Google “Private” (hr search)

Hello, this is Johnny Gulag. Metal Gear let me back and I would like to advertise a product. It is called the google camera.

Previously we have created google maps so that people’s houses can be viewed through aerial photos and google search engine so that blog posts and profiles can come up for sniveling employers. We have worked with “hr” leaders and background check companies to do deep web searches as detailed in Metal Gear’s last post. (some people suggest that I am an alter ego of Metal Gear, but they are clearly wrong).

We present to you the new advance in secure hiring – the google camera. With our private camera, you can be a sniveling asshole and look not just at houses but into people’s bedrooms as well. Does your job candidate make his bed the way you like? Did he leave for Church last Sunday? With our private camera, we insure that you will not hire the wrong person by giving you access to information that is already out there. After all, if your potential employee supports a political cause that you don’t, that information is “real” and we just need to see reality, right?

With a special package, we can even track the cars as well. Does your perspective employee take vacations in a location that you disapprove of? Well you can’t have that guy going behind your back. As a good “hr” person, it’s your “due diligence” to track them.

For an extra fee we can set up informants who question your potential employees for their political views while posing as a friend. Then this too will be revealed when you click the search button and have the “power user” access. All you have to do is pay the extra fee and select “google private.” Then type in the name of the employee and you can see everything depending on which services you have purchased.

Remember to visit me at http://snivelingasshole.com for more product choices. Thanks and all the best. Here we understand the value of making the right hire as a long term decision, so we offer to go through garbage cans and recycle bins as well to see if the perspective employee is making good decisions for the environment as well as whether or not red flags can be raised based on the content they are attempting to discard. If you purchase that service, the images can be queried as well with our “private” search.

Thank you and check out the associated prices and services online. Remember, google “private.”

Johnny Gulag @ November 21, 2011

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