My Mentality and the Theory

Many of the posts here are written about subjects other than “me.” However, since this a blog and not a discussion forum, there is nothing wrong with talking about me. If you do not like it, read another post.

This whole process of inventing the whole “theory of Basarab ideological evolution” caused me to think a lot about why I do the things I do.

Going through this and revising this, as I have revised it a few times, builds strength in both my confidence and in the stability of the theory. Now people people can know why I think what I do. A lot of people told me growing up that they “still have not figured me out!” Well, now you know the way I think.

I welcome people to examine how they think and see if they can challenge me or confirm me. Certainly this is my mentality, that of someone who is pushing forward as a competitor, not that of someone who is afraid to be challenged. Yes I am happy to be correct and that is one of my goals, but my other goal is to push the pace forward as well. If I am wrong, I certainly do not want it hidden. I want someone who is better trained to defeat me or improve what I have written. This is not only about my ego it is also about understanding the world.

When you understand the way I think, the things I am doing start to make sense. I see discussion as a forward moving process, not a territorial fight.

edit: I am more about pushing fowwards, most people are afraid they will offend people. My realization was that people who get offended simply because their ideas are put under question will eventually backstab you so why not just ignore them? I am also not concerned with advancing a political cause outside of opposing American imperialism. I may offend people who need the Jews to be blamed or need race not to exist, etc.

Metal Gear @ May 12, 2012

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