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Reponse to Workers World Party

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

A facebook “friend” of mine who goes by the name “Steel Bolts” has informed me that Eric Struch of the Workers World Party is spreading the message that I am an “anti-semite.”

There is some antisemitism on free media productions but I only tolerated it, I do not agree with it. Yes, Besoshvilli did appeal to some antisemitic themes in his videos against Trotsky. Yes, John Paul Cupp did openly advocate antisemitism.

I recruited Jews into this project as far back as 2008 but most of them did not want anything to do with it! Well I disagree with some of the content, I agreed long ago to tolerate ideological dissent with the other people who were involved in the project.

As for my own posts, I go out of my way to separate myself from antisemitism. I do not believe Jews are “ethnic enemies” who control America and who have DNA that causes them to fight like Zombies in night of the living dead. I do believe organized Jewish groups tend to support problematic political lines, but so do most people. In short, I am not anti-Jewish but anti-human (lol), anti-capitalist and anti-religion!

That said, I have really attacked Israel because even though I dislike the host (western capitalism) I believe the parasite (Israel) sucks off of that host. The only reason the West defends Israel is because Muslims would fight against capitalism more than Zionists do who leach off of it. If Israel had to fend for itself, it would have to treat the native Arabs differently. It can only get away with what it gets away with because Western Countries produce the wealth and hand it away and generally they want to trade money for political power to advance the imperialism of liberal capitalism.

I have gone out of my way to condemn antisemitism, but what other people write and make videos of, that is them, not me.

I understand that the person making these comments is a Trotskyite. I have always thought Trotsky was an embarrassment to Soviet Jewry. Yes he was good at war, but no, his ideas were not pragmatic, logical or Marxist. Without Trotsky, Hitler would have had a harder time scapegoating the Jews for his own money and power.

Israel on its own

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

If Israel did not receive aid from the west:
-The gap between rich and poor would grow. Because Israel lives off of the money America sends it, most of the Jews there get a free ride. But if that started to change, it is inevitable that some Jews who feel disenfranchised would ally against the ruling class. There would be “proletariat” Jews who see the Palestinians as their ally and see the bourgeoisie as the enemy.
-Palestinians would be doing more than suicide bombing a few people. They would be resisting and because Israel would be weaker, they would have more success.
-The Media would have less funds to support the official ideology.
-Without a free ride, Israel would have to produce its own wealth. If it used a market economy, which most Israeli Jews prefer, the market would open cracks for Palestinians to sneak in. Just like illegal Mexicans are used in the American market and Black Slaves used to be used. Cheap labor is a feature of capitalism and it would occur in Israel if America was not paying the bill. This would threaten the Jewish identity of the state, but it would happen if Israel did not get a free ride.
-Jews would start to leave Israel and go back to America / Russia / Europe / Wherever else. Employment, security and weaker media propaganda would all play a role.
-It is inevitable that eventually Israel would stop pretending to be a state for “The Jews” around the world and would start being a state for its own people (Jew and Palestinian). Without the free ride which allows it to to fight perpetual wars and due to the employment of Palestinians in industry and return of many Jews to Europe/America, Israel would become Palestine. It would have to rely on its own market system so it would have to employ Arabs and other Gentiles who live in the area.
-In summary, Israel is based on a text that comes from the bc era, but if it did not have a free ride, it would have to face reality and change its game. It’s easy to “experiment” with an abstract idea of Jewish unity on land that was stolen when America is paying the bill.

Closing Comment
Even though Israel is objectively pretty parasitic in its behavior, it is “friendly” towards the capitalist system to the extent it gets a free ride and the surrounding countries are hostile. People who support imperialism in the West do have reasons, however corrupt, to support Israel. American imperialism would continue even if Israel had a revolution and went away.

Debate Between Anti-Zionists

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

I had a discussion with a friend on facebook. After thinking about my conversation, I wanted to elaborate here.

There are two different types of anti-Zionists. There are Western anti-Zionists who believe that Israel runs counter to Western Imperial interests and view handing Israel to Jews as a sign of weakness. These are the types of people who think Jews control everything. You found a lot of these types on forums that used to exist like thephora.net and surely find others in places like vnnforum.

Then there are anti-imperialist anti-Zionists who believe that Israel and the West have convergent interests and that the West was actually “Smart” to support Israel. You find these people more on forums with Marxists (like politicsforum) and anti-war forums.

I am the latter, not the former.

To quote myself

You view the decision of Western Powers to give Palestine to Israel as weakness. Believe it or not, I believe it was an intelligent move. The western capitalists appeared to be relinquishing their control over the area, but actually they were increasing their control. They advanced their interests beneath their pretend concern over the holocaust and Jewish biblical texts.

Israeli Imperialists Attacked in Their Own Comment Section

Monday, March 5th, 2012


Perverse, or worse. Attacking Iran would justify their own policy further. N. Korea is an example of a criminal state with nukes. Let it simmer in it’s own juices. Iran has powerful forces within against the theocracy, and fighting with Israel would lessen that. Israesl could not sustain a war with iran and it’s proxies, and using nukes with make Israel a pariah staste and increase anti semitisim forever.
deja | 10.02.12 | 13:33

Well, At Least I Believe The Part About The Typhus .
Frederick C. Blackburn, NC USA |10.02.12 | 13:42

Sure. The Holocaust is a good reason for violence. The Holocaust is a good reason to oppress the Palestinian people; the Holocaust is a good reason foe ethnocracy; the Holocaust is a good reason for institutionalized discrimination; the Holocaust is a good reason to attack Iran in order to make Israelis forget all the above
A good reason | 10.02.12 | 13:55

Shalev shoupd be ashamed of instrumentalizing the Holocaust to push his own radical agenda!
Ari | 10.02.12 | 13:57

this article by mr. shalev demonstrates a severe case of narcissism as well as hysterical paranoia.
che… | 11.02.12 | 01:11

Chemi Shalev suggests that, from this point forward, world history will revlove around Israel’s sens of security.
harzion | 10.02.12 |14:46

if life has made you a hammer, everything looks like a nail
Zaf | 10.02.12 | 14:49

obliterating iran with nukes, or having them do it are both bad and avoidable scenarios. the rehetoric should be rachetted down and israel should attend to the problem of negotiating with the palestinians not switching the subject to iran. bibi is stuck in a bunker mentality. (metal gear : best comment)
smolani | 10.02.12 | 15:24

Weird article – you say there are rational people that you agree with that say: “Iran will not attack Israel because they are intent on surviving” (of course this is true) – however you say there will be a position where you kill or be killed.
James Wydin | 10.02.12 | 15:27


This is priceless. They actually came out and told the Israelis to focus on their own problem with the Palestinians. So what if Iran has a nuke? Iran wants to defend itself from Israel and America who threaten it for no reason.

National Security or US Imperialism

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Iran Vows to destroy Israel if Attacked

My Comments:

Every five years or so, America and Israel say it’s time to start another war. I guess (like serial killers) they go through a cooling off period and then look for their next victim. I did not do enough to fight our government when it threatened to invade Iraq. I will do more to fight our government if it tries to force us into a war with Iran. First Iran, but in five years it will be Syria, then Lebanon, then France, then China. ENOUGH!

I have the balls to say it. Our wars are not fought over national security, but over greed and the desire to spread liberalism and democracy (which are conducive to capitalism). The truth hurts those who can’t handle it but I don’t hide behind the falsehoods.

Artice on Juche, Mao, Stalin and America

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

The article included is very well written. I agree with every single point and it would be pointless to comment much because I essentially would repeat the article. The author brought up many points that are important but often overlooked and tied them together.

Originally posted in the North American Juche-Songun Ideas Study Group

  • There is much ignorance among Americans of where Juche is situated on the political spectrum, even amongst Communists very few understand the Juche positions on various important matters such as the role of Stalin, the Sino-Soviet split, post-1976 China, anti-imperialism in the Third World etc….and so this article will try to address the subject of Juche’s position within the international communist movement in brief.
  • The Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung began his political career first and foremost as a Marxist-Leninist, he studied, admired and followed the ideas of Marx, Lenin and Stalin as the sole way for oppressed peoples to achieve liberation. Juche was created originally as a Korean application of ML to their own conditions much as Maoism began as an application of ML to China. Looking at the period pre-death of Stalin in 1953, Juche and Maoism were nearly identical, not a shock as China and Korea were both backward, feudal, colonial societies, in that both shared the concept of a transition state before socialism (new/national democracy) the innovation of a revolutionary peasantry, the necessity of people’s war to achieve revolution, the need for patriotism and defence of national integrity, self-reliance in the struggle and not depending on foreign parties or nations, and upholding the USSR as the first and leading socialist nation under Comrade Stalin.
  • After the passing of Comrade Stalin and the rise to power of the revisionist clique, Kim Il Sung and the DPRK stood with China and all other anti-revisionist forces in opposing Khruschov’s betrayal of socialism, his abandonment of proletarian dictatorship, his peaceful-coexistence nonsense rejection of class war, and his attempts to dominate and lord over other socialist nations.To this day the DPRK preserves the great memory of Joseph Stalin and considers the fall of the USSR to be a result of revisionism.
  • However, beginning circa 1966, China and Korea began to diverge widely. Although both nations opposed the USSR as a revisionist nation, the Juche belief that each nation’s party has final say over their own nation’s matters led the Koreans to consider that the ultimate responsibly of defeating Russian revisionism rested solely upon the shoes of the Russian people alone. For geopolitical reasons Korea needed to remain allied to Russia to oppose the still menacing US imperialists who occupied the southern half of their nation; Korea’s line can be summed up then as opposition to Soviet revisionism domestically but support for the USSR internationally against imperialism. Mao and China took a different view, viewing the USSR as an enemy nation equal to the US and hence began to have strike with the Koreans who had remained Russian allies. Looking back on all this, one can clearly see that the Korean line was correct. While the revisionists did sell out their country ultimately to imperialism, from the point of view of class struggle the primary contradiction always was between the proletariat and capitalism with the US as the main capitalist power; any contradiction with the USSR was then secondary to the global anti-US struggle. Mao’s line of equal opposition to the US and Russia isolated him at first and led to his eventual reconciliation with US imperialism in the 1970s and his support for imperialist puppets who murdered communists in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.
  • Furthermore, Kim Il Sung opposed China’s Cultural Revolution. While the Koreans do in fact accept Mao’s premise that a bourgeoisie can arise within a revolutionary Party holding state power, and hence the necessity of a strong ideological mass-movement to counter it as well as enforcing that the Party cadre are never isolated from the people and are made to work with them, Korea was not in a position (due to the ever present threat of the resumption of the Korean War by the US) to throw itself into mass internal upheaval the way China did and it viewed the Chinese effort as premature due to the need to build a united society for defence against imperialist invasions. In this, Kim Il Sung’s line was akin to those of Liu Shaoqi or Peng Dehui in China. The Koreans viewed some of the actions of the Chinese Red Guards as veering towards ultra-leftism and anarchism because of the lack of Party-led discipline in China at this time; in turn some Chinese began attacking the DPRK and calling for its’ overthrow. Relations were quite bad between China and Korea for a couple of years in the late 60s but ultimately cooler heads in China, led by Mao to his credit, suppressed the extremists and relations were friendly once again and remained so throughout the final period of Mao’s life.
  • With the mutual opposition to both rightist Soviet revisionism and leftist Maoism, Juche can thus be seen as a centrist ideology much as Stalin was also a centrist between Trotsky and Bukharin. During the 60s and 70s Kim Il Sung began promoting Juche as the correct ideology for revolution, as it was based on national self-reliance a Juche nation would not become entrapped by social imperialism nor would it abandon the global anti-imperialist fight. As only the people of a nation can determine what the revolutionary idea will be for that nation, Juche Korea never attempted to dictate to others in the manner that Russia and China did, and Korea thus built great relations with nationalist-socialist leaders such as Nasser in Egypt, Kadhafi in Libya, the Ba’ath party in Syria and Iraq, and the Islamic revolution led by Imam Khomeini in Iran, seeing all these forces as the genuine expression of the people’s revolutionary will.
  • Now to discuss post-Mao China and the emergence of Dengist “market socialism”, the Koreans oppose Dengism in their country and refuse to “open up”, but as with everything else see Dengism as a matter for the Chinese communist party to resolve and continue to have good friendly relations with China. In several official publications, the DPRK has referred to China as revisionist and would obviously prefer that China returns to the socialist path, however they are understanding of the fact that Dengism arose due to the low level of productive forces within China and the need for development. China need not have adopted markets, had it gone on the self-reliant way or improved relations with the USSR, but again that is a matter for the Chinese people to deal with by themselves.
  • As Juche-idea followers, it is our duty to support all nations that are truly independent of imperialism, are contra-USA, and are ruled by a government that reflects the national culture and tradition as well as the people’s wishes.

The Next Quote of The Day

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

What stupid political dissidents do not understand is that the solution to the US-Israeli imperial alliance is not to use it as an opportunity to point fingers at the all-powerful Jew, but instead to revolt the classes in both Israel and America. Smart political dissidents realize this and show the class ties among the Governments of Israel and America. Dumb ones “Name the Jew.”
-Metal Gear

“The Economist” – Blatant Neo-liberal Capitalism and Imperialism

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

From : http://www.economistdirect.com/

A magazine called The Economist is talking about “setting Syria free.” Spreading “freedom” means spreading capitalism. HAIL THE HEROIC BA’ATHISTS! Hail Saddam Hussein and hail Bashar al-Assad. Long live Secular Authoritarian role. Death to liberalism and a slower death to Islamic Fundamentalism!

Hail the Ba’athists (they have much in common with Stalinists)!

Response to Constantin Von Hoffmeister

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

CVH asked me some questions.

I decided to answer in audio.

Newt Gingrich : American Imperialist

Monday, January 23rd, 2012


Newt Gingrich is exposing US imperialism for what it is. This may be a good thing. He is showing his cards, now we can rally the working class to oppose him.

Don’t count on Barack Obama to oppose him. The working class must destroy the imperialists the same way the working class has destroyed SOPA.

I must credit Hunter Wallace for revealing this to me.

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