A Note on Anthro Boards

Back in the days before genetic studies, the process of how to measure what a race is and is not was clear. It involved precise measurements of the structure of the bones.

Many casual and informal posters on anthro boards take advantage of the fact that now our process is more confusing. They claim that “the latest research supports their findings” and count on the fact that the average person will be too confused to actually understand it.

The fact of the matter is that understanding the implications of SNP Markers / Autosomal DNA / Y Chromosomes / MT-DNA and exactly what they mean is more confusing than it was in the old days when it was based on a ruler. And so many informal posters count on the fact that their audience cannot force them to verify their claims and thus claim whatever they want to.

I was very careful in writing my previous article to point out that even if the number of races in existence that I alluded to are wrong, that races should be defined based on a repeatable, consistent and impartial process. Thus even if we miscalculated, the proper move then is to calculate properly and not to then conclude that race is “whatever I want it to be.” So even if there are in fact six races or four races instead of five, the reason for making that argument should be based on a mechanical and reproducible process and not based on politics. (Now you can see how I have studied a lot about process and procedures, I do have a background in using computers to build business processes so do not be surprised!)

The bottom line is that once you take this view, the odds of Jews being “a race separate from humanity” or “genetic drift stopping in Europe” are as close to Zero as you can get. Even if all Jews were identical twins, they still would not be external to the grouping which humanity can impartially be divided into.

Metal Gear @ May 12, 2012

One Response to “A Note on Anthro Boards”

  1. Metal Gear Says:

    I had to explain clearly why I think Jews are not a race.

    Are identical twins a race?

    Not if they are part of the Caucasian race.

    Is your family a race?

    If an Indian and a White person marry and speak Spanish, are they a “hispanic race.”

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