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A Note on Anthro Boards

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Back in the days before genetic studies, the process of how to measure what a race is and is not was clear. It involved precise measurements of the structure of the bones.

Many casual and informal posters on anthro boards take advantage of the fact that now our process is more confusing. They claim that “the latest research supports their findings” and count on the fact that the average person will be too confused to actually understand it.

The fact of the matter is that understanding the implications of SNP Markers / Autosomal DNA / Y Chromosomes / MT-DNA and exactly what they mean is more confusing than it was in the old days when it was based on a ruler. And so many informal posters count on the fact that their audience cannot force them to verify their claims and thus claim whatever they want to.

I was very careful in writing my previous article to point out that even if the number of races in existence that I alluded to are wrong, that races should be defined based on a repeatable, consistent and impartial process. Thus even if we miscalculated, the proper move then is to calculate properly and not to then conclude that race is “whatever I want it to be.” So even if there are in fact six races or four races instead of five, the reason for making that argument should be based on a mechanical and reproducible process and not based on politics. (Now you can see how I have studied a lot about process and procedures, I do have a background in using computers to build business processes so do not be surprised!)

The bottom line is that once you take this view, the odds of Jews being “a race separate from humanity” or “genetic drift stopping in Europe” are as close to Zero as you can get. Even if all Jews were identical twins, they still would not be external to the grouping which humanity can impartially be divided into.

Why Jews and Europeans are not Separate Races

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

A casual comment : Read what I actually say before you try to refute what I say! I am not arguing that Jews are simply people who converted from all over Europe and the Middle East without a standard pattern. There is a pattern, but it does not constitute a race. If your read this carefully, I am not arguing that typical Jews do not have a genetic signature, but I am saying they are not a race or non-white. I am referring to Jews who do not have any recent converts in their family line. I am aware that you can test someone’s DNA and forensically examine evidence that they are probably Jewish, but you can do the same thing to find that someone is of French ancestry and not German as my links below will prove.

(Another Note: I do not think this applies just to Jews, but also to Arabs and North Africans. They are not “races” either. they tend to be part of the greater Caucasoid race centered around the Mediterranean sea. However Jews without recent converts, both Ashkenazi and Sephardic, cluster near Southern Europeans and they cluster further away from Arabs and Israeli Geneticists AND White Nationalists never admit this! Ashkenazi Jews also have levels of Eastern European admixture, but it is not the majority of the ancestry.)

Racial Reality on Jews
Races of man
Coon on the Mediterranean Race
Coon’s Work Remains Valuable
Analysis of Ashkenazi Jewish Genomes Reveals Diversity, History

“We were surprised to find evidence that Ashkenazi Jews have higher heterozygosity than Europeans, contradicting the widely-held presumption that they have been a largely isolated group,” says first author Steven Bray, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow in Warren’s laboratory.

Plates from C.S. Coon’s “Races of Europe”

“The division of the Caucasoid stock into Europids and non-Europids is a totally arbitrary division. The Caucasoid race has local types in both Europe, Asia and Africa, and these blend into each other whenever the natural environment presents no obstacles. There are (in particular) no obstacles that separate Europe from West Asia, or Central Asia. To claim that a magical line that separates Europids from non-Europids can be drawn is to (automatically) give “peripheral” Europid status to the European people living on the western fringe of this fictitious line.” – Dienekes Pontikos, anthropology expert

Huge paper on human genetic relationships based on 650K SNPs

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. This paper is proof positive that European ethnicities can be distinguished from each other genetically. Even close-by populations (in this case the French and the Italians) are neatly separated. When geographic distance increases there isn’t even a hint of confusion: e.g., Russians, Orcadians, and Basque are neatly and clearly separated from other groups. Doubtlessly there would be some more overlap if more individuals/population were used, but the thrust of the discovery is intact: it seems that several European ethnicities and local populations make sense not only culturally but also biologically. – Dienekes Pontikos

The reason Jews are not a race is based on what the definition of what a race is. Before the liberals took over society, race was defined based on measurable characteristics, chiefly bone structure. The term “race” was also used to describe Mediterraneans and Nordics, by Coon, but Coon explained this by saying that they were one race, Nordics were “depigmented Mediterraneans.” So while Coon may have talked about a Nordic race and a Mediterranean race he meant they were both still part of the Caucasian race and thus the implication is that these are not really races but subraces. The layman’s explanation, is that hair color and skin pigmentation are not what a race should be categorized based on, but bone structure and that those other traits are subracial traits.

I am not speculating here, it is pretty obvious that that is what Coon meant, so read it yourself!

Based on these measurements of bone structure and not “genetics hokus pokus” (good word from Jon Entine) which is interpreted wrongly to “prove” that anything that can be “distinguished” is as different as a Black person is from a White, the five races are Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid, Capoid and Australoid (notice that native Americans – who are Mongoloids – and Hispanics – who contain people of every race – are not included). Now pretend for a minute that I am wrong. Pretend there are really more races or less races. Even so, I am taking a six sigma “DMAIC” view that the number of races can be defined based on a process and that the result can be based on an objective criteria. The basis of my critique is that “race” must be properly and consistently defined and calculated in an impartial way before it is measured and quantified. You cannot define the process in a way to promote the political objective that Jews and “Aryans” are separate, but you have to define the process objectively and then apply it mechanically. Six Sigma is a tactic used by most successful manufacturing companies to reduce the number of defects by arguing that everything should be measured and the process should be clear.

Analogously, there are a certain number of continents, a certain number of Planets (even though Pluto was kicked out) and there are also a certain number of races. Within these races, variation is really a “subrace” not a race. In fact modern dna does confirm that the basic races exist, but it what it shows is that genetic drift is a gradual process that is separated by major barriers such as the Sahara Desert and Ural Mountains. Modern genetics show that DNA changes in each of these races, but it also shows that parts of the genome were blocked by those barriers. So while an Italian may be different from a Russian and a Syrian, both have Caucasian DNA that Negroids or Mongoloids (East Asians) do not have.

In order for Jews to be a race and not an ethnic group or subrace, Jews would have to have DNA that is outside of those five groups or outside of whatever other number of groups are produced by a measurable process. The races would have to be : Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid, Capoid, Australoid and Jews.

See how it is kind of ridiculous! Even if we were to suggest that Jews were not Caucasoid, the rest of their ancestry would fall into the normal human groups. However, non-converted Jews are overwhelmingly Caucasoid and mostly (but not completely) Mediterranean. The most similar population is the Italian population and this is logical because of Italy’s geographical location and the dominance of the Roman Empire during which Jews converted in large number when now they do not.

Now one may think that the Jews are just a religion. They are a religion but they are not just a religion, (except during the Roman Empire) the religion did not attract many converts and thus many Jews married other Jews. One mistake I made was to argue that there is no genetic profile of a stereotypical Jew. I was wrong to do this, but this genetic profile is not the result of Jews being a pure race but of the normal random variation that exists in human beings. You and your parents also have a genetic signature! Because Jews have existed in Western Eurasia (Europe and the Middle East) primarily, most Jews are Caucasoid.

Now to talk about whether Jews are white or not. Unlike white nationalists claim, “European” and “Caucasian” are not different enough to be separate races, neither were they isolated from one another because boats have existed since 3200 B.C (another source : When were boats invented). Like Jews, Southern Europeans also come from the Middle East and Northern Europeans are depigmented Southern Europeans and thus they also have Middle Eastern ancestry, but lost their pigmentation. The idea that the Mediterranean sea was an uncrossable barrier, causing genetic variation, but then that genetic variation stopped once entering Europe is false. Instead, genetic drift is slow and steady! Crossing the Mediterranean Sea is far easier than crossing an Ocean to go to the Americas.

A final point of interest is that even though non-converted Jews do not have a majority of ancestry form Northern Europe because the majority comes from the Mediterranean, they do have more ancestry from Northern Europe than Italians and Greeks, because they lived there in recent history.

My Mentality and the Theory

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Many of the posts here are written about subjects other than “me.” However, since this a blog and not a discussion forum, there is nothing wrong with talking about me. If you do not like it, read another post.

This whole process of inventing the whole “theory of Basarab ideological evolution” caused me to think a lot about why I do the things I do.

Going through this and revising this, as I have revised it a few times, builds strength in both my confidence and in the stability of the theory. Now people people can know why I think what I do. A lot of people told me growing up that they “still have not figured me out!” Well, now you know the way I think.

I welcome people to examine how they think and see if they can challenge me or confirm me. Certainly this is my mentality, that of someone who is pushing forward as a competitor, not that of someone who is afraid to be challenged. Yes I am happy to be correct and that is one of my goals, but my other goal is to push the pace forward as well. If I am wrong, I certainly do not want it hidden. I want someone who is better trained to defeat me or improve what I have written. This is not only about my ego it is also about understanding the world.

When you understand the way I think, the things I am doing start to make sense. I see discussion as a forward moving process, not a territorial fight.

edit: I am more about pushing fowwards, most people are afraid they will offend people. My realization was that people who get offended simply because their ideas are put under question will eventually backstab you so why not just ignore them? I am also not concerned with advancing a political cause outside of opposing American imperialism. I may offend people who need the Jews to be blamed or need race not to exist, etc.

Yesterday’s Bourgeoisie

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Some people may mistake people who take an arrogant view towards non-whites and conspiratorial view towards Jews as part of the proletariat. After all, the upper class since at least 1960 has clearly not desired their company. These people are arrested for denying the holocaust, demonized by the media and claim to care about the people instead of making money.

In actuality, these people used to be bourgeoisie and they were replaced. These are the ideologies of Yesterday’s bourgeoisie!

Arguing that these people represent the true working class socialist proletariat is like arguing that the Monarchy of Britain represents this!

Western Capitalist Civilization

Friday, May 11th, 2012

One way that European and American and Israeli civilizations are inferior is that they seem to always need a scapegoat starting with other races in America, moving to Jews, moving now to Muslims. I don’t see that need for a scapegoat outside of the capitalist western civilization. You certainly didn’t see it in North Korea, USSR, China. You don’t see Jews mistreated in Iran.

Young People do not Pay Attention to media

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Most young people do not even pay attention to mass media. Most old people have already made up their political opinions.

The mass media is not the center of the universe.

As I alluded in my theory, some people develop their political opinions with age, but most people close their minds. Just like most people gain weight with age but some people stay in shape!


Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

I have learned a lot of backstabbing over the past few years. First the economy crashed and the rich bailed themselves out. Then at the same time, the young were blamed for not working hard enough to find work but the stats show that the young were hurt the most.

I learned that people who pretend to critique our way of life are really just as bad. Many of these “free speech” advocates are just as bad as the liberals they complain about. Plenty of forums have taken advantage of me, inviting me in and then either ganging up on me later or outright using the controversy I have to build traffic at my expense. These people paraded my personal information like it was a public exhibit and then acted self-righteous when I fought back against it! Those same people were willing to contact employers who – guess what – were willing to be backstabbers too!

All the while I thought that maybe I should soften my message. Maybe I really shouldn’t criticize society the way it should be criticized, because it might affect my employability. This ass kissing got me nowhere! Plus people who are supposedly unconditionally on your side, family members, friends of the family, they too act arrogant and bash their own friends/family for not making as much money as them!

I now know that there’s no reason not to tell the truth about the hypocrisy in society, because people who are fake will backstab you eventually anyways. I would rather do the right thing and be martyred quickly than kiss ass to a bunch of hypocrites and be backstabbed later.

Basarab Theory of Ideological Evolution

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Comments on Theory in Paragraph Form
The Basarab theory of ideological evolution elaborates on the foundational precepts of a given society, the thought process of individuals and the relationship between the two. It explains how individuals can change and how the official institutions and government that control society can successfully stay in power despite much shaking “under the ground” and still hold onto slogans that were invented long ago. This theory systematically explains this phenomenon without any references to “human nature” and genetics, focusing instead on systemic factors (sociological and means of production), typical human thinking and potential human thinking! According to Basarab, people are capable of challenging the status quo but history has shown that ideologies that are no longer relevant tend to stay in existence due to the fact that people do not live up to their potential to change (due to societal factors, laziness, believing to have figured out the answer) and also due to the tangled sociological and economic relationships inherit to society. While technology may improve, people may relocate and demographics may change, many people create a way of thinking and then hold on to it, certain opinions are popular and certain opinions are understood to be the law.

Basarab also denies that revolutions are caused solely by horizontal movements in society’s thinking, but instead postulates that the type of thinking that leads to the revolution may have existed long before the conditions rose to the surface and gained a material advantage which, as opposed to popularity or “justice,” determines who rules. Fighting a revolution is like fighting a war with another country, the winner takes all. To Basarab, society has its dissidents, but the ruling group in society restricts the appearance of any substantial dissent and often systematically tries to keep it in the closet. A revolution then is mainly a dissident group achieving material advantage and the horizontal agreement of ideology is only important to the extent that it aids this material advantage. In short, while having the support of populist opinion makes ruling a society easier, unpopular regimes can still exist and hold onto power. As conditions change and philosophers think and communicate, the views of large segments of society can eventually change while the ideologies of the ruling class stay constant and this makes for tension (comment: the intersection between Basarab and Marx). In contemporary society, this is not rare.

The “popular opinions” of society may move a modest amount faster when the means of production change or a message is communicated and the slow changes eventually do add up and while the consensus of society can perhaps superficially appear to circle around, knowledge is only erased from people who have amnesia. This is important, society may be slow moving, but it is not “stopped.” Young people are influenced by the developments of the previous generation and continue the process and if they rebel, that is still not “backwards movement” but reactionary movement, still classified as “forwards.” A current slow pace of change, according to Basarab, explains the present but not ancient status of society and its agonizing apparent state of being stuck in liberal capitalism more than “the media” which is one environmental factor out of many, regulated by market forces and not a vacuum separate from society. Evolution can be devolution, depending on a person’s perspective. Individuals, perhaps in alienation to popular opinion, may change their opinions more but the perception of what is “normal” does not change as fast as the opinions of the most innovative people in society.

His theory leaves open the possibility that this could change if the will power existed to change it. If enough people are willing to self-criticize, then the cumulative pressures against the “normal opinions” would accumulate faster than otherwise which helps to gain a material advantage (but is insufficient on its own). Another important component of the theory is the breakdown of the idea that the media completely dictates society and alternative suggestions which instead relegates the media to “just being a business.” Basarab is a skeptic of the idea that the media is like a computer programmer who can just engineer any ideology into society easily and even believes such attempts to vertically engineer society out of touch with the material conditions typically leads to a backlash. This does not necessarily stop the media from trying, as Basarab realizes that the ruling class promotes ideologies through media, but he does not see this as an excuse for YOU to improperly develop YOUR OWN thinking! If you accept Basarab’s theory, then you have no excuse for not questioning authority and really engaging your thought process and can only blame yourself!

The key themes that appear in the theory are business forces, will power, the brainwashing of children, the bigotry of adults, the limitations of the media to change the opinions of adults without consent, the invention of ideologies around conditions and the transmission of ideology through communication based on the open-mindedness of the audience. This theory is not a “racial nationalist” theory. The implications of the theory imply that the environment is extremely important, perhaps genetics even play “second fiddle” to the environment (to quote “John Jones”) but they suggest as well that ideology is an invention. Basarab’s analysis would imply that the pace of ideological change is tied to the characteristics of the thinking of people and affected by the opportunistic desire to rise in society while also suggesting that the media cannot force someone to open their mind. His analysis allows that it is not necessary for adults to close their minds and thus suggests that people do have more potential to change society than they actually realize. However, his analysis also maintains that a change in popular opinion is not equal to a shift in power politics.

Obvious Assumptions
-Genetics do not directly determine ideology. They may influence attitude and temperament and therefore make certain ideologies likely, but ultimately they do not determine ideology. This theory does not deny that genetics exist, or that they are a material reality. What it does deny, however, is that ideology is “passed through” genetics, which Darwin never claimed such a thing himself.
-The Environment does not directly determine ideology either. Like genetics, it indirectly influences ideology. In the opinion of Basarab, for the purpose of determining ideology, the environment is more important than genetics. Marx himself never claimed that all people react to the environment in the exact same way.
-”Free will” does play a very substantial role but ideology is not created in vacuum. People invent their own ideologies based around their environments and this process may be modified by the temperaments and personality traits that genetics influence, but ideology is still “invented.” For example, one person may chose to react to losing a competition by training harder and another person may chose to give up. But if it was not for losing the competition, then neither would react. Whether or not they give up is probably not genetic. Exactly how they react cannot be predicted based on a mathematical model that calculates in the opinion of Basarab, not even in theory. This is the small amount of spiritualism that is in Basarab’s thinking – The power of the human will.
-It may sound elementary but just to state the obvious, ideology is transmitted and created both by language and introspective thinking.

Less Obvious Assumptions
-Most people close their minds progressively as they age. Obviously children learn in a different way than adults. People make important life choices and commit to them. This is not absolute like the laws of physics, but it is the tendency.
-People who are aware of this tendency may be able to mitigate it more successfully. Focus and will power are not irrelevant.
-If people do change their minds, especially but not exclusively in large numbers, changes in material conditions of daily life (the environment) are likely related to the change. I must cite this discussion and this article.

-Society moves at a slow pace, from point a to point b to point c, unless there are major changes in the material conditions. It does move, that is indisputable, but it is a tortoise rather than a hair. Individuals may move faster.
-When the material conditions of society cause society to change more rapidly, it does not move in a single direction. Different people respond to the same problems in different ways (in the same way that one basketball player may drive the lane, the other may shoot, the other may punch the ref). Most people, even under extreme conditions, do not change much but they will change more.
-Once people have reconciled their position in life with the new material conditions, the pace slows again. It never stops, but it goes back to being a tortoise.
-The thought process is provoked by the environment most of the time but not all the time. Some people do brainstorm. There are a minority of people who change their ideologies more than others.
-Slogans do not change society directly (they may indirectly have a domino effect). The environmental effect of slogans communicated by language are but one factor out of many other material conditions. Society is defined by actions and influenced by words. Saying “I’ll drive the truck there” does not actually carry the freight.
-A media source can only manipulate close minded people by using their own prejudices against them. The media’s ability to manipulate these people is limited to encouraging tendencies that already exist. Most people who have settled on a single piece of media have already closed their mind.
-The bottom line (literally) is that the media is not all-powerful. It has to observe the reactions of its usually slow-moving audience and cannot move too much faster than its target if it wants to maintain control. Also, the media cannot be viewed as a vacuum that is separate from the rest of the environment but must be viewed in business terms (like a construction company, programming company, retail store). It is one environmental factor out of many. The concise truth is that it matters as much as people make it matter. People who open their minds to a media source are doing it consensually and a magnet cannot be placed too far ahead of the metal it is attracting.

A Note on Revolutions
-Revolutions may make it appear that society changes quickly in a single cohesive direction, but really they are just the victory of forces that already existed beneath the surface in a struggle for power. Revolutions may be more comparable to the straw that broke the camel’s back.
-Examples of forces that already existed before revolutions: Class struggle existed before the Russian Revolution. Discontent with society existed before the French Revolution. Hatred of the British existed before America was created. The Torah existed before Zionism. Anti-semitism existed before Nazism (though Nazism was not a true revolution, Hitler took power legally).
-With money and resources, there are various routes that may be available for different groups to take power, but that does not mean the other groups disappear.
-Most people will not openly come forward with disagreements regarding the official ideology of society. Many disagreements, new and old, are masked by the desire to advance inside of society or avoid problems. This causes a “natural selection” (to make an analogy to Darwin) that makes it appear as if a single ideology dominates, as “recessive” ideologies get swept beneath the power structure. Money and power determine what is recessive and what is dominant.
-Revolutions do not succeed based on ideals alone. Several other environmental factors are relevant (which are beyond the scope of this post).
-When Pol pot was “officially deposed,” he still continued to rule unofficially everywhere but the capital for a decade. The fact that he was “officially deposed” did not matter, it was a slogan.

People’s minds continually invent explanations for their conditions and they consider the environment (which also includes written texts) when building but this process is very nuanced and steady. It may change paces but society as a whole does not move very quickly by my standards (perhaps even during revolutions). This is partially due to the fact that many people do not think outside of the box (just like most Americans are overweight), but also because those who do face market forces and societal pressures that makes them “recessive” until revolution.

-People who “return” to old ideologies do not “go backwards” they go around in a circle. Someone who changes their mind and then changes it to something that has a similar slogan is actually a much different thinker. Certainly when someone supports an idea, then moves away, then moves to something similar, they do not view the ideology the same the second time, no matter what slogans they chant.
-The media should not be seen as the center of society, but as a part of the environment that is affected by all the same business factors. Therefore you cannot make excuses generally about the media single-handedly destroying society and more specifically about Jews single-handedly destroying society.
-No movement is truly inevitable. Nazism was not inevitable. Like Lenin realized (by realizing that a vanguard party was necessary), Marx’s theories were not inevitable either. Zionism is not inevitable. The characteristics of the Jewish community are less important than the fact that Zionists were given the money they needed while nationalist assimilationist Jews were not given that money.

More on the Media

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

I made a strong case in an important article that the idea of a genetically-motivated Jewish conspiracy to control Gentiles THROUGH THE ENVIRONMENT is dubious. I don’t believe that theory.

I do want to say one thing, however. I do believe that the people who control the media are professionals and they are very organized at what they do. At the end of the day, their goal is to make a profit, not to do the right ethical thing. On the other hand, your average Joe is not an organized professional, just an open minded person.

Basically, I do agree that the media can confuse people, but I do not believe it has the ability to take salt and turn it into pepper. As said before, the ability to manipulate an audience is based on the audience.


Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Another Conersation between Besoshvilli and me in which commander claimed I was using Malware.

I have done shady things on the internet but this time the accusation was actually false.

[14:22] free media productions: hey man
[14:23] austin2359@gmail.com: hey
[14:23] free media productions: i’ve gotten a couple of messages from people who visited the site – claiming they’ve been infected w/ malware
[14:23] free media productions: the first came from Cmdr/Comrade Stalin
[14:23] free media productions: but a few others
[14:24] austin2359@gmail.com: what type of malware
[14:24] free media productions: they claimed a trojan
[14:24] austin2359@gmail.com: it could be somewhere i’m linking
[14:24] austin2359@gmail.com: on the blog
[14:24] austin2359@gmail.com: or something
[14:24] free media productions: that’s what i suspected
[14:24] free media productions: i tried reasoning w/ Cmdr
[14:24] free media productions: telling him it wasn’t intentional
[14:24] free media productions: why would you or I try to intentionally sabotage our own site
[14:25] austin2359@gmail.com: i agree.
[14:25] free media productions: or it could just be a coincidence – not even related to us
[14:25] austin2359@gmail.com: who else is getting this
[14:25] free media productions: i got an e-mail from someone
[14:26] free media productions: at my madbeso account (not the FMP one)
[14:26] austin2359@gmail.com: oh
[14:26] free media productions: lol they were pissed
[14:26] austin2359@gmail.com: was it someone you referred here or something
[14:26] free media productions: noo i didn’t even recognize their e-mail address
[14:27] austin2359@gmail.com: occidental dissent has received a few links
[14:27] free media productions: hmm…
[14:27] free media productions: have you added any links as of late?
[14:27] austin2359@gmail.com: biodiversity forum
[14:27] austin2359@gmail.com: i’m just looking at blog posts
[14:27] free media productions: I removed a few that showed up as odd in my Chrome browser
[14:28] austin2359@gmail.com: okay
[14:28] austin2359@gmail.com: ah
[14:28] austin2359@gmail.com: i wonder if it was when i linked to that serial killer’s real life blog
[14:28] free media productions: lol
[14:28] austin2359@gmail.com: haha
[14:28] free media productions: haha that rat bastard
[14:28] austin2359@gmail.com: remember i talked about class conflict
[14:28] austin2359@gmail.com: and how you shoudl like him
[14:28] free media productions: yes – very strange..but interesting post
[14:29] austin2359@gmail.com: ask commander which to find every link he can remember clicking off of fmp blog posts
[14:29] austin2359@gmail.com: if he is still listening
[14:30] free media productions: i’ll ask – but he said it happened right after he logged into FMP editorials, and FMP Firezone
[14:31] austin2359@gmail.com: we could contact our host, but we better be sure this isn’t something else
[14:31] austin2359@gmail.com: as they don’t like being bothered
[14:31] austin2359@gmail.com: see we use cheap hosting, but not customer friendly hosting
[14:31] austin2359@gmail.com: its a tradeoff. its non-profit
[14:32] free media productions: lol yeah
[14:32] free media productions: understandable
[14:32] free media productions: oh and did you see my question about Lord Satan?
[14:32] austin2359@gmail.com: yeah
[14:32] austin2359@gmail.com: where did you get teh imprresion he was ix
[14:32] free media productions: was there a reason he was made super mod?
[14:33] austin2359@gmail.com: just because if he did abuse it it would be obvious
[14:33] free media productions: the syntax and language
[14:33] free media productions: and writing style is very ixabert-esque
[14:33] austin2359@gmail.com: he has some similarites to ix but differences to in position. but ix is known to swithc his positions
[14:33] austin2359@gmail.com: his positions on anthropology are different
[14:33] austin2359@gmail.com: he’s arguing for a single caucasoid race
[14:33] free media productions: well he’s also got a previous account – Monsieur Chauvin
[14:33] austin2359@gmail.com: which is different than ix
[14:33] austin2359@gmail.com: true
[14:33] free media productions: true but we know ix is an opportunist
[14:34] free media productions: in my experience, keeping the power in the hands of the absolute fewest people is a necessary precaution
[14:34] austin2359@gmail.com: its true. its nearly impossible to hack vnn cuz tyhey have like two mods
[14:35] austin2359@gmail.com: well if he abuses it, it will be fairly obvious
[14:35] free media productions: exaclty
[14:35] austin2359@gmail.com: ie hard deletes a thouand posts
[14:36] austin2359@gmail.com: although
[14:36] free media productions: lol true
[14:36] austin2359@gmail.com: if he gives it to an enemy
[14:36] austin2359@gmail.com: that’s a threat
[14:36] free media productions: plus super mods can upload attachments, which could be potentially damaging as well
[14:36] free media productions: lol we can keep him with the super mod title and customize his access mask to zero
[14:37] free media productions: maybe i’m just being paranoid – but ix is a trouble maker and he gets bored and decides to cause shit
[14:37] austin2359@gmail.com: if it is really ix, you aren’t being paranoid
[14:37] austin2359@gmail.com: although i’m against still holding it against ix for bringing down the lyceum
[14:37] austin2359@gmail.com: its been long enough
[14:37] free media productions: yeah but ix proved himself an untrustworthy person then
[14:38] austin2359@gmail.com: i agree
[14:38] free media productions: it’s not about that he did it, but that he’s done it in the past – its in his character
[14:38] free media productions: you and i get along because we have amenable personalities
[14:38] austin2359@gmail.com: we’re all basically “sociopaths” by the standards of moralistic people, but we at least have a team menatliy
[14:38] austin2359@gmail.com: ix doesn’t
[14:38] free media productions: we don’t agree on much, but we’re partners and both have invested serious time in this
[14:38] free media productions: lol yes
[14:39] austin2359@gmail.com: we’re internet mobsters. he’s an internet serial killer
[14:39] free media productions: we both have a vested interest which means even if we hated each other, we both have selfish reasons for not doing something that would damage FMP
[14:39] free media productions: ix has done this shit before – well before the lyceum
[14:39] austin2359@gmail.com: i agree. and i don’t hate you. i see some common traits between us like introversion
[14:39] austin2359@gmail.com: i just politically differ
[14:39] free media productions: yes exactly
[14:39] free media productions: a modern day molotov-ribbentrop team :)
[14:40] free media productions: sure we disagree, but ultimately we have more common interests than divergents
[14:40] austin2359@gmail.com: i stil think he’s making useful posts now
[14:40] austin2359@gmail.com: regardless of him being i
[14:40] austin2359@gmail.com: how do we demod him and not piss him off
[14:40] free media productions: let’s think about that – but in the meantime we should disable any mod powers that could be potentially destructive w/o saying anything
[14:41] free media productions: i’m not worried about him deleting, so we can leave that
[14:41] free media productions: we can always restore those – but he shoudl definitely not have access to Eagle’s Nest or the Administrator’s forum
[14:41] austin2359@gmail.com: ah. good point.
[14:41] austin2359@gmail.com: well he doesn’t have access to the admin’s
[14:41] free media productions: HTML should be off for everyone right?
[14:41] free media productions: okay good
[14:41] austin2359@gmail.com: i think it is
[14:42] free media productions: he should be blocked from Eagle’s Nest – we don’t need another problem where our archived info gets thrown out there…again
[14:42] austin2359@gmail.com: even though i’m disrupting, i know your support of islam is mainly tatical and not a repudiation of hardline atheism
[14:42] free media productions: correct – i’m as godless as they come
[14:42] free media productions: lol
[14:42] austin2359@gmail.com: when i say crypto-muslim and anti-zionism = anti-semitism that is disruption
[14:43] austin2359@gmail.com: of course there’s a differnece
[14:43] free media productions: lol yes
[14:43] free media productions: it makes for controversy
[14:43] free media productions: and controversy = audience!
[14:43] free media productions: which i’m all in favor
[14:43] free media productions: we’ve built a pretty good site up from scratch – with interesting, diverse and informative content
[14:43] austin2359@gmail.com: the reason we went agaisnt forum warfare to start is like stalin vs trotsky
[14:44] austin2359@gmail.com: permnanat revolutoin doesn’t work
[14:44] austin2359@gmail.com: without first buiding the conditoisn
[14:44] austin2359@gmail.com: we needed to build our own identity
[14:44] austin2359@gmail.com: before we could use disruption
[14:44] free media productions: yes, and it’s been working.
[14:44] austin2359@gmail.com: but now the conditions are good to debate
[14:44] austin2359@gmail.com: and disrupt
[14:45] austin2359@gmail.com: before they would have destroyed us as phora rejects
[14:45] free media productions: it might be interesting too to converge every once in a while, too
[14:45] free media productions: attack things that we all oppose
[14:45] austin2359@gmail.com: liberalism. freedom. democracy. captialialism without a state
[14:46] austin2359@gmail.com: write back to the other guy and ask him for more details
[14:46] austin2359@gmail.com: about what happened
[14:46] free media productions: sure
[14:46] free media productions: let me get the details from cmdr too
[14:47] free media productions: I got some crap through my Opera browser (I can tell when something is up) I cleaned it out by the usual cleaning methods, and then booted into a live version of FreeBSD which would wipe out anything in the ram.

It went back to normal then. I then used IE8 to acccess FMP and I think also the blog, and the same thing happened, had to repeat it with the cleaning and booting into FreeBSD in ram.
[14:47] free media productions: that’s what Cmdr said
[14:49] austin2359@gmail.com: we can’t rule out the possibilty that its just somethign internal to his computer, but if multiple peopel are contacting you, it’s worht investing
[14:49] free media productions: i take it you haven’t any problems either?
[14:49] austin2359@gmail.com: nope
[14:50] austin2359@gmail.com: although if i designed the virus, i wouldn’t. but i didn’t.
[14:50] free media productions: hmm…me either
[14:50] free media productions: lol true
[14:50] austin2359@gmail.com: i got one when i went to a hacking website but cleaned it out using malwarebytes
[14:50] austin2359@gmail.com: i don’t think it can spread into a site i designed though
[14:50] austin2359@gmail.com: from my harddrive
[14:51] free media productions: the part that i’m concerned about most is the fact that he got it right after the log-in pages
[14:52] austin2359@gmail.com: ah i see. so he suspects it as being rigged lyceum style
[14:52] free media productions: hmm…maybe – he didn’t make any accusations
[14:52] austin2359@gmail.com: it could be also that plugin we installed (or i did) on editorials
[14:52] austin2359@gmail.com: that tells you who is watching
[14:52] austin2359@gmail.com: what their ip is
[14:52] austin2359@gmail.com: etc
[14:52] free media productions: lol nice
[14:52] free media productions: where does that info go to?
[14:52] austin2359@gmail.com: but i don’t think that would be tied only to the login
[14:52] austin2359@gmail.com: in the admin panle
[14:52] free media productions: is it on the dashboard
[14:53] austin2359@gmail.com: yes
[14:53] austin2359@gmail.com: bottom left
[14:53] free media productions: the wp-admin?
[14:53] austin2359@gmail.com: yes
[14:53] free media productions: oh okay cool – good to know
[14:53] free media productions: i got the message from him last night
[14:53] austin2359@gmail.com: that was installed about a month ago
[14:53] free media productions: and that was the first time he ever had a problem
[14:53] free media productions: lol hmm..
[14:53] austin2359@gmail.com: http://www.freemediaproductions.info/Editorials/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wassup-online
[14:53] free media productions: cool
[14:53] free media productions: lol
[14:54] austin2359@gmail.com: i’m not sure what to tell him. unless nearlyfreespeech rigged it or a virus somehow can transplant via ftp from our harddrives to the site, i don’t know
[14:55] austin2359@gmail.com: or someone guessed the ftp
[14:55] austin2359@gmail.com: i think when racial awareness was in the lounge, i remeoved the ftp account and it had the wrong password anyways
[14:55] austin2359@gmail.com: at that point
[14:56] austin2359@gmail.com: tell commander to screenshot it if it happens again
[14:56] austin2359@gmail.com: if he’s still workign with you
[14:56] austin2359@gmail.com: and not flipping out
[14:57] free media productions: ahh okay good thinking
[14:57] free media productions: will do
[14:57] free media productions: i don’t think he’s coming back though – he blocked the sites from his browser
[14:57] free media productions: out of security concern
[14:58] free media productions: i’ll see if he can give me any more details about whatever happened
[14:58] free media productions: and the other too
[15:03] free media productions: anyways…how’s life treating ya?
[15:05] austin2359@gmail.com: i’m studying for certifications. still royally pissed off over the economy. still not mixing well with parents and looking to make it sepaately, but the market isn’t friendly to that
[15:05] austin2359@gmail.com: all of this is making me more conscious of the fact that imo, capitalism without authoritarianism doesnt’ work
[15:05] free media productions: friend, just imagine if you were guaranteed a job
[15:05] free media productions: where you could use your experience and skills to serve a great cause
[15:05] free media productions: and would at the same time be provided a house, health care and other necessities
[15:06] free media productions: while being compensated for your labor
[15:06] austin2359@gmail.com: stalin did give full employment. i will state firmly that pure communism is supieror to pure capitalism
[15:06] free media productions: even authoritarian capitalism can’t do that
[15:06] austin2359@gmail.com: only a very modified fasicsm can work
[15:06] free media productions: what about a middle ground
[15:06] free media productions: state socialism
[15:06] free media productions: like Stalin
[15:06] free media productions: no allusions to “classless, stateless” society
[15:06] austin2359@gmail.com: there is some overlap
[15:06] free media productions: just pure Stalinism
[15:06] austin2359@gmail.com: between the far left and the statist (not the racialist) far right
[15:06] free media productions: no private ownership of industry though
[15:07] free media productions: yes quite a bit of overlap
[15:07] free media productions: my hatred of capitalism developed just as yours
[15:07] free media productions: not being able to find a fucking job
[15:07] austin2359@gmail.com: yeah i mean i’d rather be living under a dictator than unemplooyed
[15:07] austin2359@gmail.com: quite frankly
[15:08] free media productions: lol me too
[15:08] free media productions: and so would most people
[15:08] austin2359@gmail.com: such a waste of effort
[15:08] austin2359@gmail.com: to develop all those skills
[15:08] free media productions: if i were in charge, i’d have you doing cyber espionage and Signals Intel work
[15:08] austin2359@gmail.com: lol
[15:08] austin2359@gmail.com: cool
[15:09] free media productions: i’m fascinated with intelligence – especially with modern technology
[15:09] free media productions: though there’s no replacement for good old HUMINT
[15:09] austin2359@gmail.com: humans can analyze. technology can calcualte
[15:09] free media productions: exactly
[15:10] free media productions: i think you have some serious skills that could be utilized way more effectively
[15:10] austin2359@gmail.com: what makes me hate the system more is to see how nepostiic it is
[15:10] austin2359@gmail.com: and hoe the governemnt bails out people who screw thingsup
[15:10] austin2359@gmail.com: while other people never get a chance
[15:10] free media productions: yes
[15:10] free media productions: exactly
[15:10] austin2359@gmail.com: EXPERIENCE

[15:10] austin2359@gmail.com: lol
[15:10] free media productions: that’s because the same people who bail it out are also the ones who NEED it
[15:10] austin2359@gmail.com: they are epxeirenced in fuckign thingsup
[15:10] free media productions: they have an interest
[15:10] free media productions: Yes
[15:11] free media productions: capitalism always has these problems
[15:11] free media productions: it’s cyclical
[15:11] austin2359@gmail.com: so we agree this much. liberal capitalism has business maniupating the state.
[15:11] austin2359@gmail.com: under fascism its the other way around
[15:11] austin2359@gmail.com: the state manipulates business
[15:11] free media productions: why not just have the state own business though? lol
[15:12] austin2359@gmail.com: people are so active that i’m not sure everything could be planned
[15:13] free media productions: Stalin turned Russia from back-asswards semi-fuedalism into a super power
[15:13] free media productions: capitalism never could have done that
[15:13] free media productions: imagine what that type of initiative and centralization could achieve in the United States?
[15:13] free media productions: we’d have everything we could imagine
[15:13] austin2359@gmail.com: you have a point. i think he did it through harsh discipline
[15:13] free media productions: yes
[15:13] free media productions: the borugeoisie is not disciplined
[15:13] free media productions: its lazy and selfish
[15:14] free media productions: but the working class understands discipline – just think
[15:14] free media productions: how disciplined do you have to be as a worker, just to keep your job, manage what little money you do have, etc.?
[15:14] austin2359@gmail.com: nepotistic, and blames people for problems it creates wiht its own greed
[15:14] free media productions: yes – the wealthy 1% always have an excuse…for EVERYTHING
[15:15] austin2359@gmail.com: what were you politically before you were marxist
[15:15] austin2359@gmail.com: you should do an ask beria thing
[15:17] free media productions: lol oh – there’s a good article one of our news contributors wrote today about the FBI spying on Muslims and Far right organizations
[15:17] austin2359@gmail.com: sure.
[15:18] austin2359@gmail.com: i’m not dumb enough to think the usa is repudaiting liberalism
[15:18] free media productions: nope – the US will cling to liberalism as long as possible
[15:18] free media productions: only when it becomes impossible
[15:18] free media productions: i.e. – when there’s a serious threat of revolution
[15:19] free media productions: will they turn to more authoritarian means of maintaining the status quo
[15:19] free media productions: that’s usually how traditional fascism develops – capitalism in crisis
[15:19] free media productions: thoguh fascism has developed its own ideology and movement now
[15:19] free media productions: but fascism was originally born out of the failures of liberal democratic capitalism
[15:20] austin2359@gmail.com: there is a differnece, though, that fascism elevates the state over the tradition
[15:20] austin2359@gmail.com: but both arise
[15:20] austin2359@gmail.com: to combat revolution
[15:20] free media productions: yep – you’re right
[15:21] free media productions: which is why the bourgeoisie doesn’t like fascism
[15:21] free media productions: liberalism is most conducive to generating the biggest profits
[15:21] free media productions: fascism subordinates capital, when capital wants to dominate
[15:21] free media productions: that’s the contradiction
[15:21] austin2359@gmail.com: fascism basically aims to premanately make socieyt more authoritarian so that capiatlism can be constantly watched closely and modified at the satte’s conveinance
[15:22] free media productions: that’s also why fascism is usually (historically) been most popular with the economically suffering middle class
[15:22] austin2359@gmail.com: traidtionalism aims to go back to that past
[15:22] austin2359@gmail.com: and iprobably fit that profile
[15:22] austin2359@gmail.com: right now
[15:22] free media productions: i am more sympathetic to your forward thinking, progressive fascism
[15:22] free media productions: than i am towards traditionalists
[15:22] free media productions: there’s no point in trying to force society to go backwards
[15:23] austin2359@gmail.com: i agree.
[15:23] free media productions: it would be as silly and pointless as trying to recreate the soviet union in the United States
[15:23] free media productions: you can use similar methods, but you can’t try to reverse the force of progress
[15:23] austin2359@gmail.com: i agree with you
[15:23] austin2359@gmail.com: castro was not stalin was not mao was not pol pot
[15:24] free media productions: precisely
[15:24] free media productions: and lenin and stalin both said that quite clearly – you have to build socialism on the conditions that exist in your society at that time
[15:24] austin2359@gmail.com: the reason our website has stayed together despite substnatial disruption I believe is that we boht are forward thinking and both realize the satte is important
[15:24] free media productions: otherwise you’re just imagining things
[15:25] free media productions: i agree
[15:25] free media productions: the state is vital
[15:25] austin2359@gmail.com: and we’re both skeptical of rabid internationslim
[15:25] austin2359@gmail.com: you justify it on the grounds of mateiral conidtions
[15:25] free media productions: its a tool in the hands for which we can make huge and important changes
[15:25] free media productions: i am very skeptical of internationalism
[15:25] austin2359@gmail.com: i justify it on that ground but also because i think the government shoudl care about its own people
[15:25] free media productions: true
[15:27] austin2359@gmail.com: see i’m anthropology-obssed through and through. i’m against pc and intentional attempts to alter nations demographically. but i realized that compelte racial natioanlism is absurd
[15:27] free media productions: i understand and appreciate that
[15:27] austin2359@gmail.com: even zionists do not genetically test people
[15:27] austin2359@gmail.com: lol
[15:27] free media productions: lol
[15:27] free media productions: true
[15:28] free media productions: I don’t see the value in imposing things on people that are unnatural or foreign to them
[15:28] free media productions: for instance, i wouldn’t declare shariah law in the United States
[15:28] free media productions: lol
[15:28] free media productions: that would turn the majority of the population against me
[15:28] austin2359@gmail.com: certainly. i can understand your stance, that you think muslims can be used tatically to weaken usa
[15:28] austin2359@gmail.com: its an approach
[15:28] free media productions: well not just “use them” lol
[15:28] austin2359@gmail.com: that i can respect more than a mystical daniel shays approach
[15:29] austin2359@gmail.com: even though he’s a good guy
[15:29] free media productions: lol
[15:29] free media productions: Shays is a good guy – i wish somehow we could get him back, but i know he’s busy doing other things
[15:29] free media productions: like his college degree and so forth
[15:29] austin2359@gmail.com: he’ll like the fact i’m bashing the phora again
[15:29] austin2359@gmail.com: he was trying to get me to do that
[15:29] free media productions: lol of course – shays HATED the phora
[15:30] free media productions: maybe we can use that to get him back
[15:30] free media productions: we should also see if we can use that to get Mors and Mazdak back too
[15:31] austin2359@gmail.com: tell them the lyceum skin is back
[15:31] austin2359@gmail.com: and the wikipedia
[15:31] austin2359@gmail.com: that has limitless potential to be exploited
[15:31] austin2359@gmail.com: if we get familiar with how it works
[15:31] free media productions: lol true
[15:31] free media productions: i used to edit wikipedia articles all the time – but that was a couple years ago
[15:31] austin2359@gmail.com: but moderators interfere
[15:31] austin2359@gmail.com: here we are the moderators
[15:31] austin2359@gmail.com: we can copy articles, they are not under copryight
[15:32] austin2359@gmail.com: and completley bias them
[15:32] free media productions: yes and there was one in particulary – a pot-head homosexual liberal marxist
[15:32] free media productions: lol yep
[15:32] austin2359@gmail.com: well you could copy her artilcce, and copletely deify stalin (but using enough common sense to make it look scholarly)
[15:32] austin2359@gmail.com: when people google “Josef stalin”
[15:33] austin2359@gmail.com: if our page rank ever improves, they may see it
[15:34] free media productions: well we can artificially inflate it’s google ranking too
[15:35] austin2359@gmail.com: i don’t use the lyceum skin. i go wtth the newspaper one. i do think however it has a powerful nostalgia factor and i set it to teh defualt
[15:35] austin2359@gmail.com: that may help to bring in mazdak, etc.
[15:35] austin2359@gmail.com: if it’s possible
[15:36] free media productions: true – at one point I remember we had somewhere around 5 skins
[15:36] free media productions: until shays had to get rid of a few since it was just too many
[15:36] austin2359@gmail.com: i’m not sure if this was the one we used at the conclusion of thelycuem
[15:36] austin2359@gmail.com: but its similar enough
[15:37] austin2359@gmail.com: i recreated it based off archive.org
[15:37] free media productions: yeah it’s pretty damn close
[15:37] free media productions: yeah i saw that
[15:37] free media productions: I restored the Dungeon (Jewlage & Hell) for nostalgia too
[15:37] free media productions: lol
[15:37] austin2359@gmail.com: go head and try it
[15:37] austin2359@gmail.com: we are past our professional phase
[15:37] austin2359@gmail.com: and into our disruption phase
[15:38] austin2359@gmail.com: the condition have changed
[15:38] free media productions: true
[15:38] austin2359@gmail.com: the tracking stats was teh best upgrade
[15:38] austin2359@gmail.com: that’s how i figured out that disruption was the way to go
[15:38] free media productions: definitely
[15:38] free media productions: we killed last month
[15:39] free media productions: and we’re on great pace this month to
[15:39] austin2359@gmail.com: that new guy is driving taffic
[15:39] austin2359@gmail.com: with his bizarre ideology
[15:39] austin2359@gmail.com: but id on’t care
[15:39] free media productions: john c. cupp
[15:39] free media productions: ?
[15:39] austin2359@gmail.com: he’s drivign traffic
[15:39] austin2359@gmail.com: yeah
[15:39] free media productions: lol yeah
[15:39] free media productions: he’s odd
[15:39] free media productions: but he’s interesting
[15:39] free media productions: and he baits Slavyanski
[15:39] free media productions: lol
[15:39] austin2359@gmail.com: he definately gets an audience. which via spillover, benefits teh entier website
[15:40] free media productions: precisely
[15:45] austin2359@gmail.com: if i met you, but you live in the west, i’d rally with you against democracy, liberal capitalism, etc.
[15:45] austin2359@gmail.com: but that’s not possible
[15:45] austin2359@gmail.com: we live too far apart
[15:45] free media productions: lol unfortunately
[15:45] free media productions: have you ever met Shays in person?
[15:46] austin2359@gmail.com: we’ve met a common friend but no each other
[15:46] austin2359@gmail.com: which was completely coincidentail
[15:46] free media productions: lol wow – what a coincidence
[15:46] free media productions: i met up with him & mazdak a couple of years ago
[15:46] free media productions: we visited the site of Ground Zero lol
[15:47] austin2359@gmail.com: lol
[15:48] free media productions: have you talked to Shays at all since the whole claims about him committing suicide?
[15:48] austin2359@gmail.com: he just varified he didn’t. that was all
[15:49] free media productions: sorry what was the last thing you said (my browser crashed on me)
[15:50] austin2359@gmail.com: “he just verified he didn’t. (commit suicide). That’s all.”
[15:50] free media productions: ahh – he’s tough to get a hold of nowadays
[15:51] austin2359@gmail.com: if it is really his studies, there’s a chance he’ll eventually return
[15:51] austin2359@gmail.com: as it seemed you were long goen in the odessa syndicate eera
[15:51] austin2359@gmail.com: and then returned
[15:51] austin2359@gmail.com: when i recruited you for fmp
[15:51] free media productions: lol yep
[15:51] free media productions: yeah i was in law school then
[15:53] free media productions: wow – it’s only Dec. 3 and we’ve already got nearly 800 unique visitors for the month!
[15:54] austin2359@gmail.com: i told you. this new guy is bringing in a lot. plus my latest baiting of fade brought in a lot
[15:54] austin2359@gmail.com: 12 guests were on right after i posted it
[15:54] austin2359@gmail.com: and it backtracked on his
[15:54] free media productions: lol nice
[15:54] free media productions: i’d like to get some of our M-L’s posting on the blog again
[15:54] austin2359@gmail.com: that’s why i think you guys should consider baiting revleft
[15:54] austin2359@gmail.com: really being annoying
[15:54] austin2359@gmail.com: until they finally respond
[15:55] free media productions: maybe…but revleft is different
[15:55] free media productions: I’d rather just take them down for good
[15:55] free media productions: lol
[15:55] austin2359@gmail.com: lol
[15:57] austin2359@gmail.com: and hinting at violence (but being smart enough to not say anything illegal) is another bait trick
[15:57] free media productions: true
[15:57] austin2359@gmail.com: ie “how long until we get violent. this is purely introespectivd, i’m not adovacitn it.”
[15:57] austin2359@gmail.com: lol
[15:57] austin2359@gmail.com: i said something like that
[15:57] free media productions: yeah i saw that
[15:57] free media productions: nothing illegal about that
[15:58] austin2359@gmail.com: its enough to get the watch people to look closer which bad publicity is still publicity
[15:58] free media productions: true, though we don’t want FBI watching our site on a regular basis
[15:59] austin2359@gmail.com: i agree although i think if a negative news article came out about us
[15:59] austin2359@gmail.com: it would immensely help us
[15:59] free media productions: oh yeah
[15:59] free media productions: that would be great
[15:59] free media productions: send our views through the fuckin’ roof
[15:59] austin2359@gmail.com: ie “Website of fascists and marxists wants to take away democracyl”
[15:59] austin2359@gmail.com: lol
[15:59] austin2359@gmail.com: prozium’s went up when the adl bitched about him
[16:00] free media productions: very true
[16:00] free media productions: but in order to get something like that we’d haev to bring our messages together and more in line
[16:00] free media productions: and stop disrupting each other
[16:00] free media productions: lol
[16:01] austin2359@gmail.com: that’s true although i think you can still get it as an inidvidual
[16:01] austin2359@gmail.com: ie “poster on news website threatens this’
[16:02] free media productions: yeah, but an individual isn’t as “big a deal”
[16:02] free media productions: it’s just the opinion of one person
[16:02] free media productions: but when a bunch of people do it in a coordinated effort
[16:02] free media productions: that’s a bigger deal
[16:02] austin2359@gmail.com: true and people often overestimate the size of people they fear
[16:05] free media productions: lol yes
[17:26] free media productions: did you find anything suspicious that may have infected Cmdr’s computer?
Thursday, December 3, 2009 18:34:36
[18:34] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: i haven’t looked but I’d be shocked if i did find something
[09:20] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: for a while i can’t reply because i guess the database is being a pain in the rear, but what I was about to say is that I think in ix’s original chimp out, if he was more patient, he could have fixed the situation that he got demodded. Though I predicted that he would turn on us as soon as he was demodded because of his perosnality falw.
[09:21] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: now if it is ix, he doesn’t have much to hit us with
[09:24] free media productions: i agree with that ix
[09:24] free media productions: ix deserved to be demodded previously
[09:24] free media productions: and he turned on us
[09:25] free media productions: he couldn’t handle it, which is why i am in no hurry to let that type of situation happen again
[09:25] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: if a normal person was demodded, with a bit more patience and social skill, i think they could have talked their way back into it
[09:25] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: ix is just ix
[09:26] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: ix had been provoking i forget what it was over
[09:26] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: but i believe he was moderating pro-islamic posts instead of debating thme
[09:29] free media productions: yeah he was hard-deleting and editing posts that he disagreed with
[09:29] free media productions: and that was a violation of the stated (and explicit) mod rules
[09:29] free media productions: that we posted
[09:29] free media productions: ix didn’t take serious the warning we gave him (all of us admins)
[09:29] free media productions: and he kept on doing it
[09:29] free media productions: that was a breach of our rules and was pissing off a lot of users
[09:30] free media productions: we defended ix, made him a super-mod, and for what? The mistake was ours though for trusting him
[09:30] free media productions: a mistake that we won’t be making again
[09:30] free media productions: i would rather delete the entire website ourselves than run the risk of letting ix do it
[09:32] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: i agree. my line is basically to watch him closely in case he is ix. if he is ix, make sure he has zero influence. but for now we shouldn’t confront him because he’s posting well. if we confronted him, he’d either not be IX and get offended, or be IX and throw a temper tantrum.
[09:32] free media productions: exactly
[09:32] free media productions: i 100% agree
[09:32] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: and if itn’s not ix
[09:32] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: it is offensive to be occused of being ix
[09:32] free media productions: lol yes
[09:32] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: i get occused of being sockpuppets on the phroa all the time
[09:32] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: its annoying
[09:32] free media productions: true
[09:33] free media productions: though, just based on what you know now, what is your “gut opinion?”
[09:33] free media productions: think its ix, or thin he’s legit?
[09:33] free media productions: *think
[09:33] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: its 50-50. his women hating post seemed like something ix would do because it was over the top
[09:33] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: but his race posts don’t sound like ix
[09:34] free media productions: yeah – but you have to give ix the benefit of the doubt, he’s intelligent, and he knows that we would identify his usual line
[09:35] free media productions: plus ix has changed ideologies dozens of times since i first encountered him
[09:35] free media productions: in 2004
[09:35] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: yeah i’m not saying it isn’t but i am saying the jury is still out
[09:35] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: at least in my opinion
[09:35] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: and even if it is ix, my line is to contain him, not ban him
[09:36] free media productions: true -
[09:36] free media productions: fyi – i disabled his ability to see IP addresses
[09:36] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: okay
[09:36] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: fine
[09:36] free media productions: ix shouldn’t be able to see that
[09:37] free media productions: in case it is him
[09:37] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: just give him the ability to make mod lounge posts, cuz the lower one isn’t really a threat, and delete posts, cuz if he abuses that it will be obvious
[09:37] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: i back up the database
[09:37] free media productions: yep – i left both of those in tack
[09:38] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: if somehow it is proven that we were completely off base, and its not ix, then i think he still shouldn’t be auto-adminned, but should no longer be permanately non-adminnable.
[09:39] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: but he’d have to earn his respect
[09:39] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: like every other admin did
[09:40] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: but while the jury is still out, its out of the question and if he’s not ix, certainly not without him doing more to prove his loyalty
[09:40] free media productions: i think that’s fair
[09:41] free media productions: i say the question of whether or not he should even be considered for admin should be addressed in a fixed amount of time – maybe 6 months
[09:41] free media productions: that’s the type of commitment we’d like to see from anyone who we remotely consider for admin spot
[09:41] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: yeah. cuz we all did major stuff
[09:41] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: like attackign the phora
[09:41] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: remember i was offered to be admin when the lyceum was created and tunred it down cuz i was doign my own fourm
[09:42] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: he’d have to do something major
[09:42] free media productions: yep
[09:42] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: that defiantely proved his loyalty
[09:42] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: like attacking revleft and brignging it down
[09:43] free media productions: what did Lord Satan say in his private message he sent you?
[09:43] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: asked about the julag. what is it
[09:44] free media productions: lol
[09:44] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: asked if i’d posted on mootsf
[09:44] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: lol if you log into the database, you can see all pms
[09:44] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: haha
[09:44] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: i dont’ give a shit
[09:44] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: you are down enough
[09:45] free media productions: lol nice – i thought that might be the case
[09:45] free media productions: does it still record passwords, too?
[09:46] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: yeah but they are coded
[09:46] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: you’d have to uncode them
[09:46] free media productions: ahh
[09:46] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: i don’t have the actual website configurd to phish them
[09:46] free media productions: that’s probably best
[09:46] free media productions: since we don’t really need that anyways
[09:46] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: and you can tell if you view html source
[09:46] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: that md5 is disabled
[09:47] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: https://phpmyadmin.nearlyfreespeech.net/sql.php?db=Firezone&token=e20618b1b7e7c805fa343971b3991a74&table=fznpmtext&pos=0
[09:47] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: try using austin2359
[09:47] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: austin316 as pw
[09:49] free media productions: what’s the MYSQL server host?
[09:50] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: i think
[09:50] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: freemediaproductions.db
[09:50] free media productions: ahh okay…hmm.. that’s what i thought but let me try again
[09:50] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: austin2359 – austin316
[09:50] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: ah
[09:50] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: the pw might be somethign else\
[09:51] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: \the pw is delta5
[09:51] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: sorry
[09:51] free media productions: cool
[09:51] free media productions: thanx
[09:51] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: when my pw changed to austin316, it didn’t change the database one, cuz that would screw up everything that uses database
[09:53] free media productions: cool well thanks again…i haven’t looked at the db in a long-time
[09:54] free media productions: lol and just an FYI i don’t plan on sifting or reading PMs
[09:54] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: it’s cool to have the power
[09:54] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: if you are a hacker
[09:54] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: could you recognize my writing sylte like you could ix
[09:54] free media productions: lol i bet
[09:54] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: if i wrote a unabobmer manifesto
[09:54] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: and it was on msnc
[09:54] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: would you be able to pick me out
[09:55] free media productions: maybe some things, but if you put a lot of effort and tought into it, included using samples (copy/paste) from other texts, it would be hard
[09:55] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: am i harder to notice than ix
[09:55] free media productions: sometimes, but sometimes not lol
[09:55] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: haha
[09:56] free media productions: you have a very straightforward writing style
[09:56] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: see this topic intrigues me
[09:56] free media productions: i’ve paid attention to it as a Private Investigator
[09:56] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: ix uses adverbs and adjectives
[09:56] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: i just use short sentences
[09:56] free media productions: yep. very short, concise
[09:57] free media productions: and there are other particulars, but i can’t name them at the moment
[09:57] free media productions: i’ve seen ix’s writing off and on for years now
[09:57] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: bad spelling but i correct that when i try
[09:57] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: it’s really just fast typing
[09:57] free media productions: lol that’s one, but it’s the internet and its forgivable
[09:57] free media productions: same here
[09:57] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: these would all make good forum topics
[09:57] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: but we have no good forum audience
[09:58] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: ie writing style analysis
[09:58] free media productions: lol true
[09:58] free media productions: we should do some more discussing in the criminology forum
[09:58] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: the difference between ix i believe is not that we are less evil, but that we are mobsters whereas he’s a serila killer
[09:58] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: we should
[09:58] free media productions: that is a very interesting subject
[09:58] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: but we need more
[09:58] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: people
[09:58] free media productions: true
[10:00] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: ted k was right about the logical conclusions of techno-obessivism, which is why futuristic governemtns can’t be lead by retards
[10:01] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: i’d like to discuss forum topics but feel we have no audience
[10:02] free media productions: true – but we may be able to build the forum through more active encouragement on other popular areas of the site
[10:03] free media productions: for instance – we could direct readers on the blog to participate in discussions on the Firezone/Lyceum
[10:03] free media productions: with a tagline that says, “Discuss this more here (w/ link)
[10:03] free media productions: to the topic
[10:03] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: we could but its harder than you think
[10:03] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: to get them to make the psychoogical change
[10:03] free media productions: oh i know its hard lol
[10:03] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: like just posting stuff on facebook was an adaption for me
[10:03] free media productions: but those are just a few ways to advertise its presence, as a helpful starter
[10:04] free media productions: very true
[10:04] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: we can use other forums
[10:04] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: and link to our own topics
[10:04] free media productions: yep that’s another idea
[10:04] free media productions: we spread and built link popularity for the news and editorials
[10:04] free media productions: we just need to do the same for the forum
[10:04] free media productions: as one part of our strategy
[10:05] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: if one part of the websit had to fail, i’d prefer it to be teh forum
[10:05] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: though if it suceeded it would be better
[10:05] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: look at fade’s website
[10:05] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: comments all over it
[10:05] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: dead forum
[10:05] free media productions: yes
[10:05] free media productions: the forum is number 3 of our priorities
[10:06] free media productions: so it’s not essential, but would be nice
[10:06] free media productions: and is part of our overall multimedia approach
[10:06] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: if you use the strategy of targetting “new people,” forums are a tough sell. they require logging in, giving an email (that can’t be fake) etc
[10:06] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: we’re targetting mainly “new people” but we’re using disrutptions to attract attention
[10:09] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: i view ix like trotsky. a good writer but not smart socially
[10:09] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: high linguistic intelligence, but socially ackward
[10:12] free media productions: i think you’re right on that mark
[10:14] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: he’s ackward, but that in itself is not a problem. it’s his compulsive backstabbing. like every few months he decides to backstab one group and go to another. commadner does it too, but less extreme
[10:15] free media productions: yes, commander is a waverer, but not necessarily a major threat. He vacillates, but no as aggressively (or destructively) as Ixabert
[10:15] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: yeah ix is more extreme. he has the trait worse. and i think commaner is more impulsive whereas ix calcualtes
[10:16] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: its organized vs disorgznied serial killers
[10:16] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: whereas i’m more like someone who fights over grudgues but doesn’t burn bridgges
[10:17] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: again, these topics about other posters make for good forum material, but we don’t have any audience there
[10:20] free media productions: true – it’s also good internal info for us in helping to decide how to handle/manage individuals
[10:21] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: i honestly think ix planned from the beginning to betray us as soon he figured out we were making ground against the phora. he viewed as the same way ussr viewed britain and germany. the phora and lyceum should kill each othe.r
[10:21] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: whereas commander just is impulsive
[10:23] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: mazdak and b-pep are regularly on aim
[10:23] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: you should use meebo or something so you can coordinate all your messagners into one
[10:23] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: and see if you can get them back
[10:24] free media productions: good idea – i haven’t used instant messenger in forever
[10:24] free media productions: i’ll start so i can get in touch with them
[10:25] free media productions: hey i’ve got to go but it was good talking to you!
[10:25] austin2359@gmail.com/Meebo: cya nice talking to you

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