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Why Holocaust Denial is Reactionary

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Failing to acknowledge the holocaust as a source of class conflict, even if the antagonisms became misdirected towards the land of Palestine, is categorically unmarxist. If one denies the holocaust, nine times out of ten the goal is to claim that Jews are “making it up.” Not only is a source of class struggle suppressed (Jews were powerless during the event, even if they had wealth five years earlier), but a scapegoat is created. Jews then become blamed for something (and probably included into a bigger package, blamed for everything) instead of history unmasked.

Likewise, like Fidel Castro, it is necessary for the greater working class to realize this if the working class wants to maximize its ability to debate the ruling class. If you deny the holocaust, or apologize for the nazis, you aid the Israelis because any reasonable listener will (reasonably) assume that you have a Jewish fetish and that your opposition to Israel has no merit. But if you acknowledge the holocaust and then oppose Israel in theoretical terms, realizing the justified emotions involved by the survivors and sons/daughters of survivors, you clear yourself of that baggage and get the chance to debate against Israel instead of against Jews.

For the record, I do not believe Ahmadinejad intended to really deny the holocaust. I believe he was calling attention to the issue of Israel and Palestine and simply asking questions. But reactionaries, particularly “neo-nazis,” frequently do deny the holocaust outright in a manner much different from Ahmadinejad. They are of no use to us and should be condemned. While I do not believe Ahmadinejad falls into this category, I do believe Castro was correct to bring this issue to Ahmadinejad’s attention (Castro “called him out.”)

Response to Constantin Von Hoffmeister

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

CVH asked me some questions.

I decided to answer in audio.

Quote of the Day

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Nazis think world revolves around “Aryans” and Jews. Religious people believe the world revolves around “Allah.” Marxists realize the world revolves around business and cash. – Metal Gear

Newt Gingrich : American Imperialist

Monday, January 23rd, 2012


Newt Gingrich is exposing US imperialism for what it is. This may be a good thing. He is showing his cards, now we can rally the working class to oppose him.

Don’t count on Barack Obama to oppose him. The working class must destroy the imperialists the same way the working class has destroyed SOPA.

I must credit Hunter Wallace for revealing this to me.

An Exchange about American Imperialism and Zionism

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

The link
Above contains a good exchange between me and another poster on politicsforum. I tie Zionism to US imperialism and capitalism, oppose the expansion of capital, all while condemning Hitler and Nazism at the same time. I show a differentiation between Kevin Macdonald style anti-Zionism and Free Media Productions style anti-Zionism.

Metal Gear : Israel is wrong because it is an imperialist country which collaborates with another capitalist imperialist country, America. While Jews were hurt by an imperialist named Adolf Hitler, it does not follow that Zionism is the correct ideology.

Chmmr : Pray tell, how exactly is Israel imperialistic? Where exactly is this vast empire that it governs? Colonies in faraway lands?

Metal Gear : The capitalist sphere of influence expands by adding Palestine to its influence under the name of Israel.

While Israelis are “racist” and their racism does contradict capitalism, they are seen as far more mailable to the interests of capitalism (America leading the surge) than their Islamic counterparts.

Until I became a Marxist, I was flirting with Zionism as an ideology. When you learn the patterns of imperialism and capital, you can notice these patterns and see that the same patterns which apply to US imperialism in Vietnam and Iraq also apply to Israel. It is just that Jews, having suffered a holocaust, became willing collaborators with US imperialism and afraid of totalitarian regimes causing an embrace of neo-liberalism and capitalism. To say this does not reinforce theories of Antisemitism.

North American Juche-Songun Ideas Study Group

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

We have added this to our links.


- Free Media Production Staff

Revleft 2

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

After stirring up revleft, I followed Spark, Mazdak and Besoshvilli to be the 4th lyceumite who was booted off of that forum. I thought I had a reasonable argument but these people don’t listen to ideology, they just chant slogans about racism and capitalism. They don’t actually understand Karl Marx.

Anyways, revleft 2 has been invented along with “revforum.” I will join both and encourage others to join.

Here is a thread about it.

First Free Media Productions Track

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

The Song Stages has been put together. I did not add the skit yet but just the song.

Free Media Productions has invented a new genre. It is subversive Political rap. I would not call it gangster rap (ice-t), I would not call it horrorcore (insane clown posse), I would not call it party rap (vanilla ice), I would not call it rap metal (limp bizkit) or rap rock (kid rock) or comedy rap (Eminem).

click here to download

Draft for Song “Stages”

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

We’re a record label now.

skit: yo nigga, fuck Gangster Bolshevism. We on that pat Buchanan shit nigga.
Fuck that nigga Daryl B too. We talk shit on him on the internet.

Daryl : Fuck you, gangster Bolshevism.
I’ll feed you to the rats like my idol Richard Kuklinski

Chorus: Feudalism – People are sold as property.
Capitalism – Exchange through gold and currency.
Socialism : Working class in power, a monopoly.
Communism: The dollar bill will cower. Drop the D.


Verse 1 : Announcing my policy on the MIC
Bitch, this is my centralized committee.
For the professional revolutionary.
I’m dictating, like Genghis Kahn or Mussolini.
Speaking the truth. My name ain’t il duce.
Stealin currency from the bourgeois sweet tooth.
Proletarian power, society’s cancer.
Move to different stages. I’m the advancer.
Abolish your life and wages, astronomically.
Technocracy and class struggle, do this methodically.
Convert the mode of production.But for now we’re happy cash smugglin.
Juggle-in cash on the black market.
gangster Bolshevism, ain’t charity.
I’m not wide-eyed like Kim jong il, RIP,
but I see the transparity.
I want to run the gulags, through my PC.
Pull you L.i.F.E.
On my key-board when I press delete.
I kill more than a test file, I kill the bourgeiouse(ze).
facilitatin the idolation of many other dictators.
self-destructive, I’m the masochistic rhyme spitter.
I’m a slav with some Jewish blood, that ain’t bullshit either.
Gangster Bolshevism, more wicked than Hitler.

Verse 2
First let’s reminiscence in the era of the feudalist.
If you NEW TO THIS area keep your plantation arable.
i’d start as a serf and end up ruling like Ivan the Terrible.
Big D : King of the ring.
Disrespect the system and cheat the class enemy
with a fake identity.
You can’t rise without blood ties
but if I didn’t have them, I’d tell lies.
And say I did, make the impression.
Nail in the coffin for anyone who questioned,
teach them a quick lesson.
You gettin the smithin wesson.
with my opponents removed, nobody will be guessin.
Most lords of the serfs guard their turf
for whatever it is worth.
no surprise.
I stay loyal to the peasant, push for free enterprise.
Capitalism may itself require remedy but the royal family don’t trust me.
Gotta emplower the rest of society.
I stick with the population
cuz the nobles hate me and I hate em.
Even though I am running the baddest plantation.

Verse 3
We’re back in the capitalist phase.
Break the rules, make our wage.
Disrespect authority.
Like termites, take down society.
The rules of the game call for competition.
Work the system.
make cash but never fit in.
to the bourgeois class.
Check your mentality.
Style anti-social. Don’t fellow the bourgeois legality.
Get your own. Get ahead, like a broken metronome.
The goal is socialism. not utopian hopin like u stoned.
No matter what mode of production.
I’ll always be a hustler. Get that right.
Satan is my guiding light.
Today you bleed illegally.
After revolution, I’ll kill you constitutionally.
Break the law. Don’t get caught.
Make the law. Force has begot who’s in charge and who’s not.
The government has no legitimacy.
On its claims of morality.
Fuck this disgustin filthy system.
But while i’m here, I’ll get some.
let’s get ready for transition
organize the vanguard party
call for revolution.

Socialism follows capitalism
working class activism
Political rules of proletariat class.
Technical limitation prevent communism full initiation.
This stage is bloody. Tussle based on ideology.
Nothing done subtlety (suddly). stalinist purges happen suddenly.
The political struggle urges on with intensity.
A type of rule that resembles the mob in its propensity.
The bourgeoisie want a capitalist relapse to the past.
We organize along productive lines
to get society ready for communism at a future time.
This is the stage where I cock my nine.
Threw you in the gulags. Then make you blind.
Do my labor, bourgeois scum, as I say.
Or I’ll let the trigger spray.
(click click) motherfucker, get out of my way.
motherfucker , you talk shit but you afraid.
Break out the inmates,
throw the judges and guards in jail gates.
Take over we’re free
Put Richard Ramizrez and Gary Ridgway in my army.
The blood flows down my bourgeois opponents.
The highest duty is to unload a clip.
Click Click, I’m firing at a women, fuck a bitch
The slavery of feudalism looked like this,
but the people doing my labor used to be rich.
we’re not in communism but in preparation.
For that to come, there’s work to be done
and ideas to be discovered
like your mother’s corpse that I uncovered.

Verse 4-
We’re in the communist phase,
Futuristic, like outer space.
No more money
but I’ll make you go hungry.
Society is organized
along economic lines
If you don’t kiss my ass, you lose your lives, the vitals left behind.
Total power, domination is the target.
We’ve abolished currency but I still play the black market.
Gangster Bolshevism, I still hord my stash.
After society has made obsolete the need for cash
Don’t need to keep a case.
Wave my dough right in your face.
The underground racket, that’s what cash can get.
We’ve said screw feudalism
to capitalism
through socialism
now a new communism
all through the prism
of the dictatorship of the proletariat.
we’ve overproduced, no problem to feed you like the poison that speeds through your beef stew when you eat through food by my people. (peep pul)
We’ve manufactured weapons to make you bleed too.
Indeed, that’s what we do.
Think you’re safe cuz you’ve got material.
But we’ve got political power like pot pot, year zero.
Throw you in the trash.
Just like the last man who who got a blast, he fell in the can.
The previous ruling class piling up fast.
An overwhelming supply of resources makes ownership unnecessary.
I own everything and your life too, don’t mess with me or step to me.

-verse 5
Like magic, I’m a genie.
Snap your fingers
or suck cyanide.
Cuz that’s how I ride.
There ain’t no dissent.
Gangster Bolshevism, that’s how we represent.

A False Dilemma

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Modern day posters on the internet often believe that there is a choice between two choices: Being a “neo-con” and being a Judeo-obsessive.

I am a race realist. That means I believe that race should be approached with logic, not political tact (ass kissing) or emotion. However, most Judeo-obsessives are not merely race realists; they are reactionary racists. They insist on labeling Jews as a foreign entity and they argue that America is politically correct and defensive of Israel because Jews control America. They then use the Jewish question to distract people from the class question (here and here).

They say that one has a choice; accept their viewpoints or you are a neo-con!

A neo-con, in my opinion, is a supporter of US imperialism. One does not have to support US imperialism to disagree with the so-called “wn” view on Jews. I believe the Caucasian race is a legitimate category biologically. It includes Jews, non-Jewish Europeans and in fact includes many western Asians as well (Arabs, Iranians, etc.). As far as Jews being genetically programmed into degeneracy, I do not believe that either. I consider myself White and I don’t consider Jews alien (plus race is not everything, I have Black and Asians comrades). Yet I still oppose the imperialistic policies of the US and Israeli Governments. I have written on this matter before.

Truth be told, Abraham Foxman (the “example” of Jewish hypocrisy) plays identity politics just as aggressively as David Duke does. The crazy wnists and the crazy zionist-imperialists reinforce each other with their paranoid stupidity and victim whoring. The wn clowns say “the Jews” control the world. The ADL lobbies to prevent White people from gaining information that they are entitled to, such as crimes committed by non-Whites and so forth. Yet even though the ADL is run by a hypocritical leader, I would never argue that Abraham Foxman is responsible for the White race’s predicament. The real problem is capitalism.

I am neither a neo-con nor a neo-nazi. I guess the dilemma put forth by both sides is a false dilemma. I am such a counter-example to this dilemma.

edit : Most people with a scientific socialist analysis, like Marx, reason that religion is reactionary and that each religion has specific reactionary characteristics, but as much as the supporters of US-Israeli imperialism would like to say so, being against Judaism is not the same thing as reactionary style Third Reich antisemitism. People of Jewish ancestry are my brothers. Judaism is only as real as peoples imaginations that either believe in it or believe “the Jews” control the world.

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