The Left Hand Path and The Left Wing

First of all it should be noted that the terms “left” and “right” are stupid terms in my opinion and my follow-up. I even used the term “third positionist” to indicate that I do not support this one-dimensional view of politics. But usually people who believe in class struggle against the ruling class are called “leftists,” so I’ll use the term here because it mixes well with the term “left hand path.”

The left hand path is a term for the dark religions. It can include the Occult but I am really focusing on theological variants of Satanism and Luciferianism.

The left hand path refers to “dark” religions including : Levay Satanism, Theistic Satanism, Symbolic Satanism and Luciferianism. Now on the surface it may appear that these religions inherently contradict Marxism because Marxism is a Communitarian philosophy not an individualist philosophy. In fact I was banned from SIN for trying to promote Karl Marx

I will explain how different philosophies can tie links to Marxist theory to resolve apparent contradictions, but first I would like to link you to content about serial killer motivations, because I am going to look into psychology and human motivation to make analogies in this post.

Holmes deburger mode and a post about it

There are 4 types.

Visionary : Kills because they have a psychosis which causes them to believe supernatural power are commanding them. Very disorganized and random.

Missionary : Kills to eliminate a group of people deemed undesirable. Kills very quickly with non-sexual motive.

Hedonist : Lives a deviant lifestyle (full of lust, crime, etc.) and the deviant lifestyle becomes intertwined with murder. Further subdivided into lust killers (sex addicts), thrill killers (compulsive risk takers), and profit oriented (hitmen).

Power/Control : A Jekyll and Hyde killer who wants to totally dominate the victim, and plans crime in extreme detail. Because he wants full control when he takes the mask off (and to avoid detection), he lives his life tricking people into believing that he is a regular guy.

Next I will explain various left hand path philosophies and how their philosophical links can be drawn to Marxism and how each link resembles the motivation of a different type of serial killer.

Levay Satanism and Marxism
Lavey Satanism is radical individualism. Lavey’s argument is that being a Satanist is about trying to be your own god to so to speak. In the Serial Killer taxonomy, this would potentially match with the “hedonist” killer who kills because it either feels good, gives them a thrill or profits them immediately. It could also match with the “power/control” killer due to the desire to feel that one is making his/her rules and controlling life and death.

I should note that I do admire the work of Jake Black but I did not copy Jake Black. Jake Black makes the case well for a Lavey Satanist philosophy and its compatibility with Marxism-Leninism. Basically he argues that individual greed is compatible with working class activism.

A quote:

Ironically, in order to fulfill my individual desires, I find it necessary to reject the limitations of individualism.

(In fact Jake Black can thank my link to him for boosting the front page of his website. Until I linked, he wasn’t number one in google for “satanic left.” He individually benefited from collective behavior.)

Symbolic Satanism and Marxism
A Symbolic Satanist does not believe the devil exists, but still identifies with the Judaic-Islamic-Christian (Abrahamic) Devil. It is sort of “if Satan did exist, I would side with Satan.” This is largely my view. In serial killer taxonomy it fits well with the “mission-oriented” category. You are of the opinion that the devil does not exist, but you are wishing to create a world in his image.

In order to be a Marxist and a Symbolic Satanist at the same time, a good belief system is that Satan sort of symbolizes the working class rebelling against the Upper class.

To quote “occupy.”

When they say CUT BACK we say FIGHT BACK

Well a Symbolic Satanist looking to synthesize his views with Marxism should find inspiration in the way that Satan is depicted as fighting back.

Devil Worship and Marxism
Devil Worship is when you believe in Satan literally. According to the serial killer taxonomy, it would fit good with the Herbert Mullin style motivation known as “visionary.” You hear voices in you head.

In order to be a Marxist and a Devil worshiper, you would just have to believe that Satan exists and wants you to be a Marxist.

Luciferianism and Marxism
Luciferianism differs from Satanism in that it believes that “Lucifer” is a concept that has roots in pagan religions and was only borrowed by the Old Testament, New Testament and Koran. I guess that’s the only difference. A Luciferian can probably still be either literal or Symbolic. Someone who engages in a Levay Style self-worship may also be a reader of ancient pagan iterations of Lucifer. So the philosophical ties between Luciferiniasm and Marxism are not much different from the Philosophical ties between Satanism and Marxism. It’s just a different set of religious texts that are used to depict Lucifer. Still, the philosophy could branch out in the same way.

A post on the 600 club tells us that some Luciferians do not consider Lucifer to be Satan. To them the pagan religions describe Lucifer better.

mabon2010 : It is tiresome to hear ignorant Christians rant on about Lucifer being Satan. A campaign is planned to re-educate those Christians of a second idea — that Lucifer is no Satan.

Those Satanists who claim to be Luciferians — no you are not. I am going to be kind when I say you are neo-Luciferians, but you are Spiritual Satanists who worship Satan, and have added another entity you claim to be Lucifer onto your worship as an afterthought.

Yet another Luciferian disagrees:

Dimitri : It is in the Christian mythology written and made clear that Satan and Lucifer are the same being. Lucifer was Satan before being cast out of heaven. That’s what they belief. They are not ignorant for the fact you want to see it otherwise.

8-19. Hail the termites.

Those who read this post may be interested in the Satanic Reds. They actually deny that they are Satanist and Socialist/Communist.

Metal Gear @ November 30, 2011

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  1. dae Says:

    this is almost completely inaccurate, the entireity of levay and the church of satan are fascist which is elitism which is TOTALLY AND WHOLY incomaptibile with the idea of marxism even if it’s FORCED equality it is STILL EQUALITY.

  2. dae Says:


  3. dae Says:

    nazism is NOT a left wing religion “National socialist” is A MISNOMER and those who claim it’s left wing are likely severely autisitc and incapable of understanding metaphor and the idea that someone might deliberately mislabel something to appeal to the masses.

  4. dae Says:

    “marxism” was quite popular in the hay day. It’s only after slanders like the nazi and the russian (cough state capitalist cough) came thru that it became a dirty word.

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