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US Imperialism and Israel

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

The original predicament of Jews can easily be explained in Leninist terms. The Nazis used the Jews as a scapegoat for the internal contradictions of capitalism. The current predicament of Jews can be explained in Marxist terms. The British and American imperialists took advantage of the class antagonisms created by the holocaust to create a pragmatic gateway for US imperialism and promote Jews up to the bourgeois class. Living as a cosmopolitan capitalist in Palestine may seem dangerous, but in comparison to Nazi Germany, it is less dangerous.

My view of Jews who support the current state of Israel is not that they are chess masters, but they are pawns who are used by imperialists who laugh behind their backs. Who else other than people who had recently been mass murdered would view living next to suicide bombers as relatively safe? They may think they are fighting back against Antisemitism and credit the success of Zionism to their own hard work, when the reality is that Israel has succeeded only because a major world power backed it with building an empire in mind.

Note that it is my opinion that some form of Jewish nationalism could exist if it was not artificially supported by global capitalism and did not exist on top of other peoples. If Jews were really concerned about preserving the people, and not about preserving access to money and power, then the real solution would have been to set up a community like the Amish for Orthodox Jews. The caste hierarchy over top of other peoples in the near east does not protect the Jewish people or uphold the Torah, but gives the American Octopus an extra Arm. I actually laugh at people who argue that Israel contradicts the interests of the American system. They argue that Jews control the government at the expense of the American system and usually post on forums like vnnforum.com.

If the imperialists had their way, they would have supported a state that was capitalist but not a specifically Jewish state. But out of the options available, Zionism was the most realistic option for US imperialists to take advantage of. Israel is more cosmopolitan than hardcore Zionists would prefer. The state of Israel as we know it survives only because of its utility to Western Imperialists. When the American system dies, the state of Israel will also die. The state of Israel has also become a bit of a spoiled brat as well, because it survives not due to its own infrastructure but due to its importance to America’s “global capitalism.”

Without American influence and aid, both market forces (with Arabs) and Arab military resistance would force Israel to lose its Jewish identity as it lives over top of other peoples. Israel instead found a business partner across the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea in America. While it is true that capitalism is by nature open bordered and in favor of free movement and markets, Zionists provided the most realistic way for US imperialists to gain access to Palestine. Supporters of the current capitalist order seek to spread the order to maximize profits and prevent political opposition. While George Washington may have spoke of foreign entanglements, today’s world is a world with global interaction. Tomorrow’s world can be a world of Socialism, and that would allow Jews to create a state that is very different from the current one.

Foreign Policy Magazine on the Rising Chinese System

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

“On the Economy, Be Careful What You Wish For” by Ian Bremmer of Foreign Policy Magazine

The July/August issue of foreign policy magazine, to which I do not subscribe, had many interesting articles about the Soviet Union and the changing economic landscape of the world currently. Other article mentioned warnings that Gorbachev did not see change coming and that nobody predicted the collapse of USSR. This article discusses the current economy.

I have explained earlier how Market Socialism works. Market Socialism is pragmatic socialism applied to a more advanced market economy. The reason “centrally planned” socialists Stalin and Mao “started from scratch” when building their economies is not because it is inherently Marxist to have an economy that is near completely planned (although there must be more planning under socialism), but because the countries they took over were so backwards that they had to start from scratch. Built in a modern country like USA, certain market forces would be utilized after a Socialist Revolution, but the market would no longer control the Government and it would be more like “non-profit” businesses with Socialist Party people in some of the management roles, instead of businesses that exist only to “maximize the profits of shareholders.”

This article indicates that the Chinese System is being mimicked and the US system is losing popularity:

Indeed, the American way of capitalism itself is now under threat. That model was built on open market access and minimal government meddling. But the world loves a winner: China’s heavily top-down approach is finding adherents from Vietnam to Venezuela, while the idea of American-style market-driven capitalism has lost some of its allure. As the appeal of state-driven capitalism grows, we can expect a much less efficient global economy. We’ll see politics injected into economic policy making much more often and on a much larger scale — within both emerging and established powers. We’ll see governments defend their political interests with new sets of tools and weapons, like currency policies, market access, intellectual property rights, and new forms of resource nationalism that move beyond oil, gas, metals, and minerals into commodities like food.

“Juche” (self-reliant) Socialist Kim Jong Il of North Korea as well admires the success of the Chinese system, but that is not mentioned here. While a Market Socialist System is the only way socialism can be built in an advanced country (Stalinism and Maoism could NOT work in those conditions), it is also true that China at time walks the line between market socialism and capitalism.

People are finally accepting that the government has to be there for its people, which is essentially what socialism is, economic populism based on class awareness. This article bashes America for getting into debt and starting costly wars to spread an economic system that does not work and is not wanted by anybody but a few ideologues. If capitalism produces antagonism here, it will produce more antagonism in Iraq. However it will also produce profit and that is why we see class conflict. The people who control a capitalist system do not care about “the good of the people,” much less “the good of the people in Iraq/Afghanistan.” They ONLY care about their own profit. But the class war is turning in favor of the working class and soon the people will start movements to take control of their own countries and try to fix the problems against whatever odds.

For Americans, what this all means is that the long, postwar party is over. The U.S. debt-to-GDP ratio has climbed above 84 percent, putting America’s ability to meet its obligations in question for the first time in memory. To close the gap, U.S. consumers will have to pay higher taxes, save more money, delay retirement, and accept less generous pension and health-care benefits.

In coming years, an increasingly cash-strapped U.S. government will have to become more sensitive to the costs and risks of its foreign adventures. It will be harder to persuade more cost-conscious Americans (and their lawmakers) that the stability of countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, or even a longtime U.S. protectorate like Taiwan is worth a bloody and costly fight. Questions will arise abroad about the U.S. commitment to the security of particular regions, encouraging local players to test American resolve and exploit any weakness they find.

On another note, the analysis of the American economy in this article receives my approval. Globalization is being attacked here. By relying too much on another economy, one’s own economy is at risk. This is not very “fault tolerant” to use a computer term.

American consumer purchasing power will continue to be an important variable for global growth and the economic health of many countries, but Americans won’t have as much money to spend. The financial crisis pulled huge amounts of money from the pockets of U.S. consumers by, among other things, deflating the value of their biggest asset: their homes. And the loss in U.S. purchasing power will be felt in every economy that depends on access to U.S. markets. That’s exactly why Chinese policymakers are now working to decouple — not because Washington wants them to, but because excessive long-term dependence on U.S. consumers puts China’s future growth trajectory at risk.

Overall, a very useful article in a very useful issue of the entire Magazine!

New Blog : Jacobin Magazine

Monday, July 25th, 2011

The link
This blog is one I decided to link to. It seems to discuss how liberals do not understand class struggle the way that Marxists do. Liberals have substituted identity politics for class struggle.

Link has been added.

Old Communist Forum Re-discovered

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

(Editor’s note : This is a nostalgia post, not a ‘high quality’ post)

I have been looking for this old forum for the longest time, but it finally appeared in google again.

It reminds me of the John Wayne Gacy video with the song “bury it” by Muse. I liked the video, but then suddenly it was removed from the internet. But it came back.

In this case the forum did not get taken down but merely fell out of google. I could not find it.

Here is the base url :

Here is a thread that I found really really memorable. I used to browse this forum and posted just a few times, but I was only learning more about Marxism. At that time I was basically a “dictator worshiper” in general without a clear political philosophy. I admired Stalin but I did not connect Marx to Stalin.

Here are some of my older posts.

Even though I appeared to be defending human rights and religious people, my hobby at that time was to listen to slayer, radiosatan666, skinhead music (micetrap radio, micetrap cds) and worship the devil. I wasn’t really religious; I was just pretending to be religious. This was not just a net thing, I did it off the internet as well. The BTK Killer and John Wayne Gacy had similar hobbies. But now I’ve taken the “in your face” atheist approach (like Richard Ramirez), not the “fake religion” approach.

Skinheads vs Socialists

Friday, July 15th, 2011

I was reflecting personally on why it is that the more intelligent political dissidents tend to become socialists, but the less intelligent ones become skinheads. Both see the world changing and abstract a worldview out of it, but why do more intelligent people go with one worldview and less intelligent people with another worldview?

I believe I have arrived at some answers. The first part of the answer is that in order to understand class conflict, one has to understand abstract concepts. One cannot see the bourgeoisie based on a physical characteristic. Everyone, however, is “racially aware.” Skinheads talk about race as if they are the only people who take notice of issues involving race and ethnicity. Skinheads are not more racially aware; they are less racially aware. They simplify everything. That is not awareness but lack of awareness.

Another factor is that Socialists, if they agree with Marx, understand that history is always changing (dialectical materialism) and therefore are not surprised that things such as mass immigration are occurring even if they disagree with it. Skinheads act as if the changes happening now are unprecedented in human history. I am sure Catholics felt the same way during the enlightenment. During the enlightenment, if they had existed, Marxists would have understood that things were changing, but have been less surprised by it because things are always changing, but a Catholic traditionalist would view such change as unprecedented. Most skinheads do not understand that changes of similar order of magnitude have occurred as to the racial changes that are currently happening in America and globally. They act surprised, whereas Marxists are not as surprised.

Judaism on its own Merits

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

The aim of this post is rather casual; a simple personal reflection.

I have established my position that blaming Jews for everything and really for even a high percentage of things is unscientific. 95% of what anonymous internet idiots blame Jews for is hogwash, and I really mean 95%. However, I do not think it is a good Marxist stance to side with Judaism as a theological viewpoint.

All Abrahamic religions of Western Eurasia (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) share a set of myths and myths are never a good thing. Even without a Marxist stance, technocracy alone is enough of a reason to argue against religion.

On its own merits, Judaism has no more favor with me than Islam or Catholicism or born again stuff. All are corrupt in different ways. All are designed to deform the class struggle in different ways. Some do it by promoting weakness, some do it by promoting slavery to the pope, some do it by promoting imperialism (convert to my religion or die) and bullshit morality. Because people tend to generalize about Jews, I will use precise words. In its worst form, Judaism promotes lying and deception and an “us vs. them” mentality against the rest of humanity in which the goal is not to advance ethics and improve the world, but to advance Jews even using unethical means. Most Jews however are reform Jews, if even that, as many are outright atheists. Reform Judaism is nothing but regular old liberalism.

With reform Jews, I have to ask myself “what is the point.” If you want to be a part of something, join a country club, not a fake religion. I say fake because reform Judaism is not real Judaism. Real Judaism however has its own set of ethical issues that are not acceptable to someone who takes a scientific and/or Marxist view on things.

Just to be extra thorough and remove all doubt, I must clarify that it is my belief that Jews are responsible for very little of the problems inside America and the main culprit is capitalism. However, Judaism is no more above criticism than any other religion.

Karl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party

Monday, July 4th, 2011

A good spokesman for the most effective activist revolutionary Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist party.

Members of all races should be Communists and “race realists” at the same time. He argues that the current order is not good for Blacks or for “the majority of the people.”

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