine Patsy Cline was or appreciate our tens of millions like her today, women who now think they‘re naturally ugly and starve themselves while being doused in Jewish whore paint to avoid being paralyzed as they walk out the front door. David Lane taught us to admire the aesthetic beauty of the White woman so much that we are willing to go hog wild as we kill and die for it. In such a spirit, a fight has to go on today for just what White masculinity and femininity means according to our own terms.

That said, being close to the enemy has its good points and far away its bad points. A genuinely White person in New York and California knows exactly what it means living under the tyranny of Jewish domination when Shylock shorts you on your paycheck. Experience teaches them that multiculturalism means having to get up in the morning and beat the holy hell out of immigrants and lumpen gang bangers who want to rape or rob you on your way to work as the government’s goons turn their eyes the other way. One doesn’t see the gigantic shrines of Jewdom and corporatism in healthy towns of the rural areas and traditional states. The enemy that wants to exterminate us and controls every aspect of our lives today seems more abstract. It seems easier to focus on local short term realities and hate the degenerate lumpens from below who rob our paycheck while ignoring the far bigger monster which constitutes the true power structure.

We need to quickly turn what is left of White reality into base areas, and dynamically redouble our commitment to on-the-ground organizing. That means starting off with a fishing trip, a couple of beers or coffee with family and friends or a simple chat in the break room at work. Yet it needs to be more than that, much more. We’re making up for decades of lost time today, and the enemy definitely controls the momentum. We need a revolution, and while the material conditions on the ground are in our favor, both time and the ideological and military preparedness of our people are greatly working against us.

We need to stay White by being White culturally and spiritually, but let us not abandon our scientific class analysis nor ever forget that we’re going to have to strap bombs around ourselves the way Palestinians do before it gets better rather than worse. After that we intensify the class struggle towards socialism, but not before. You can’t build White European-American socialism without White European-American people when they no longer exist. I guess you could say that we need redneck Maoism.

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