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Reading Pennsylvania and Socialism

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Cited below, by the inclusion of relevant content in picture format, is a very old book about Pennsylvania history. What is very interesting is that much of the existing infrastructure in Pennsylvania today is a result of what was set up earlier. It was good to find that the Pennsylvania of Yesterday is very much recognizable when compared to the Pennsylvania of today.

Reading Pennsylvania was founded by English but inhabited by Germans between Lancaster, Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia. When reading the section on Reading (no pun intended) Pennsylvania, I learned that this Pennsylvania Dutch town actually had what was described in the book as a Socialist administration and a history of Union activity and strikes. I also learned that during the original American revolution, the population of Reading was quite revolutionary against the British imperialists. This is interesting, because the people of Reading rejected the mainstream economy and society for revolutionary change, just like the Amish outside of Lancaster City have. However, Reading moved away from capitalism in a Socialist direction, whereas Lancaster Amish purposely insulated their own community from finance capitalism and modernism in a separatist religious direction. Still, it is interesting to be aware of the historical ability of the region to arrange society instead of simply riding the course of history passively. No one can doubt Philadelphia’s own role in bringing about the original American revolution.

While Pennsylvania may have trampled over Southern Revolutionaries, Pennsylvanians have proven themselves capable of revolutionary thought and action. Yet in my opinion what existed in Reading Pa was not true socialism, but capitalism administrated by people with socialist ideologies. The system was still capitalist, but the people who ran the system were socialists. This would most likely be comparable to Mensheviks if any parallel could be drawn to Russia, but drawing a parallel is always an oversimplification of history. Considering the material conditions of America as a whole, Pennsylvania as a state and Reading as a city, that may have been the most ideal arrangement at the time.

By my colloquial knowledge of the region, I know that Reading has a history of being an important manufacturing city with outlets (and is now being outsourced). The included content below alludes to this. Perhaps something about the economy brings about class antagonisms and something about the culture caused people to fight for populist change on behalf of those antagonisms.

Included below is the material which I referenced.

Use Policy

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

The official “in writing” use policy on this website is that one must ask the individual author for permission to quote the author’s content.

However, if you are not on our bad side, we will unofficially tell you that you can reproduce our content with proper attribution and we are not out to get you. We need to officially say we require permission to prevent some websites from stealing our content that are particularly persistent and/or particularly low class.

These two websites, outright, will have copyright policy enforced if they steal our content.
1: thebeerbarrel.net
2: stumbleinn.net

We are telling them ahead of time that the answer to “can I use your content” is “no.”

These two websites will be required to ask the relevant author for permission if they desire to quote content.
1: thephora.net
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If they do it without asking, we will enforce the policy.

For everyone else, you can pretty much (within reason) assume that if you simply stay on our good side, we will be willing to let you use our content. If an author decides to not grant you permission, free media productions will let you know about it, but that is most unlikely. If you are not one of the four websites, go ahead and use the content, and it should be noted that two of the websites listed are still able to ask for permission on a case by case basis. The other two websites flat out cannot ever quote our material, with or without attribution.

page rank

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

We used to have a very good page rank and we still have a pretty good page rank. It used to be that you could google “Jewish Bolshevism” and the first thing to come up would be a Constantin Von Hoffmeister article that praised the Jewish revolutionaries.

We fell because google changed its own formula. In addition some other websites have risen, though not enough to “close the gap.”

We do not whore ourselves to get more comments. This is a website, not a “free speech forum.” If you read a textbook, its success or failure is not determined by how many letters are written to the editor, nor how many authors are featured in the book for the point of appearing “bigger.”

The reason we rank ahead of others is that we do not whore ourselves and have ideas of what we want to achieve as opposed to taking the attitude that “any activity is activity.”

Employers who lie about why they fire people

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Here is an example of a Philadelphia crime family boss (living in South Jersey) who was let off on bail and found work – but who then lost the work AFTER the factory was contacted and told about his history.

Their comment :

The work schedule and his skill set didn’t fit

The work schedule and the skill set fit perfectly fine – until you were “warned” via a phone call about behavior which you found unflattering. Then, and only then, did the previously non-existent “business reasons” come into play.

Sounds like wrongful termination to me. The company should be sued.


non-orthodox Judaism is not Judaism

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

A major question has been settled in my mind about Jews and Judaism. The Jews who practice Reform Judaism – and maybe even conservative Judaism – do not know enough about Judaism to understand it. They are Jewish only by ethnicity, but pretend to understand Judaism when they do not. I could not figure out how a person could not understand basic biblical theology, intermarry a Gentile, and then claim with ox-like stupidity and stubborn persistence – “I am a Jew” – right to the face of their Gentile children (Judaism goes by Mother, not father). It made no sense to me, except if the person has Aspergers Syndrome. If you really believed so strongly in your religion, as opposed to fraudulently holding it up as a flag, what are you doing married to a Gentile, with Gentile children and living in America? If you do not believe in this, then stop claiming to be spiritually Jewish and admit you do not understand – much less uphold – anything resembling Judaism.

To say that a reform Jew is a legitimate Jew is like saying New Jersey is a legitimate borough of New York. Sure, reform Jews grew out of Jewish roots, just like Northern New Jersey grew out of New York, but American Jews practice a religion that is so non-Jewish that they do not even logically deserve the classification of “Jew.”

It gets worse. You have people who do not even understand the basics of Judaism who claim to care about Judaism. It’s not a matter of them following reform Judaism, it’s a matter of them being theologically illiterate and wanting to PRETEND to be Jewish for SOCIAL reasons, not SPIRITUAL reasons. “I say I am Jewish because I think it helps my job security and pleases my Orthodox Jewish Uncle” is the mentality of these people who know less about Judaism – and care less about Judaism – than your average drug dealer on the streets of Philadelphia knows about the politics of the city Government.

Freethought Forum

Sunday, September 25th, 2011


I am linking to what appears to be a very cleanly run debate forum where different perspectives discuss issues. This is a good example of how a general purpose discussion should be run.

Metal Gear and his Psychologist

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

The following is a session between Metal Gear, a serial killer from eastern Pennsylvania, and his psychologist Dr. Omniel, a quack who has a fake PHD in psychology and a fake MD.


Technocracy and Communism

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Through my current understanding of theory, Technocracy is the only way to achieve Communism and a high standard of living at the same time. Pol Pot (brother number one) skipped the socialist phase and went straight to Communism. He did achieve Communism, but the standard of living was not very high.

The definition of Communism is “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Basically, the definition of Communism in layman’s terms is “anything you need will be provided for you.” Josef Stalin’s Command economy was not “Communism,” but building infrastructure quickly. This is a form of technocracy, but Communism would require a more advanced form of technocracy. In layman’s terms, in order to achieve “anything you need, you can have,” we would have to improve society by a quantum leap. We would need to see changes that were as radical as the personal computer, the car and the industrial revolution. Major improvements.

I now link you to an old thread on politicsforum in which I contributed. I argued that technocracy was distinct from Communism, but my position has been changed. In my opinion, the technological improvements that technocracy aims to discover would essentially produce Communism. If our technology was really that good, then wage slavery would be abolished. Industry would be superior and the technology to monitor it via the government (no “private” industry) would improve.

Marx did not argue that Communism directly arises out of class struggle the way that he argued Socialism does. Lenin argued that socialists need centralized professional revolutionaries, but that the class antagonisms are already there. Lenin argued that Communism could not be achieved under the current material conditions.

But I believe a socialist and technocratic regime would stand the best change at creating the material conditions necessary to achieve Communism. Class struggle must be aggravated first to achieve socialism, which is defined as “dictatorship of the working class.” Then the dictatorship can organize around technocratic lines. The search for new technology would become one of the most important duties of every citizen and of society as whole. Then once the material conditions exist to achieve “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” then something like Communism could be built. At that point, the standard of living would be so good that there would be virtually no threat of capitalist restoration. The perfect technocracy would eliminate scarcity altogether, and pave the way for something like Communism.

But, a regime could also just skip the socialist stage like pol pot and build a form of Communism that has a lower standard of living, then build up from there. Both methods eventually achieve Communism, but the Leninist method uses socialism to transition while the khmer rouge method simply starts out with a low quality of life and a system that is not fully functional. This may have been necessary in Cambodia, because Pol Pot faced many threats of invasion from Americans, Vietnamese and capitalist Cambodians. When he walked his people out to the countryside, he had to build from scratch. Socialism must follow capitalism, but Pol Pot did not have capitalism, so he could not have achieved socialism and instead went straight to Communism, with a low standard of living.


Friday, September 16th, 2011

One of the key differences between people who are goal oriented and people who are hedonistic, is that people who are goal oriented are willing to focus on the outcome instead of whether or not something “feels good.” Obviously I am a pretty goal oriented guy. However I believe my drop off in writing lately has been due partially to a lack of focus. I no longer have concrete goals like I did before and that is something I will have to work on. Because writing does not “feel good,” it is hard to be motivated to continue to contribute content without an idea of what you want to accomplish.

I have pretty much already explained my take on Marxist theory. I could do more to write about how my interpretation is different from others, but I think I have pretty much nailed down my theories. I have previously explained my views on technology, fascism and nationalism. I have explained how Marxism and progressive nationalism are compatible theories. I have explained (though not very blatantly) how “technofascism” would be necessary to achieve Communism.

It is time for a major revolution. Analogously, every 4-5 years new gaming consoles are made. The companies which sell the consoles decide that they cannot achieve anything more with their current framework. We’ve pretty much done all we need to as far as explaining theories by writing editorials. Now it is time to find a new use for the freemediaproductions.info domain, and keep the brand name going, as this is an organization as opposed to a “free speech” message community.

If new bloggers are added, they are free to explain their theories, but I need to set some new goals, and find new tactics to achieve them.

Future Intentions

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Obviously I wanted to keep the previous few posts up for a long time. Some major scores were settled and some good writings were written. But I must move on now. My lack of writing is causing the traffic to fall, when before I stopped, I was setting records for this website. We were soaring, but I wanted to keep those posts up for the maximum amount of time.

And so I will post today about my future intentions.

-I intend to make this website broader. Music, videos, etc. We haven’t made videos in a while I am going to make more.
-I intend to redesign things a bit, but this is a very tentative goal. I want to make it so “regular people” post instead of people from the forums that we original came from.
-I intend to make this website more explicitly anti-religious.
-I intend to emphasize the other parts of the website. The termite/mafia/gangster/thug aspect as opposed to the Marxist aspect. I’ve already shown my take on Marxist theory and it is my backbone. But it’s time to elaborate on other things.


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