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Black Rappers are our Allies against White Females

Monday, December 27th, 2010

If you listen to gangster rap or acid rap (there is a difference), it’s full of hatred against women.

I suggest that “racist” posters direct their hatred at the opposite sex instead.

If you are arguing against immigration I suggest you stop it and hate women instead.

“I put two and two together and came up with ‘fo.’ The only thought in my mind now was ‘murder the ho.’ ”

Morning Call (Allentown Newspaper) called nazis by anti-illegal commentor

Friday, December 24th, 2010

I used to care about the fact that Allentown, Reading, Lancaster and York are being being turned into Hispanic cities. In the case of Allentown, non-hispanic Whites are under 50%. Now I really don’t care. I really don’t give a shit.

I used to care who wins the election. Now I don’t really care.

I used to care about the survival of this country as “the united states of America.” Now I don’t really care.

Link to the comment


that’s the type of liberal scumbags who run the morning call—-and why the morning call deserves to go out of business.

Link to original article

In 1994, Allentown leaders were so threatened by the number of Latinos moving into the city that council made national headlines by declaring English the city’s official language.

Well, that hasn’t discouraged Latinos from choosing Allentown as home.

According to numbers released last week by the American Community Survey, Allentown has now become a “majority minority” city, largely because the Latino population has grown to 36.7 percent of all city residents.

Blacks, Asians and Latinos now account for 50.2 percent of the city residents — a 39 percent increase over the last census in 2000. And Spanish is now the primary language in 29 percent of all households.

Johnny Gulag – What I want to do to “god”

Friday, December 24th, 2010

edit by metal gear : note that Johnny Gulag is psycho, and he doesn’t represent free media productions
The link

After about two years of molesting my son, and all the pornography that I had been buying, renting, swapping, I had got my hands on some “bondage discipline” pornography with children involved. Some of the reading that I had done and the pictures that I had seen showed total submission. Forcing the children to do what I wanted.

And I eventually started using some of this bondage discipline with my own son, and it had escalated to the point where I was putting a large Zip-loc bag over his head and taping it around his neck with black duct tape or black electrical tape and raping and molesting him … to the point where he would turn blue, pass out. At that point I would rip the bag off his head, not for fear of hurting him, but because of the excitement.

I was extremely aroused by inflicting pain. And when I see him pass out and change colors, that was very arousing and heightening to me, and I would rip the bag off his head and then I’d jump on his chest and masturbate in his face and make him suck my penis while he … started to come back awake. While he was coughing and choking, I would rape him in the mouth.

If I ever saw him, that’s exactly what I would do to him.

why metal gear isn’t posting here anymore

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Serial Killer in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Vanguardists, Mainstreamers, and Sociopaths

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

A response to : this article.
Hunter Wallace’s comments about vanguardists and mainstreams are interesting. Read his article. He comes from a “white nationalist” perspective. To him, both vanguardists and mainstreams share one thing in common – they care about the situation and think it can be fixed somehow. Vanguardists want to do it by “removing the Jews,” whereas mainstreamers want to do it at the ballot box.

I think Hunter should add another group – mobsters/gangsters. I know it sounds corny, but its people who don’t care about politics and don’t care about the leaders in the white nationalist movement. They only care about their own clique and personal life.

The vanguardists are psychotic. The mobsters are sociopaths. There is a difference. Vanguardists hear voices in their head telling them that they can win if the Jews get out of the way, but mobsters don’t care. They see society getting destroyed and they just have no conscience because they are so angry.

That’s really what I am now. I have my clique and fuck everyone else. Including the pro-white leaders and including the current politicians. If all the pro-whites were in a trade tower and got hit, it wouldn’t effect my conscience.

I don’t think major victories can come through mainstream activism. Small victories can. I’m not opposed to having small victories. Big victories take big revolutions. I do not see one coming.

“holocaust deniers” are “holocaust obsessives”

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

I’m not really talking about the Iranians. They bring the issue up, but they aren’t obsessed with it. They ask questions and then move on. Their “denial” is exaggerated by the media. What the Iranians really do is look at the issue in a very inquisitive way.

I’m talking about the pathetic “spokesmen” and “spokeswomen” who think they represent “white people,” and only represent a few backwoods unemployed rednecks in the Midwest and South. The kind of whites who think they advance the white race, but embarrass the white race.

“holocaust revisionists” randomly bring up the holocaust more than Jews do. It’s pathetic, these people try to bring the issue into areas where it isn’t relevant, like immigration restriction, and then put the blame on Jews. “If only those Jews would shut up about the holocaust, then Mexicans would stop stepping the border because native-born Americans wouldn’t feel guilt.” This is the retarded rhetoric that gets passed around the internet! These people lack the material analysis that links immigration (and imperialism) to the capitalist system!

Do I need to explain why the issue I describe is retarded?

No I don’t, I trust that the people who read this blog aren’t stupid!

Do I need to cite examples?

No I don’t, you know exactly what I’m talking about!


Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

A bunch of comments came in, most about North Korea. I was really busy setting up the social networking forum and was a bit late approving them.

This reminds me that Free Media Productions is a total media package, and it’s extending into the “big city” of facebook as opposed to its current recruitment and “stage” territory. But fundamentally we still rely on this blog. It tears up google!

We still rely on News too. The news section makes us look “innovative.”

And we sure as hell still rely on videos!

Smf Modding

Monday, December 13th, 2010

I’ve done so much modding to get this “Simple Machines Forum” to work specifically for free media productions that they should probably put me on their team!

My next step is to disable md5 and phish facebook accounts (just kidding)!

The “firezone” is now the “lyceum” at /lyceum

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

The term “firezone” has been replaced with “lyceum” in every way.

Now the “firezone” url points to the new social networking integrated forum.

A few thoughts on eugenics & socialism

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

It is an unfortunate fact of reality that the modern so-called “left” has embraced the international bourgeoisie’s liberal rejection of eugenics – the scientific movement involving the active engineering of stronger, healthier and superior human beings.

For starters, we can immediately dismiss automatically the false claim that eugenics (inherently) promotes institutional racism, or is manifestly driven by ambitions of so-called “ethnic/racial cleansing.” That such claims have been repeatedly leveled against eugenics ad nauseum does nothing whatsoever to validate them.

In fact, the pre-eminent intellectual “father” of the modern eugenics movement, Sir Francis Galton, likened the philosophy and practice of eugenics to applying selective breeding standards to homo sapiens, the way in which humans go to great efforts to promote stronger, healthier genes in top-breed dogs and horses.

Secondly, at the private, voluntary level, we as biological creatures actively practice eugenics selectively in choosing mates for which we wish to produce offspring. It’s been well documented that women prefer partners who display alpha-male tendencies; while men equally seek out partners with certain characteristics in order to satisfy the biological-evolutionary urge to pass one’s genes on with the greatest chance of survival. That this is not the only consideration given when humans select a partner does not negate the very real fact that this is something that occurs, and we might as well accept.

Insofar as the development of socialism is concerned, there are several ways in which eugenics plays a direct role in facilitating the ascension of humanity towards a more advanced stage. Most importantly is the creation of a new mankind. From the ashes of the old, decrepit bourgeois order will arise a more efficient, more prosperous and more just order.

Sir Francis Galton

Sir Francis Galton

This new order will in turn be populated by the new heirs of the earth: the proletariat. If it is without a doubt that man’s social consciousness is the byproduct of his material environment and surroundings; his personal capacities are determined by biological necessity. While the restructuring of the means of production and revolutionary transformation of the entire base and superstructure will transform society, culture, art, philosophy, politics and all other conceivable institutions; new policies directing the physical and genetic well-being of the population will also be in order.

More practical, though no less important, is the question of resources. Eugenics policies aimed at neutralizing the burdensome cost of artificially maintaining human beings who would otherwise succumb to severe congenital disorders and those physically or mentally incapable of contributing to the good of society and the working class, should not expect to be sustained by the state or society at large. The population of seriously afflicted persons is a drain on the nation and the working class; by reducing their numbers and limiting their abilities to reproduce, society can in turn invest more resources dedicated to the benefit and welfare of those most capable of contributing something back, while creating far more favorable conditions for posterity.

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