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The Great Dream of White Proletarian Liberation

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Revolutionaries are dreamers and must always remain dreamers or they become borderline suicidal, uncontrollably angry and can’t even function marginally in the world. Having had the secular religious experience in our hearts, we can never possibly go back, because the People are our god and the Revolution is our path to the heavenly prospect of national, proletarian, and racial liberation. We must keep the deep feelings of youth in our hearts, but also become wise with age and experience. Always knowing that we are ready to find martyrdom at the hands of the Zionist Occupied Government, we must become scientific and materialist dreamers, not idealist or Utopian dreamers, for we live in an evolutionary and dialectical world.

Imagine a racial communist super-State comprising all of Europe and Russia and stretching across the reclaimed Siberian Land Bridge Project into White North America and includes Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina in its project. Bloodline shall supersede  geographical boundaries. This shall be the greatest civilizationational accomplishment in the entire history of the world. We are talking about the total victory of White Power over the conspiracy for our genocide, more than just racialism, but true socialism, and the rebirth of the neighborhood and family again.

Only within the racial communist super-state within a vast regionalist and ethno-nationalist framework and an organic ethnic local character can our people be saved and find their truly greatest era. Nationalism will only die  when it is outmoded by racialism, and even then nationalism is an intricate part of our framework, not rootless cosmopolitanism. Our project to Pan-Africanism, Pan-Arabism, the Bolivarian project, is a brother in a common trench, but it goes deeper than theirs and reflects our true potential and the vanguard role which Darwinism demands of our people who constitute the biological aristocracy of world history.

For now we must address the miserable state of existence our people wallow in. We must painfully internalize the pain of knowing that as things stand now the White race may not even exist in years to come. We must feel the troubles and the brokenness of the middle aged crisis and the nihilistic teenager, the single mother and the white man down the street who just lost his job.

More than that we need to be beacons of light and hope. My own European-American nation already knows they are fucked, double fucked and then kicked in the head just for fun. They may not have some deeply advanced political analysis of how this is happening, but we don’t need to be doomsday prophesiers fullfilling a self-prophesying picture of defeat. We already have enough defeat. We need VISIONARIES.

The fact is the White race is NOT going to be exterminated and neither are we going to wind up being permantly ruined financially either, no matter how damn miserable things get. We haven’t survived since at least the Ice Ages and built some of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known just to go the way of the dodobird, and it isn’t going to happen as a result of Zionism, liberalism, finance capital or “globalization”, a vulgar euphenism for imperialism, today either.

In the end our people will fight!

Getting away from the areas closest to Hollyweird and Jew York and into the heartland, our masses own guns more than any other citizenry in the world per capita except north Korea. ZOG isn’t going to take our guns away, because the gun was brought into our psychology as small children learning the first and second amendment in school as if memorizing and idealizing bible versus. Our people still have some level of strong family life even though everything from meth to poverty to a lack of committment from men for our women and children is really blowing it for us big time. Unlike Jews, our people work for their money. They still know that it is important to have a self-reliant economy, community and healthy Teutonic work ethic and Celtic sense of identity. Even Lenin in his day admired our people’s powerful work ethic. Not only are we brilliant and creative, but we have the drive, muscle and determination to do something truly fanatastic. Things seem so aweful for us because we really are such a gifted and incredible people and anything but the best, especially the wallowing backwardsness of the era, is completely intolerable for our spirit. Drink can’t take that feeling away nor drugs nor finding a healthy partner who loves us to fill such void. The void comes from the need to freely express our intrensic nature for creative development, and hyper-alienation of the hour can only be eliminated with the new connect, the renassiance.

The redneck hates the intellectuals who betrayed him and hates his own organic intellectualism. Actually, this is true of the vast majority of just regular good ole’ all-American working people. Our people now think they are stupid, glorify at times the lowest common denominator of mass culture and have little hope in their hearts. If they had the hope they would be as brave as any Palestinian human bomb. You can see it in their eyes. You feel it when you go on a fishing trip or watch people drink coffee in the breakroom at work. You here it in the middle of the third quarter of a boring football game when the score is 24-7 and talk turns back to reality and not the images of distraction on the television screen. Maybe we can get some sort of healing going between nerds and rednecks, or all sorts of sub-cultural “groups” whose identity will eventually become meaningless in the new society anyways since we are the same people.

Our people aren’t going to become Nazis and they aren’t going to build the Bolshevik Revolution either. Our people are going to reclaim the neighborhood, and we need the trust of those who don’t trust fancy talk and only would be willing to work with those they learn to admire over a long period of time, leaders who either are organic or at least go out of their way to be as organic as possible to our conditions today. Our Lenin is going to be wearing a flannel shirt and blue jeans with a baseball cap. Maybe he worked at Dairy Queen when he was 16 and use to have a nice construction job making $20 an hour until that fell apart, or she is going to have concerns about the future of her children and sees beyond the phoney patriotism for the real patriotism of a mother for her cubs, watches her man become less of a man in his heart because he can’t provide the level of economic comfort he once did or thinks the family deserves.

We absolutely need violent extremism, because ZOG isn’t coming down without weapons and ammunition, but it has to be at the heart and soul of our people. It needs to be able to read the direction our people are going in without becoming too depressed when our people still cling to all sorts of self-defeating ideas. Violent extremism needs to have a dialectical compass that will do the best it can to find what is useful in our people, something that provides a dynamism and gets people to feel they aren’t part of some political group, but a LIBERATION STRUGGLE.

We need the equivelant of “Allahu Akbar!” to racial national materialism, a scientific battle cry, but one with deep religious emotion.

Nothing starts automatically. Revolutions don’t come about because of spontaneous collapse of “the system” but because they are built and mature so that when conditions are ripe they can mature.

2010 has come, let’s each vow to take concrete steps towards building things on the ground, and yes we need the regular “activists” too, but let’s push for getting the bulwark of our people who aren’t in any sort of group at all and are instinctively distrustful of them. To do that we must reject politics as usual and push for an uncompromising battle cry of liberation without being sectarian and splitting hairs over stupid ass secondary differances, many of which the people may eventually agree with us on through persuasion, anyways.

Let us each brainstorm in the coming weeks ideas for what we each are going to do, even if it is just some meetings and get togethers as a first start, to actually build something on the ground. Ask yourself how you are going to get those pissed off people with radical ideas that just float back into mainstream society into our National Front. We have to build things, even small ones, because it provides the mutual support against alienation at the very least, and has unlimited upwards potential beyond just that.

Long live the White race!

Long live the communist revolution!

Let us vow to die in the trenches of combat before ever even considering the thought of surrendering our European-American Nation!

Support Islamism and Pan-Arabism!

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

The only thing that deeply scares the Zionist Occupied Government enemy regime more than the proletarian shouts of “White Power!” as bullets fly through the streets is the monotheistic affirmation by a heroic and Jihadic Mujahid of “Allahu Akbar!” Hence any conscious European-American, including the Christians, must uphold and understand the need for critical unity against the common hated enemy of humanity – the Jews – and against the extermination of either of our peoples.

I speak here of White Power, not so much as a chauvinistic, divisive, and predatory project aligned with imperialism, but an all-encompassing civilizational project belonging to the popular classes of European-Americans stemming from their deep brokenness and desire for self-determination, one constituting the path and national constants by which any of our revolutionary patriots must travel if seeking to place our people on the solid footings of the resistance option.

The Arab brother or sister in his or her psychology does not recognize the existence of race, genetics, and bloodline in the formation of national identity today, but what they must understand is that our people’s racialism in their nationalism, like that of Garveyism amongst the Africans, is a progressive racialism that simply demonstrates the incompatibility of linear universal definitions of a nation.
Michel Aflaq, even during his Christian years, demonstrated persuasively the centrality of Islam in the make up of Arabism and the formation and expansion of the Arab nation, and hence developing a three-dimensional view of the Arab nation and bonds of the Ummah stemming from the progressive formation of the Caliphate, including its positive effects on Christians and other non-Muslims. This too is a serious error according to dogmatic Western Marxists and cosmopolitan leftists. Hence, we need to speak of the need for the self-determination of peoples, rather than pretending such peoples formed along five common points, and build real true fighting solidarity with one another.
While the Arab and Muslim will launch the immediate complaint about “racism,” and I do not dispute that our people are full of reactionary and chauvinistic social roles, I plead for them to understand that our people are consistently fed by the Jews and cosmopolitan leftists illusions that they are the only nationality in world history to have developed an advanced civilization that lacks a right to self-determination and must suffer and die needlessly. This brainwashing comes as a total assault on the dignity of our people and a direct provocation to push our people towards the camp of conservative and reactionary forces. The problem is intensified by the lack any real significant revolutionary anti-imperialist project capable of correcting our people’s reactionary social roles and ideas, and also capable of demonstrating a love for a our people, a truly proletariat platform, and the demonstrated ability to seize power.
You Arabs have your qualms with the Iranian Safawid for having overstepped their borders and for having decided to play an opportunist role against the Jihad of beloved Iraq and fellow Islamic brother Afghanistan (and who is frankly for us our Aryan cousin!), but you never put into question that there is an Iranian people or contend that Iranian people should be exterminated rather than simply have their hegemony fought and self-determination exercised solely in their natural borders. Indeed, most peoples have had problems with their neighbors over the years. This is true also of the Turks, and indeed only filth of the Zionist entity is treated to the scorn of unconditional non-recognition, and this for the very survival and unification of your nation and the liberation of al-Quds.
For us the problem is greater. First, there is the very real attempt by the Jews and their lackeys on the Western “left” to foment hatred by the world’s people for the White race and the European-American in particular. They claim such attempts at forming anti-White hatred and White self-hatred are not an deliberate platform of promoting globalism, but supposedly because of an eternal grudge because of the policies of colonialism and imperialism. The super-majority of our popular class had absolutely no control over these polices. Indeed, many occurred so many centuries before the birth of anyone living today that it would be idiotic to assign blame to anyone.

The European-Americans, like many peoples today, and indeed much of the White race, at least throughout much of Western Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand plays a largely reactionary and unbearable social role, but this does not deny a very real and ancient Jewish conspiracy to either subjugate or destroy us alongside many other brotherly national, racial, and spiritual groups.

The Zionist assaults center on 1948 Palestine and on affirming the Arab character, but on a global and historical level it does NOT end there, and it didn’t begin there either.
Just to read the Old Testament, the Jews have been committing genocide since their very inception, and according to the Babylonian Talmud they want to exterminate Christians, believe Jesus of is boiling in semen, and wish to rule over the goyim. One may note correctly that today’s Jews are the descendants of the Khazar Kingdom and not the people of the Old Testament, but what is significant is that such people subjectively identify by this vulgarity and base their “spirituality” and supposed “national” mythos around it.
Today the Jews who for centuries persecuted Christians and were justly crushed and regularly defeated and exiled have turned the Western Church in a brothel of cannibalism, that is to say a Synagogue of Christ-killers and national nihilist speculators in the name of the Jesus they martyred. Martin Luther’s wise instructions calling on Christians to exile Jews, burn down their synagogues, business and homes, and even kill them if necessary have been ignored and covered up with disastrous consequences for the popular masses of the world.
Now Islam stands beside nationalism in a war of attrition against a globalist enemy led by Jews and Zionist America.
While I espouse socialism and even communism, I cannot in good conscience and without feeling like a traitor to my people and the revolution, but denounce the Western “Left” and most “socialists and communists” for their cosmopolitanism and opportunism.

The right-wing anti-Zionists and White Nationalist camp have HUGE flaws at times. Some are so stupid they think the real enemy are African-Americans who seek self-determination or that we should support Z.O.G. soldiers killing freedom fighter who are resisting a common enemy.
This, however, is not the case for all White Nationalists and “patriotic” forces who if not White Nationalist in name are in content. Some groups cheered the September 11th attacks. Some groups reject the Zionist entity’s right to exist. Some even support attacks on US troops and know that this whole thing is going to come down to needing the maximum amount of unity possible to bring down the Jews and American regime and that we need each other.

My colleague Kevin Walsh and I who started the European-American Socialist Front (EASPF) have such lines and openly support national liberation struggles, the socialist bloc, and advocate self-determination for the Black and White nations alike in the present day United States. When we interact with the European-American streets and White nationalism as a whole, we are finding little pockets here or there that may not get published or openly noticed, but who understand that the paleo-conservativism of the old school White Nationalism isn’t going to cut it, and are beginning to see the need for patriots of all over the world to have international solidarity with each other against a common enemy.
Likewise one can think of a million Arabs, Muslims, and groups and people from traditionally Islamic countries who are traitors, opportunists, or if genuine are retarded, sectarian, or foolish. That doesn’t mean we should dump the whole of Arabia and the Ummah down the drain. It means that ALL people have to undergo ideological struggle to build and maintain the resistance option. My people have a lot to learn, but we also have a lot to offer.
We have so many elements who worship the system and are slaves to the Jews, but like the Islamic psychology we value martyrdom amongst our “fringe” elements. Look at the number of domestic bombings and internal military attacks (i.e. Timothy McVeigh and “The Order”) against the system as well as the amount of presidential and other political assassinations my people have achieved. Just this week a young European-American appears to have wanted to assassinate Barack Obama, and contrary to the liberal politically correct Zionist distortions that this is just racism, the brother supposedly joked or taunted about getting Bush the little or how someone should get him.
It’s just simply that we are in the center of imperialism. People who deep down hope Iraq kicks Z.O.G. America’s ass aren’t going to often say so. Furthermore, lots and lots of my people alongside African-Americans and others would be willing to take on an enemy if they believed in the probability of victory.
It’s OUR job build the path of hope, to build the united front.
Now is not the time for splitting hairs. We don’t have to all agree. A racialist pagan and a racial nihilist Salafi jihadi may not share much in common on a day to day level, but if they both hate the Jews and the American government, if they both understand the need for collective action to ensure the destiny and greatness of one’s own nationality and the stability and prosperity of the world, then WE HAVE THE MAKINGS FOR A UNITED FRONT AGAINST THE JEWS AND THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT.
Let us march in solidarity, in the spirit of love we each feel for our heritage and people, and in such spirit let us unite to destroy the common hated enemies of us all!

The White Proletariat

Sunday, December 6th, 2009
picture of me

A photograph of me, John Paul Cupp, founder of the European-American Socialist People's Front

In the face of a conspiracy for genocide and the humiliation of the White proletariat, simply proclaiming your White identity in the US today, while not the revolution itself, is a revolutionary and defiant act, and a necessary condition for socialist construction. It is a will to live. My organization, the European-American Socialist People’s Front, calls for a patriotic front which closes ranks with our people and nurtures their resolve, while struggling among them for a correct line that brings forth the resistance option: White Power in form, national democratic and communist in content.

Within the context of our European-American nation, the redneck is not without a great many self-defeating flaws, namely vulgar anti-intellectualism, a lack of scientific class consciousness and geo-political international understanding and a fully distorted view of the nature of true patriotism, but the proletarian redneck remains the heartbeat of our people. The redneck is more than an impoverished but proudly self-reliant Southerner dawning mossy oak long after deer hunting is out of season or a Midwestern farm boy in a long sleeve flannel shirt and blue jeans whose reality is corn and football, but the best organic project the popular classes of our people have against assimilation, liberalism and a world that despises us as “backwards White trash” and wants to eventually kill us after it is done forceably ducking our heads in a mud puddle. In a broad sense these cosmopolitan times treat all of us like we are rednecks, “White Supremacists” or “White trash” whether we work in an office or a foundry, whether we hail from New Jersey or Oklahoma, South Carolina or Washington if our completely natural and healthy desire to preserve and enrich our ethnic character becomes too visible. Any White European-American who thinks and feels White, who wants to stay White and a build a future for White children, and wants to define and come to grips with our reality on our own Eurocentric terms receives the haughty mockery and disdain directed towards the redneck today. For that reason, the Confederate Battle Flag, a symbol hated and feared by anti-White cosmopolitans, belongs to all of us and is more than a symbol of regionalism today. Our motto: This multicultural politically correct Kosher world can kiss our collective White ass!

While I am not without a great deal of criticism of my current experiences in the rural South, one of the things that truly delights me is that to a certain degree, White people still are White. Jews, Hollyweird, liberal cosmopolitanism, and corporate globalism still stands out as alien foreign elements, despite the idiotic hours our people spend in front of their big screen Talmudic televisions wasting their lives away on football when they should be preparing for a guerrilla war. We define what it means to be attractive according to our own standards. A beautiful lady is a lady that reminds you of your mother and sisters or the neighbor lady or school teacher you had a crush on as a small child, not a bimbo celebrity dancing around to hip hop. Keep in mind, if Marilyn Monroe were born today she would be too fat and earthy for the mega sex symbol which has come to traumatize both White and non-White girls alike. Judaized Whites could never understand how gorgeous and divinely feminine Patsy Cline was or appreciate our tens of millions like her today, women who now think they‘re naturally ugly and starve themselves while being doused in Jewish whore paint to avoid being paralyzed as they walk out the front door. David Lane taught us to admire the aesthetic beauty of the White woman so much that we are willing to go hog wild as we kill and die for it. In such a spirit, a fight has to go on today for just what White masculinity and femininity means according to our own terms.

That said, being close to the enemy has its good points and far away its bad points. A genuinely White person in New York and California knows exactly what it means living under the tyranny of Jewish domination when Shylock shorts you on your paycheck. Experience teaches them that multiculturalism means having to get up in the morning and beat the holy hell out of immigrants and lumpen gang bangers who want to rape or rob you on your way to work as the government’s goons turn their eyes the other way. One doesn’t see the gigantic shrines of Jewdom and corporatism in healthy towns of the rural areas and traditional states. The enemy that wants to exterminate us and controls every aspect of our lives today seems more abstract. It seems easier to focus on local short term realities and hate the degenerate lumpens from below who rob our paycheck while ignoring the far bigger monster which constitutes the true power structure.

We need to quickly turn what is left of White reality into base areas, and dynamically redouble our commitment to on-the-ground organizing. That means starting off with a fishing trip, a couple of beers or coffee with family and friends or a simple chat in the break room at work. Yet it needs to be more than that, much more. We’re making up for decades of lost time today, and the enemy definitely controls the momentum. We need a revolution, and while the material conditions on the ground are in our favor, both time and the ideological and military preparedness of our people are greatly working against us.

We need to stay White by being White culturally and spiritually, but let us not abandon our scientific class analysis nor ever forget that we’re going to have to strap bombs around ourselves the way Palestinians do before it gets better rather than worse. After that we intensify the class struggle towards socialism, but not before. You can’t build White European-American socialism without White European-American people when they no longer exist. I guess you could say that we need redneck Maoism.

The European-American National Liberation Struggle

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

If you ask me if I am a patriot, as a Communist and son of the nation, my obligation and honor would be to affirm a resounding “Yes!” However, telling our people the truth, when they roll around in their own feces and then rejoice of salvation and pride, is my supreme duty both as a patriot and a proletarian internationalist.

The Zionist-controlled American government is the most evil and reactionary government the modern world has ever seen. In collusion with globalist stooges and petty imperialists, the Jews have demonstrated an evil conspiracy of death and destruction. Contrary to conventional wisdom, our own people aren’t so far down the totem pole from the Palestinians in this sinister plot for the subjugation of all nations.

Hence, while our people in the US don’t need to be excessively disparaged and demoralized as done by Western “leftists,” they do play a whole series of reactionary social roles and cling to a whole series of opportunistic self-defeating tenets deeply embedded in their psychology. Getting to the root of this destruction takes precedence above and beyond pragmatism and political expediency.

The lines of the “left” and right promoted to our people are treasonously criminal and will get us nowhere. Racial and national nihilism, anti-family degeneracy, and anti-moral lines fomented by the “left” on behalf of their Jewish and globalist masters break down the solidarity of our working class, and promote cosmopolitanism, Zionism and imperialism. Likewise, the rightist, “traditionalist,” and so-called “patriotic” crowd’s promotion of so-called “American Nationalism,” this satanic anti-Christian cult of Judeo- “Christianity,” and the spreading of illusions that paleo-conservativism is a viable alternative to neo-conservativism, are all criminal plots leading to the physical extermination of millions upon millions of people.

My organization, the European-American Socialist People’s Front (EASPF), has an extensive amount of material combating the anti-White, philo-Semitic, and cosmopolitan lines of the contemporary “left.” Hence, I wish to  devote this article to combating reactionary ideas and behavior on the Right which stem from our people and are the very heart and soul of our people’s humiliating self-defeat today.

First, we shall take on the myth that this greedy and bloodthirsty banker’s prison house of nations, America, is any sort of real country and one to which our patriotism should attach itself. Second, we shall analyze the origins and consequences of Judeo-“Christianity,” and demonstrate conclusively that whatever one personally thinks of genuine Christianity, is not a form of Christianity at all, but rather violently contrary to it. Third, we shall analyze the origins and scope of conservativism within the United States, and the relationship between paleo-conservativism which openly promotes US imperialism and neo-conservatism invented by Jewish Trotskites which dominates the leading quarters of imperialism today, to show that while objectively anti-imperialist at times, paleo-conservativism ultimately fails as a program of liberation. We shall throughout this piece demonstrate the role of the Jewish enemy, and the particular conspiracy they hatched long ago to exterminate our people and subjugate all the peoples of the world while destroying their distinct ways of life. Lastly, we shall affirm the call for total war and resistance by our people towards both international solidarity and the formation of the liberated European-American Democratic People’s Republic, one ideally to carry forward with socialist construction.

America is the enemy of our people and the world

The now deceased White Separatist guerrilla fighter turned resistance detainee David Lane, whose “14 words” were to become the bedrock of a quasi-national democratic line among White Nationalists, whatever other major differences I have with him, made clear that America is our enemy.

“Determined to destroy the integrity of races, nations and cultures for the Zionist New World Order, The Red, White, and Blue traveling man’s murder machine has been an engine of holocaust, genocide, and death unmatched in human history.

But still the CRAP wraps logic five times around a crooked tree to proclaim themselves “American Patriots” who support “Our Boys” as they bomb helpless nations into the Stone Age and blow tens of thousands or millions of women and children into tiny fragments. Always looking for someone else to blame, the CRAP screams, it’s the Jews, it’s the Jews. Well I’d be the last to deny that the media is dominated by Jews who have an agenda of world domination and of extinction for White Aryans.” — Excerpt from “C.R.A.P. Christian Right-wing American Patriots.”

Indeed, while we must condemn and oppose the Jews and Zionists, Lane’s self-criticism of our people who come from such quarters is completely on the mark, and in this case he was referring to Christian Right-wing American Patriots as “CRAP”. One could go much further in condemning pro-Americanism from amongst our people, because even the more mediocre trends within our genuinely nationalist and anti-globalist quarters are a tiny fraction of the overall European-American populace. Most of our people have no problem whatever, not only with the mass-murder and subjugation of peoples, with the government and ruling classes who perform such crimes against our people and the world, or even with the Jews. Hence, fierce ideological struggle is the first order of the day.

The same GI mercenary goons occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, may death and suffering be upon them, are the very army that will be mass-murdering our people in the streets in the event a genuine revolutionary struggle stems from them. Supposedly “anti-government” rednecks and Southern Nationalists usually whine to no end about “terrorism” and “supporting the troops,” and yet were a Confederate Army or any other anti-government formation by our people to be created, this same government would be calling them “terrorists,” and it would be US troops and police who work to destroy them.

How can this possibly be White Power when the enemy multicultural hellhole bombs hapless Serbia, that is a White Aryan traditionally Christian people and the last truly great European-descended force of resistance, and destroys what was then the last revolutionary unitary project of White Europe, i.e. Yugoslavia? Tomislav Sunic and those like him who invent the existence of a “communist threat” to justify race treason and aiding imperialism in turning brother against brother must rejected.

Can we really believe the Cold War was a good thing? It was Zionism and Jewish finance capital that acted as the shock force for world imperialism in bringing down the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was no more Jewish and Zionist at that point than a Palestinian human bomb, having long since purged the eternal enemy from Soviet and Eastern European power. Can we really believe pointing missiles and nuclear bombs at our White brothers and sisters in Europe because they liberated themselves from finance capital is a form of solidarity between European-descended peoples of the world? Would our people have benefited from White European-descended peoples dropping nuclear weapons on one another? Can we really believe this was even about communism, and not rather a conspiracy of aggression against our continental mother’s womb, just as this same enemy targeted Germany for annihilation by fire twice and has done to our brothers and sisters throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East? I mean just look today and we see Russia isn’t run by Communists, but yet ZOG America’s ruling classes are still bound and determined to provoke another Cold War, crying to no end against the heroic liberation of brotherly South Ossetia and Abkhazia from ZOG Georgia and placing military instillations all over Europe against Moscow.

“Supporting our troops” means asking the Jews and globalists to mass-murder and subjugate both the world and ourselves with their lackeys. Every enemy who falls today at the hands of the Mujahadeen in Iraq and Afghanistan is a common victory for the truly patriotic forces from among our people. Let us “support the troops” only when they refuse the orders of the imperialist ZOG regime, march away from Iraq westward towards Tel Aviv, when they switch sides and turn their guns the other way, and particularly when they atone for their crimes by blowing up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Otherwise, may death and demise be upon them!

Equally, anyone carrying a badge is an enemy and deserves to be killed when attacking our people or anyone. You tell me, all you idiots who cry and whine when Blacks taunt and praise the killing of “the pigs” in their songs, who brought down Ruby Ridge and Waco with arms? Who is the armed wing of the Zionist Occupation Government? Who is spying on us, beating and imprisoning demonstrators, and every step of the way works to infiltrate and sabotage any hopes for our national liberation? Snitching and cop-calling are NOT “patriotic;” the pigs are not our friends!


An example that I always bring up is the case of my colleague Kevin Walsh, who was felonized after having an armed standoff with government agents attempting to unjustly detain him. People reacted to the case as if he were “nuts.” Yet, many would completely support the very same case if he were in some exotic-sounding “Third World” country far removed from their comfort zones. What, we aren’t suppose to defend ourselves with arms when the enemy is trying to destroy us? Is that really so “extreme” or are our sensibilities so self-defeating and extremely brainwashed that we wind up thinking surrender and humiliation are acceptable?

Yet, the paradigm goes much deeper than being against the government of America. America itself doesn’t have a legitimate right to exist, is again I repeat, A BANKER’S PRISONHOUSE OF NATIONS AND NOT A NATION IN AND OF ITSELF. It is a project directly aligned with the Zionist entity, one more repressive than any other in modern history that will eventually lead to our extermination. Our nation is NOT America. Our hearts and heritage, raped and ravaged by the Zionist multicultural enemy countless times, must for our survival lie with the continental European mother’s womb of our people. In short, we’re White European-descended Aryans who formed a nationality with a common bloodline, language and heritage who require territorial imperatives for our ethnic survival, but we are NOT Americans. To be more exact, call us European-Americans if so long as in so doing we are defining a Eurocentric people and civilization and not a cosmopolitan anti-national project defined by the Red, White and Jew. Delinking our identity from Europe is a Zionist plot to rob of us of our Aryan soul and identity, and rather promote the existence an illusionary “American race” where the Africans, Red Indians, and others perish beside us on an altar of money-worship.

America is itself a concept of immigration and therefore anti-national. From the idiocy of our ancestors fleeing the continental mother’s womb instead of working to make their homeland a better place, to bombing and attempting to break down the ethnic character of the peoples of the world who resist globalism, to spreading such destruction against the various peoples residing in the United States who over the course of centuries each developed unique cultures and heritages with the genocidal use of “open borders” today, America is a dance with death. Hence, to be a nationalist, to believe in nationalism, and even to be an internationalist in the correct context, is to be anti-American and is to delink ourselves from America. The only thing that will ever be White and truly Eurocentric about America are the nihilism and rotting corpses of our people.

American Nationalism is objectively anti-nationalist globalism, for the destruction of the national unit, the great black hole, clearly lacks an ethnic character and patriotic dimension. In practical terms, American Nationalism today is just simply rednecks becoming Jewish and a mass support base for military aggression, globalism and consumerism. Such “nationalism” is our enemy. It cannot logically be construed to mean the patriotic love of our people and working to preserve and enrich what makes us unique.

It’s not only those followers of Marcus Garvey or Puerto Rican freedom fighters for whom the task of delinking from America stands as a sacred patriotic objective. White Power, when correctly defined, ultimately wants both separation from and death to America. Indeed, “White Power, Death to America!”

While our people are very different from both the Arabs and the Koreans, and hence have their own particular road to national liberation, the best models existing today, and worthy of careful study, admiration, and solidarity by our people are those of north Korea and the Iraqi Branch of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party.

Both projects, while guided by scientific socialism, took a far more thorough-going analysis of nationalism than pretending it to be something harmful to the unity of the popular classes or international solidarity, both realizing that nations are more than something which arose as product of capitalist development which will or should “whither away” as socialist construction intensifies. Both projects also defend the principle that to be a good internationalist one should first be a good patriot and that the nation alone decides the course of its struggle as masters of one’s own destiny and revolution.

Equally relevant for us, both projects are guided by a mother party capable of unifying the people though ideological struggle and developing a monolithic and organic ideology in the course of rooting out opportunism and erroneous ideas and behaviors. Like the eventuality of our own struggle against the Jews and American regime, both celebrate the central role of armed struggle and used their unique heritages to build a modern people-first civilizational project. In this regard, one finds leader Kim Jong Il’s On Correctly Understanding Nationalism and On Preserving the Juche Character and National Character of the Revolution and Construction extremely relevant and creatively applicable to our own struggle once liberated from ethnic chauvinism and pro-imperialist illusions.For our people, we call for preserving our ethnic character and heritage without pretending that the platform of the dominant White nationalist paradigm or the old Confederate regime are somehow capable of liberating us. We call for European-American motherland defense equipped with class analysis and a proletarian internationalist outlook as the guiding lens in these Zionized and pro-American times of defeat and despair.

Our nationalism must be a progressive nationalism, which while working to defend our blood and ethnic character against cosmopolitanism, is ultimately part of the global front to preserve the existence of nations and social liberation of the world’s popular classes in general.

Judeo-“Christianity” is our enemy

The historical accuracy of the Bible and the question of the existence of Jesus is not relevant to our struggles today. In practical terms, Christianity is today a two millennia old religious and political force in the world with a large number of adherents. With all due respect to the Pagans and non-religious from among our people, Christianity is simply a reality. While I to detest many of its political uses today and also recognize its origins as something distinctly foreign and Semitic, Christianity is an organic White Eurocentric expression from our people today. It is important, even for those like myself who are atheists, to recognize that Christianity has become a part of our people, and that many true Christians are our comrades today.

Hence, we must always hold a place at the table for all of our Christian brothers and sisters who work for social justice and the advancement and upliftment of our people. In criticizing Judeo-“Christianity,” I do not attack these people or the religion of our ancestors, nor am I attempting to discourage our people from practicing true Christianity. Rather, I attack a political poison masking itself in the image our people, but one that is inherently contrary to their best interests and that cannot be construed as being genuinely “Bible-based” anyways.

One should not be surprised that the Christian Jew was ultimately to submit before the Jewish Jew in the power struggle over domination of finance capital. Talmudism, on both a secular and religious level, being far more handcrafted at the art of subversion and sabotage and the Jews themselves raised in such a manner and spirit, than their Christian counterparts turned lackeys, and logically meaning the domination of Jewish Judaism over “Christian” Judaism. Our Christian population will either find alternative paths ranging from Islam, Buddhism and paganism to simply becoming atheists and agnostics or else they will need to reclaim the revolutionary potential of their creed as many have already done. However, Judeo-“Christianity” is unredeemable and shall be annihilated.

Judeo-“Christianity” presents the false notion that Jewish values are also Christian values and that the Zionist entity is part of the will of God in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. It is treason to true Christianity, because it perverts Christian values and promotes attacks on real Christians in Palestine and elsewhere in the Arab world. “Love your neighbor as yourself” becomes “defraud and exploit your neighbor and physically attack him if he resists or even objects too much.” The teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin are far closer to the teachings of Christ than any of this predatory Judaeo-“Christian” gutter religion.

Paleo-Conservativism: an infantile disorder

Paleo-conservativism is the general trends of conservativism prior to neo-conservativism. It’s espousers, to varying degrees essentially believe in what one would consider “traditional American values” prior to the particularly Jewish/Trotskite/fanatically interventionist-oriented takeover of both the Republican Party and American nationalist thought. Essentially, while at times objectively anti-imperialist, they’re just whining because White Judeo-“Christian” quarters fail to dominate the leading quarters of imperialist finance capital and policy decisions on domestic and foreign affairs and essentially have the same idiotic attachment to the “American

Dream” as do their neo-conservative rivals. However, they detest America’s globalist role today while glossing over the fact that a whole series of reactionary ideas and behaviors they oppose are the ideological basis for the forming of America and were always tactics and strategies used by the enemy government.

The United States didn’t become imperialistic and hell bent for world domination when it became essentially Jewish. Becoming Jewish just made the problem a whole lot worse. We can trace clear back to wars of aggression against the Red Indians, to support for the Jewish-led slave trade in both the North and South, to the war of aggression against Dixie, and to America’s subversive decision to become an imperialist power clear back to 1898 and the aggression against the Philippines, Cuba and Puerto Rico, while claiming to be their friend and brother against Spanish colonialism.

Miscegenation didn’t begin with Neo-conservatives. Not only were enslaving Africans and mass murdering Red Indians morally wrong and inexcusable, though the meaning, relevance and scope of such actions has become greatly distorted, but they led us to lose our unique European identity by blood and culture for a false and enemy American one, as much as it did to those it colonized. Chinese immigrants, like their Irish counterparts – our brothers today, were brought in on a large scale by those who adhered to the will of the “Founding Fathers” as a source of cheap and easily exploited labor. This can hardly be seen as wanting to preserve our ethnic character.

The fact is, our “Founding Fathers,” without exception, were all garbage, who hailed an anti-national project where people were advised to abandon their ethnic character and nationalist-class struggle for the merchant’s pipe dream of America. Any true White Nationalist is not a paleo-conservative and should hate America’s founding leaders and ideology as much as leftists and peoples oppressed by White World colonialism.

Paleo-conservatives often play an anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist social role at a time when our culture, like those of the entire world, is being rapidly eroded, but they do so from a distorted and defeatist worldview that lacks class analysis, honest historical basis or a path forward. Our duty as patriots must not be to make the impossible return to the origins of our demise before the onslaught of liberalism and globalism, but to build a revolutionary path forward.

Build the European-American National Democratic Front and People’s War!

The illusions must smashed. The American regime, dominated by International Zionism but criminal in its own right, is our arch-enemy and ethnic catastrophe. Here we affirm that as ZOG is standing in the way of our national liberation and behaving as a violent anti-nationalist and anti-popular classes menace around the world by force of arms, armed struggle is the primary mode and necessity for our people’s survival, territorial imperative and the formation of a liberated and independent European-American Democratic People’s Republic. Without undue bravado nor illusions, we call upon our best and brightest sons and daughters to build and enhance the European-American people’s mass struggle, prerequisite for our war of national liberation, with total commitment and selflessness.

We must join hands with the “Axis of Resistance” constituting those groups and lands around the world combating imperialism and the Jews. Primarily this includes the Mujahadeen in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and Somalia, and the People’s Wars in the Philippines and Colombia. It also constitutes the friendly peoples of Korea, Cuba, Russia, Serbia, Venezuela, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, China, Pakistan and India, Belarus, Myanmar, Sudan, Zimbabwe and others. In so doing, being masters of our own destiny, such solidarity is not a manifestation of flunkies. Hence, such solidarity should not be without mutual autonomy or criticism, but as a genuinely organic expression of solidarity among patriots against a common enemy regardless of ethnic and ideological differences.

The current rejectionist tactics of more advanced White Nationalist groups, namely “lone wolf actions,” anti-regime armed standoffs and “terrorism” are not without extremely positive and effective attributes in light of the absolute necessity of military operations and the lack of a revolutionary mass line and political-military apparatus capable of currently defeating the American regime and the Jews. They are not an end in and of themselves however. Our people must launch a successful guerrilla war capable of galvanizing the political arena and mobilizing the masses of our European-American people or we may well perish.

Our revolutionary struggle for liberation is not a “Race War,” and the designs of International Zionism for such fratricide between ourselves and the Black nation, as espoused by certain myopic and sectarian forces only serves to undermine our struggle and resistance. We also call for the formation of solidarity between European-descended peoples of the United States and African-descended peoples and others based on mutual respect of ethnic identity, brotherhood and friendship, and resistance to a common threat. Any ethnic contradictions between ourselves and Black people and others must be secondary to a recognition of the need for class solidarity and the need for all peoples to correct a whole series of idiotic social roles and ideas, though rejecting of assimilation and racial nihilism. We must ultimately unite in a political-military showdown towards defeating Jewish power, promoting the resistance of peoples outside the US territorial boundaries on the frontlines against globalism, overthrowing the regime, and defending the self-determination and ethnic character of peoples.

Furthermore, we laud the heroic acts of resistance which occurred on September 11th, 2001 and welcome international combat volunteers, who also recognize in the American regime and the Jews a common enemy of their people and who are currently more advanced politically, spiritually, and militarily to combat them. At a time of total globalist onslaught we cannot pretend that our national borders exist in any coherent and natural sense anyways. This being the case, we respect the calls made by various Jihad organizations for opening up the field of combat both in the United States and the Zionist entity, rather than considering these to be acts of aggression against our people as proponents of the “war on terror” erroneously do.

Many forces conducting solidarity activities, building the movement against war, anti-Zionists, advocates of self-determination and anti-government agitators caution against raising the alarm bells with support of violent resistance to the Jews and regime, promotion of “terrorism” and the call for destroying the United States. Such people would argue that the actual conditions for successfully conducting People’s War currently do not exist or even that “terrorism” is universally immoral and counterproductive. They point out that this is potentially useful for demonizing more “legitimate” organizations, mass-appeal aboveground political work and single issue causes. It’s also true when they argue that this carries with it immense security risks and that the super-majority of people are deeply turned off by such an approach.

Yet, we cannot possibly forsake the revolution for political breadcrumbs or pragmatism. The necessity of armed nationalist-class struggle ranks as the singular greatest imperative both for the survival and liberation of my European-American people and for the final defeat of imperialism and Zionism around the world, i.e. for the national liberation of all peoples as the victory of international proletarian nationalism over cosmopolitanism, Americanism and globalism.

First, as is the duty of all people, I am affirming here the call for the self-determination and liberation of my people as a sacred principle and inalienable right, regardless of calls for moderation. At a time White people are being slated for destruction and demise, with all due respect, moderation and restraint are off the table. Secondly, one has to seriously question if anti-globalist forces within the misnomered “Western World,” unlike their counterparts in the equally misnomered “Third World,” are actually achieving anything at all. This leads to honestly assessing the state of defeat and duress, and presents clearly the centrality of revolutionary dynamism and correct ideology if we are going to tip the balance of power in our favor. Third, again I berate the proponents of dogmatic humanism and moralism for their degenerate blanket condemnations of the truly liberating brutality of resistance terror. The reality is we are fighting an enemy who lacks principles, chivalry or dignity. The idea of rules of engagement becomes a Talmudic length saga, rather than merely stressing the need for focusing attacks on the enemy more so than on our own popular classes (with the exception of the Zionist entity). This has become chains around the arms of our people and objectively enables reactionary anti-human terror of aggression a billion fold more barbaric than collateral damage caused by resistance actions, for it is such resistance actions that help to partially blunt the enemy’s aggression. Lastly, everything I have said about America, that it does not have a right to exist and will ultimately destroy our own just as it has so many others, is completely true. Hence, my position rests on its own merits.

The European-American “left,” unlike their counterparts throughout Eastern Europe, Asia, Arabia, Africa, Turkey and Latin America, overwhelming lack any real national dimension, red meat-eating instinct, willingness and thirst for combat, anti-Judaism and anti-Zionism in their psychology, and even are generally not opposed to globalism and imperialism. They have become chattel slaves, effeminate pacifists and the most loathing and distracted of shabbos goyim and ethnic nihilists. We struggle so that one day the best and brightest of our sons and daughters on the left join the ranks of proletarian Aryan combatant fighters, wishing defeat for the poisons of the New Left and Old Left alike.

Now looking honestly, my brothers and sisters on the right and those still embedded with a sense of salvation and ethnic survival, are not without the many fatal flaws I have mentioned in this appeal. May it be that ideological struggle and the blood of our martyrs cleanses our people, strengthens them, aids their contributions to overall global cause, and finds our people surviving and flourishing. Our greatest threat is apathy, our greatest freedom painful self-criticism, myself included.

We are facing the eventuality of the complete breakdown of imperialist finance capital. The imperialist system of the regime, aside from spreading the ills of multiculturalism, produced a parasitic economy unable to stand. Arise and destroy it with arms!

Glory to the European-American proletarian nation, hail to the White race!

Long live the resistance option, death to our enemies!

On the Need for Nationalist and anti-Jewish Ideological Struggle amongst Communists and Western Leftists

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

In today’s post-Soviet world, with the exception of those nations where Communists seized state power and developed patriotic models of building socialism, to call oneself a “Communist” today is to be a fifth column agent for Zionism, liberalism, social democracy, defeatism, cosmopolitanism, international Jewry, and imperialist globalization.

Those of us who love our Communist identity, who love the working class of our nation and want to preserve our ethnic character and believe in international solidarity with the popular masses of other countries fighting against Zionism and imperialism, have a profound obligation to tell the truth and struggle to rectify this embarrassing and humiliating situation. This is true no matter how many times we ourselves are accused of espousing “racism,” “xenophobia,” “national chauvinism,” “anti-Semitism,” “White Supremacism” or “Islamo-fascism,” and even “anti-Communism.” As a revolutionary principle, the popular classes struggle together as a national unit to build the revolution. This patriotic class struggle forms proletarian internationalism not based upon wanting to destroy nations and form a “Communist International,” but by the bonds of solidarity and cooperation between patriots of one land with another. The leading forces behind the United States and imperialism worldwide, which struggles to break down the ethnic character of people, are overwhelmingly Jewish.

21st Century Communism is National Communism, not dogmatic “anti-revisionist Marxism-Leninism,” not liberal identity politics and definitely not national nihilism and Jew-loving self-hatred. European-American National Communism isn’t chauvinistic nor the metaphysics of Hitlerite National Socialism, but it will coordinate with our kindred in the White Power national democratic front and other peoples on its own terms. It also will not fall for the trap of “anti-racism” and “anti-fascism” or whatever Jewish and nihilist conspiracy is hatched to prevent us from closing ranks with our kindred, regardless of whether or not they are currently anti-communist.

While we admire Stalin’s leadership during the Soviet-led struggle against Operation Barbarossa, we cannot possibly deny that many good points existed early on in the German revolution of 1933, and that very real limitations existed in the Communist movement, namely Jew-loving illusions and national nihilism. Further, we argue that Adolf Hitler has become the greatest sacred cow of the entire world, a sacred cow that needs to be correctly deconstructed because it stands in the way of our liberation and of movements of national release against globalism throughout the world.

We also will not deny that the dominant White Nationalist movement, regardless of our internal disagreements and its limitations, is not without many positive features. We defend “Europe for the Europeans” and opposition to “open borders” when Arabs and others ask us to “tone it down a notch,” because White people have a right to self-determination as much as Palestinians and Iraqis. Within the United States, multiculturalism is nothing more than a codeword for Zionist-driven cosmopolitanism and nihilistic death for which all of us are ultimately victims. We refuse to differentiate between Jews and Zionists, because it cannot possibly be argued that this lie has any logical benefit for our struggle or the overall struggle against imperialism. We do not deny the existence of races or the centrality of ethno-nationalism as the only genuine form of nationalism today, but merely state that such questions are the internal matter of other peoples and oppose genuine ethnic chauvinism while equally lambasting calls of denunciation against true nationalism when it is slandered by the forces of “political correctness.” Lastly, like all White Nationalists in the US, we love White people, are proudly Eurocentric and openly quarrel with the dominant leftist paradigm that pretends European-Americans are not an oppressed nation today with a right to self-determination.

Our communism is not an attempted subversion of the people through chameleon tactics. We have no hidden agenda, because our goals are public knowledge. Our call for socialism, anti-imperialism and anti-Zionism and the liberation of White people through a coordinated national democratic front is an open and steady call. Our political alliances are honest alliances, regardless of real differences, based on an understanding of needing unified collective White European-American action and eventually coordination with other people to bring down the American regime and Jewish power worldwide. We are not rightists with the rightists and leftists with the leftists, though we do speak to each in ways to which they can relate. We are patriotic communists at all times.

Unlike other group identities formed around religion or based on national identity (without conceding that the Jews constitute a nation), the very act of being a Jew is hostile to the world and without redeeming value. We admire Lenin, but he was wrong on this. Almost no real “Jewish proletariat” exists to be differentiated from the Jewish bourgeoisie, because Jews are lazy predatory creatures who close ranks around a common goal of world domination and economic slavery. We do need to condemn White globalists and others who are power holders in imperialist finance capital and the conspiracy to destroy nation states and think in terms of class analysis, but it is very important to understand that the leading quarters of imperialism and the true power structure of the United States are all Jews and that the entire Jewish community closes ranks with this threat to liberty.

My organization, the European-American Socialist People’s Front, calls on honest elements of the White European-descended left to correct their mistakes on the national question and the Jewish problem and join ranks for a nation liberation struggle to come. We call on White European-descended rightists to understand that while the dominant Western leftist political movements are Judaic assaults on the dignity of the white race, that not all of us are without great love for and pride in our people, and we do want a unified front to preserve our identity and promote our liberation. We address our allies outside the realm of our kindred as friends and comrades, but we do not allow that they should possibly dictate the terms of our mass line. We argue that natural differences always will exist between the mass lines of completely different people, but that this should not stand in the way of amiable relations and collective solidarity against a common threat.

Imperialism, not White solidarity, is the real enemy of humanity!

No, Juche is not “Maoism” or Ultra-“leftism”!

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

The Communist Party of China, under the leadership of Comrade Mao Zedong and Comrade Deng Xiaoping, for both “leftist” and rightist flaws, transformed China from a semi-feudal neo-colony to a vibrant socialist powerhouse which will soon surpass the United States. The DPRK under the leadership of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and China under the leadership of Chairman Mao Tse Tung, Comrade Lui Shao Qi and Comrade Deng Xiaoping victoriously fought together side-by-side against both Japanese and US imperialism, and from this experience built an indestructible friendship that will endure for centuries. Both countries developed socialism in the conditions of arduous struggle by dint of the armed national democratic front.

The Chinese developed many revolutionary theories which added luster to Marxism-Leninism and the struggle of the working class for socialism and national independence. We speak here of the theory of People’s War, a correct appraisal of the universality of armed struggle in developing socialism, of more properly developing a theory on the peasant question and national question, and of a multi-class national democratic front. Many of these ideas mirror successful advances in the Korean revolution, and are creatively applicable throughout the world, including within the United States.

However, that is where the similarities end and the important differences emerge. First, Juche is not Marxism-Leninism per se, though it does presuppose it, while “Maoism,” or more correctly “Mao Zedong Thought,” is the attempt at the practical application of Marxism-Leninism to Chinese conditions. Secondly, while Chairman Mao is a legendary giant revered by the Chinese people and much of progressive humanity, one cannot properly evaluate his role as leader of China in the same spirit as one evaluates that of Stalin in the USSR. From approximately 1957 onward, Mao increasingly became arrogant and delusional until he erred towards what Lenin properly termed “Left-wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder” in his hallmark work. He took differences with Khrushchev’s opportunism to mean that the Soviet Union was more than incorrect and with revisionist tendencies, to the absurd level of pretending that the Soviet Union had become imperialistic and the primary contradiction in the world. Later, he repeatedly refused to reconcile with Brezhnev, and the socialist camp was devastated by unnecessary fratricidal strife between two socialist brother peoples. In this process Mao purposefully endorsed neo-colonialist movements and lauded the US-backed Pinochet clique in Chile, because he felt it was necessary to subvert national liberation movements which had Soviet or Eastern European backing. This was based on the insane and paranoid idea that taking assistance from friendly socialist countries, whatever their flaws, meant being lackeys of the non-existent phenomenon referred to as “socio-imperialism.” He made deals with the Nixon administration which prevented the Soviet Union from sending supplies to the Vietnamese, regardless of the real flaws in their leadership, while they were heroically fighting US imperialism.

Domestically, Mao Zedong was correct to oppose Khrushchev’s insane anti-Stalin revisionist policies, but the idea that he was some principled leader of the struggle against revisionism is a boldface lie. In truth, it was only a few years after the infamous 20th Congress speech that Mao took on an anti-revisionist line, one more based on the opportunism of anti-Russian ethnic chauvinism occurring in China at the time and still rampant today, than any sort of polemical principles. The first attack on modern revisionism occurred far before either the idiotic “socio-imperialism” slanders by both Enver Hoxha and Mao Zedong with the publication of “On Eliminating Dogmatism and Formalism and Establishing Juche in Ideological Work,” by the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung in 1955. Furthermore, what is particularly insightful is that the great leader thoroughly liquidated revisionism from the Korean revolution while maintaining unity with both China and the Soviet bloc. Unlike various dogmatists who took their attacks against Yugoslavia too far, he even went so far as to open up ties to Yugoslavia, recognize the regime as genuinely socialist and ensured the commemoration of Comrade Tito’s life and heroic struggle with a DPRK-issued stamp.

What is vital to understand is that the great leader was able to lead the Worker’s Party of Korea to unparalleled successes in socialist construction and anti-imperialist independence, because he systematically opposed both rightist errors and ultra-“leftist” ones, struggling against both dogmatism and revisionism. It was in this light that the great leader recognized US imperialism to be the greatest threat facing the world, and while ensuring Korea’s independence from Soviet and Chinese control, made efforts to be amiable to both, to oppose the self-defeating idea both had of the other one being the primary contradiction in the world and to solidify the socialist bloc and forces of national liberation and social emancipation based on the principles of unity and independence.

While many Western Maoists laud to the heavens the “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution” and the “Great Leap Forward,” they will find virtually no support for such utter failures within China itself, including among those dedicated to communism. In Korea, revisionism was successfully combated through raising the ideological preparedness of the masses and by developing the mother party along the monolithic lines of Juche. Meanwhile in China, Mao’s policies led crypto-anarchist youth to pulverize party members, including genuine revolutionaries like Liu Shao Qi. In this process of centering ideological struggle on elements alien and even hostile to the Chinese working class, Maoist era China planted the seeds for undermining the central role of the party in socialist construction. One can see how this was used a decade or so after Mao’s death during the US imperialist-backed Tiananmen incident.

One cannot rationally compare Comrade Deng Xiaoping to Khrushchev. Stalin had done a remarkable job, despite whatever errors occurred, developing the Soviet Union, likely the greatest job any leader had ever done in history up until that stage. By contrast, the Chinese people revere Chairman Mao today because of his leadership in forming the Chinese Revolution and defeat of the Japanese, in spite of the inconsistencies, serious excesses, total chaos and incompetence which plagued his years as ruler. In this light, one wonders what would have been had the Communist Party of China remained under the leadership of Lui Shao Qi, who was to the right of Mao‘s authoritarian “ultra-leftism” and to the left of but amiable towards Deng‘s ultra-rightism. He also was gifted in capacities for socialist planning, cadre-building, diplomacy and statesmanship, and many of his works such as “How to be a Good Communist” are relevant for us today in developing young cadre. Imagine how much better China would be had Lin Biao and the criminal clique of the gang of four been given their rightful execution years earlier. Much of China’s moves far to the right, for all of the excesses, were necessary due to fanatical ultra-“leftism”. Without such infantile fanaticism in its early years, the ideological and material basis for the pragmatic outlook which exists today would never have existed!

It’s fair to say that Comrade Deng Xiaoping moved too far to the right. Certainly, I will not excuse opening relations with the ROK and the Zionist entity, lines Mao to his credit always fought. One can argue that the Dengist direction, while correct to place greater emphasis on the productive forces and consolidating national unity, negated ideological struggle on many levels. Deng wrongfully followed a path of approaching imperialism pragmatically rather than defiantly opposing it, but even this should be directly traced to actions Mao himself had followed.

Deng deserves credit for being the builder of modern China which has become a prosperous and harmonious country and world power. His efforts during Tiananmen, when one considers such an era found similar “demonstrations” leading to the collapse of socialism in certain countries, were heroic and principled. Deng, who Western Maoists claim is responsible for destroying socialism in China, very well might have saved it twice, once when ultra-“leftism” had so destroyed Chinese culture and the economy and badly demoralized the popular classes that he needed to move to the right however unpopular outside of China and later when Eastern European-style coup attempts occurred and decisive action was needed. Deng’s disciples have done much to repair damaged relations with Russia (formerly the Soviet Union), which is of the utmost geopolitical importance today. Furthermore, from my personal experiences, I consider it wrong to claim that China is now a capitalist country. Many aspects of socialism still remain in China, and the masses in China are still deeply dedicated to socialist construction and live pleasant lives far superior to those of American working people.

Chinese geopolitics usually were far worse than the Soviet Union’s, despite ultra-“leftist” slogan-mongering about People’s War and with the notable exception of policy on Democratic Kampuchea and the Philippines and non-recognition of the Zionist entity and apartheid South Africa where China was mostly correct. The gaping flaws in this general line are a product of Mao as much as Deng. However, under Mao, Huo Guafang, and later Deng, China also did a lot of good. Today, China has idiotic positions on things like the war against Afghanistan and shamefully supported sanctions against Iraq, but they also take relatively principled lines on Myanmar, Zimbabwe and Serbia. If nothing else, China has the potential to be a counterweight to US imperialism as part of the global formation of a multi-polar world.

The DPRK, while not having yet the full level of productive forces which China has, is light years ahead of the former Soviet Union, China, or anyone to have undergone socialist construction. This is all a product of the originality of the Juche idea and the willingness of the DPRK to evaluate rationally and independently the experiences of socialist construction and anti-imperialist revolutionary struggle of other countries and peoples while. The DPRK couples this standpoint with maintaining a firm line of principled solidarity with the forces of socialism and national liberation against the primary contradiction, US imperialism, while rejecting flunkeyism and dogmatism.

The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and later leader Kim Jong Il put forward much creative ideological material which is becoming increasingly popular for study today. Both the Juche idea and Songun politics, an ideology of placing priority in military affairs in all circumstances and relying on the People’s Army as the pillar of socialist construction, like Marxism-Leninism have real valid insights creatively applicable today. The Juche idea brought forth an independent series of revolutionary working class principles which defined the independence of humanity and the role of ideological consciousness and socio-political integrity on a fuller scale than Marxism-Leninism had, while still upholding Marxism-Leninism as a revolutionary ideology and admiring the forerunners of the revolution. Juche idea brought about a much deeper understanding of the national question than Marxism had, and realized that nations will not whither away under communism as Karl Marx had predicted based on the limitations of his era. It built upon the good work of Stalin and Zhdanov in combating cosmopolitanism and promoting socialist patriotism to even higher levels, and defended the family as the cell of the collective human body. Furthermore, the DPRK is to be lauded and admired for standing firm on the question of the role of the gun and necessity of non-negotiation on questions of principles related to national independence and anti-imperialist struggle.

In this light, it is important that advanced elements from among all nations of the world understand the Korean revolution and closely evaluate many of its core tenets for creative application to their own conditions as rationally deemed applicable.

Who is to Blame for Supporting US Imperialism?

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Now more than ever, America is deeply hated around the world, and many people have come to detest the opportunism of most of our population for their economist compromises with militarism. It is therefore important to understand who is to blame for tolerating and supporting US imperialism and to properly address how the problem should be addressed.

My position has always been that America is a banker’s prison house of nations without a right to exist. It should come down by force of arms with each people de-linking their ethnic identity from America as a prerequisite for building socialism and communism. When the people loudly procolaim, “ Death to America!,” we speak not of the needless mass killing of three hundred million people, but of the end to an oppressive and monstrous cosmopolitan Zionist project which brings ruin to White people as much as to Blacks, Red Indians, Mexican-Americans or Puerto Ricans. Even more so, it is also a direct threat of our total extermination! This is a line, incidentally understood in many advanced White nationalist quarters, for those who still believe the Zionist media nonsense about how White racialist forces inherently are so ultra-chauvinistic that they wind up being aligned with imperialism.

So then while we reject America as a concept, we cannot reject the fact that materially it obviously does exist. We all are currently thrown into this project which constitutes the center of world imperialism dominated by Jewish finance capital where most people hold self-defeating and deeply reactionary views that promote militarism or illusions about imperialism and Zionism.

The ultra-“left,” namely anarchists, sectarian Maoists, chauvinistic Black/African nationalists and racialists, eclectic New Leftists who unfortunately aren’t dead yet, and that broad cult of ignoring class analysis commonly know as “Third Worldists,” are correct to the extent that they blame the American people for tolerating US imperialist aggression, for taking opportunist lines out of populist feelings, and for putting up insignificant resistance to it. These forces lack an understanding of the socio-economic power structure and often replace anti-imperialism with anti-White sectarianism. However, they are basically correct that the American economy is parasitic for which the popular classes bear some degree of responsibility for tolerating and often supporting and attempting to benefit from it.

Now then, if we European-Americans, as exemplified by your average redneck, are to be ridiculed for our false patriotism today which heralds the bombing and destruction of peoples, what about the Mexican who receives citizenship in exchange for serving in the imperialist army’s wars of aggression? What about the millions of pathologically lazy proponents of “Aztlan” who pretend to advance Mexican-American interests even while they are really short-sidedly aligned with the very globalist forces who are breaking down the ethnic character of all the world’s people, including Mexican-Americans and Mexicans, and promoting the free flow of imperialist finance capital and super-profits on the graves of national boundaries? What about those who invent a metaphysical “poverty draft” to pretend that those from among their own ethnic group or social class aren’t equally traitors for actively participating in imperialist wars? What about Red Indians who honor those from amongst their people who died while combating the liberation fighters in Iraq on behalf of US imperialism and world Zionism? Should we honor these fallen scum as “heroes” against oppression or be any less enthusiastic about their deaths? What about the reality of the Black streets today who do not turn their hearts towards Shahid Malik elShabazz (Malcolm X) and The Right Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, but are galvanized around the ultra-Zionist and imperialist lackey Barack Obama simply because he has a non-White continence, even as Obama‘s policies often mirror those of the most hawkish quarters of neo-conservativism, including neo-colonialist policies against Black people? Even Louis Farrakhan’s wing of the Nation of Islam and the leadership of the New Panthers sound like your typical PC Kosher Jewish liberal today.

The fact is that economism, which can vaguely be defined as attempting to win gains in the struggle for social emancipation and national self-determination through collusion with the imperialist power structure, is a crippling problem with deadly consequences today. White European-Americans are often deeply guilty of this, but so is virtually everyone in the United States to an equal or even greater degree. The lesson to be learned is that all of us need to stop being soft on opportunism, not that the White popular classes in North America and Europe are inherently evil if they reject assimilation and cosmopolitanism. Indeed, White assimilation ultimately works against the self-determination of everyone and is in the best interest of no one except the Jews, the imperialists and petty local tyrants from among the brotherly peoples of the world. Ultimately, the unity and independence of the world and whatever ethnic group we hold dear demands we wage a successful revolutionary struggle against imperialism and Zionism. Namely we need to destroy our Zionist and imperialist rulers in the United States and their power structure. It is vital that we understand that this cannot be achieved short of protracted guerrilla warfare against the US government and the Jews. Furthermore, it is both our internationalist duty and the realization of our true patriotic self-interest to actively support our brothers and sisters in foreign lands on the front lines against the enemy today, particularly as they undergo armed struggle.

All of our peoples can and must correct a whole series of reactionary social roles and ideas, but we also do not need to be excessively disparaged. We need to hold accountable and uplift one another and to organize the masses. Through the concerted efforts of all the peoples in North America, let us wage a heroic struggle against imperialism and Zionism!

On Racial Communism

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Racial communism is the highest stage of communist theory and practice for our people. It is an emerging  ideology which seeks to produce the epic works for guiding our future generations to come while defeating the anti-White genocidal conspiracy by raising our people to the level of combatant fighters and successfully engaging in protracted armed struggle. It is a terroristic specter which haunts the lying misanthropic leftists who laugh joyously at the embarrassing state of defeat in which our people wallow. Racial communism prophetically promises them that the “favor” will be returned by a thousand fold when we achieve state power and butcher them en masse through great purges if they fail to correct their treasonous behavior. It stands in diametric opposition to attachment to the enemy liberal Zionist project called “America,” Cold War nonsense and the individualism of the far right, libertarians and paleoconservatives. However, racial communism as a product of collective cells organic to our European-American body also understands that our movement for racial, national and social liberation, even our working class vanguard today, is confused and often among these very same people. Minus ardent conservatives and integrationists, at least some of these types of people still want to be White, which is more than we can say for most of the left. Hence, even during fierce ideological struggle we treat our brothers and sisters differently than we treat anti-White enemies.

Vladimir Lenin was completely correct to call “left-wing communism” the “infantile disorder” that it is in his famous work. On the other extreme, David Lane was correct to affirm that “Christian Right-wing American Patriots” are “C.R.A.P.” in his famous work. While I doubt these two gentlemen would have liked each other very much, they both made real contributions to the kind of synthesis we need today in building a revolutionary European-American nationalistic anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist front, one that is both anti-capitalist and racially aware. Both of these great men understood the centrality of armed revolution, and it is none other than armed revolution which will act as a sort of antiseptic, cleaning our people’s deep wounds and nurturing our collective body and its cells.

“Neither left nor right” makes a certain point in today’s Western context because the “left” is completely cosmopolitan and an avowed enemy of our people, while the right seems lost in nostalgia for archaic, conservative and opportunistic ideas and social roles. However, I think it would be more correct to put my organiztion, the European-American Socialist People’s Front (EASPF), in the camp of leftism. This of course presupposes that unlike the infantilism of “left-wing communism,” EASPF is the guiding lens of “right-wing communism,” a national-racial revolutionary working class calling. In this sense, we are genuinely leftists because we are for socialism and anti-imperialism, but to the right of the infantile enemies, because we are patriots waving the red flag rather than open enemies of our own people’s right to self-determination. We are communists standing for the truest form of anti-revisionist communism among our people: White Power as a communist ideology.

Because the bulk of nationalistic Whites in the Western world belong to the far right or libertarian camps, they lack a tangible path forward and fail to see the contradictions that are brewing within the left, dominated as it is by the cosmopolitan infantile ones. Dialectically, the New Left “picked up a rock and dropped it on its own feet” to paraphrase basic pre-Cultural Revolution Maoist concepts. In becoming so vain and arrogant in their hatred of anything White and even openly holding working class Whites in deep contempt, they have essentially handed us a rope with which to hang them. In this spirit we call on the young leftists as they are being beaten in the streets by ZOG’s police to reconsider their positions and approach while maintaining their zeal for struggle.

One finds more and more average working class and middle class rednecks starting to see through capitalism for what it is, without the illusions that existed during the Cold War. White college students who grew up with blue collar parents are beginning to secretly hold their own dogmatic leftist “comrades” in contempt for their racial sectarianism, for this retarded idea that a “White working class doesn’t exist” or that it is “a racist oppressor.” Indeed, race treason isn’t loyalty to humanity, it’s betrayal of one’s own people. You can’t build the people’s revolution without loving them or by betraying them. This is exactly why cosmopolitan and anti-White misleaders promote such lines. In fact, the Zionist media had a virtual blackout on the militaristic aggression the police had in handling anarchist-leaning youth condemning the G20 summit in Pittsburgh recently. Despite the silly anti-White lines these young kids have, most of our supposedly “reactionary” poor workers when discovering reliable news of such events would like to have seen the anarchists send the government’s agents to hell for daring to attack them or any other citizen standing up for basic rights. As another example worth citing, a young European-American fresh out of ZOG’s imperialist military aggression came home and shot two cops dead recently not far from where I live. What if we mixed the spirit of the ex-GI cop-killer on the right and the young anarchists on the left together while calling on all our people to adopt more effective strategies and ideology for total resistance?

Watching African-Americans mindlessly line up in droves behind Barack Obama, simply because he is Black, even though he’s fanatically imperialistic and destroying the economy for all races and nationalities, has caused many people to reassess if Whites are the only ones who have to correct many foolish notions and behaviors. The idea that ZOG America is “AmeriKKKa,” as the New Left claims, doesn’t seem fitting in an environment where the symbolic leader of imperialism isn’t White and where transnational finance capital isn’t dominated by European-America Southerners. Certainly, if the Ku Klux Klan or other radical White paleoconservatives were the ruling elite today, our country wouldn’t have the idiotic pro-immigration stance that it does.

Now the contradictions are brewing. What seems small is a crack destined to shatter the moribund New Left and send them into the dustbin of history should we play our cards correctly. In such a way we could form and enhance a real true revolutionary White working class movement and develop the anti-capitalist and nationalist-racialist revolution. It’s time for real answers and real action. We need more theoretical debate and discussion, but more than that we need mass work, party building and the stockpiling of weapons and ammunition.

We must continue to encourage the leftist youth to rally under the red flag of socialism, and show them that our Confederate battle flag, a symbol of European-American ethno-nationalist resistance today more so than narrow regionalism or loyalty to an antiquated political system, is also a red-colored flag. We need a people’s war, and we also need a race war against Jewish Supremacy, regardless of whether Jews are a real race or not, since they are attacking us because our racial and national identity threatens their hegemonic goals. So then let us build a people’s war against the enemy regime and finance capital. Let us also build a war for ethnic survival, though not one needlessly attacking other oppressed nationalities, particularly innocent popular class African-Americans, as many of my brothers and sisters on the the far right foolishly espouse. We need racial and national liberation, but we also need class struggle. Both the best of the right and the best of the left make complete sense and are useful sources of inspiration. We also should discard what is unusable or reactionary from them, especially libertarian hangups both sadly seem to share.

Our numbers are small, but things are turning in our favor. People who tuned out only a few years ago are now tuning in to our message today. This is because deep down our masses know the economy isn’t coming back. They also painfully understand that we are dying spiritually, culturally and even in a physical sense as an organic ethnic being. Despite often “going through the motions” or not having a workable solution, our people painfully know that they are oppressed. We simply lack the infrastructure and mass media that the enemy holds, or even the amount of media dogmatic rightist and  leftist groups have. For all that, we can build a revolution when the young rebel leftist kids fighting the system with infantile behavior and ideas correct many of those mistakes and the rest of our people, whom conservative “Judeo-Christians”  and the military industrial complex work hard to subvert, correct many of theirs as well. Then we could theoretically join hands in a shooting war, a mature resistance struggle with an understanding that victory will not be won without the righteous blood of our people as martyrs.

Imagine the deep healing that will come over our people at such a point. With numbers, proper leadership, organizational structure, mass movements, and especially armed resistance, what was today our saddest and most depressing moment can be followed by the greatest moment in the history of our people. The chains that shackles would then be smashed and our creative potential would become seemingly endless. This is to say nothing of what a return to the concept of family and neighborhood would bring, something which can only come when we destroy capitalism and build socialism and communism according to our own national and racial realities.

Our people are deeply yearning for something today. One senses that in whatever quarters they should happen to venture. Unfortunately the feeling of just what they are yearning for and how to achieve it has yet to come over them. That only means our work as revolutionaries must intensify.

Hail victory!

Against Jews, Judaism and Zionism

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Often we hear, particularly from “leftist”, “progressive”, “anti-racist”, and “anti-fascist” organizations and individuals that one is demanded by the most basic and sacrosanct of humane tenets to differentiate between the Jews , who are supposedly one of the greatest victims of scapegoating in world history, and “Zionists”, if in fact we are told to differentiate at all and instead to honor both Jews and Zionists, in either of these scenarios in order to avoid being “anti-Semitic”.

Were one to rationally evaluate this “argument” of supporting Jews and Judaism but not Zionism, one would face a series of problematic questions.  First, what is Jewishness and is it reactionary?  Second, what does Judaism teach, and does it call for the creation of a Zionist entity on stolen soil, as well as support of  a whole series of racist misanthropic parasitic Jewish behaviors we are trained to consider Zionism today, namely the belief that Jews are superior to everyone else?  Third, to what extent do Jews and Judaism differentiate themselves from international Zionism?  Fourth, to what degree are today’s Zionist-dominated Jewish social roles, behaviors, and ideas similar to or different from Jewish social roles, behaviors, and ideas prior to the widespread domination of modern Zionism amongst the Jews?  Fifth, if we were to come to the conclusion that Zionism is not drastically different from Jewishness and  Judaism does that mean one is henceforth obligated to recognize Zionism or the Zionist entity out of avoidance of “anti-Semitism”?  Lastly, is it possible  to be in opposition to collective Jewry and Judaism, that is to say to be against Jews, Judaism and Zionism, without being a reactionary or a chauvinist, i.e. can one be anti-Judaic or even “anti-Jewish” without being a “racist anti-Semite”?

What exactly is Jewishness?

Regarding the Jewish Question, we argue that the Jews are not a nationality with a right to self-determination.  Rather, they are a group based on the religious ideology, Judaism, but also including those who still identify with the camaraderie of “chosen” status  they feel God has “given” them, even if repudiating the existance of any such Being, who organically  play a common parasitic social role with the desire to create an ever-expansive Zionist entity, which both Hertzelite and non-Hertzelite Jews refer to as “Israel”, and to enslave the world, who from the extreme right to the extreme left, secular and religious, share a common willingness to close ranks against the “inferior” masses of the rest of humanity whom they collectively and individually see as out to get them.

On all levels Jewishness is reactionary, and yes for that reason we are “anti-Jewish”.

We note that the Jews do not share a common language, a definable historical territory, a collective history (at least in the sense of the Polish Jew having the history of the Algerian one, all be it with each having a fierce Jewishness about that that subjectively wishes to negate these obvious material limitations), and arguably even a common culture.  Furthermore, we note that even many Jewish Zionist reactionaries, for example the late Arthur Koestler, openly admit that the Ashkenazi Jew does not originate in the lands of 1948 Palestine, but in the lower Volga River Valley in Russia.  Jewishness in and of itself does not even make one a “Semite” i.e. member of a common macrocosm of nationalities (and again Jews are not a nationality) belonging to a language group, one which oddly enough makes all Arabs, but not all Jews, inherently “Semites”.

The reactionary nature of Judaism

Judaism is a tribalistic religion originating in ancient times which preaches exclusivist values based on perceived bloodline and the following of rituals and taboos.  Judaism rejects the universalism of salvation found in most modern religions and openly proclaims its adherents to be superior to all other people. By contrast, major world religions including Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism, preach brotherhood of all believers, actively seek converts rather than isolating themselves, and preach that salvation is attainable to all who practice the faith. Judaism seldom accepts converts and judges membership based on whether a person’s mother was Jewish.

While other religions have applications which are completely reactionary, and that should opposed, the primary difference between Judaism and other religions is that reactionary teachings and behaviors are not so much a deviation from true Judaism as they are the logical application of it.  Even dogmatic atheists, were they to condemn all religions, could never condemn all religions equally, namely because Judaism is not simply reactionary, but, strictly on the ideological level, it is drastically more reactionary than any other major trend, even including Satanism.  Judaism preaches genetic-based supremacy, and the Torah depicts God ordering the “chosen people” to engage in acts that would now be known as ethnic cleansing and genocide (Joshua 6:16-22 is a perfect example.)  Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, on the other hand, teach universal salvation and the brotherhood of humanity.

This is in stark contrast to western leftists who often use dogmatic atheism as a cover for Judaeophiliac tendencies like pretending that the entire history of Islamic civilization was nothing but a feudal persecution of women, and blaming Christianity for having genocidal perspectives based on Torah quotations that should actually be directed to prove that leftists should be anti-Jewish and not necessarily anti-Christian or anti-Muslim.

This is to say nothing of the insane cultish mysticism of the Kabala, as well as the voluminous diatribes advocating tribal-sectarian objectively anti-social behavioral patterns against the entire world on the part of the sinister and the ever-misanthropic Judaism found within the “spiritual wisdom” of the Babylonian Talmud.  This is the very same Talmud which establishes, as a matter of fact, that Judaism and Judaic cultural influence, teaches its children to hate people of other religions, to mock the Virgin Mary as a prostitute or to spit as they walk by crosses.  Can we really expect that this kind of ideology or behavior would have gotten the Jew accepted into deeply religious and Christian-dominated Europe anymore than Jewish sectarian hatred of Muslims and the refusal of Arab Jews to see themselves as Arabs, Persian Jews as fellow Persians, accepted into the various nations of the sacred Ummah?  Only in these Judaeophilic times would such “logic” even be worthy of consideration, much less be regarded as the unquestionable and absolute truth.

Do Jews and Judaism actually “differentiate” between Zionism, support for the Zionist entity and Jewish Supremacy from their Jewishness or the tenets of Judaism?

We argue that other than a small handful of politically and socially irrelevant rabbis against the Zionist entity and Zionism solely because they want such entity-stealing to be more racist and more fascist, and to be led by a certain kind of Hasidic sectarian “messiah” before stealing Palestine, while fully supporting the parasitic social role Jews play, that all other Jews do not meaningfully differentiate between Jewishness and/or practical Judaism from Zionism.  This is true even if they claim to be “anti-Zionist” in some “progressive” neo-Bundist bastardization of the word, or in the Trotskyite sense of calling for “socialist” models of Jews stealing Palestine and promoting Jewish national illusions, rather than capitalistic ones.

Do any of these “anti-Zionists” actually call for the Jews to abandon their illusionary “nationality” and “ethno”-paranoiac Jewishness?  Have they abandoned forever the age old cause of “Israel”, whether messianic or Hertzelite in model?  Do they see themselves as members of the nations to which they belong?  Do they struggle for the social and national liberation of the world around them, rather than partake of the Jew’s role in society?  They certainly do not collectively.

How and to what degree are today’s Zionist-dominated Jewish social roles, behaviors, and ideas similar to or different from Jewish social roles, behaviors, and ideas prior to the widespread domination of modern Zionism amongst the Jews?

Here again, while we argue that the social role of the Jew has become substantially worse with the advent of imperialism, and even worse still with the advent of modern globalism, the social role of the Jew is, was, and always will be reactionary.  One cannot address the pogroms of Russia, inquisitions of Spain, or internment camps of Hitlerite Germany, without considering objectively why the Jews have come to be hated with patriotic fervor by the masses in every country in which they have ever lived in significant numbers, whether under the slave holding society, feudalism, capitalism, or even socialism.

We argue that the Jews their Judaic perversions are inherently and intentionally in the camp of exploiter minority rule against oppressed nations, classes, groups, and individuals because of the market fetish orientation of the Jew.  That Hertzel’s Zionism and the pre-Hertzelite quasi-Zionism of the Jewish enemy either advocate in theory, by tenets, or by de facto collective historical example the collusion with dominant market powers rather than genuine solidarity with national and social liberation is no accident.

We are anti-Zionist regardless of whether Jews or others approve!

Zionism advocates a territorial “solution” to the Jewish question, and this despite the fact that they clearly do not constitute a genuine nation (altogether different from subjectively viewing themselves in such a manner).  Furthermore, Zionism by the direct admission of its founders and leading proponents, through its actions, and in its written tenets, advocates collusion with one or more imperialist powers.  It is both subjectively and objectively aligned against the mass of national liberation movements for self-determination.  It negates in practice the Arab identity of Palestine and the right of the Arabs to unify themselves free of outside domination by imperialist Zionist intrigues and conspiracies.

The Zionist entity does not possess a legitimate right to exist.  Therefore, the acts of martyrdom bombings and other glorious resistance of the Fedayeen cannot be seen as illegitimate acts.  “Israel” does not contain a single “citizen” but rather a collective settler-colonialist negation of the rights of the Arabs.

We reject the existence of normalized relations with the Zionist entity by any nation of this earth and call for Zionist organizations to be annihilated in total and collectively because of their status as one of the greatest dangers facing the planet and an international conspiracy that can only be fully beaten through a global struggle: armed struggle in some places, and boycott activity in others.

While Modern Zionism is a “secular” concept, it cannot be seen as such in the conventional sense, because it espouses an exclusive state for the Jews.  This can no more be seen as secular than one could see the Vatican, ruled by the leader of the Catholic Church, as a secular state, even if it performs secular functions that a state must perform.  Secularism, in practice, has come to mean something far more enlightened than this.

Even those who call for Arab-Jewish co-existence are simply using such sophistry as a Jewish colonialist bargaining chip.  After all, if these Jews like assimilating with their neighbors so much, why didn’t they do that in Russia, Canada, Argentina, or whatever nations to which they each individually belong?  This is neither genuinely secular nor progressive.  The only thing genuinely progressive in the Zionist entity, involving Jews, is a bus bombing in Tel Aviv, with the number dead Jews reflecting the degree of progressiveness of that action.

We militantly reject the Eurocentric racism and opportunism of those who are totally aware of the Jewish threat and the social role that Jews play against all nations to which they belong, and yet who choose the path of dumping the Jews off in the land of Palestine, as if this were some sort of “solution”.  The arrogance of this thought and behavior is boundless!  Purely one’s own racism is at work, if rather than having to deal with their weak stomach for the Jewish question, one instead decides to cooperate with Jews and Zionists and move them out of the country, and which then accurses and punishes the Arab people who have done more than any other people in modern times to fight Jewish Supremacy and Zionism.

As consistent nationalists, must we not insist that the problems of Moscow, Berlin, or anywhere be solved by the national unit alone without making its problems an international drama?  Besides, as a matter of fact, the Jewish danger and Zionism must be fought even if with the firm recognition of the role of the national unit, ultimately on a global scale, in order to win a decisive political/military victory over the enemies of all humanity.

We stand with the Arabs and Muslims resisting the Zionist enemy, just as we stand with all people resisting imperialism and neo-colonialism, opposing all forms of scab behavior in this keynote struggle, and this regardless of how western leftists or international Jewry feel about the matter!

On the “anti-Semitism” misnomer and why our open disdain for Jews and Judaism is neither “anti-Semitic” nor chauvinistic.

Whenever anyone attacks anything about Jews and Zionists, even if such attack clearly is objective and accurate, containing not a shred of racism whatsoever, it is almost always labeled “anti-Semitism” and its author becomes a “racist anti-Semite”.  The basis of this concept is that all Jews are Semites, and that they are being attacked because they are allegedly Semites.

By Semites, again we refer here to a macrocosm of nationalities encompassing one language group, one that makes this paradigm particularly comical as the Arabic language is Semitic, and therefore all Arabs are by definition Semites.  It is an attempt to give the impression that the Jews collectively constitute a nation, and that this nation is a legitimate state.  Well, not all Jews are “Semitic”, as the Jew comes from a number of racial stocks and belongs to an even greater number of nationalities and speaks not a single common tongue

There exists a whole series of things which are unacceptable to the Jews and Zionists, and unfortunately today’s Jewish-controlled western leftists, as well.  These range from the fact that Jews aren’t a nationality and the bulk of them don’t have even a shred of ancestral connection to the land of 1948 Palestine, to the Khazar origins of the Ashkenazi Jews, to the history of the Jews in the transatlantic slave trade which resulted in millions and millions of dead Africans, to the fact that revisionist historians have clearly shown that the three great tenets of the Jewish ‘holocaust’ myth are all lies, to approaching the parasitic social role of the Jew, or even the relationship they have been accused of having with Freemasonry.

How many Jews do you know who like to talk about the holohoax and its relevance to the Zionist entity?  Yet revisionist historians, many of them facing beatings, slayings, and long prison terms, have revealed that a number several hundred percent smaller than 5-6 million died during the Second World War, that no actual attempt to exterminate the Jews took place, and that the homicidal “gas chambers”, whether diesel or dual use Zyklon B, never existed.

When Arab resistance forces launch attacks against “Israel’s” 1948 territories, how many “anti-Zionist” Jews actually support these actions?  Virtually none!

Who gives a damn what the Jews like?!  The fact is that our struggle against Zionism and Jewish Supremacy does not require their approval or for us to “prove” anything to Jews.  In fact, within materialist parameters of struggle against Jewish behavior, ideology and social roles, which are not based on predetermined pseudo-racial characteristics of the Jew, but on individual and collective choices the Jew has made or at least chosen not to break with, it’s actually anti-racist and progressive to be “anti-Jewish”.  In essence, there are anti-Jewish positions which are idealistic and potentially, but not necessarily, chauvinistic, and then there are anti-Jewish positions which are based on materialism and grounded in reality.  Even “anti-Semitism”, actually anti-Jewish racialism, is far less a problem today than is the very Jewish racialism which gives rise and form and content to its mirror image.  Before and behind the reflection of hating the Jew for racial sectarian reasons, there was the Jew and his racial sectarian behavior, which gives rise to malformed expressions of the goyim popular masses.

Here again we argue that the world is exponentially a greater victim of the Jews than the Jews of the world!

II. Beyond Judeophilia: A Vital Look at “Karl Marx on the Jewish Question”

In 1844, Karl Marx published an essay called “On the Jewish Question.”  This essay has often been suppressed or ignored by people calling themselves Marxists, because Judaeophilic tendencies have become dominant in such groups, and what Karl Marx had to say about Jews was certainly not flattering.  The essay is available online at:


It is worth studying, because what was written about the Jews 162 years ago is true today as well.  Indeed, the Jews are, if anything, guilty of these vices on a far grander scale.  Let’s be clear of whom Marx was speaking when he criticized Jews.  He wasn’t speaking of bloodline.  Indeed, as many enemies of Marx often point out, that would have been quite a severe self-criticism. He wasn’t speaking of religion, for he makes clear in his essay that he is not speaking of the “Jew of the Sabbath.”  He was clearly speaking of group identity, which would, of course, include secular people who call themselves Jews, even if they have never in their lives set foot in a synagogue.

Marx starts off the essay by berating Jews for calling for their special emancipation.  He asks them why the German people should care about their emancipation, when they don’t care about Germany.  Isn’t it ironic that in certain respects Adolf Hitler came far closer to this position than Ernst Thaelman or Georgi Dimitroff?

Marx also alluded to the Jewish dominance of finance capital, saying that the Jew in Vienna who is banned from German states still controls the fate of Europe.  He also clearly connected Jews with predatory capitalism.  Marx said, “What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering.  What is his worldly god?  Money.”

Marx concludes by calling for the emancipation of the world from Jews, as the emancipation of the world from huckstering.  Marx was right in 1844, and his words are still true today.  We need to eliminate Jews from the world.

Jewish power over finance capital became power over the entire economy, as Lenin observed in “Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism,” without referring to Jews. Zionism also became a peculiarly Jewish form of colonialism, though Jewish finance capital backed other kinds of colonialism as well.

Jews are the enemy to all of us, even when they are not overtly Zionist or not overtly involved with imperialism, as their group identification puts their interests over the interests of the peoples among whom they dwell.  As such, Jewish “Marxists,” are invariably traitors.  Trotsky and his followers betrayed the USSR, and they were mostly Jewish.  Stalin purged most of the Jews from the party, and when he had done so, the USSR made tremendous progress.  Even today, Trotskyism and Western “Maoism” are dominated by Jews and Judaeophiles (this is not to imply that there was anything Judaeophilic about Mao Zedong, only his Western “followers.”)

“Anti-Zionist” Jews are invariably that in name only.  Their position turns to treason.  They are “anti-Zionist” in that they call for a return to the 1967 “Israeli” borders or call for “peaceful co-existence” with Palestinians, or claim to support Palestine’s liberation but condemn the actual steps towards it (particularly common is condemnation of human bombs.)

Jewish leaders of the “anti-war” movement in the West invariably take collaborationist positions.  They condemn the Iraqi resistance.  They forward the notion “support ‘our’ troops.”  If they nominally support the Iraqi resistance, it’s with utter insincerity, such as condemning President Hussein or condemning any resistance fighter who isn’t Maoist or Trotskyite or “Marxist.”

Jewish “Marxists,” Jewish leftists, and Jewish “anti-Zionists,” are worse than overt reactionaries, because they fool a lot of honest Marxists, leftists, and anti-Zionists into following them and committing grave errors that objectively harm the movements, despite their good intentions.  Real leftists must not dance around this issue any longer.  This is the elephant in the living room of which no one dares speak.  We cannot effectively fight capitalism, imperialism, or Zionism unless we also fight the Jews.  To attempt that can at best only attack the symptoms and leave the disease unchecked.

Any self-identification as a Jew or adherence to Jewish group identity is inherently reactionary.  Anyone who calls himself a Jew is our mortal enemy.

Leftists, anti-capitalists, anti-imperialists, anti-war people, and anti-Zionists must not tolerate Jews in their leadership or even in their presence.  The only good Jew is an ex-Jew or a dead Jew.


List of Endorsers:

1.   Kevin Walsh, Marxist-Leninist anti-Zionist political activist

2.  John Paul Cupp, Public Relations Director of the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI)

3. Richard Mason

4. Ziad Shaker elJishi, Chairman of the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI)

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