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My Mentality and the Theory

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Many of the posts here are written about subjects other than “me.” However, since this a blog and not a discussion forum, there is nothing wrong with talking about me. If you do not like it, read another post.

This whole process of inventing the whole “theory of Basarab ideological evolution” caused me to think a lot about why I do the things I do.

Going through this and revising this, as I have revised it a few times, builds strength in both my confidence and in the stability of the theory. Now people people can know why I think what I do. A lot of people told me growing up that they “still have not figured me out!” Well, now you know the way I think.

I welcome people to examine how they think and see if they can challenge me or confirm me. Certainly this is my mentality, that of someone who is pushing forward as a competitor, not that of someone who is afraid to be challenged. Yes I am happy to be correct and that is one of my goals, but my other goal is to push the pace forward as well. If I am wrong, I certainly do not want it hidden. I want someone who is better trained to defeat me or improve what I have written. This is not only about my ego it is also about understanding the world.

When you understand the way I think, the things I am doing start to make sense. I see discussion as a forward moving process, not a territorial fight.

edit: I am more about pushing fowwards, most people are afraid they will offend people. My realization was that people who get offended simply because their ideas are put under question will eventually backstab you so why not just ignore them? I am also not concerned with advancing a political cause outside of opposing American imperialism. I may offend people who need the Jews to be blamed or need race not to exist, etc.

Authoritarian Socialism vs. Fascism

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Two years too late I will post a conversation that I “agreed to post” and never did.

The reason I thought of this is that I realized that authoritarian socialism and fascism are quite different (this conversation was from before I had decided that I was Marxist). They are in some ways similar in that Authoritarian socialism and Fascism both are abstract ideas that can be applied to any country in contrast to Nazism which is only for Germany. But they are different in that Fascism is all about authority within a capitalist regime, holding it together for its own sake, whereas Authoritarian Socialism is about Authority after a Marxist Revolution and based around Marxist theory.

When I think about it, I am a Marxist, but more of a Socialist than a Communist. I believe Communism is something based on material conditions that do not exist to achieve it. It is but a utopian goal for the future, not a materialistic goal for the present. By the way, I do not believe this view contradicts Marx’s view (but even if it did Mussolini and Hitler did not agree on everything, Obama and Biden do not agree on everything, Stalin and Lenin did not agree on everything).

Here is the conversation I thought of when writing this post.

[13:10] free media productions: Hey man – check out that Guideline for Islamic Governance post on the Editorials
[13:10] free media productions: I posted that mainly for you, as I noticed several pragmatic, almost Machiavellian type references within it
[13:10] free media productions: very rational, far from “theocratic” in the traditional sense – it’s from the blog of President Ahmadinejad lol
[13:11] austin2359@gmail.com: i will
[13:11] austin2359@gmail.com: i’m studying certification garabage lately
[13:11] austin2359@gmail.com: but i will when i read it agian
[13:14] free media productions: ok cool (good luck w/ your studies)
[13:14] austin2359@gmail.com: thanks
[13:14] austin2359@gmail.com: i’m reading now
[13:15] free media productions: i was quite impressed by the sensible degree of political realism contained within that
[13:15] austin2359@gmail.com: he talks about being leniant , is that the part you eman
[13:16] austin2359@gmail.com: “those who have the same religion as you have; they are brothers to you, and ‎those who have religions other than yours, they are human beings like you.” that’s probably less reactionary (though i’m reactionary in my own way) than taliban
[13:17] free media productions: lol yes – Taliban don’t even consider Shiites muslims
[13:17] free media productions: lol
[13:17] austin2359@gmail.com: lol that’s shays’s favorite regimes
[13:18] free media productions: The Taliban definitely were anti-liberal
[13:18] free media productions: lol
[13:18] austin2359@gmail.com: an islamic republic may be more tolerant to other religions than a theocracy
[13:18] austin2359@gmail.com: though none will like anti-islam speech
[13:18] free media productions: it’s not altogether a revealing document, but i thought it was interesting in providing insight into religious-minded regimes
[13:19] free media productions: true; but it’s just like nobody in the Soviet Union would’ve tolerated anti-Communist speeches
[13:19] austin2359@gmail.com: certainly
[13:19] free media productions: or the US, in the past, punished those who spoke out against US war (Alien & Sedition Act)
[13:19] austin2359@gmail.com: of course if i was iranian, i’d shut my mouth until i had an oppotune time to effect change
[13:19] free media productions: lol
[13:19] free media productions: some claim that Ahmadinejad is planning on usurping control from the Ayatollah
[13:19] austin2359@gmail.com: do you believe it
[13:20] austin2359@gmail.com: and in your book is that goodi
[13:20] free media productions: not for a second
[13:20] free media productions: that would be very interesting
[13:20] free media productions: Our Iran-news guy, Al-Nasrallah, is big on the SUpreme Leader
[13:20] free media productions: I’m not so much
[13:20] free media productions: I like Ahmadinejad as a head of state
[13:20] free media productions: but I’m more sympathetic to Sunni Islam myself
[13:21] free media productions: for starters, it meshes well with socialism
[13:21] austin2359@gmail.com: and sunni islam doesn’t have that belief that deifies the suns of muhammad
[13:21] free media productions: and opposes dynastic, hereditary class
[13:21] free media productions: exactly
[13:21] free media productions: lol
[13:21] austin2359@gmail.com: islam puts big stock into not worshiping human beings
[13:21] free media productions: precisely
[13:21] free media productions: and Sunni islam has played a very progressive role
[13:21] austin2359@gmail.com: look at it this way. islam took the number of gods to 3.
[13:21] austin2359@gmail.com: i mean 1
[13:22] austin2359@gmail.com: athiesm takes it to 0
[13:22] austin2359@gmail.com: lol
[13:22] free media productions: true
[13:22] free media productions: Also, Saddam was secular, but he was influenced by his Sunni Islamic faith
[13:22] austin2359@gmail.com: i agree with you though he wasn’t a literalist
[13:22] austin2359@gmail.com: but culturally
[13:22] austin2359@gmail.com: obviously
[13:23] free media productions: Correct
[13:23] austin2359@gmail.com: ie stalin was influenced by his orhtodox training
[13:23] free media productions: Exactly.
[13:23] austin2359@gmail.com: people say his writing style reflected it
[13:23] austin2359@gmail.com: even though he was ahteist
[13:23] free media productions: Stalin even made many of his speeches in that style
[13:24] free media productions: I also like Sunni Islam’s anti-clericalism
[13:24] austin2359@gmail.com: you mean anti divinity of the clerics
[13:24] austin2359@gmail.com: they can still be clerical if they take a taliban approach
[13:24] free media productions: Yes, the divinity part
[13:24] free media productions: but also their rejection of hierarchical, systematic clergy
[13:25] free media productions: unlike Twelver Shia, Sunni believes you can depose of a Teacher or Jurist, and they’re never beyond rebute
[13:25] free media productions: *rebuke
[13:25] austin2359@gmail.com: the thing is, when you look at religous people, you realize that most of them aren’t reaching their concluisons on the basis of philosophy but on inherited traditions
[13:26] austin2359@gmail.com: so it may no not be that they are anti-clerical but think the koran forbids it and then go with what they think the koran says
[13:26] free media productions: True, but that’s of no great importance, since the ends are what matter anywas
[13:26] free media productions: *anyways
[13:26] free media productions: obviously that’s the perspective of an atheist, lol
[13:26] austin2359@gmail.com: that’s try in the since of alliance
[13:26] austin2359@gmail.com: *true
[13:27] austin2359@gmail.com: its true for pragmatic people
[13:27] austin2359@gmail.com: pragmatic people are willing to let someone they otherwise disagree with do work for them
[13:27] free media productions: yes – which is why we should be pragmatic in form, and ideological in content
[13:28] free media productions: use all sorts of different means to reach our stated ideological goals
[13:28] free media productions: even if it mean allying with unsavory folks
[13:28] austin2359@gmail.com: in other words, if you hired richard kuklinski to kill someone, just as an analogy,k you wouldn’t really care if he was using the bible as his motivation
[13:28] free media productions: it pays to be teleological
[13:28] free media productions: correct.
[13:28] austin2359@gmail.com: but you realize this stance is extremely cynical and conservative
[13:28] austin2359@gmail.com: and would be disliked by many marxists
[13:29] free media productions: yes, but if more Marxists were like that then maybe they’d have done better by now (in the West, anyways)
[13:29] free media productions: lol
[13:29] austin2359@gmail.com: possibly
[13:29] free media productions: They’d probably be doing better than they are now..
[13:29] free media productions: who the hell cares about Marxism in the West?
[13:29] free media productions: Nobody.
[13:30] free media productions: Unfortunately
[13:30] austin2359@gmail.com: do you regard usa as a lost cause
[13:30] free media productions: never a lost cause, as I believe things will inevitably change
[13:30] free media productions: but for the time being, i”m not exactly hopeful that I’ll see revolution here in my time
[13:30] free media productions: which is also why I focus a lot of my time on anti-imperialist issues
[13:30] austin2359@gmail.com: its probably more likely to go far right than far left
[13:30] austin2359@gmail.com: imo
[13:30] free media productions: since we can’t really wage class-warfare here in the US
[13:31] austin2359@gmail.com: not to oversiplify
[13:31] free media productions: it really depends on the petit-bourgeois middle class
[13:31] free media productions: they actually have quite a bit of power to determine things in the United States
[13:31] free media productions: I could possibly see the petit-bourgeois taking a turn towards fascism
[13:31] free media productions: if the economy continued the way it’s currently going
[13:31] free media productions: or worse
[13:31] free media productions: and attempt to severely restrict the bourgeoisie
[13:31] austin2359@gmail.com: i agree, though it probably won’t be called that
[13:31] free media productions: and reign it in
[13:31] austin2359@gmail.com: i’m using the fascism online
[13:31] free media productions: no, they won’t call it anything
[13:32] free media productions: lol
[13:32] free media productions: it will just likely happen
[13:32] austin2359@gmail.com: but w’e're not that dumb
[13:32] austin2359@gmail.com: lol
[13:32] free media productions: without a mentioned ideology attached
[13:32] free media productions: but the bourgeoisie has the ultimate power, for the time being, so it may also make unexpected changes…
[13:32] free media productions: who really knows!
[13:32] austin2359@gmail.com: one thing is sure. the current unregulated state of capitalism cannot be relaibly sustained
[13:33] free media productions: nope – not in the least bit
[13:33] austin2359@gmail.com: even if it is fixed now, it will just crash again later
[13:33] free media productions: yep, that’s the cyclical destruction of capitalism
[13:33] austin2359@gmail.com: its like building a bridge and not using steel underneith it
[13:33] free media productions: good analogy
[13:33] austin2359@gmail.com: like wood or something
[13:33] free media productions: yeah, it really is
[13:33] free media productions: it’s unsustainable for the long term
[13:33] free media productions: otherwise, why the hell would they have to keep modifying capitalism to such an extent
[13:34] austin2359@gmail.com: and i believe it is unsustainable because there is no cohesion
[13:34] austin2359@gmail.com: so we are convergent on our collectivism
[13:34] free media productions: capitalism is nothing now what its original proponents would have ever imagined
[13:34] free media productions: true, society crumbles because of innate class divisions
[13:34] free media productions: and classes, as determined by relations to the means of production, have contradictory interests
[13:35] austin2359@gmail.com: that’s a standard marxist answer.
[13:35] austin2359@gmail.com: but it has some truthperhaps
[13:35] free media productions: ha
[13:35] free media productions: i don’t think that though just because marx said it
[13:35] free media productions: marx said a lot of things i disagree with
[13:36] free media productions: you can see it for yourself
[13:36] austin2359@gmail.com: it’s only true to the extent that the masses aren’t ideologically dedicated to cohesion
[13:36] free media productions: but do you really think ideology can bring together classes of people who have very distinct material interests?
[13:36] free media productions: For instance, ideolgoy won’t placate workers who are fighting with the bourgeoisie over increased living standards
[13:36] austin2359@gmail.com: not without being oppressive and “totlaltarian” but its worth it
[13:37] free media productions: but see then you’re forcing the state to put more resources just to trying to keep opposite forces together
[13:37] free media productions: it’s like having to hold two polar sides of two magnets together
[13:37] free media productions: they’ll repel once you let your hand slip
[13:37] free media productions: and in the meantime, you’re stuck holding everything together
[13:37] free media productions: which is time, money and resource cosuming
[13:37] austin2359@gmail.com: i guess that’s why the hand can’t slip if you view authoriatarianism as a permanant necessity
[13:38] austin2359@gmail.com: i guess the difference between you and i is that i think even if you get rid of capitalism
[13:38] austin2359@gmail.com: authoriatrianism is still just as necessary
[13:38] austin2359@gmail.com: no matter what metric is used to measure goods
[13:38] free media productions: sure, you don’t have to get rid of authoritarianism
[13:38] free media productions: get rid of capitalism
[13:38] free media productions: and the bourgeoisie
[13:38] free media productions: and then you can use your authoritarian tools for doing many, many more things
[13:38] austin2359@gmail.com: you can, but even so, the polar magnet analogy still applies
[13:38] austin2359@gmail.com: as soon as you let your grip, gorbachev happens
[13:39] austin2359@gmail.com: i’m for an enternal grip
[13:39] austin2359@gmail.com: authoritarianism is my ideology
[13:39] free media productions: but that’s because under Gorbachev new material classes were formed
[13:39] free media productions: revisionism in the USSR created new groups that had polar opposite interests
[13:39] free media productions: the magnet ideology came into place again
[13:39] free media productions: that wasn’t true under Stalin
[13:39] austin2359@gmail.com: i agree but let’s say one day stalin said go ahead and vote, i’ll take away the kgb, i’ll back down the police
[13:39] free media productions: who had no intentions of allowing the bourgeoisie to remain
[13:40] austin2359@gmail.com: i bet the result would be pulling apart almost immediately
[13:40] free media productions: well why did you back down the police in the first place?
[13:40] free media productions: and why did you need the police in the first place?
[13:40] free media productions: you only shoot yourself in the foot if you are authoritarian for authoritarianism’s sake
[13:40] free media productions: you create conditions where society is artificially held together
[13:40] austin2359@gmail.com: human beings need checks and balances
[13:41] free media productions: true, but it should be done with a goal in mind as well
[13:41] free media productions: not just arbitrarily
[13:41] free media productions: otherwise you’re sewing the seeds for forcing the population to lash back at you
[13:41] free media productions: Stalin on numerous occasions let up on the purges
[13:41] free media productions: and society didn’t go into upheaval
[13:41] austin2359@gmail.com: that’s true , propaganda, pragmatism and authoritarinaism should be mixed
[13:41] free media productions: because their material needs were met, and overall they benefitted under socialism
[13:41] free media productions: exactly
[13:42] free media productions: never lose sight of other things that the government can use as well
[13:42] free media productions: but history has shown that being authoritarian just for its own sake won’t keep your regime in power very long
[13:42] free media productions: people won’t make the sacrifices for nothing, they need to have an interest in it as well
[13:42] free media productions: which also helps keep them productive, loyal and willing to defend the system
[13:42] free media productions: even if it’s authoritarian
[13:43] austin2359@gmail.com: that’s true but that doesn’t necessarily necessistate a 5 year plan style command economy
[13:43] austin2359@gmail.com: it just means people have to feel they aren’t abandoned
[13:44] austin2359@gmail.com: ie right now my feeling toward the us government is that it couldn’t give a shit about me. if everyoen thtought that way, the regime woudl be in trouble.
[13:44] free media productions: true, it doesn’t necessitate a five-year plan style command economy
[13:45] free media productions: you could try some other examples, but unless they completely do away with a mixed class system, then you’re going to run into the same problems as before
[13:45] free media productions: either you’ve got an usntable, chaotic economy
[13:45] free media productions: or you’ve allowed new social goups with opposite interests to form, which now have to be controlled just because they have opposite interests
[13:46] free media productions: you should take this conversation and post it in a thread in the Forum – we should continue this in more depth
[13:46] austin2359@gmail.com: alright. i’ll save it for now. i think that is how the american media and govenrment work. pressure groups have too much influence.
[13:47] free media productions: they do
[13:47] free media productions: and just going back to the economics question
[13:47] free media productions: your own technocratic aims will be hindered if you have to forestall progress to allow business and private industry enough room to create conditions conducive to generating profits
[13:47] austin2359@gmail.com: what neo-nazis don’t get is that these same problem would exist in a world were everyone is racially an identical twin
[13:47] free media productions: YES
[13:48] free media productions: that is exactly the problem with national socialism/nazism
[13:48] free media productions: lol if everyone was white, but there were still classes, then you still have contradictions that break up society
[13:48] free media productions: you can’ expect to avoid all the problems associated with liberalism and capitalism if you don’t do away with the multi-class society
[13:49] free media productions: it may not happen right away, but it will inevitably catch up
[13:49] austin2359@gmail.com: in order to have deal with class you either need a govenrment that facilitates between them (fascism) or to elimiante them or you get polarization
[13:49] free media productions: exactly
[13:49] free media productions: and my biggest problem with fascism is that it tries too hard to facilitate
[13:49] free media productions: and should instead smash the bourgeoisie wholly and completely
[13:50] free media productions: but then you don’t really have fascism anymore…you’ve moved to authoritarian socialism :)
[13:50] free media productions: there’s always been authortiarian socialists who don’t necessarily subscribe to Marxism-Leninism
[13:50] austin2359@gmail.com: yeah there are similarities in that i believe fascists are class conscious
[13:50] free media productions: to be honest, i’m sympathetic to class-conscious fascists, and believe they are certainly people whom I could work with
[13:51] free media productions: i know a few in real life, and i’ve successfully converted them to more socialist ideals
[13:51] free media productions: but they’re not M-L
[13:51] austin2359@gmail.com: mussolini makes comments about class warfare but accuses marx of abusing the concept
[13:51] austin2359@gmail.com: but does blame capitalism
[13:51] austin2359@gmail.com: for it
[13:51] free media productions: yeah i’ve read some mussolini
[13:51] free media productions: not much though
[13:52] free media productions: Mussolini should’ve stayed communist
[13:52] free media productions: or socialist, rather
[13:52] free media productions: he would’ve been a good ally of the USSR
[13:52] austin2359@gmail.com: it may have partly been opportunism. he got kicked out of the party so he formed a new oine
[13:52] free media productions: true lol
[13:52] free media productions: from what i’ve read about him, that sounds about right
[13:52] austin2359@gmail.com: allying with hitler was also oppotunism
[13:52] austin2359@gmail.com: he was going to ally with britain
[13:53] austin2359@gmail.com: and couldnt
[13:53] free media productions: true
[13:53] free media productions: though Britain is bad news, too
[13:53] free media productions: but Mussolini was against the Soviet-German non-aggression pact
[13:53] austin2359@gmail.com: that’s true
[13:53] austin2359@gmail.com: though hitler wasn’t very sincere about it himself
[13:53] austin2359@gmail.com: obviouly
[13:54] free media productions: true
[13:54] free media productions: though some of the nazis were sincere
[13:54] free media productions: i.e. Ribbentrop, for instance, wanted to have the USSR join the Axis and wage war against the US and Great Britain
[13:55] austin2359@gmail.com: the nazis didn’t have clear ideology other than race-focus
[13:55] free media productions: True, and I think many didn’t really care about that
[13:55] free media productions: the Third Reich was full of opportunists, and people who just wanted some power
[13:55] free media productions: the real ideologues were always a narrow circle
[13:56] free media productions: others would have equally been willing to serve in any other gov’t
[13:56] austin2359@gmail.com: they even made exceptions for favorite jews called honoary aryans. and germanized some slavs. so they were inconsistent
[13:56] austin2359@gmail.com: though mroe consistent on the jews
[13:56] free media productions: lol es
[13:56] free media productions: *yes
[13:56] free media productions: it’s too bad Goebbels was a Nazi
[13:56] free media productions: and a real believer, too
[13:56] austin2359@gmail.com: i gurantee you this.
[13:56] free media productions: he would’ve been a great Stalinist
[13:56] austin2359@gmail.com: jim crow law never had “honoary blacks”
[13:56] austin2359@gmail.com: they had free blacks though i guess
[13:56] free media productions: lol nope
[13:57] austin2359@gmail.com: so the nazi race ideals weren’t even biologically legit
[13:57] free media productions: no, i tend to see the nazis as ideologically sloppy
[13:57] free media productions: and juvenile
[13:57] free media productions: after Molotov visited Nazi Germany in the late 1930s, he laughed at the Nazi Party and joked about it to Stalin
[13:57] austin2359@gmail.com: mussolini was not so that’s probably why he didn’t tease about allying with ussr. on the other hand, mussolini didn’t attack ussr
[13:57] austin2359@gmail.com: in the end, hitler did more to hurt ussr
[13:57] free media productions: True
[13:58] free media productions: Well Italian units participated in Operation Barbarossa IIRC
[13:58] austin2359@gmail.com: the japanese were just classical natioanlists. not really revolutioanry.
[13:58] free media productions: yeah, nothing really spectacular about them
[13:59] free media productions: nationalist and of course imperialist (spreading contorl throughout the far-east)
[13:59] austin2359@gmail.com: the croats even expolicitly saved serbs and jews who became catholic. some race when you can be saved by converting out of it
[13:59] austin2359@gmail.com: but the croats i guess were a diffeent ideology
[13:59] free media productions: true
[13:59] free media productions: In my view, most nazis were just cynical
[13:59] austin2359@gmail.com: i think the turks didn’t kill armenians who converted to islam
[13:59] austin2359@gmail.com: i think
[13:59] austin2359@gmail.com: but can’t verify
[14:00] austin2359@gmail.com: if you believe in it, as i do
[14:00] free media productions: i don’t
[14:00] free media productions: fuck armenia
[14:00] free media productions: lol
[14:00] austin2359@gmail.com: lol
[14:00] austin2359@gmail.com: the nazis were the most extreme, killing even ireeligious and german sympathizing jews
[14:00] austin2359@gmail.com: the croats made execeptions for croat sympathizers of serbs and jews
[14:01] free media productions: i think the croats were just playing favor to the Germans when they had to, and trying to avoid imposing Nazi policies if it wasn’t aboslutely necessary
[14:01] free media productions: by and large, of course there were sincere Nazi Croats
[14:01] austin2359@gmail.com: i’m not sure. you know more. i’d like to learn morea bout them
[14:01] austin2359@gmail.com: i think the romanians did the same thing
[14:02] austin2359@gmail.com: they killed large numbers of jews.
[14:02] austin2359@gmail.com: but under the accusation that they were communist]
[14:02] austin2359@gmail.com: not to elimiante every jew
[14:02] free media productions: i honestly don’t know too mcuh about some of the other occupied territories
[14:02] free media productions: the Romanians pussed out later one when the Red Army came around
[14:02] austin2359@gmail.com: clerical fascists are looked down upon imo
[14:02] austin2359@gmail.com: by me
[14:02] free media productions: you mean like the Falange?
[14:02] austin2359@gmail.com: i’m not sure who that is
[14:03] austin2359@gmail.com: like the croats
[14:03] free media productions: oh Catholic Fascists in Spain
[14:03] free media productions: yeah like them
[14:03] free media productions: Franco was a clerical fascist
[14:03] austin2359@gmail.com: ah. i’m not sure but franco was more of just a traditional nationsalist
[14:03] free media productions: yeah they get kind of blurry
[14:03] austin2359@gmail.com: i’d say more of a traditionalist. religious
[14:04] free media productions: true
[14:04] free media productions: though there’s so many damned definitions of fascism out there
[14:04] free media productions: though most aren’t correct
[14:04] austin2359@gmail.com: that’s very true.
[14:04] free media productions: it’s idiotic just to call every right-wing authoritarian regime “fascist”
[14:04] austin2359@gmail.com: i agre
[14:04] free media productions: unless its propaganda
[14:04] free media productions: like the Soviets did
[14:04] free media productions: lol
[14:04] free media productions: which was to their benefit
[14:05] austin2359@gmail.com: fascism is supposed to be the idea that collective support of hte state is the end in itself
[14:05] austin2359@gmail.com: not support of the chruch
[14:05] free media productions: they wanted to dispel any connection between “socialism” in “national socialism” and the nazi regime
[14:05] austin2359@gmail.com: not support of a race
[14:05] austin2359@gmail.com: that’s true
[14:05] free media productions: true
[14:05] free media productions: hey man i’ve gotta go but we should talk more about this on the Forum
[14:05] free media productions: good talk to you! cya
[14:05] austin2359@gmail.com: cya. i recorded the earlier party ou told me
[14:05] austin2359@gmail.com: in a word docuemnt
[14:06] free media productions: cool thanks!
[14:06] austin2359@gmail.com: i’ll post some time

Radio Show : Principles of Gangster Bolshevism

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

The Show will go live at 12:00 PM Eastern.

Listeners can only hear the first part live but they can hear it all when the broadcast is completed. Today the live part will stop 15 minutes in. Normally it is 30 minutes.

Rejected Zionists (Chaim Ben Pesach and Meir Kahane)

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

It used to not make sense to me why hyper-zionists who are banned from Israel like Chaim Ben Pesach and hyper-zionists who were banned from the Knesset like Meir Kahane continue to defend the state of Israel against Arabs. The more logical approach, it would seem, would be to support Israel going under.

After further thinking, it does make sense. Anybody who is revolutionary enough to want Israel to go under would also want organized Judaism (religion) and capitalism to go under (unless they are Muslim). Chaim Ben Pesach and Meir Kahane were too weak to fight against the Israeli society that rejected them. The American Jewish society rejected them too, but for different reasons.

Believe it or not, I once was into the JTF, but that was because I had a different outlook back then. I was trying to influence elections. I was trying to get Jews to oppose immigration, fight against affirmative action and speak honestly about race and Blacks (many Jews are very timid on racial issues, but Chaim Ben Pesach and David Ben Mosche are not timid).

But now I do not “poison the discourse” I really believe in the whole gangster bolshevik ideology. The elections to me are like professional wrestling. It may be interesting to see who wins, but I know Vince McMahon is the one who profits.

I was never comfortable with the idea of labeling all Arabs as “bad” and clearing them out or the idea that all Jews should go to Israel. I supported the JTF tactically to influence American Jews on American issues. The only thing I agree with the JTF on about Israel is that America should stop sending it aid.

Meir Kahane and Chaim Ben Pesach are/were primarily loyal to an Israeli society that rejects and rejected them. They claim also to support Jews and “righteous gentiles” worldwide, but Jews worldwide also reject them.

Chaim Ben Pesach and Meir Kahane would have done better if they turned their backs on the JDL and JTF and became gangster bolsheviks instead.

I have to admit that Chaim Ben Pesach is very frank, very charismatic and likeable. When I hear David Ben Mosche and Chaim Ben Pesach talk, I know they are from the Northeast. I felt more of a kinship with other Yankees than I did with the mid-westerners on the now defunct Phora. Chaim also would have made a good thug. I admire that. I admire the way he was willing to blow things up. But Chaim has bought into the wrong ideology.

I can only hope that Chaim Ben Pesach has a mid-life crysis and realizes that gangster bolshevism is the right ideology. Certainly the people in Israel don’t want him.

Debate Between Anti-Zionists

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

I had a discussion with a friend on facebook. After thinking about my conversation, I wanted to elaborate here.

There are two different types of anti-Zionists. There are Western anti-Zionists who believe that Israel runs counter to Western Imperial interests and view handing Israel to Jews as a sign of weakness. These are the types of people who think Jews control everything. You found a lot of these types on forums that used to exist like thephora.net and surely find others in places like vnnforum.

Then there are anti-imperialist anti-Zionists who believe that Israel and the West have convergent interests and that the West was actually “Smart” to support Israel. You find these people more on forums with Marxists (like politicsforum) and anti-war forums.

I am the latter, not the former.

To quote myself

You view the decision of Western Powers to give Palestine to Israel as weakness. Believe it or not, I believe it was an intelligent move. The western capitalists appeared to be relinquishing their control over the area, but actually they were increasing their control. They advanced their interests beneath their pretend concern over the holocaust and Jewish biblical texts.


Thursday, March 15th, 2012

There is one type of person, a “patriotard,” who will accept anything they hear or read. Unfortunately, this type of person makes up the majority of followers of the American Media and large classes of political dissidents. I would objectively say that many vnners are just as patriotardic as American Military invaders, just they follow a different set of propaganda.

I was once told that I have a gift: A mind that cuts through garbage like a knife. The difference between me and people who fall for propaganda is that I first question whether or not something is true before accepting it. If someone tells me that God exists, I will want evidence. If someone tells me that there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that Iran is the major problem in the Middle East, that Israelis did not bring the problems they have on themselves – I will question that. If someone tells me that Jews control America and have dna that is both non-white and turns them into zombies, I will question that. If someone tell me that the legitimate Marxist line is to support Islam wholesale (I know that’s not what Besoshvilli said actually) I will question it. I’ve questioned it all. I don’t accept it without testing it.

You would not get anywhere in the Information Technology industry if you accepted things without testing them. If I write a line of PHP code, I first have to test it. Well it’s the same thing in life.

Therefore the cowards in the Israeli and American Media should know that they will never convince me that there is a good reason to support whatever it is they want me to do. I could have joined the army, I faced a tough economy, but I refused because what our country is doing – this empire building – is wrong.

I am glad to see that the majority of Israelis, the class of civilians as opposed to the Government, think that Israel should stop its nonsense and do not want a unilateral attack on Iran. Of course, the vnners don’t want us to realize this and the Israelis themselves don’t realize that they have a 60% majority opposing the occupation and an 80% majority opposing a unilateral attack on Iran. Palestinians and Israelis cannot defend their working class interests separately, or the bourgeoisie will set them against each other. They must rise against cosmopolitan globalism, imperialism AND reactionary religion (including Islamic Fundamentalism and Jewish Messianic propaganda) as a class.

Here is a video from our older days.

Rethinking Obama

Friday, March 9th, 2012

A long time ago Free Media Productions endorsed Palin saying “worse is better.” That wasn’t really my decision, but I thought it was humorous.

I would like to say though that while I still believe that there are internal contradictions that plague the system no matter which party or individual leads, I also do believe there are greater and lesser evils internal to that system. Yes we are in the capitalist phase no matter who leads, but no, all leaders are not equal. I took a very extreme stance back in 08-09 that it “didn’t matter who lead” but now I am taking a more moderate stance that it matters but only in moderation.

Objectively, Obama is probably a slightly, and I mean slightly, lesser evil than Romney, Gingrich or Santorum. I would say that Paul would objectively be the best candidate, but he’s in it to make a statement not really a contender to win.

All the candidates have negatives and positives, the question is how they weigh against each other, how that affects real life and how that will affect the promotion of scientific socialism. I do not think that people will mistake Obama for a legitimate Socialist, therefore there is no need for “worse is better.”

On Patriotards

Monday, March 5th, 2012

The first thing I want to say is that the real phora exists here : http://www.thephora.co/forum

However, there used to be a fake phora that existed and a member named “Overwatch” who coined the term “Patriotard.” The forum is now defunct and went away. Overwatch was one of the few fake phora posters who was actually worth reading. (I say this despite my personal grievance with Overwatch, because he played a very crucial role in escalating the feud early on between me and the website).

Patriotards are like basketball players who insist on running a certain play even though the defense gave them an open layup. Coach told them to! They are like distance runners who fight to be in the number one position 100 meters into the race. Everyone else sprinted! What do these people have in common with patriotards? They have enthusiasm but they have no brain! I am sure the guy running the offense and the guy sprinting the first 100 meters thinks of himself as being loyal to his sport, but loyalty without intelligence can still produce a bad result.

Patriotards fail to attack America because they want to prove that they are loyal. They have the enthusiasm, but no brain. They betray their own class in order to prove their loyalty to the sham agenda that was invented by the political and managerial classes. Besoshvilli had a term. “Class traitor.” These people have a heart, but no brain.

Artice on Juche, Mao, Stalin and America

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

The article included is very well written. I agree with every single point and it would be pointless to comment much because I essentially would repeat the article. The author brought up many points that are important but often overlooked and tied them together.

Originally posted in the North American Juche-Songun Ideas Study Group

  • There is much ignorance among Americans of where Juche is situated on the political spectrum, even amongst Communists very few understand the Juche positions on various important matters such as the role of Stalin, the Sino-Soviet split, post-1976 China, anti-imperialism in the Third World etc….and so this article will try to address the subject of Juche’s position within the international communist movement in brief.
  • The Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung began his political career first and foremost as a Marxist-Leninist, he studied, admired and followed the ideas of Marx, Lenin and Stalin as the sole way for oppressed peoples to achieve liberation. Juche was created originally as a Korean application of ML to their own conditions much as Maoism began as an application of ML to China. Looking at the period pre-death of Stalin in 1953, Juche and Maoism were nearly identical, not a shock as China and Korea were both backward, feudal, colonial societies, in that both shared the concept of a transition state before socialism (new/national democracy) the innovation of a revolutionary peasantry, the necessity of people’s war to achieve revolution, the need for patriotism and defence of national integrity, self-reliance in the struggle and not depending on foreign parties or nations, and upholding the USSR as the first and leading socialist nation under Comrade Stalin.
  • After the passing of Comrade Stalin and the rise to power of the revisionist clique, Kim Il Sung and the DPRK stood with China and all other anti-revisionist forces in opposing Khruschov’s betrayal of socialism, his abandonment of proletarian dictatorship, his peaceful-coexistence nonsense rejection of class war, and his attempts to dominate and lord over other socialist nations.To this day the DPRK preserves the great memory of Joseph Stalin and considers the fall of the USSR to be a result of revisionism.
  • However, beginning circa 1966, China and Korea began to diverge widely. Although both nations opposed the USSR as a revisionist nation, the Juche belief that each nation’s party has final say over their own nation’s matters led the Koreans to consider that the ultimate responsibly of defeating Russian revisionism rested solely upon the shoes of the Russian people alone. For geopolitical reasons Korea needed to remain allied to Russia to oppose the still menacing US imperialists who occupied the southern half of their nation; Korea’s line can be summed up then as opposition to Soviet revisionism domestically but support for the USSR internationally against imperialism. Mao and China took a different view, viewing the USSR as an enemy nation equal to the US and hence began to have strike with the Koreans who had remained Russian allies. Looking back on all this, one can clearly see that the Korean line was correct. While the revisionists did sell out their country ultimately to imperialism, from the point of view of class struggle the primary contradiction always was between the proletariat and capitalism with the US as the main capitalist power; any contradiction with the USSR was then secondary to the global anti-US struggle. Mao’s line of equal opposition to the US and Russia isolated him at first and led to his eventual reconciliation with US imperialism in the 1970s and his support for imperialist puppets who murdered communists in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.
  • Furthermore, Kim Il Sung opposed China’s Cultural Revolution. While the Koreans do in fact accept Mao’s premise that a bourgeoisie can arise within a revolutionary Party holding state power, and hence the necessity of a strong ideological mass-movement to counter it as well as enforcing that the Party cadre are never isolated from the people and are made to work with them, Korea was not in a position (due to the ever present threat of the resumption of the Korean War by the US) to throw itself into mass internal upheaval the way China did and it viewed the Chinese effort as premature due to the need to build a united society for defence against imperialist invasions. In this, Kim Il Sung’s line was akin to those of Liu Shaoqi or Peng Dehui in China. The Koreans viewed some of the actions of the Chinese Red Guards as veering towards ultra-leftism and anarchism because of the lack of Party-led discipline in China at this time; in turn some Chinese began attacking the DPRK and calling for its’ overthrow. Relations were quite bad between China and Korea for a couple of years in the late 60s but ultimately cooler heads in China, led by Mao to his credit, suppressed the extremists and relations were friendly once again and remained so throughout the final period of Mao’s life.
  • With the mutual opposition to both rightist Soviet revisionism and leftist Maoism, Juche can thus be seen as a centrist ideology much as Stalin was also a centrist between Trotsky and Bukharin. During the 60s and 70s Kim Il Sung began promoting Juche as the correct ideology for revolution, as it was based on national self-reliance a Juche nation would not become entrapped by social imperialism nor would it abandon the global anti-imperialist fight. As only the people of a nation can determine what the revolutionary idea will be for that nation, Juche Korea never attempted to dictate to others in the manner that Russia and China did, and Korea thus built great relations with nationalist-socialist leaders such as Nasser in Egypt, Kadhafi in Libya, the Ba’ath party in Syria and Iraq, and the Islamic revolution led by Imam Khomeini in Iran, seeing all these forces as the genuine expression of the people’s revolutionary will.
  • Now to discuss post-Mao China and the emergence of Dengist “market socialism”, the Koreans oppose Dengism in their country and refuse to “open up”, but as with everything else see Dengism as a matter for the Chinese communist party to resolve and continue to have good friendly relations with China. In several official publications, the DPRK has referred to China as revisionist and would obviously prefer that China returns to the socialist path, however they are understanding of the fact that Dengism arose due to the low level of productive forces within China and the need for development. China need not have adopted markets, had it gone on the self-reliant way or improved relations with the USSR, but again that is a matter for the Chinese people to deal with by themselves.
  • As Juche-idea followers, it is our duty to support all nations that are truly independent of imperialism, are contra-USA, and are ruled by a government that reflects the national culture and tradition as well as the people’s wishes.

The Next Quote of The Day

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

What stupid political dissidents do not understand is that the solution to the US-Israeli imperial alliance is not to use it as an opportunity to point fingers at the all-powerful Jew, but instead to revolt the classes in both Israel and America. Smart political dissidents realize this and show the class ties among the Governments of Israel and America. Dumb ones “Name the Jew.”
-Metal Gear

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