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Racial Bolshevism

Sunday, June 27th, 2010


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

“Behind the Doric columns of the ‘Pyatlyetki,’ the Five Year Plans, behind the rows of figures of the ‘Gosplan,’ there stretches not Asia, but another Europe: ‘the’ other Europe (in the sense in which America too is another Europe). The steel cupola of Marxism + Leninism + Stalinism (the gigantic dynamo of the U.S.S.R. according to Lenin’s formula: Soviet + electrification = Bolshevism) is not the mausoleum of Genghis Khan but – in the very sense that bourgeois folk find so distasteful – the ‘other’ Parthenon of Europe. ‘The Volga,’ says Pilnyak, ‘flows into the Caspian Sea.’ Yes, but it does not rise in Asia: it rises in Europe. It is a European river. The Thames, the Seine, the Potomac are its tributaries.”

Julius Evola is not a role model for people that are serious about preserving the White race. If one wants to save the White race, one needs to adopt a staunch materialist outlook. Only through the thorough application of materialist principles can Europe be saved. Materialism dictates that spirituality stems from matter. Both Evola’s and Francis Parker Yockey’s notion of a “spiritual race” is therefore a contradiction in itself since race is matter and not spirit. A race may possess a higher or lower degree of spirituality but this does not change its physical make-up. Spirituality is a direct result of the workings of the brain which in its turn is a part of an organism that varies according to the race it belongs to. What good does it do if various non-Europeans possess “Aryan attributes” (whatever that might be) but are incapable of passing these on through procreation without diluting the European gene pool? The notion of a “spiritual race” is an abstract and meaningless, if not downright hostile to European preservation efforts, concept. Therefore, Dr. HT Hansen (who wrote the introduction to Evola’s MEN AMONG THE RUINS) is right when he argues that Evola espouses a peculiar brand of anti-racism through his peculiar “racial” theories. Actually, Evola seems not interested in any kind of racist theories per se but more in formulating an unnecessarily obfuscating concept of aristocracy that uses race as a pretext but is really more concerned with essentially universalist matters of hierarchy. Evola is a universal humanist because his theories postulate that a “spiritual race” is open to all members of “humanity.” Lest we forget that this supposedly global community has already been discredited (because of its non-existence) by serious racist thinkers.

Finnish National Bolshevik (or maybe Racial Bolshevik would be more accurate) Kai Murros says, “One must understand the nation as a product of material forces in history – this is the cornerstone of the progressive nationalism and progressive socialism.” Murros is right when he argues that “progressive nationalism” (or racism) must be strictly materialist in its outlook. Only in this manner can any kind of historical success be achieved. After all, one has to remember that history itself is driven by the constant flux of dialectical materialism. Murros also argues that “[f]or practical reasons, metaphysics must always be subordinated to physics.” In a rude manner of speaking, mental masturbation should be secondary to real sex. One can theorize all one wants about the importance of “racial spirituality,” if the race does not produce children, then the race is doomed to die. Right now, fucking is more important than thinking. The luxury of metaphysics can only be afforded in a society that is content with itself and secure in its continuing existence.

Nature has no will. Man has will. Aryan man has the Faustian will. Paganism is a dead-end street. Being is the key, not believing and/or worshipping. The gods die when the race (that created them) dies. The gods are not eternal. Paganism was a temporary manifestation of the Race’s mood at a particular time. The Race willed Paganism into existence. It did not exist before it and is already dead while the Race still lives. The Race can be without ascribing its being to forces beyond itself. The solace of the Race today is science and not religion. Rockets will propel us to the place where the gods once lived. The gods will be replaced by us. Thor is dead, long live the Astronaut! While Thor once hurled lightning FROM the sky, we will propel like lightning INTO the sky.


Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

by Constantin von Hoffmeister

“Israel was invented and founded by Red Zionists geopolitically as part of Eurasia, from the beginning oriented towards the Eurasian continent and developed as a Red proletarian communal republic. We, the National Bolsheviks of Israel, see our global mission in the resurrection and reworking of the idea of very great social justice for the Workers of Zion in the context of an interconnection with Russian National Bolshevism and the construction of a single imperial state free from the tyranny of globalism.”
– National Bolshevik Party Israel

The Jews were certainly overrepresented in the Soviet government. But this fact is utterly irrelevant and meaningless. These brave Jews divorced themselves from their reactionary religion and embraced European socialism (Russian Bolshevism), thus automatically becoming honorary Aryans. Hence, the Bolshevik Jews were not bad Jews but good Europeans (in the Nietzschean sense as like all true overmen they overcame their own former selves, morphing into something new, noble and self-sacrificing). It was, is and will always be preferable to collaborate with Jewish socialists. “White” capitalists are the mortal enemies of the White race while Jewish socialists actively undermine a power structure that not only keeps them disenfranchised but also the majority population (the White race). Hence, Jewish Bolsheviks and their European socialist brothers should work actively together to smash the capitalist exploiter beasts wherever and whenever they can! HAIL the Jewish Bolsheviks! Only traitors to Europe do not appreciate the hard work that they did for the betterment of our race. The accomplishments of the Jewish Bolsheviks will always be remembered by any self-respecting European patriot.

The 300 Jewish commissars defended the populist integrity of the workers’ democracy. They saved an empire. 300 Jews = 300 Spartans!

How did Nietzsche view the Jews? As a potential ruling aristocracy for Europe?

Is Stalingrad a Jewish-European acropolis, commemorating the red Jewish rulers and their faithful red European followers (soldiers under the banner of the Semitic Viking liberator of Hyperborea: Lenin, aka Ilyich the bladed hammer)? I will from now on claim that it is. We must honor the memory of our former Jewish masters. A crimson candelabra would be suitable, next to the monument of the Kalashnikov-wielding super-soldier.

HAIL the Communist Jews! Good Europeans most of them… HAIL Markus Wolf and the Sword and Shield of the Party: the Stasi!

Some Jews supported the Russian Revolution to liberate the Russian population from the yoke of the Asiatic Tsar while others chose to side with the anti-European capitalist West that came to aid the Asiatic Tsarist regime. Alexander Dugin’s argument is sound: The Bolshevik Jews that sometimes even sacrificed their own lives to aid the Russian people were spiritually connected with the ethnic Russians that fought for the same goal. Dugin is absolutely correct in distinguishing good Jews from bad Jews. It is retarded to throw all Jews into the same pot, declaring them enemies of Europe. After all, historical evidence suggests otherwise. Besides, many Jews were and are Europeans, both culturally and racially. For example, Heinrich Heine was a Jew, and he was DEFINITELY European. Was Karl Marx non-European? No. Was Gustav Mahler non-European? No. Was Baruch Spinoza non-European? No. Jews as a group are not the enemy. Capitalist exploiter Jews are the enemy, just like capitalist exploiter Whites are. Anti-Semitism is anti-Imperialism for crippled minds. Judaism as a religion is also more compatible with Europe since Christianity, still the majority religion of Europe, is directly derived from it. Islam, on the other hand, is violently anti-European, in every fibre of its Arabic construct. I cannot imagine Wagner being performed and admired in Saudi Arabia. Wagner, however, was and is performed and admired in Israel. A lot of Jews look more Nordic (i.e. pure Aryan) than Mediterraneans do. If a certain percentage of Jews cannot be considered European, then neither can a large percentage of Mediterraneans.

Islam is a reactionary religion. Israel is a secular state and therefore indefinitely more progressive than the Islamic “republics” surrounding it. Most Jews in Israel (and elsewhere) are non-religious while most Arabs in the Middle East (and elsewhere) are religious fanatics. Why a socialist should support religious fanatics instead of rational secularists is beyond me. Israel (not Palestine as Palestine does not exist and never has) can become a beacon of socialism in the world. This is why it is necessary that Israel orient itself towards a National Bolshevik Eurasia instead of towards a capitalist liberalist AmeriKa. The National Bolshevik Party of Israel as well as several other organizations (including Bead Arzeynu) are trying to push Israel in exactly that direction. Only Israel can guarantee socialist stability in the Middle East, if necessary by force. After all, it has been conclusively proven that Muslims are incapable of uniting themselves, for whatever cause. Muslims are by nature tribal and factional while Jews (in Israel) believe in democratic centralism, the hallmark of a successful socialist state. Jews are more industrious than Arabs as well. This is why Israel will remain an industrialized labor nation while Muslim nations will revert to their medieval (and natural) state of tribal and nomadic desert communities. While Israel looks towards the future, Muslims long to live in the past. Besides all that, it is clear that Israel is an outpost of Europe, both culturally and at least partly racially, while the Muslim nations in the Middle East are the sworn enemies of Europe.

Israel is a racialist state which is superior to a nationalist state. If Israel was only a nationalist state, it should have no problem assimilating its Arab minority. But since Arabs are a different ethnicity than most Jews, Israel adamantly resists assimilating them. This is a good thing. Actually, to civilize the Middle East, Israel should extend its boundaries from the Nile to the Euphrates. All non-Jewish citizens would thereby fall under de facto “protection” and would thus be easier to control. Of course, for this to happen, Israel must look towards Eurasia and not towards AmeriKa. Only in a federal Eurasian empire can Israel fulfill its destiny as a future world power.



Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Moscow (Third Rome) – October 31, 2007

I just went to the Lenin Mausoleum. Young Russian men in uniform stand at attention inside, the symbols of the Russian Federation on their shoulders seamlessly blending in with the Bolshevik surroundings that radiate the glories of a once proud but now fallen empire. Exuberantly futurist and rigidly angled, red flames licking the walls of the capsulated solemnity that is the shrine where the Viking revolutionary is laid to eternal rest. Like the pharaohs of yore, Lenin is a symbol of might that transcends the yesterday as well as the here and now. Transfixed in time, a vacuum in space, the Mausoleum does not exist merely on the material plane. Visitors file past, eyeing the mighty mover of mountains, asleep not dead, like Barbarossa beneath the mountains. Lenin is no more a man. He has mutated, his mummy become a shrouded promise of liberation. In awe, in the dim light of the crypt, visitors pay their respects to one that always was and always will be. Lightning strikes, and the moon (that wench!) is chased away by storm clouds of disgust and relief. Appalled by the utter insignificance of their own weightlessness, visitors clasp their hands, praying for deliverance and retribution. What was lost will be regained. What was soiled will be repurified. Lenin’s hands are immobile. The Viking revolutionary is in a meditative pose. What once moved shall move again. The claws of the double-headed eagle, symbol of the empire that swallowed the East, shall again dig deep into the flesh of the lands complacent and guilty, drawing blood, hot as lava, to heal through slaughter.


Saturday, July 11th, 2009

by Constantin von Hoffmeister

I am in favor of anarcho-capitalism. One merely has to look at the current space programs. The one by NASA is in a deadlock. NASA announced that it would send the next manned mission to the moon in 2020. Why so late? If they were already up there, which is highly doubtful (especially considering the convenient “accident” of NASA having lost all original film footage of the “moon” [studio] missions recently), why does it take them so long to go there again? This is ridiculous. Every time a space shuttle explodes, NASA halts its missions because of all the bullshit melodrama. This is for sissies! Every astronaut that dies is a hero to the sacred cause of space colonization. To honor the dead astronauts, they should send a mission again right away instead of stalling. HAIL KOSMONAUTUS! Forget NASA if we ever want to get anywhere near true planet colonization and terraforming! Anarcho-capitalism can help true visionaries realize their own space programs. Without restrictions from the state, private investors can launch their own rockets and space ships. If profit is the incentive, then capitalists will use all means at their disposal to send men into space. If one man is lost in the process, the next one will be already in line, if only to make a quick buck. And that is a good thing. The White race has profited from capitalism over millennia. The East India Company’s rule over India was essentially the rule of an anarcho-capitalist organization as the company did not have to answer to any government. It set up its own army and a governing structure based on profit-making principles. This is how several hundred thousand Englishmen were able to rule over 400 million Indians. The New World was conquered and exploited, for the benefit of the White race, because of a profit-motivated quest to discover new natural resources (especially gold). Man is selfish by nature, especially the White man who, throughout history, has always resisted being submerged into any kind of collective system (be it Communism or Fascism). This individualist and egotist nature of the White man can be viewed as a positive trait if one takes into consideration that through the selfish drive of a few capitalists and entrepreneurs the whole of the White race can ultimately benefit.

I am in favor of any kind of system (economical or ideological) that promotes the welfare of our race. In this sense, I am both a socialist and a capitalist. Today, capitalism is more feasible for our aspirations. Yesterday, socialism was acceptable because it supported the imperial nature of the USSR which was essentially pro-European in its design. Of course, a completely anarcho-capitalist society would be taken over by capitalists. But does this have to be a bad thing? I would say no since competition always produces better results. This is true in an economical sense, but might also be true on a political plane. Right now, only the state is allowed to run certain kinds of services, such as security and military services. If these two areas where privatized, competition would produce a better army and more efficient security. Also, if the state would wither away, competition would result in more efficient systems of running a society.

Part II

NASA, the most important space agency in the world, is not doing anything to promote active space colonization. What have they achieved so far in this regard? Almost nothing! Why do they want to go back to the moon? And why will it take so long? Why do they not send people to Mars as soon as possible? NASA is wasting time and money. A capitalist corporation, not an individual capitalist, could plan and execute a manned mission to other planets more efficiently than NASA, simply because a capitalist corporation would not waste money since it is profit-driven. A capitalist corporation could finance a space project that would last for several generations if the perceived end results were worth the investment and the effort. The state is too much concerned with issues of safety and too bogged down in endless “planning stages.” A capitalist enterprise can brush aside those hindrances and offer monetary incentives to volunteers. For the right amount of money, any volunteer would risk his or her life. If a corporation benefits from space missions, the race will benefit since the drive for expansion and the lust for power are the nuclei of European capitalism and the genetic makeup of Aryan mankind.

Compared to feudalism, capitalism is progressive. Compared to capitalism, socialism is progressive. Capitalism which is lorded over by the state is regressive as it cannot totally fulfill its role as a generator of human progress. A civilization can only be propelled into the technocratic age through an adamant application of all available resources into the establishment of a sound and advanced space program. Without a space program, the White race will not be able to fulfill its role of the ever expansionist subspecies that it is. Anarcho-capitalism would enable individual capitalists to use their geniuses and financial resources to take men into space, without being obstructed to do so by the repressive state. Different individual capitalists have different incentives to participate in the space race. Whatever their reasons may be, through their individual effort they contribute to the collective Faustian drive of White mankind. Since state-controlled capitalism is in league with high finance, it is not fully dedicated to exploiting all possibilities of space colonization. State-controlled capitalism does not see any large financial gains in such an endeavor. Individual capitalists, however, have several reasons to take steps to leave Terra, some of the reasons having visionary undertones.

Of course, a Communist state would be best suited for space colonization. This has been proven with the Soviet Union which sent the first satellite (Sputnik) and the first man (Yuri Gagarin) into space. A Communist state is not interested in financial gains but only in progress. As opposed to a capitalist state, a Communist state encourages talented individuals to contribute to the collective effort to realize the Promethean directive. As opposed to a capitalist state, a Communist state lends active support to individuals who are willing to use their skills for the good of the people. Hence, in a Communist society, there would be no need for individual capitalists to realize space projects. After all, these same individuals would be co-opted by the benevolent state. Communism equals materialized visions!

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