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On the Relevance of the Existence of God

Monday, April 30th, 2012

I have repeated my view many times on radio programs that I am a materialist and do not believe in the existence of God.

However, let’s assume that I am wrong. Let’s assume that there is a God.

-Even if there is something like “god,” religions are still man-made. Christianity and the Gospels are man-made, Judaism and the Torah/Talmud are man-made and Islam and the Koran/Hadith are man-made. Even if “god” did exist, people could still invent religions if “god” allowed it to happen.
-Even if there is something like “god,” I do not believe I would be judged negatively for not believing in its existence. Maybe if God acted like a three year old child he would be angry that I doubted it. I would think the supreme being would be able to get over something so trivial.
-Even if there is a god, there is no way that “god” would have as many human characteristics as portrayed in Islam (God getting angry) or Christianity (God being Jesus).
-If “God” was all-powerful, then “God” would not allow so much free will unless “God” decided to step away. If “God” decided to step away, then why would he come back to judge later?
-In summary, even if there is a higher power, which I doubt, religion is still fake.

But people like Starr / Kristen Jemming can pretend to be cultural Christians even though they hypocritically acknowledge that God does not exist. Like Appolonian said on the radio program, it is a conveinent position to take if you are an opportunist.

Bottom line is that atheists and true Christians have more respect for each other than they do for fake Christians.


Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Ask a paleocon why America has given into imperialism or ask a neo-nazi why Hitler’s ideas did not work and all you hear are excuses. The Jews control this. The Jews control that.

However what I like more about Marxists is that if you ask why USSR fell, Stalinists will argue that the leadership after Stalin was revisionist. Trotskyists are not legitimately Marxists, but they too will blame leadership.

Blaming the leaders of society is so much more logical than using “The Jews” as an excuse. Chalk this up as another reason that “the left” is superior to “the right.”

The Nature of Zionism

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

This post is deceptively important. It may seem simple but it is a concise resolution to a question that I have been pondering for many years.

The question is why people (a good example is David Duke) argue that Zionism controls everything as opposed to simply opposing Zionism as a single issue but not blaming it for every other issue.

I believe I have arrived at my answer. We view the problem differently. David Duke views Zionist groups as representing the interests of Jews which are opposed to what he calls European Americans. I, on the other hand, view Zionism as a business out to make a profit and believe that it is only pretending to care about Jews. While I oppose Zionism and American imperialism, my main culprit is capitalism, whereas he ties everything back to Jews.

I think that is why some people oppose Zionism as one of many issues and others tie every issue to Zionism. My position is that the American Government is greatly capable of corruption without any assistance from Jews. However I do believe that organized Jewish groups are certainly not a positive influence.

Nationalism or Populism

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

I will concede that for years I used the wrong word to describe myself. I called myself a “nationalist.” Nationalism is really associated with a disregard for the international community, imperialism and selfish thinking. I tried to argue around that by calling myself a “progressive nationalist.”

A better term that I should have used was “populist.” I am not a believer in the supremacy of a nation, but I support the local people against their elite (“bourgeous”) rulers. However I am a different type of populist than some others, because while I support the working class, I do not support the ideologies that many working class people chose.

Working class people can chose to be Nazis, liberals, whatever. I am a populist, but I am not a Democratic populist who says “majority rules.”

I am going to stop using the word “nationalism” in the future because of the connotations associated with it.

More on Antisemitism

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

A good point came up during Yesterday’s radio program.

Marxists may criticize Zionism and Jewish institutions, but the reason they are not anti-semites is that they see the Jewish Question as an applied example of a greater question of class warfare. From the eyes of a Marxist, Jews are not puppets who have controlled the world, but only people who have adapted to the material conditions that were handed to them (albeit, by allying with the Anglo-American bourgeoisie since 1948).

You may question this saying perhaps that the support for Black Civil rights was a proletariat cause and that many Jews supported the civil rights movement (but it would have happened without them). By 1960, the bourgeoisie had taken an anti-racist line because it realized that to promote racialist policies could cause non-whites to support the revolutionary class. By the time the civil rights movement happened, the idea of “liberating” Blacks was no longer a cause that only the working class movements supported.

I repeat this frequently because it has to be understood. True Marxists do not defend the behavior of reactionary Jews, but true Marxists also disagree with the interpretation of history that argues that Jews are more important than the class struggle and material conditions they live in.

The fact that some of the big organized Jews may act like they run the country does not mean they actually do. Every once and a while, Abraham Foxman gets a stroke of luck and the ruling class supports the same cause he does. Then he acts like the ADL is making the difference and the clowns on the message forums use it as “evidence.” I guess the fan waving the pom pom in the stadium caused the opposing team to win the championship.

The bottom line is that an ideology is nothing if it is not based on real world economics. The reason some of the ideas that Jews promote catch on is not because they are Jewish ideas but becasue they are popular ideas in relation to the conditions of the society that they are being dispensed into. Economics and pragmatic applications are everything and if you do not understand that you understand nothing.

Radio Showing Coming

Saturday, April 21st, 2012



check here for updates about it.

After 30 minutes the live version will cut off but entire show will be heard no matter the length when it is finished.

Censorship, Phony humor and Weakness

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

The latest realization I have had : The fact that neo-nazi types tend to set up forums that are marketed as “free speech” forums and then censor everyone who disagrees with them (while maintaining that they are free speech forums) and then launch vicious crusades against posters who leave (while masking it behind a “sense of humor”) and then cry like babies when they finally get what they have coming convinces me just how weak these people are. These people talk about survival of the fittest and free markets, but they hide behind their internet connections because they are weak. My guess is that the unemployment rate of people like this is higher than that of the “Blacks and Hispanics” they denigrate.

Reponse to Workers World Party

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

A facebook “friend” of mine who goes by the name “Steel Bolts” has informed me that Eric Struch of the Workers World Party is spreading the message that I am an “anti-semite.”

There is some antisemitism on free media productions but I only tolerated it, I do not agree with it. Yes, Besoshvilli did appeal to some antisemitic themes in his videos against Trotsky. Yes, John Paul Cupp did openly advocate antisemitism.

I recruited Jews into this project as far back as 2008 but most of them did not want anything to do with it! Well I disagree with some of the content, I agreed long ago to tolerate ideological dissent with the other people who were involved in the project.

As for my own posts, I go out of my way to separate myself from antisemitism. I do not believe Jews are “ethnic enemies” who control America and who have DNA that causes them to fight like Zombies in night of the living dead. I do believe organized Jewish groups tend to support problematic political lines, but so do most people. In short, I am not anti-Jewish but anti-human (lol), anti-capitalist and anti-religion!

That said, I have really attacked Israel because even though I dislike the host (western capitalism) I believe the parasite (Israel) sucks off of that host. The only reason the West defends Israel is because Muslims would fight against capitalism more than Zionists do who leach off of it. If Israel had to fend for itself, it would have to treat the native Arabs differently. It can only get away with what it gets away with because Western Countries produce the wealth and hand it away and generally they want to trade money for political power to advance the imperialism of liberal capitalism.

I have gone out of my way to condemn antisemitism, but what other people write and make videos of, that is them, not me.

I understand that the person making these comments is a Trotskyite. I have always thought Trotsky was an embarrassment to Soviet Jewry. Yes he was good at war, but no, his ideas were not pragmatic, logical or Marxist. Without Trotsky, Hitler would have had a harder time scapegoating the Jews for his own money and power.

Radio Show : Principles of Gangster Bolshevism

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

The Show will go live at 12:00 PM Eastern.

Listeners can only hear the first part live but they can hear it all when the broadcast is completed. Today the live part will stop 15 minutes in. Normally it is 30 minutes.

Israel on its own

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

If Israel did not receive aid from the west:
-The gap between rich and poor would grow. Because Israel lives off of the money America sends it, most of the Jews there get a free ride. But if that started to change, it is inevitable that some Jews who feel disenfranchised would ally against the ruling class. There would be “proletariat” Jews who see the Palestinians as their ally and see the bourgeoisie as the enemy.
-Palestinians would be doing more than suicide bombing a few people. They would be resisting and because Israel would be weaker, they would have more success.
-The Media would have less funds to support the official ideology.
-Without a free ride, Israel would have to produce its own wealth. If it used a market economy, which most Israeli Jews prefer, the market would open cracks for Palestinians to sneak in. Just like illegal Mexicans are used in the American market and Black Slaves used to be used. Cheap labor is a feature of capitalism and it would occur in Israel if America was not paying the bill. This would threaten the Jewish identity of the state, but it would happen if Israel did not get a free ride.
-Jews would start to leave Israel and go back to America / Russia / Europe / Wherever else. Employment, security and weaker media propaganda would all play a role.
-It is inevitable that eventually Israel would stop pretending to be a state for “The Jews” around the world and would start being a state for its own people (Jew and Palestinian). Without the free ride which allows it to to fight perpetual wars and due to the employment of Palestinians in industry and return of many Jews to Europe/America, Israel would become Palestine. It would have to rely on its own market system so it would have to employ Arabs and other Gentiles who live in the area.
-In summary, Israel is based on a text that comes from the bc era, but if it did not have a free ride, it would have to face reality and change its game. It’s easy to “experiment” with an abstract idea of Jewish unity on land that was stolen when America is paying the bill.

Closing Comment
Even though Israel is objectively pretty parasitic in its behavior, it is “friendly” towards the capitalist system to the extent it gets a free ride and the surrounding countries are hostile. People who support imperialism in the West do have reasons, however corrupt, to support Israel. American imperialism would continue even if Israel had a revolution and went away.

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