Gangster Bolshevik Principles

I wanted to elaborate on what I consider to be gangster bolshevik principles:
8-1 ) support for your clique and allied cliques instead of the entire “movement,” society, nation, race etc.
8-2 ) Regionalism. Support for the local area, but not bourgeois nationalism. “Progressive nationalism” is an acceptable viewpoint.
8-3 ) Support for a class struggle.
8-4 ) Not an open advocacy of violence, but a quiet admiration of people who are in jail.
8-5 ) Gangster Bolsheviks take a termite view towards society.
8-6 ) Disrespect for authority when you aren’t on the same page as the authority.
8-7 ) Study of both Fascist and Marxist thinkers. Preference for a Socialist revolution, then after that, a mob like authoritarian rule.
8-8 ) The capitalist state never “withers away” it is replaced. Lenin was correct on this.
8-9 ) The socialist state will not “wither away” either. It will simply complete the class struggle and either be reformed or replaced.
8-10 ) The state is only opposed as a tool of a class oppression. Gangster bolsehvism is not anarchism.
8-11 ) Gangster Bolsheviks tend to admire Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao and Kim Il-Sung. They tend to dislike Trotsky.
8-12 ) “Work the system” mentality. Get the cash. (Most Gangster Bolsheviks consider Bernie Madoff a hero).
8-13 ) Opposition to placing all the blame on “The Jews.” Instead capitalism and class conflict are used to explain phenomenons such as changes in modes of production, job loss / gain, massive immigration, imperialistic wars, globalization. Jews themselves are seen as being divided by class interests.
8-14 ) “Opiate of the people” view towards religion.
8-15 ) Support for ethical codes that make sense. Don’t believe in religious morality.
8-16 ) Gangster Bolsheviks may take a pragmatic view and work with religious groups to drive out imperial forces.
8-17 ) “The clique” may forge alliances with other race and nations against the bourgeois class.
8-18 ) None of this “we are all the same” stuff. A clique may contain different types of people in the same clique, but we are not “all the same.” In fact gangster bolsheviks reject political correctness completely.
8-19 ) Gangster Bolsehviks see extreme music (heavy metal, gangster rap) as being “socialist realism.” It is approved media.

Thoughts: What makes gangster bolshevism particularly dangerous is that it sounds like it is just a joke. Especially when people who advocate it appear to be fairly intelligent and successful. But it is more than a political view, it is an attitude.

Metal Gear @ March 25, 2012

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  1. Metal Gear Says:

    Post updated.

  2. Metal Gear Says:

    I finally feel like I am deprogrammed from capitalist society.

  3. Maury Knutson Says:

    lol I have to share this. Funny but I don’t agree. What the hell?

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