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Soldiers in the Class War

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

edit by Metal Gear : Please note that Johnny Gulag does not represent free media productions, and he is insane.

Every single serial killer, mass shooter, bomber and suicide leader is a solider in the class war. I have no doubt that when Jared Loughner shot, he shot for the working class. I have no doubt that when Dennis Rader strangled, he strangled for the working class.


Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

We are going to first send links out to the adl, splc, cia, fbi, naacp, nation of Islam, the department of homeland security, the mossad and the Jewish Defense League. We are not fans of any of the them, but when you link to a website, a website can see back. And what good is an outing if it doesn’t hurt someone?

The first person to be outted will be Basil Fawlty if I don’t get what I am demanding. You have until tomorrow.
The next after that will be “MJ.”

If you give me what I am owed, then I will stop.

1 – Gerrard Bryne – Basil Fawlty
2 – Mary Jemming – Phora Technical Resource
3 – Kristin Jemming – Starr
4 – Chris Hayton – Ahknaton
5 – Daniel Horn – Sinclair
6 – Daniel F.W. – Dani88
7 – Kevin O’ Keefe – Jake Featherston
(some people rumor that his real name is Joey Chesnut)
8 – Ken Kummins – Lucifer
9 – Steve Scwankhous – Overwatch
10 – Stan Sterkendries – Jimbo Gomez
11 – Tom Ostrowski – Azimuth / Prak Stal
12 – Mike Connor – Mike
13 – Village Voice Employee – Il Ragno (knows Michael Musto, may be Tony Ortega)
14 – Stephen Brower – Intrepid
15 – James Herndon – Jaybird
16 – Pietari Tamminen – Petr
17 – John Goodwin – Macrobius
18 – Robert Flake – Apocales
19 – Alison Gasparini – Alison
20 – Darko Peric – Niccolo and Donkey
21 – Sean Maguire – Mazdak / Billy Score / William Score
22 – David Feltcher – Thomas777

American History – A Race Realist Perspective

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

I believe in racial differences and refer to my scientific view of race as “race realism.” That means I study issues that are racial and ethnic the same way I would study anything else, avoid political correctness, do not feel guilty about my identity and do not believe “we are all the same.”

I also look down upon most other so-called racialists. I view them as a collection of people who want to be part of a country club, “drama whores” looking for attention, people with very limited knowledge, people who adopt the slogans of old ideologies without really understanding them and opportunists who exploit the situation. For each category, I could name examples that fit, but decline to do so here.

I often refer to them as “skinheads.” They are people who simply want to be a part of something and find a sense of community through posting on racist forums and perhaps attending “white nationalist” conferences. They are not approaching the issue from the same “piece the puzzle together” mentality that I am.

Both the race realists and the skinheads / white nationalists can see that early in American history, racialism was more acceptable while currently Whites jump out of their way to appear less racist than other Whites, even accusing each other of racism when there is none. Skinheads and race realists attribute a different cause to this change in attitude. Race realists if they truly are realists, like Marx understand the dialectical nature of history and the opportunistic nature of capitalism, politics and most capitalist politicians. Skinheads believe the founding fathers acted only out of principle, and that currently politicians only recently started to act opportunistically because Jews in the Media injected “bad ideology” into society. They do not understand that the media is not the cause of society, but an effect of society. People with a scientific socialist viewpoint do understand this.

Simply put, the founding fathers never really cared about race even though their legislation included it. It was the politics of convenience. Because European immigrants were culturally clashing and fighting with Indians and enslaving Negroes, it was convenient to appeal to white identity. Now that the mode of production has changed, the bourgeois class finds it convenient to condemn racialism. In both situations, the real motive is not belief but opportunism. Racialism helped maintain slavery which profited the people who had economic power, so it was maintained. Racialism now argues against immigration, which lowers the wages of workers, so it is opposed by the people with power who pay the workers. (Note that there are many reasons to argue against immigration other than race).

Skinheads cannot see that politicians are simply opportunists. They believe that the founding fathers somehow meant it more when they supported racialism than current American leaders do when they oppose it. The level of sincerity is the same. “The Jews” did not fake people out.

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