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Trey Martin – Gangster Bolshevik Martyr

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Free Media Productions has been relatively silent about the event involving Zimmerman and Martin.

Elsewhere, I have let on about my stance on this, but officially nothing has been written on this website.

Personally, I think Zimmerman went around with a loaded weapon looking for someone to provoke. He singled out Martin because he “looked wierd,” called the cops on him and then physically approached him. The only thing Trey did was not pound his head hard enough into the sidewalk. He should have broke it off.

Zimmerman picked a fight and was lucky to have a gun. Trey put it down for the hood. 8-19.

By the way, I don’t buy the media narrative that it was a “white supremacist” attacking a Black person. Like many people of Latino heritage, Zimmerman appears to be part Indian. He may be part White but he’s not completely White. If you want to see a White hispanic, look at that Cypress Hill video I posted a few days ago. B-real looks like the typical Caucasian hispanic.

8-19. I can only wish more people would rebel like Trey Martin who is a martyr.

Lancaster Pa leads America

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Link 1
link 2

Lancaster Pa has the highest well being of any American County according to a March 2012 survey.

The only Northeastern Area to make the list. Everything else is West Coast and Midwest.

My “origin” (where I was raised) was Lancaster Pa.

It’s time to 187 on the Amish like Pol Pot (my idol).

Making the Truth Public

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

I want to set the record straight on a libelous thread that was created entitled “Trial of Kane” which implied that I plagiarized on an older website, copying someone else’s post. The actual fact is that the poster “Azimuth / Prak Stal” wrote the post himself as “kane” and then accused me of plagiarism. The post was copied to “inverted world” which is a website that no longer exists.

Anyways, a particular forum in question made this thread and allowed all kinds of false accusations to be thrown. The thread ends with no resolution, implying that the allegedly plagiarized post was deleted over controversy. The thread was then locked.

Of course, you cannot see the thread anymore because thephora.net doesn’t exist anymore. A few months ago, the site was taken down by its administrators.

However soon after the event, I posted a screenshot of an email proving my innocence (if it was not already obvious). That screenshot did not make it into the locked thread and I want to clear the record.

It was at this point when I plotted to sabotage the phora. Now it took a little more trolling, a little more baiting, but at this point, I knew I was eventually going to bring them down. Prak made sure it happened sooner rather than later when he also trolled me on the Jewish Task Force.

I would like to link you to a giant outings thread, including plenty of phora identities, especially that ugly slut Kristin Jemming of Bloomingdale Minnesota who drew a moral equivalence between me and Prak Stal in the thread in question implying that both sides were equal guilty for the drama. http://www.freemediaproductions.info/Editorials/outings/. If you don’t like it, click the x on your screen and never come back here.

I’m normally disappointed to see a “Free Speech” forum go down, but because thephora.net was a false flag operation, when it closed its doors a few months ago, I was actually delighted.

The thread that libeled me never showed the conclusive evidence that Prak Stal himself posted his own material and then accused me of plagiarism!

If you have a problem ethically with me outing people, is it not great to know that I have won and you can do nothing to stop it?

An Old Post of Mine

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

I stumbled upon an older post.

It’s a good reflection. This is at the point where I rejected “mainstream politics” (for some reason I thought Chaim Ben Pesach was mainstream) and supported what I called “Third Positionism.”

But knowing what I know now, it’s not “Third Positionism,” it’s become full blown Marxism.

“In many political movements, there is a debate between extremists and gradualists. The same debate occurred with the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks within Marxist circles for example. The strategy being advocated here is an attempt to infiltrate the system. I personally disagree, the system should not be infiltrated, it should be crushed, and I personally do not believe in gradualism. It’s not enough to support conservatives over liberals. Conservatism is liberalism in the greater scheme of things, and the debate between the two sides is internal to American politics. Compared to the Taliban, the Nazis, the Communists, the Fascists, the Monarchists, The Feudalists, The Ba’athists, etc, the Republicans are basically liberals too. In my opinion, an entire third positionist constitution should be supported, and the entire system of government should be rejected. Race realism should be part of any intelligent government (but I do not label myself “white nationalist” because my understanding of race is more influenced by Coon and Dienekes than by Taylor and Duke). But to work within the system is to submit to the system. In my opinion, a solution has to come outside the system.

However I wish you luck with your approach, it’s just not my approach. Conservatives think the greatest virtue is to wave an American flag and everything would be fine if people from every race were doing that. I deny this, arguing that the very American flag that conservatives wave is responsible for the liberal imperialism that is destroying ethnic nationalism. I realize my views are controversial, but I do not believe in gradualism, so they are supposed to be!

-Metal Gear – 9/20/2008

Kottonmouth Kings and Cypress Hill Rally for Medical Marijuana

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

I don’t smoke, because I exercise and train. But I support termites


8-19. East Coast not West Coast but 8-19.


Gangster Bolshevik Principles

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

I wanted to elaborate on what I consider to be gangster bolshevik principles:
8-1 ) support for your clique and allied cliques instead of the entire “movement,” society, nation, race etc.
8-2 ) Regionalism. Support for the local area, but not bourgeois nationalism. “Progressive nationalism” is an acceptable viewpoint.
8-3 ) Support for a class struggle.
8-4 ) Not an open advocacy of violence, but a quiet admiration of people who are in jail.
8-5 ) Gangster Bolsheviks take a termite view towards society.
8-6 ) Disrespect for authority when you aren’t on the same page as the authority.
8-7 ) Study of both Fascist and Marxist thinkers. Preference for a Socialist revolution, then after that, a mob like authoritarian rule.
8-8 ) The capitalist state never “withers away” it is replaced. Lenin was correct on this.
8-9 ) The socialist state will not “wither away” either. It will simply complete the class struggle and either be reformed or replaced.
8-10 ) The state is only opposed as a tool of a class oppression. Gangster bolsehvism is not anarchism.
8-11 ) Gangster Bolsheviks tend to admire Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao and Kim Il-Sung. They tend to dislike Trotsky.
8-12 ) “Work the system” mentality. Get the cash. (Most Gangster Bolsheviks consider Bernie Madoff a hero).
8-13 ) Opposition to placing all the blame on “The Jews.” Instead capitalism and class conflict are used to explain phenomenons such as changes in modes of production, job loss / gain, massive immigration, imperialistic wars, globalization. Jews themselves are seen as being divided by class interests.
8-14 ) “Opiate of the people” view towards religion.
8-15 ) Support for ethical codes that make sense. Don’t believe in religious morality.
8-16 ) Gangster Bolsheviks may take a pragmatic view and work with religious groups to drive out imperial forces.
8-17 ) “The clique” may forge alliances with other race and nations against the bourgeois class.
8-18 ) None of this “we are all the same” stuff. A clique may contain different types of people in the same clique, but we are not “all the same.” In fact gangster bolsheviks reject political correctness completely.
8-19 ) Gangster Bolsehviks see extreme music (heavy metal, gangster rap) as being “socialist realism.” It is approved media.

Thoughts: What makes gangster bolshevism particularly dangerous is that it sounds like it is just a joke. Especially when people who advocate it appear to be fairly intelligent and successful. But it is more than a political view, it is an attitude.

Debate Between Anti-Zionists

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

I had a discussion with a friend on facebook. After thinking about my conversation, I wanted to elaborate here.

There are two different types of anti-Zionists. There are Western anti-Zionists who believe that Israel runs counter to Western Imperial interests and view handing Israel to Jews as a sign of weakness. These are the types of people who think Jews control everything. You found a lot of these types on forums that used to exist like thephora.net and surely find others in places like vnnforum.

Then there are anti-imperialist anti-Zionists who believe that Israel and the West have convergent interests and that the West was actually “Smart” to support Israel. You find these people more on forums with Marxists (like politicsforum) and anti-war forums.

I am the latter, not the former.

To quote myself

You view the decision of Western Powers to give Palestine to Israel as weakness. Believe it or not, I believe it was an intelligent move. The western capitalists appeared to be relinquishing their control over the area, but actually they were increasing their control. They advanced their interests beneath their pretend concern over the holocaust and Jewish biblical texts.

The Economy and Lowball Job Offers

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Link to City Data

Above is a good debate on city data forum about the recession-influenced economic environment, lowball job offers and the interests of employers and employees. You can see comments that indicate class struggle.

The problem with this is that it will hurt the employers in the long run and either they don’t realize this, or they do but only care about short term savings.

You can lowball a candidate, and they might accept it for financial reasons, but it can almost be guaranteed, that once they find a new position or the market gets better, they will leave for a better opportunity. Why spend the time and money to bring someone on and train them, just for them to leave in less than a year? Most people don’t come up to speed until 3-6 months later. And once they leave, more time and money is spent on recruiting and hiring again. This might be fine if you were hiring entry level anyway and don’t expect people to stay long, but if your hiring experienced people, especially for senior or experienced roles, and try to lowball them with entry level pay, then personally, it will hurt the employer more than anyone else.

My friend’s company did that a few times and it has already backfired. For one position, they were hiring an experienced financial analyst. After about 3 months of interviews, they finally found someone who everyone liked and thought would be a perfect fit. When they made her an offer, they lowballed her with the salary – $5K less than her old job, and well below what they originated budgeted for. The hiring manager said she was not working so tried to take advantage of it. She wound up turning down the offer and accepted another position that paid her the same as her previous salary. So they lost out on a candidate everyone liked to save on a few thousand dollars that they had a budget for anyway – and had to start new interviews all over again.


Yes, its happening all over the US, and like the others have stated, the employers that are taking advantage of the employees at this time, will hurt. Employees will leave, or demand higher pay. Within a year the $15 hour jobs will be $20, and those that took them will either get that raise, or leave, and when they leave, their replacement will want that amount, plus the employer will lose the time that has been invested in the previous employee, as well as the time it took to interview. I know it sucks right now, I wouldn’t look at a job offer below $20 per hour a year ago, now, there’s hardly any out there. I go to an interview and talk with other candidates in the lobby that are applying for jobs at $40k per year, when last year they were making $70 and $80k. When the jobs open up, and they will, those higher dollar people will disappear, leaving a big gap in the workforce. Employers are going to want people to come and work for them and expect loyalty and trust when we as the workers of America, remember the way we are being treated right now. This recession has brought out the true colors of a lot of business people which won’t be soon forgotten.


Do you think though that this economy of crap will bring down overall wages across the board? If people are willing to work for peanuts just to put food on the table, it will make a lot of jobs that once paid well just above minimum wage.


Its seem the salaries of the early eighties has come to the years of 2000+…who would of guess it ….just above minimum wage ….low ball wages.


I know that I have actually seen some wages advertised that would be lower than my unemployment check after taxes. I want to work, but do not want to work for less than my unemployment check. (Comment by metal gear : Now the conservatards can blame unemployment benefits)


employers taking advantage i understand, american innate hatred of unions that i dont get. do people that post on this on CDF think the government the law and HR are going to protect and defend them?


The problem with this is that it will hurt the employers in the long run and either they don’t realize this, or they do but only care about short term savings.


I think that is true of many large US companies. The only thing that seems to matter is the next quarter…



An upper manager in a major US corporation that I once worked for advised me that employees are not assets; they are expeditures. (He was not being cruel here, just trying to warn me of future events.)

Changed my whole outlook.


Yes. The jobs that are gone aren’t coming back and salaries will drop as a result.


Very true.

Companies have done everything they can to make sure everyone (cept the CEO) is expendable.


Thursday, March 15th, 2012

There is one type of person, a “patriotard,” who will accept anything they hear or read. Unfortunately, this type of person makes up the majority of followers of the American Media and large classes of political dissidents. I would objectively say that many vnners are just as patriotardic as American Military invaders, just they follow a different set of propaganda.

I was once told that I have a gift: A mind that cuts through garbage like a knife. The difference between me and people who fall for propaganda is that I first question whether or not something is true before accepting it. If someone tells me that God exists, I will want evidence. If someone tells me that there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that Iran is the major problem in the Middle East, that Israelis did not bring the problems they have on themselves – I will question that. If someone tells me that Jews control America and have dna that is both non-white and turns them into zombies, I will question that. If someone tell me that the legitimate Marxist line is to support Islam wholesale (I know that’s not what Besoshvilli said actually) I will question it. I’ve questioned it all. I don’t accept it without testing it.

You would not get anywhere in the Information Technology industry if you accepted things without testing them. If I write a line of PHP code, I first have to test it. Well it’s the same thing in life.

Therefore the cowards in the Israeli and American Media should know that they will never convince me that there is a good reason to support whatever it is they want me to do. I could have joined the army, I faced a tough economy, but I refused because what our country is doing – this empire building – is wrong.

I am glad to see that the majority of Israelis, the class of civilians as opposed to the Government, think that Israel should stop its nonsense and do not want a unilateral attack on Iran. Of course, the vnners don’t want us to realize this and the Israelis themselves don’t realize that they have a 60% majority opposing the occupation and an 80% majority opposing a unilateral attack on Iran. Palestinians and Israelis cannot defend their working class interests separately, or the bourgeoisie will set them against each other. They must rise against cosmopolitan globalism, imperialism AND reactionary religion (including Islamic Fundamentalism and Jewish Messianic propaganda) as a class.

Here is a video from our older days.

Endorsing American Atheists

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

I would like to endorse two organizations:
- American Atheists
- Pa Non-Believers

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