Last Editorial

We will leave this running. We may approve comments. But we are done writing Editorials.

Analogously, the product cycle has completed and it is time to move on to the next.

Now, we will not abandon the Free Media Productions domain.

We feel that we made all the points we needed to make. We have developed all our theories. Now we can do something else with our time.

If we keep writing more of these, all the other Editorials will get buried beneath them. I think we are at a good point to stop. Just like every few years Console Manufactures, cpu designers, graphics card makers etc. decide to stop manufacturing the current line and move to the next.

it is time. If we keep going, we no longer have any real theories to develop and we will just bury the previous content. We may go back and improve, grammatically edit and maintain older articles.

Free Media Productions Staff @ May 12, 2012

One Response to “Last Editorial”

  1. Metal Gear Says:

    What a successful operation this is.

    I know several websites that were influenced by this. I know several figures, several people who met other people off the street (steel bolts of facebook met daniel shays in real life and mentioned free media productions).

    A particular website thinks they are the only website which reads this, but they are the laughing stock of the internet because they can’t keep their forum going without allowing people to post my content.

    Several major figures have read my editorials. I also saw traffic grow progressively.

    These assclowns think that if you don’t have 5 buffonic white nationalists saying “nigger nigger nigger” in the comment section that nobody must be reading.

    They are the equivalent of people who think the first 100 meters determine who will win the marathon. I laugh at their stupid arrogance, about how without me they wouldn’t have a forum, about how they are less than a percent of the people who read me. When you average around 2000 unique views a day, do five people carry you?

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