I have learned a lot of backstabbing over the past few years. First the economy crashed and the rich bailed themselves out. Then at the same time, the young were blamed for not working hard enough to find work but the stats show that the young were hurt the most.

I learned that people who pretend to critique our way of life are really just as bad. Many of these “free speech” advocates are just as bad as the liberals they complain about. Plenty of forums have taken advantage of me, inviting me in and then either ganging up on me later or outright using the controversy I have to build traffic at my expense. These people paraded my personal information like it was a public exhibit and then acted self-righteous when I fought back against it! Those same people were willing to contact employers who – guess what – were willing to be backstabbers too!

All the while I thought that maybe I should soften my message. Maybe I really shouldn’t criticize society the way it should be criticized, because it might affect my employability. This ass kissing got me nowhere! Plus people who are supposedly unconditionally on your side, family members, friends of the family, they too act arrogant and bash their own friends/family for not making as much money as them!

I now know that there’s no reason not to tell the truth about the hypocrisy in society, because people who are fake will backstab you eventually anyways. I would rather do the right thing and be martyred quickly than kiss ass to a bunch of hypocrites and be backstabbed later.

Metal Gear @ May 9, 2012

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