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Aggravation of Class Struggle Under Socialism

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Saddam, Our Hero

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

“Nature” is Crazy

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Most crazy people view what they are doing as natural.

Skinheads view their worldview as natural. Satanists (who wouldn’t be offended by the “crazy” label) view what they do as natural. Mainstream religious people (Abrahamic religion) view their religion as natural. Perverts view what they do as “natural.”

I view what I do as natural!

Gary Ridgway and Ted Bundy would murder, and then get off every day by driving near the corpses. I guess that is “natural” to them. But really it is not, it is just insanity, and they justify it by inventing the concept of “natural.” I type acid posts, and get off by googling throughout the day and seeing them come up high in google.

Anti-Zionism vs. Black/White Thinking

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Anti-Zionism is one thing. Refusing to see negativity outside of Zionism is another.

Just because the mainstream Zionist movement is full of corporate imperialists, hypocrites, “law of returners” and international traitors who want every Jew to be loyal to Israel does not mean that people who oppose it should do so in black and white terms. In other words, people who oppose Zionism should not be blind to the flaws of Arabs and Persians, which most certainly also exist. Such “black and white” morality is both flawed and to the extent one admires Marx, not very Marxist.

Also while vacuuming all the Jews and dumping them in Israel, kicking out the Gentiles and expanding from the Nile to the Euphrates is “Black and white” thinking, arguing that some Jews legitimately belong in Israel is not the same thing.

Black and white thinking must ALWAYS be rejected for gray thinking. Black and white thinking is a serious red flag. Black and white thinkers over-react when their worldview is exposed as false. I have net enemies, and I know what I’m talking about!

Constantin Von Hoffmeister Interviewed

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

The link
This is a tough thing for me to do because I hate Mike Connor, who is largely involved with the organization which made this interview. But my homeboy Constantin Von Hoffmeister (a national futurist and national bolshevik) appeals to my technocratic mind.

Therefore I am linking to this interview.

Gangster Technocracy

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

When the technocracy comes, I’m using a computer to digitally operate murder machines. Mass murder, like a dictator. Pol Pot would approve, because his rejection of technocracy was not internal to his own Government. You may think I write this stuff just to “shock” and “troll,” but man oh man, I’m “getting off” in a non-sexual way just typing these words.

When the technocracy comes, all my net enemies are getting their heads chopped off.

When the technocracy comes, I will run people over on subway lines just because it is enjoyable.  I’ll get the mass transporation working TOO well.

It’s kind of like Mario Brothers, only real life people are getting squashed. It’s like the Dark Carnival. Time to cross-blog with Violent J and Shaggy 2dope.

Out of your league. This post is going straight gangster. In fact I have the urge to keep rhyming, and I have to fight the urge. The crane of pain. The bulldozer of death. The concrete that is complete to knock you off your feet and suffocate you while I speak.

Not to mention, I might mine your data and hack you.

Daryl………………why couldn’t you use your talents to make the world a better place?  We always taught you to love everybody.
I’m pulling a nero and my momma’s getting it too. All of the norms are gone. This is horrorcore. This is gangster. This is acid. This is MY ghetto. If you want high brow posts that a two year old child could make, then leave.

Juan Williams is a Hero

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

He made a politically incorrect comment about Muslims and got fired. He spoke his mind. I don’t care what he said, the point is he spoke his mind. He could have bashed atheists, Christians or juggalos for all I care.

But unlike other people who have been fired for comments they make, he didn’t back down. He didn’t apologize.

Now he’s hired by another outlet, but that’s not the point.

I like the fact that he didn’t roll over. I can relate to that.

too big (a middle finger to “free speech” websites)

Monday, October 25th, 2010

You can’t be me, not in your wildest fantasy
It’s childish; should I have to resort to violence?
Pay me a half a million, I’ll consult your album (website)
And show you how to stay off my dick
That’s the thing I hate the most, can’t even call you a man
When you gotta call out my name to get you some fans
No talent, you need direction; you a pussy with a yeast infection

You unlucky, I’m your fuckin C-section
Plus I’m the last real nigga alive
Toast glass, Ill Will, the label get high
Realize, how many classics I gave you
Perhaps if you think back you’ll realize that I made you

- Nas (a black rapper)

Before I had to rely on other people and their message forums to get my message out. Before the recession saddled me in the house of overbearing parents. My enemies would phone my parents to harass them because they outed my personal information over the internet. Not only did they out photos, but they outed a full address and phone number. But that doesn’t work any more, because I am financially independent. So fuck my enemies and their collaborators.

Too big. Too big.

I work with Asians and Blacks in the office. Think they are going to “throw me under the bus” because they don’t want to be labeled as racists. Think again, they don’t have these anxieties. Plus everyone knows I am right in this conflict, and that I am not what google makes me appear as. I have seen evidence that my net enemies have tried to disrupt the workplace. I have seen evidence that it hasn’t worked.

Too big. Too big.

You think I care how many people comment? People fear that I can turn their computers into dust with my tech skills. I care that I tear up google and have people talk to me all the time through social networking mediums about my posts. Fuck comments. It’s all about page rank. Now my page rank is a monster and I can say what I want and don’t have to follow any rules. The websites which antagonized me have their google search results disrupted by me.

Too big. Too big.

Now is the time for revenge. I am quitting all organizations that are cozy with the people I dislike. I don’t need these organizations any more. If they want to hang in the gutter, they lose me. When I quit, I am telling them why. Bye bye.

Too big. Too big.

I didn’t want to be a leader. But due to circumstances I run my own websites now. I openly defy the social norms and say what I want. I combine gangsterism, heavy metal, Bolshevism and political incorrectness. I tried to make peace with the establishment. But now I’m…

Too big. Too big.

If you think I need your support. Remember that I’m…

Too big. Too big.


Mike Connor of “the voice of reason” tried to tell Robert Lindsay about my “bad reputation.” But he didn’t care because I’m too damn big.

Merkel and Multicuturalism discussed on vgchartz.com

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

The link
The thread opens up by comparing Merkel to Hitler.  But the person to say “stop, this is going too far” happens to claim to be a Jew.

TheRealMafoo on 10/18/10 14:31 GMT

As a decedent of a German Jew, I would have to say this is not remotely the same.

So that is interesting.  We have a situation where non-Jews are pushing “Hitler comparisons,” and a Jew is saying “stop.”

If you endlessly read what big Jewish organizations have to say, this may seem out of character. Most big Jewish organizations compare anyone who disagrees with their ideas to Hitler. It may be surprising to learn that individuals think independently.  It’s never surprised me.  I’ve always had good Jewish friends growing up.

The Voices in my Head

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

” You’ve got to get your head straight.”
Do you have a hammer?

“Why don’t you make the world a better place?  We raised you to be so loving.”
The world is turning to shit and I don’t care!

“Stop defending those damn Jews.”
Jews are the master key of the white race. Even though “Jewish unity in Palestine” is a bad idea.

“You’ve got to let those feuds go.”
I’ll be feuding with you soon, Mr. Gulag. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

“Stop talking about serial killers.”
Soon you won’t be talking about serial killers. When I kill you.

“Stop pretending to be a ‘leftist.’ ”
It’s gangster bolshevik, not liberal leftist, thank you very much.

“It’s time to grow up. Seriously.”
Note that this criticism comes from net nazi keyboard commandos.

“You’ve got to be professional and understand politics and business etiquette.”
Watch me flip you off in video.

“You really don’t have any Jewish ancestry. In fact all your ancestry is bullshit. You aren’t eastern european.  You don’t have Bolshevik blood.”
Gosh, even my parents support me against this “voice.”

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