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The Left Hand Path and The Left Wing

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

First of all it should be noted that the terms “left” and “right” are stupid terms in my opinion and my follow-up. I even used the term “third positionist” to indicate that I do not support this one-dimensional view of politics. But usually people who believe in class struggle against the ruling class are called “leftists,” so I’ll use the term here because it mixes well with the term “left hand path.”

The left hand path is a term for the dark religions. It can include the Occult but I am really focusing on theological variants of Satanism and Luciferianism.

The left hand path refers to “dark” religions including : Levay Satanism, Theistic Satanism, Symbolic Satanism and Luciferianism. Now on the surface it may appear that these religions inherently contradict Marxism because Marxism is a Communitarian philosophy not an individualist philosophy. In fact I was banned from SIN for trying to promote Karl Marx

I will explain how different philosophies can tie links to Marxist theory to resolve apparent contradictions, but first I would like to link you to content about serial killer motivations, because I am going to look into psychology and human motivation to make analogies in this post.

Holmes deburger mode and a post about it

There are 4 types.

Visionary : Kills because they have a psychosis which causes them to believe supernatural power are commanding them. Very disorganized and random.

Missionary : Kills to eliminate a group of people deemed undesirable. Kills very quickly with non-sexual motive.

Hedonist : Lives a deviant lifestyle (full of lust, crime, etc.) and the deviant lifestyle becomes intertwined with murder. Further subdivided into lust killers (sex addicts), thrill killers (compulsive risk takers), and profit oriented (hitmen).

Power/Control : A Jekyll and Hyde killer who wants to totally dominate the victim, and plans crime in extreme detail. Because he wants full control when he takes the mask off (and to avoid detection), he lives his life tricking people into believing that he is a regular guy.

Next I will explain various left hand path philosophies and how their philosophical links can be drawn to Marxism and how each link resembles the motivation of a different type of serial killer.

Levay Satanism and Marxism
Lavey Satanism is radical individualism. Lavey’s argument is that being a Satanist is about trying to be your own god to so to speak. In the Serial Killer taxonomy, this would potentially match with the “hedonist” killer who kills because it either feels good, gives them a thrill or profits them immediately. It could also match with the “power/control” killer due to the desire to feel that one is making his/her rules and controlling life and death.

I should note that I do admire the work of Jake Black but I did not copy Jake Black. Jake Black makes the case well for a Lavey Satanist philosophy and its compatibility with Marxism-Leninism. Basically he argues that individual greed is compatible with working class activism.

A quote:

Ironically, in order to fulfill my individual desires, I find it necessary to reject the limitations of individualism.

(In fact Jake Black can thank my link to him for boosting the front page of his website. Until I linked, he wasn’t number one in google for “satanic left.” He individually benefited from collective behavior.)

Symbolic Satanism and Marxism
A Symbolic Satanist does not believe the devil exists, but still identifies with the Judaic-Islamic-Christian (Abrahamic) Devil. It is sort of “if Satan did exist, I would side with Satan.” This is largely my view. In serial killer taxonomy it fits well with the “mission-oriented” category. You are of the opinion that the devil does not exist, but you are wishing to create a world in his image.

In order to be a Marxist and a Symbolic Satanist at the same time, a good belief system is that Satan sort of symbolizes the working class rebelling against the Upper class.

To quote “occupy.”

When they say CUT BACK we say FIGHT BACK

Well a Symbolic Satanist looking to synthesize his views with Marxism should find inspiration in the way that Satan is depicted as fighting back.

Devil Worship and Marxism
Devil Worship is when you believe in Satan literally. According to the serial killer taxonomy, it would fit good with the Herbert Mullin style motivation known as “visionary.” You hear voices in you head.

In order to be a Marxist and a Devil worshiper, you would just have to believe that Satan exists and wants you to be a Marxist.

Luciferianism and Marxism
Luciferianism differs from Satanism in that it believes that “Lucifer” is a concept that has roots in pagan religions and was only borrowed by the Old Testament, New Testament and Koran. I guess that’s the only difference. A Luciferian can probably still be either literal or Symbolic. Someone who engages in a Levay Style self-worship may also be a reader of ancient pagan iterations of Lucifer. So the philosophical ties between Luciferiniasm and Marxism are not much different from the Philosophical ties between Satanism and Marxism. It’s just a different set of religious texts that are used to depict Lucifer. Still, the philosophy could branch out in the same way.

A post on the 600 club tells us that some Luciferians do not consider Lucifer to be Satan. To them the pagan religions describe Lucifer better.

mabon2010 : It is tiresome to hear ignorant Christians rant on about Lucifer being Satan. A campaign is planned to re-educate those Christians of a second idea — that Lucifer is no Satan.

Those Satanists who claim to be Luciferians — no you are not. I am going to be kind when I say you are neo-Luciferians, but you are Spiritual Satanists who worship Satan, and have added another entity you claim to be Lucifer onto your worship as an afterthought.

Yet another Luciferian disagrees:

Dimitri : It is in the Christian mythology written and made clear that Satan and Lucifer are the same being. Lucifer was Satan before being cast out of heaven. That’s what they belief. They are not ignorant for the fact you want to see it otherwise.

8-19. Hail the termites.

Those who read this post may be interested in the Satanic Reds. They actually deny that they are Satanist and Socialist/Communist.

Power Dynamics

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

I had an interesting conversation on facebook. Because I do not want individuals who engaged in this conversation to experience any harassment, I have cut out the last names and the full name of a person who is not a political activist of any sort. But I posted the conversation.

Power Dynamic Conversation

This conversation marks a significant realization. It explains why “we” are protesting the 1% as the 99%. It explains why employers like to blame their employees. It explains why Governments go to war but Soldiers die.

Read it and reflect on it.

The people who get screwed over are the ones UNDERNEATH those in power. That is why we must assert ourselves. Your mistake is our problem.

The other issue is that we have a system of Government that is not addressing this and rectifying it. It is maintaining the power dynamic(s).

Google “Private” (hr search)

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Hello, this is Johnny Gulag. Metal Gear let me back and I would like to advertise a product. It is called the google camera.

Previously we have created google maps so that people’s houses can be viewed through aerial photos and google search engine so that blog posts and profiles can come up for sniveling employers. We have worked with “hr” leaders and background check companies to do deep web searches as detailed in Metal Gear’s last post. (some people suggest that I am an alter ego of Metal Gear, but they are clearly wrong).

We present to you the new advance in secure hiring – the google camera. With our private camera, you can be a sniveling asshole and look not just at houses but into people’s bedrooms as well. Does your job candidate make his bed the way you like? Did he leave for Church last Sunday? With our private camera, we insure that you will not hire the wrong person by giving you access to information that is already out there. After all, if your potential employee supports a political cause that you don’t, that information is “real” and we just need to see reality, right?

With a special package, we can even track the cars as well. Does your perspective employee take vacations in a location that you disapprove of? Well you can’t have that guy going behind your back. As a good “hr” person, it’s your “due diligence” to track them.

For an extra fee we can set up informants who question your potential employees for their political views while posing as a friend. Then this too will be revealed when you click the search button and have the “power user” access. All you have to do is pay the extra fee and select “google private.” Then type in the name of the employee and you can see everything depending on which services you have purchased.

Remember to visit me at http://snivelingasshole.com for more product choices. Thanks and all the best. Here we understand the value of making the right hire as a long term decision, so we offer to go through garbage cans and recycle bins as well to see if the perspective employee is making good decisions for the environment as well as whether or not red flags can be raised based on the content they are attempting to discard. If you purchase that service, the images can be queried as well with our “private” search.

Thank you and check out the associated prices and services online. Remember, google “private.”

14% of Employers look at video game Profiles

Monday, November 21st, 2011

The link

“Our research shows that about 14% of employers now are even delving into really obscure parts of the Internet, like virtual worlds” — evidently on the dubious assumption that your World of Warcraft avatar reveals something about you that an interviewer needs to know.

Give me a break.

When are we, the 99%, going to rise up? How long are we going to tolerate these parasites making our decisions and holding positions of influence? If a working class regime was in power, employers would not have the freedom to play the games they play. It’s a fact that when the economy crashed, the employing class was watching pornography.

The people who suggest that free speech should be stifled because a sniveling asshole of an employer may pry his way to reading it and that sniveling asshole may support the systemic problems we have (and not hire you because you speak out) need to be slapped.

And please, shut up about non-violence. When we yank away their power by changing that system, the former exploiters will think they rightfully own what they are losing and they will fight back with violence to “reclaim” what they never rightfully owned.

A critical look at the “Occupy” protest

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

There are several things that the “Occupy” protest has done quite well, particularly its attempt to bring to the mainstream the grievances that many Americans have with the existing capitalist system. That the “Occupy” protest has forced the ruling class to at least acknowledge that there are sizable groups of people who believe that an alternative to the status quo is necessary and desirable is a tribute to its success (albeit qualified).

Nevertheless, there are also many things wrong, on both theoretical and practical levels.  I hesitate to call “Occupy” a movement – largely as a result of its lack of theoretical unity and organizational structure and leadership. At this point in time, despite what its spokespeople say to the contrary, “Occupy” has not elevated itself above the level of a mass-protest – the very nature of which is limited to voicing grievances and sloganeering.

From what I’ve gathered so far, including talking with protesters at both Occupy San Francisco and Occupy Oakland, “Occupy” loosely promotes a liberal, post-modernist form of anti-capitalism specifically aimed at the worst excesses of modern-day finance capitalism, such as that epitomized by the cynicism and recklessness of Wall-Street firms that gave rise to the most recent recession.

At its infant stage, nobody would really expect “Occupy” to have a clear, comprehensive, or well-thought out ideology. As a matter of course, protests are generally aimed at appealing to the masses, and deliberately decline to adopt an official ideology or philosophy that would be seen as too restrictive or narrow and thus limit its potential to attract new protesters. But this is what distinguishes a movement from a protest. Movements have answers; not just complaints. Movements are led, not amassed.

The greatest threat to “Occupy” becoming a viable movement is the fact that, without committed leadership and organization, it runs a very, very high risk of becoming co-opted by the liberal bourgeoisie and transformed into what its participants fear most: the Democrats’ “Tea Party.”  So far, I’ve been impressed that “Occupy” has indeed (for the most part anyway) kept a safe distance from Democratic politicians who would otherwise like to squeeze for all the political capital its worth. But, without direction and a leadership to steer the protest into a movement, this is ultimately what will happen and “Occupy” will amount to absolutely nothing.

It’s understandable that “Occupy” has kept itself ideologically broad, and limited itself to (rightfully) criticizing corporate excess and the injustice of capitalism. But talking about amorphous “corporations” and the relative unfairness of capitalism doesn’t really accomplish much else than simply raise the issues. At this point in time, however, this is sufficient. But in the long-term, nice slogans don’t attain real objectives or goals. They don’t bring you closer to power, and they certainly won’t overthrow the bourgeoisie.

In order for “Occupy” to graduate into a full-fledged movement, it will inevitably have to organize itself and adopt a more nuanced and mature approach that will enable it to resist the immense pressure from the ruling class that seeks to undermine it, as well as the pressure to cave in on itself like so many of its predecessors before it. Namely, what “Occupy” lacks and needs most are:

Focused Message:  The “general public” is not a very good audience. There’s no reason to think that you can talk to everyone at the same time with the same message. Political propaganda needs to be tailored, and focused on appealing to the individual characteristics of your target demographic. While the “99%” is indeed a good slogan, it’s not a sustainable strategy over the long-term. Political messaging should be viewed like an upside down pyramid – start broad and work your way to a more defined, narrow, and succinct point that you want to communicate. Different messages will focus on different demographic audiences, and different outcomes/goals (getting new members/action).

Solutions: Talking about the rottenness of capitalism is one thing – and makes for a good protest theme, but viable movements also require real solutions to the problem.  Shared/collective antagonisms to capitalism are a powerful unifying factor, but movements that are going to have any chance of gaining the political power to do anything about it require solutions. It doesn’t matter if the solutions are tenable, or even desirable, you just need to have them. The more realistic and amenable to your existing and would-be supporters, the better.

Hierarchy and Leadership: Movements need leadership. They need a committed group of individuals who are capable of directing the movement’s supporters towards attaining specific political objectives. Further, leaders have the ability to impose organizational structure and discipline – something the “Occupy” protests are severely lacking.  Leadership is also capable of commanding unity of action, unity of thought, unity of messaging, and the necessary discipline that will be required for any movement/party/political entity to challenge the bourgeois system.  After all, there’s a reason the Bolsheviks were able to out-maneuver all of their opponents – and the high level of discipline and leadership was an important contributing factor!

Don’t simply talk in terms of values: Values are nice rallying calls, but they have a very limited potential, and should only be used to motivate supporters/would-be supporters on limited grounds. Values are used to ignite emotion. They make for good propaganda – but that’s really all they’re worth. Talking about how capitalism is unfair, unjust, exploitative is great when you’re speaking at a rally – but movements need more than slogans.  There are a lot of things wrong with capitalism – many of which have nothing to do with fairness or justice. It’s also obscenely inefficient, plagued with internal contradictions, and grossly unpredictable. With this comes the need to educate your supporters/members about the real problems of capitalism.

Alexa Traffic

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

For a long time I have noticed an increase in traffic on this website, not necessarily by the amount of contributors which is not growing by much, but by using analytics to track the “unique views” monthly of the website.

I am pleased to show that we have made major gains in Alexa. This is good, because initially Alexa results would not show for our website. We only had our own internal calculations. I guess we use a not so well known hosting company. I do not know what the cause was, but for some reason, the only reliable stats we could get where the ones we generated on our own.

We are in the top 500,000 websites in the world for traffic. I have made a decision that I will not acknowledge the existence of trollish websites that get far less traffic but try to provoke us. But people who are privy to the details can look those websites up. What will be seen is that we are far ahead of those websites except for one which we are almost caught up to. We are gaining traffic and they are losing it.

It’s amazing that a website with an estimated five “big name” posters and maybe fifteen-twenty smaller posters in its total history could get more traffic than forums which have hundreds of posters log in each day, or radio programs that staff non-stop live internet radio with a different person each show. But the stats do not lie. We do not have many people active, but there are many watching.

In fact, as I check the spam filter right now, there are 4,014 comments waiting to be approved since 11/10/2011. They are nearly all spam, but I occasionally still approve the interesting ones. I always have to wonder if I go through the comments too quickly and delete a few legitimate ones. You are free to email me if that is the case.

I find it interesting that we get about a 50-50 viewership of men and women. Clearly this website has a reputation for leaning on the misogynistic side. Other websites are associated with movements that are begging “we need more women” and they get a disproportionately small amount of women.

A good example is “alternative right.” If you click the “audience” tab, they are getting about 80% of their views from males, 20% from females. But they are begging for more women. I brag about being a voluntary virgin, archive a forum (“the lyceum”) which banned a poster “for being a women” and still women read my website more than the websites on the “racialist right” which are asking for women on their hands and knees begging.

Indians (as in people who live in India, not Native Americans) apparently read this website too. Perhaps they are interested in my views of the technology industry and how it is globalizing.

As far as pagerank goes, I misunderstood it but it is still important. An entire website does not have a pagerank. A specific link on a website has a pagerank. So what I was really measuring was the pagerank for only the front page of Free Media Productions, when a particular Editorial may have another rank. Our front page is old. To fall from a 4 to a 3 on that front page is not a huge deal.

A Technology Industry Critique

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

From an insider view, I would like to change themes a bit and make a few observations about the Information Technology industry.

Everyone already knows about outsourcing and off-shoring and how jobs are being taken away from Americans and given to other countries. I do not need to dedicate a post to this. There are plenty of other posts throughout the internet which discuss this.

But there are other problem in the IT industry as well.

The first problem is the recession. I have experience with this. I could have had a job right out of college, the lead was there, but when I graduated Spring 2008, a semester later, then I was unable to generate another lead and the previous lead had expired. Some misinformed people may suggested that this is solely a result of me posting on the internet too much. No, I repeat, if I graduated a semester earlier I had the lead.

But the bigger problem is this. People who hire in the IT industry are obsessed with work experience. And so, if you do not get that job right out of college, none of your college counts. When an advertisement says it wants “two years c# experience,” they do not mean four years of college or two years of programs written in your basement. They mean two years of programming in the business world. The problem with this is it “boxes out” people who do not get placed immediately upon graduation. You may not believe me if you are not IT. For heaven’s sake, read the job postings closely. Almost all require substantial industry experience in narrow areas and do not even consider experience with similar technologies (c# vs vbasic, sql server vs mysql vs oracle). With the recession, the chance to develop that experience did not exist for everyone and it would be wrong for employers to think that they’ve seen the full potential of people based on only their resume when the opportunity just has not been there for so many people.

Now, what is the way around this? The way around this is to use networking and unsolicited resumes to find part-time jobs, freelance opportunities, start-up companies and experimental projects. But the problem with this is that most IT people have a computer science background and they just aren’t very good with social skills. (I have an Information Systems background, it’s different.) These aren’t the types of people you would meet at the local bus stop or local gym. The other problem is that these start-up / contract / freelance / part-time jobs are not very reliable. You are taking a chance that your position could crumble at any time. You are taking a chance that your employer may blame you for his own problems and give you a negative reference. It really is taking a chance, but it’s worth taking the chance.

Which brings me to another problem. Because they don’t understand business and instead are wrapped into nerdville, many computer scientists think google and facebook show the transparent nature of people’s workplace behavior. In other words, in the mind of captain Nerd, if Jack behaves this way on facebook, Jack will act the same way in the office.

Basically, I want to work with collaboration minded IT people instead of “nerds” if there is a difference. To me there is.

But aside from outsourcing, which is the result of globalization and the desire to obtain cheap labor, there are other problems with Information Technology. Hopefully I am doing the world a service by pointing them out.

Basically, Employers should loosen up and look more at people’s POTENTIAL and less at their work history, especially after this recession.

From Web Project to Full-Fledged Organization

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

This is an ambitious goal and there is no way I can do it on my own. I need to find other people who have a similar goal, a similar mentality and complimentary skills. Such as good artists, good photographers, good producers, etc., who are all tied to the same basic ideals and are as fed up as I am with the state of the Country.

The goal is to make a full fledged media organization offering coverage of controversial events, a platform for speech that is not granted by mainstream media for controversial organizations, a place for disgruntled employees to speak, a place for independent artists, etc. The key is that the mission statement must not be to make the maximum profit, but to provide media for sections of society that are purposely shut down by the elites.

A few things are inspiring me.
-The Wall Street Protests and sister movements around the globe. For years I have bottled this and kept it on the blogs, but now I see people who think the way I do or closer to it. For years I took my anger out exercising, training, blogging and fighting cyber wars. Now I realize others have similar anger.
-Part-time participation in Occupy Philadelphia has influenced me. I see first hand that quite a few people are receptive to the themes.
-Political correctness (on the left) and Corporate influence (on the right) barrage our media today. I want to give coverage to people who do not get it. Someone loses their job because they say something too controversial. I want them covered. I do not care if it is a racially charged comment or a comment about foreign policy.
-In the scenario that someone provides insight into a regime that make the US look biased (such as someone who is defending North Korea). I want them covered.
-I want to provide a platform for x-employees to speak out who were terminated for bs reasons and I want to provide exposure to these events. I believe many employers and potential employers throw employees under the bus because they are insecure about their reputation as a company and wrongly think that it is a just cause to dictate politics or free speech limitations to their employees.
-I want to give exposure to movements that are “too extreme.” The Westboro Baptist Church for example. I am tired of the corporate media and pressure groups like the ADL determining who gets exposure and what is acceptable.
-The fact that I know I have the tech skills based on my private projects and accomplishments (appreciated or not) while in the workforce. I also have the business background, but I do not intend to be corporate or make anything more than a living wage. I have involved myself with aspiring Proprietors and start-ups before.
-The fact that I have finally decided that I am sick of being someone else’s bitch. Even if I get a job making 100k a year, I still would go forward with this on the side.
-I have a pretty good foundation in social media with the website I created here and a previous job I worked. I believe this would translate.
-I also want to provide a platform for independent artists, writers and game creators who stand a snowball’s chance in hell of being published by a big company at the current time.
-Other people may set out to do this, but they eventually break down. I will tell you right now, I will not break down. If I can physically handle the training I can handle, I can (easily) handle Abraham Foxman or some guy who supports Sharia Law and is offended because I give voice to an atheist. I am not afraid of death. I am not afraid of you either. I am not afraid of making less money because Wall Street won’t donate to me.

Message of Occupy Movements

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

The occupy movements are often accused of not having a clear message.

Here is what I would propose as a basic message.

What we are:
-We are extremely angry with the state of society. We do not trust either political party to fix society.

What we are not:
-We are not a “tea party for the Democrats.” We are not a single issue interest group.

What we are upset about:
-There are many things to be upset about. Broken up into separate issues, such issues include but are not limited to : unemployment, war, outsourcing of jobs, employers who abuse the recession to take advantage of their employees, the bourgeoisie bail out, student loans without jobs, special interest lobbying, lay-offs, belligerent support of Israel, slanted media, identity-based politics instead of working class politics etc.

The cause of the problem(s):
-WE CONNECT THE DOTS AND DO NOT SUFFER FROM LINKAGE BLINDNESS. We are not simply against these issues as single issues, but we tie these issues to our system of economics primarily and the Government that defends it (as opposed to a single politician) and see them as symptoms of the that system. We recognize that the problems happen because of how our society is structured, not in spite of it. In short, our system encourages special interest lobbying between the 1% and their politicians (Republican/Democratic elected officials) and encourages the working class to be divided by its own lack of direction, special interest lobbying, sense of hopelessness and fear of retaliation from employers for speaking out.

What the solution is not:
-The solution is not a matter of making the current system work better. Electing Obama vs. Bush changed nothing.

The solution:
-We will aggravate the class struggle using a variety of tactics until the state of society has improved. We will turn people away from the 1% establishment (which includes all Democratic/Republican politicians) and turn them to support the working class. We will develop labor solidarity so that the 99% CAN FIGHT BACK! We will eventually shift the levers of power in our favor.

*Our problem with wall street is not that it is ‘too white’ or ‘too black’ or ‘too male’ or ‘too female’ or ‘too English speaking’ or ‘too Hispanic’ or ‘too Christian’ or ‘too Jewish.’ We recognize that the problem is the system itself, not a convenient scapegoat. We refuse to allow identity politics to replace the class struggle as our primary aim/message. To blame a group of people, including white males, is not a progressive message.

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