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The Anti-Defamation League : Evolution of Views

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Today I am writing just a short remark about my views on the ADL. At first I used to strongly dislike the ADL. I thought they were overbearing and trying to silence people who were concerned with major political issues that are difficult to discuss due to political correctness.

I still think they are overbearing, but now I realized that the people the ADL fight against are the degenerates of society; people on the same level as pedophiles socially. My problem with the ADL is no longer that it censors people, but that it gives people attention who should be ignored.

Now, the ADL does occasionally take political positions that are either selfish or hypocritical. On the other hand, the major enemies they fight deserve the fate they get. I can say with strong confidence that I prefer the ADL to Vnnforum.

I used to think that the ADL in some ways explains people’s antisemitism. I do not anymore. Anyone who is mature can see that the ADL is an organization and bureaucracy and can no way be seen as representing the broad political opinions of Jews. Even an idiot can see that. The people who then oppose all Jews based on the ADL are idiots. Against the people who complain about the ADL most loudly (anonymous “neo-nazis”), I say to the ADL – “Who cares about them, but if you censor them, not my problem.”

However the ADL still takes some political positions that are really not in the best interest of either the country, the working class, or the white race. But the ADL is right to oppose the bottom of society, the trash at the bottom of the bag, the bottom of the barrel.

Mainstream Media Cowards – Me in their Shoes

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

People who know me, either in real life or through net events, know that I have strong competitive instincts. These instincts are actually cultivated on purpose.

I do not like the way the politically correct media fires people, and then those people lie down. If I was working for a news outlet, and I got fired for an editorial opinion without due process, I would literally raise hell. I do not work for a news company, so should my employers find this, they do not have to worry.

I’d make websites that bash the capitalist news outlet, and they would become well known because of the controversy. I’d make rap songs and sell them on cds, and plant the seeds for antagonism against the cowards who discriminated against me for my political views. Look what happened with Notorious BIG and Tupac. First they exchanged words, and it lead to their fans committing murders. But never did they openly threaten. I would escalate to a level that I have not over internet feuds.

These people get fired, by the politically correct bourgeois media, and fear for their life. I would raise hell. I raised hell on a smaller scale over internet feuds. Imagine what I would do if I was publicly fired for being too politically incorrect.

Life has never been about money for me. I’ve got to pay my bills, but my competitive instincts are above those of the average person. Those who know me know this, and they admire it.

Discrimination against the old is justified

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Enough of this politically correct bullshit.

Younger predominately male workers need to stop waiting at the back of the line (we’ve waited long enough, how long are we supposed to wait), and really start to discriminate against older workers wherever we have the power to do so. It is the older generation, this baby boomer generation of screwups, who ruined the economy, and it is the older generation who imposes flawed ideology on the younger the generation. The older bourgeoisie useless parasites can shut their mouths about age discrimination, and realize how unfairly good they have it. They can shut up about how hard they worked to get to where they are, and realize that it was easy to succeed until they screwed everything up. The blatant nepotism! The preference of age over skill! The desire to hire a worker solely because he/she is more experienced, when he/she may be an idiot. They run up deficits, they deconstruct the ethnic identity of nations, they outsource jobs, they start imperialistic wars for liberal capitalism, they flood the working class with more immigrant competition and they think they are clever with their two party system.

(note that this article is merely artistic and I don’t really advocate violence)
Death to the bourgeoisie! Exterminate them. Imprison them. Kick them. Spit on them. Throw rocks at them. Hell piss on them. Throw them into volcanoes and then clap when the volcanoes erupt. Make them suffocate on their dollar bills.

Patriotardation – Religious Motivations

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

On the right we have devoutly religious people and they worship YAWEH. On the left we have people who are religious but instead of worshiping YAWEH, they worship racial diversity.

Oh how I’d love to purge both the left and the right and bring an entirely new mentality to America!

Rejecting Racism – Accepting Realism

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Demographic imperialism, mass miscegenation and political correctness designed to shut people up are not good things. Black crime is not a good thing. Mexican boarder hopping is not a good thing. However, the idea that people should be denigrated or exalted as individuals because of “membership” of a group is retarded. Even if Blacks are more animalistic than Eurasians, I don’t hate all animals. There are good golden retrievers and there are bad golden retrievers. I may not for example like what Ottomans did to Armenians during WWI (I believe the story), but nevertheless, then and now there are good individual Turks. I may think Hitler lost his mind, but then and now, there are good individual Germans and Austrians.

It’s even dumb to fail to distinguish between members of families. Should I fail to note that Nero and his mother had different traits? Or are they all the same because they belong to the same family? Because Nero killed his mother, I would say there is a difference!

I officially reject and want nothing to do with racists who categorize people into groups and then hate people just because they belong to the groups. I “believe in race” but I’m also detail-oriented. Most of these clowns people don’t know jack shit about anthropology either. And believe it or not, there are a few “good” Black people. And I’ll attack any ethnic group I want to. If I want to attack Irish Catholics for example, I will, so shut up!

Analogously, If a 25 year old punches me in the face, I won’t hate all people who are 25 years old. Another analogy : even though I hate most women, I don’t hate “the good” women.

Racism is a bad idea. Realism is a good idea.

But realism is pretty cruel and politically incorrect.

America’s Greatest Flaw

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

America’s greatest flaw is its deeply ingrained egalitarian values. The motherly instincts of the average American are a disaster in a world in which real threats exist. American’s are curious about other cultures and open minded. In the viewpoint of the average Anglo-Saxon and German American, only White Westerners are capable of bigotry and imperialism. This is ethnocentrism, but a negative rather than positive type. Anglo-Germans are centering their focus on themselves, but loathing themselves instead of loving themselves.

Serial killers successfully lure “nice” victims into their own deaths all the time. America has all the power in the world, but is afraid of using it.

If I was running America, things would be “different” (if you know what I mean). I could even argue that I’m not part of White Guilt because I’m Eastern European and a Yankee.

Without guilt, the American empire could rule the world as a good fascist state. Yes it is multiracial, but so was the Roman empire. The American Empire should be race aware but not racially pure. The White race of course should survive as should other aspects of the empire, like Native Americans and Blacks.

Funny Quiz about Democrats and Republicans

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

I know that both parties are the same and don’t consider myself a Republican, but this quiz really eats at the ideology of political correctness that is corroding America.


Retarded funny untrue link

That is the basic difference between Aslan Maskhadov and me on the Islamic question.

On the Need for Nationalist and anti-Jewish Ideological Struggle amongst Communists and Western Leftists

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

In today’s post-Soviet world, with the exception of those nations where Communists seized state power and developed patriotic models of building socialism, to call oneself a “Communist” today is to be a fifth column agent for Zionism, liberalism, social democracy, defeatism, cosmopolitanism, international Jewry, and imperialist globalization.

Those of us who love our Communist identity, who love the working class of our nation and want to preserve our ethnic character and believe in international solidarity with the popular masses of other countries fighting against Zionism and imperialism, have a profound obligation to tell the truth and struggle to rectify this embarrassing and humiliating situation. This is true no matter how many times we ourselves are accused of espousing “racism,” “xenophobia,” “national chauvinism,” “anti-Semitism,” “White Supremacism” or “Islamo-fascism,” and even “anti-Communism.” As a revolutionary principle, the popular classes struggle together as a national unit to build the revolution. This patriotic class struggle forms proletarian internationalism not based upon wanting to destroy nations and form a “Communist International,” but by the bonds of solidarity and cooperation between patriots of one land with another. The leading forces behind the United States and imperialism worldwide, which struggles to break down the ethnic character of people, are overwhelmingly Jewish.

21st Century Communism is National Communism, not dogmatic “anti-revisionist Marxism-Leninism,” not liberal identity politics and definitely not national nihilism and Jew-loving self-hatred. European-American National Communism isn’t chauvinistic nor the metaphysics of Hitlerite National Socialism, but it will coordinate with our kindred in the White Power national democratic front and other peoples on its own terms. It also will not fall for the trap of “anti-racism” and “anti-fascism” or whatever Jewish and nihilist conspiracy is hatched to prevent us from closing ranks with our kindred, regardless of whether or not they are currently anti-communist.

While we admire Stalin’s leadership during the Soviet-led struggle against Operation Barbarossa, we cannot possibly deny that many good points existed early on in the German revolution of 1933, and that very real limitations existed in the Communist movement, namely Jew-loving illusions and national nihilism. Further, we argue that Adolf Hitler has become the greatest sacred cow of the entire world, a sacred cow that needs to be correctly deconstructed because it stands in the way of our liberation and of movements of national release against globalism throughout the world.

We also will not deny that the dominant White Nationalist movement, regardless of our internal disagreements and its limitations, is not without many positive features. We defend “Europe for the Europeans” and opposition to “open borders” when Arabs and others ask us to “tone it down a notch,” because White people have a right to self-determination as much as Palestinians and Iraqis. Within the United States, multiculturalism is nothing more than a codeword for Zionist-driven cosmopolitanism and nihilistic death for which all of us are ultimately victims. We refuse to differentiate between Jews and Zionists, because it cannot possibly be argued that this lie has any logical benefit for our struggle or the overall struggle against imperialism. We do not deny the existence of races or the centrality of ethno-nationalism as the only genuine form of nationalism today, but merely state that such questions are the internal matter of other peoples and oppose genuine ethnic chauvinism while equally lambasting calls of denunciation against true nationalism when it is slandered by the forces of “political correctness.” Lastly, like all White Nationalists in the US, we love White people, are proudly Eurocentric and openly quarrel with the dominant leftist paradigm that pretends European-Americans are not an oppressed nation today with a right to self-determination.

Our communism is not an attempted subversion of the people through chameleon tactics. We have no hidden agenda, because our goals are public knowledge. Our call for socialism, anti-imperialism and anti-Zionism and the liberation of White people through a coordinated national democratic front is an open and steady call. Our political alliances are honest alliances, regardless of real differences, based on an understanding of needing unified collective White European-American action and eventually coordination with other people to bring down the American regime and Jewish power worldwide. We are not rightists with the rightists and leftists with the leftists, though we do speak to each in ways to which they can relate. We are patriotic communists at all times.

Unlike other group identities formed around religion or based on national identity (without conceding that the Jews constitute a nation), the very act of being a Jew is hostile to the world and without redeeming value. We admire Lenin, but he was wrong on this. Almost no real “Jewish proletariat” exists to be differentiated from the Jewish bourgeoisie, because Jews are lazy predatory creatures who close ranks around a common goal of world domination and economic slavery. We do need to condemn White globalists and others who are power holders in imperialist finance capital and the conspiracy to destroy nation states and think in terms of class analysis, but it is very important to understand that the leading quarters of imperialism and the true power structure of the United States are all Jews and that the entire Jewish community closes ranks with this threat to liberty.

My organization, the European-American Socialist People’s Front, calls on honest elements of the White European-descended left to correct their mistakes on the national question and the Jewish problem and join ranks for a nation liberation struggle to come. We call on White European-descended rightists to understand that while the dominant Western leftist political movements are Judaic assaults on the dignity of the white race, that not all of us are without great love for and pride in our people, and we do want a unified front to preserve our identity and promote our liberation. We address our allies outside the realm of our kindred as friends and comrades, but we do not allow that they should possibly dictate the terms of our mass line. We argue that natural differences always will exist between the mass lines of completely different people, but that this should not stand in the way of amiable relations and collective solidarity against a common threat.

Imperialism, not White solidarity, is the real enemy of humanity!

Liberal Democratic Capitalism is a failure

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Libertarianism is an unquestionable failure. The economy and country has been ripped to shambles by outsourcing, uncontrolled immigration, poor loan policy, greed and a government that enables it. Globalization has created a system where each country cannot be self-sufficient and political correctness has completely destroyed this country socially. If one country crashes, they all crash. The government “solution” of bailing out the same people who caused the recession is an unquestionable failure. Our system of economics is far behind computer networking, as good networks are designed to be fault tolerant but our economy is not. Only the people who screw things up get bailed out while other people never get a chance to even start their careers.

Americans should get more militant if the government doesn’t cooperate. We’ve had enough of being bounced between a facade of two similar parties like pinballs and we’re not going to waste our lives away decaying under this system. Both parties serve the same elite and both hate communitarian nationalism. We’re not as dumb as the government thinks we are. If there is no light at the end of the tunnel, you can count on anti-government action and feeling escalating.

Interesting Comments in Mainstream Media

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

I noticed a few comments in recent article that are definatley “better” and more politically incorrect. These articles are not perfect but they are better than what I normally see.
Michelle Malkin

Political correctness is a gangrenous infection. My generation has submitted to a toxic diet of multiculturalism, identity politics, anti-Americanism and entitlement. The problem festered under the Bush administration. Despite 9/11, government at all levels refused to screen out jihadi-apologizing influences in our military, at the FBI, in prisons and even fire departments. Despite the bloody consequences of open borders, the Bush Pentagon allowed illegal aliens to enter the military. The grievance lobby has plied the Muslim jihadist-as-victim narrative for nearly a decade now.

This is a very good quote and it explains much of what is wrong with America.

Jonah Goldberg

He (Malik Hassan) demonstrated that being a trained psychiatrist provides no immunity to ancient hatreds and religious fanaticism, nor does psychiatric training provide much acuity in spotting such things in others. For example, the London Telegraph reports that, in what was supposed to be a medical lecture, Hasan instead gave an hour-long briefing on the Koran, explaining to colleagues at Walter Reed Army Medical Center that nonbelievers should be beheaded, have boiling oil poured down their throats, and be set on fire.

His fellow psychiatrists completely missed this “red flag” — a suddenly popular euphemism for incandescently obvious evidence this man had no place in the U.S. Army.

He proved how lacking our domestic security system is. According to ABC News, intelligence agencies were aware for months that Hasan had tried to contact al-Qaeda. His colleagues reportedly knew he sympathized with suicide bombings and attacks on U.S. troops abroad, and one colleague said Hasan was pleased by an attack on an Army recruiting office and suggested more of the same might be desirable. That’s treason, even if you’re a Muslim.
Which raises the most troubling revelation: For many people, the idea that he is a Muslim fanatic, motivated by other Muslim fanatics, was — at least initially — too terrible to contemplate. How else to explain the reflexive insistence after the attack that the real culprit was post-traumatic stress disorder? The fact that PTSD is usually diagnosed in people who’ve been through trauma (hence the “post”), and that Hasan had never seen combat, didn’t seem to matter much.

This is a perfect description of how liberals think.

The right opposition must stop being libertarian and start being authoritarian! Death to political correctness and neo-liberalism!

The next step is for the right to drop libertarianism for populism. Populism must prevail over the free market.

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