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The Great Dream of White Proletarian Liberation

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Revolutionaries are dreamers and must always remain dreamers or they become borderline suicidal, uncontrollably angry and can’t even function marginally in the world. Having had the secular religious experience in our hearts, we can never possibly go back, because the People are our god and the Revolution is our path to the heavenly prospect of national, proletarian, and racial liberation. We must keep the deep feelings of youth in our hearts, but also become wise with age and experience. Always knowing that we are ready to find martyrdom at the hands of the Zionist Occupied Government, we must become scientific and materialist dreamers, not idealist or Utopian dreamers, for we live in an evolutionary and dialectical world.

Imagine a racial communist super-State comprising all of Europe and Russia and stretching across the reclaimed Siberian Land Bridge Project into White North America and includes Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina in its project. Bloodline shall supersede  geographical boundaries. This shall be the greatest civilizationational accomplishment in the entire history of the world. We are talking about the total victory of White Power over the conspiracy for our genocide, more than just racialism, but true socialism, and the rebirth of the neighborhood and family again.

Only within the racial communist super-state within a vast regionalist and ethno-nationalist framework and an organic ethnic local character can our people be saved and find their truly greatest era. Nationalism will only die  when it is outmoded by racialism, and even then nationalism is an intricate part of our framework, not rootless cosmopolitanism. Our project to Pan-Africanism, Pan-Arabism, the Bolivarian project, is a brother in a common trench, but it goes deeper than theirs and reflects our true potential and the vanguard role which Darwinism demands of our people who constitute the biological aristocracy of world history.

For now we must address the miserable state of existence our people wallow in. We must painfully internalize the pain of knowing that as things stand now the White race may not even exist in years to come. We must feel the troubles and the brokenness of the middle aged crisis and the nihilistic teenager, the single mother and the white man down the street who just lost his job.

More than that we need to be beacons of light and hope. My own European-American nation already knows they are fucked, double fucked and then kicked in the head just for fun. They may not have some deeply advanced political analysis of how this is happening, but we don’t need to be doomsday prophesiers fullfilling a self-prophesying picture of defeat. We already have enough defeat. We need VISIONARIES.

The fact is the White race is NOT going to be exterminated and neither are we going to wind up being permantly ruined financially either, no matter how damn miserable things get. We haven’t survived since at least the Ice Ages and built some of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known just to go the way of the dodobird, and it isn’t going to happen as a result of Zionism, liberalism, finance capital or “globalization”, a vulgar euphenism for imperialism, today either.

In the end our people will fight!

Getting away from the areas closest to Hollyweird and Jew York and into the heartland, our masses own guns more than any other citizenry in the world per capita except north Korea. ZOG isn’t going to take our guns away, because the gun was brought into our psychology as small children learning the first and second amendment in school as if memorizing and idealizing bible versus. Our people still have some level of strong family life even though everything from meth to poverty to a lack of committment from men for our women and children is really blowing it for us big time. Unlike Jews, our people work for their money. They still know that it is important to have a self-reliant economy, community and healthy Teutonic work ethic and Celtic sense of identity. Even Lenin in his day admired our people’s powerful work ethic. Not only are we brilliant and creative, but we have the drive, muscle and determination to do something truly fanatastic. Things seem so aweful for us because we really are such a gifted and incredible people and anything but the best, especially the wallowing backwardsness of the era, is completely intolerable for our spirit. Drink can’t take that feeling away nor drugs nor finding a healthy partner who loves us to fill such void. The void comes from the need to freely express our intrensic nature for creative development, and hyper-alienation of the hour can only be eliminated with the new connect, the renassiance.

The redneck hates the intellectuals who betrayed him and hates his own organic intellectualism. Actually, this is true of the vast majority of just regular good ole’ all-American working people. Our people now think they are stupid, glorify at times the lowest common denominator of mass culture and have little hope in their hearts. If they had the hope they would be as brave as any Palestinian human bomb. You can see it in their eyes. You feel it when you go on a fishing trip or watch people drink coffee in the breakroom at work. You here it in the middle of the third quarter of a boring football game when the score is 24-7 and talk turns back to reality and not the images of distraction on the television screen. Maybe we can get some sort of healing going between nerds and rednecks, or all sorts of sub-cultural “groups” whose identity will eventually become meaningless in the new society anyways since we are the same people.

Our people aren’t going to become Nazis and they aren’t going to build the Bolshevik Revolution either. Our people are going to reclaim the neighborhood, and we need the trust of those who don’t trust fancy talk and only would be willing to work with those they learn to admire over a long period of time, leaders who either are organic or at least go out of their way to be as organic as possible to our conditions today. Our Lenin is going to be wearing a flannel shirt and blue jeans with a baseball cap. Maybe he worked at Dairy Queen when he was 16 and use to have a nice construction job making $20 an hour until that fell apart, or she is going to have concerns about the future of her children and sees beyond the phoney patriotism for the real patriotism of a mother for her cubs, watches her man become less of a man in his heart because he can’t provide the level of economic comfort he once did or thinks the family deserves.

We absolutely need violent extremism, because ZOG isn’t coming down without weapons and ammunition, but it has to be at the heart and soul of our people. It needs to be able to read the direction our people are going in without becoming too depressed when our people still cling to all sorts of self-defeating ideas. Violent extremism needs to have a dialectical compass that will do the best it can to find what is useful in our people, something that provides a dynamism and gets people to feel they aren’t part of some political group, but a LIBERATION STRUGGLE.

We need the equivelant of “Allahu Akbar!” to racial national materialism, a scientific battle cry, but one with deep religious emotion.

Nothing starts automatically. Revolutions don’t come about because of spontaneous collapse of “the system” but because they are built and mature so that when conditions are ripe they can mature.

2010 has come, let’s each vow to take concrete steps towards building things on the ground, and yes we need the regular “activists” too, but let’s push for getting the bulwark of our people who aren’t in any sort of group at all and are instinctively distrustful of them. To do that we must reject politics as usual and push for an uncompromising battle cry of liberation without being sectarian and splitting hairs over stupid ass secondary differances, many of which the people may eventually agree with us on through persuasion, anyways.

Let us each brainstorm in the coming weeks ideas for what we each are going to do, even if it is just some meetings and get togethers as a first start, to actually build something on the ground. Ask yourself how you are going to get those pissed off people with radical ideas that just float back into mainstream society into our National Front. We have to build things, even small ones, because it provides the mutual support against alienation at the very least, and has unlimited upwards potential beyond just that.

Long live the White race!

Long live the communist revolution!

Let us vow to die in the trenches of combat before ever even considering the thought of surrendering our European-American Nation!

Cuba and Venezuela are Flirting with Death!

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

by John Paul Cupplink

Both of the Castro brothers and Hugo Chavez have made considerable gains in the fight against capitalism and imperialism, but while both countries have historically been allies of the anti-imperialist struggle, neither is genuinely revolutionary today. This has caused many of their allies and all sorts of anti-American and anti-war agitators to gloss over the direction both are going. Sentimental connections with Che Guevara have lots of people not noticing the social democratic and Trotskyite scum who are rapidly seizing openings in both countries, scum Guevara would have ensured were executed. It isn’t an accident that Chavez praised Trotsky, nor that this Zionist-cosmopolitan bastardization of true Marxism is allowed into Cuba as if it were another revolutionary anti-imperialist tendency. Cuba nor Venezuela is moving in a genuinely socialist direction, though both are objectively anti-imperialist and have good bases of support among the workers.

It isn’t an accident that Barack Obama is cuddling up to Cuba and Venezuela. This isn’t because Obama is a “socialist” as the right-wing media proclaim or because either of the two countries has won some dynamic struggle against the US imperialists, and hence forced Obama to his knees. Rather, both have taken a direction similar to Iran in that they are willing to forgo revolutionary anti-imperialism for social democratic foreign policies and drop anti-Americanism in exchange for the US simply moving against more dynamically anti-imperialist forces, namely north Korea, Myanmar, Sudan, the People’s Wars in the Philippines and Colombia and the Jihads against occupation throughout the Arab world and Afghanistan. Both Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez were talking counterrevolutionary nonsense when they attacked the FARC-EP, and both have been around Latin American geopolitics long enough to know that they were committing treason against principles in order to get sanctions and conspiracies by the US imperialists removed. Both know full well that no room for “political struggle” short of armed resistance exists in Colombia, and all too well understand that this beachhead of imperialism in Latin American literally assassinates at will as the US pours in tens of billions of dollars more.
The revolutionary vanguard in Latin America today, not just in Colombia, is the FARC-EP. Material conditions force them to remain true to the principles of People’s War and wage a dynamic patriotic struggle for socialism, national liberation and Bolivarian unification that absolutely isn’t going to come about because of any project Chavez leads.

It’s good that Cuba promotes literacy and health care, but that isn’t remotely as relevant as national struggle and class warfare. Anti-imperialist principles come first. The illusions must be smashed!

We should not take the same dogmatic Maoist anti-Chavez and anti-Cuba lines that many revolutionaries have, but we shouldn’t deny a lot of the good points made in such arguments either. Solidarity and criticism are a synthesis that should be properly balanced. Recognizing that these regimes have a right to be masters of their own course and destiny is not the same thing at all as pretending that either country is developing genuine models of resistance as both claim to be doing. We should support both Venezuela and Cuba against imperialism and realize both are far more good than bad, but we also shouldn’t pretend reformist and social democratic traits are revolutionary.

Ultimately, both countries are oppressed people with a history of resisting imperialism. However, both regimes, especially Cuba being just ninety miles from the US with a well-funded pro-imperialist opposition, risk being totally destroyed if they attempt to build a Latin American version of Deng Xiaoping’s China. Taking a pragmatic approach to US imperialism, regardless of the current president’s skin color, is like asking to be shot in the head. Unless you have a Jewish-sounding last name, US imperialism isn’t your friend and never will be!

Hasta siempre Comandante [FARC-EP]

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

The most famous song about Comrade Che Guevara, performed in 1965 by Carlos Pueblo. Accompanying photos as a salute to Columbia’s Leftist freedom fighters FARC-EP. *video created August 30, 2009

Cuban influence in Venezuela spreading

Friday, March 6th, 2009

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Cuban influence in Venezuela spreading

The 40,000 Cubans now working in Venezuela have a hand in all kinds of sectors — including security for President Hugo Chávez.

El Nuevo Herald

“Cuban influence in Venezuela is growing beyond politics in a broad range of areas, from agriculture and commerce to energy and education — and even presidential security.

Some 40,000 Cubans are now working in Venezuela, and the island has received millions of dollars in petroleum subsidies that sway between 90,000 and 130,000 barrels a day, according to some estimates.

Héctor Navarro, Venezuela’s minister of education, revealed last month that a group of Cuban experts are giving his government lessons in public education.

”Cubans are advising on how to measure the educational impact in mathematics and language arts,” Navarro told the Caracas daily El Universal. “It is about creating [ways to gauge] the competency that our students must handle.”


Sources within the Venezuelan military say Cuban military experts control several security circles that protect President Hugo Chávez and have penetrated strategic areas of the armed forces and the central government, including the situation room in Miraflores, Venezuela’s presidential palace.

The Venezuelan government recently announced a program that will supervise police forces throughout the country, and Cuban advisors will play a critical role.”
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