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Gangsters vs. Politicans

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

In my opinion Lenin and Stalin were gangsters.

In my opinion Hitler and Mussolini were politicians. “The Jews,” “The liberals” and all that bullshit.

Politicians are less ethical than gangsters. Also less effective. Politicians to a greater degree exploit classes of society for their own benefit. Gangsters fight for their survival.

And who won? The gangsters won.

I’m so sick of petty political bourgeoisie bullshit.

I’m no politician. If you piss me off, you are going to get blowback, no matter what happens to both of our reputations. I do not participate in drama, I take your website down.

I don’t care about “a movement,” “my standing,” “making up,” “seeing the greater good,” or anything like that when it comes to what gangster rapper Dr. Dre described as “bitch niggaz.” If you piss me off by circle jerking, I am going to hurt you. Don’t care if it makes “us” look bad.

As Richard Kuklinski said, “it is better to give then receive.” Not saying murder is on my menu but you get the point.

Prejudice against Midwest and South

Monday, August 30th, 2010

I am not against “every” Southerner, or “every” Midwesterner. For instance, rebelarmy.com linked to me and I linked back. I do not go out of my way to make enemies.

But in general, I think a prejudice is growing inside of me against the South and Midwest. I have just realized that the majority of my sworn enemies come from that southwestern region and would like to emphasize that Free Media Productions and its forum, the Firezone/Lyceum, are largely northeastern projects. One exception is Hunter Wallace, but his role is very peripheral. If the lyceum was the founding fathers, he would have been the last one to sign the declaration of Independence and the first to leave for other projects. Berianidze moved to the West Coast, but has roots on the East Coast and the West Coasters have never mistreated me. I have had fights with northeasterners too (jtf), but they were not nearly as personal or bitter.

I think of all the problems I could have avoided, if I had stayed away from “free speech forums” which were dominated by people who are not very desirable. And many of those people just happen to come out of that region.

I’d venture to say that I’d trust a Black person from the North before I’d trust a White person from the South based on history and personal experience.

I do think capitalism and neo-conservatism aided the Iraq War, but if America did not include the Confederate states, then the Iraq War would not have happened. Yet clowns would have us ignore this and put the blame solely on the Jews.


Sunday, August 29th, 2010

New video from Free Media Productions

Video – Metal Gear on Ground Zero Mosque

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Metal Gear discusses the mosque, atheism, Marxism, revisionist Stalinism and other viewpoints.

4forums political – a new message forum

Friday, August 20th, 2010

The link
Add this as another interesting website I discovered.

National Bolshevism for Palestine

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

I aspire for a complete and total authoritarian rule of a secular leader like Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez. Modernization, anti-capitalism and anti-religious views must be vertically encouraged at all levels of Palestinian society. Opposition to American imperialism must become hardened. Do not tell me it “can’t happen.” Before George W. Bush took power, people thought it “couldn’t happen.” Then against John Kerry, it happened again. Plenty of times the establishment has been wrong, but in the case of George Bush, I regret the outcome.

Israel is Palestine, and not itself. Death to liberalism and religious fundamentalism! Judaism is not a necessary criteria for its own nationalism. The idea of “Jewish pride world wide,” uniting all socially constructed Jews into a single state is absurdly retarded. The Bolsheviks absolutely approached the Jewish issue correctly when compared to Nazis and Zionists. Lenin was 1/4 Jewish and I support his rule over Russia, likewise “real” Jews should rule over Europe and elsewhere.

I aspire to have large numbers of atheistic Jews supporting me just like atheistic Jews correctly supported the Russian revolution, but not working towards the cause of Judaism, but towards the cause of red fascism with their honorable Arab comrades.

There is no “east” and “west” civilization

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Nationalism needs to be based more on localization and the specific circumstance and less on the idea of “eastern” vs. “western” civilization. A British person is not a German person. A Saudi Arabian is not a Lebanese person. That was my error when at one time…I acted as if “East” and “West” actually mattered. I was never as bad as say the pedophora, but it was my error. I am moving towards a red fascist “national bolshevik” view of the world. I have more in common with an “easterner” like Saddam Hussein in his philosophy than a “Westerner” like Napoleon. This was really my philosophy before I became acquainted with the degenerate pedophora and JTF, but I got on a trip about “going mainstream” and “building a mass movement.” Fuck the mass movement, I am back to being a Bolshevik influenced revisionist who worships dictators.

There is no Western Civilization, but if there is one, Slavs are less a part of it then say Jews. Would these “pan-aryanists” get off the dick of Russians and Slavs? Go away, you are not wanted!

The more I think about it, Islam, Judaism and Christianity are all basically variations of the same Abrahamic religion. Judaism is a little more tribal, Christianity a little more weak, Catholicism a little more corrupt and Islam a little more imperialistic, feudal and further behind in economic development. But they are all basically the same degenerate and pathetic Abrahamic religion.

Not to mention the racial origins of Europe are near eastern. In both Paleolithic and Neolithic times, the racial origins of Europe were Mediterranean. A Nordic person is just a depigmented Mediterranean physically. Eastern Europeans are sexually selected for alipinization, but still basically Caucasians.

Europe has had its dark ages just like the Near East now has its dark age. It is all about the state. Worship the individual state. It isn’t about “western civilization” or “eastern civilization.”

Against Anti-Semitism

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

The average Jew may react defensively when the ideology of biblical Zionism is shown to be the outdated and reactionary idea it is, and when it is shown that mainstream Zionism is a tool of American imperialism. But the average Jew is not directly responsible for Zionism.

Nazi “racialism” (or race gerrymandering) is dumb. Obsession with Jews is dumb. Christians, capitalists, Jews and patriotards all play a role in Zionism. It is not just the Jews.

The problem is the elites, not the Jews. Many Jews were good revolutionaries against the status quo for example under Mussolini and Stalin, but Zionists are not revolutionaries but slaves to a false version of biblical history and American imperialism in the face of the native population.

9/11 and atheistic Propaganda

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

To the extent that good people died, and many did, I truly regret the deaths of any good people who died as a result of 9/11. Surely when a building goes down, some people are good people, others are bad people. Yet politically, I think 9/11 should be exploited by people who are against religion. Just because American imperialists exploit it doesn’t mean we (truly militant atheists) shouldn’t exploit it.

There are ways to do this that do not serve imperialism. We can stress that Saddam Hussein and even the Taliban did not cause 9/11. We can accuse America of hypocrisy, because America supported Bin Laden against the Soviet Afghan Regime during the era of USSR. These approaches are more logical than declaring 9/11 as some manifestation of class struggle, as it clearly is not. It is clearly motivated by religion and killing people of diverse class status. The Saudi oil families are pretty rich. I do not see Bin Laden attacking them. I realize that other important members do not like this approach (it is my hunch), but no two people can agree on everything, and i believe my position that the nature of 9/11 is classless is correct. I do agree with anyone who believes that Bin Laden was motivated to an extent by opposition to American imperialism. This does not change the fact that Bin Laden’s philosophy is “Islamic imperialism.” Does anyone seriously believe that Bin Laden only wants to preach to the converted, and is not willing to kill atheists?

In my opinion, 9/11 should be used as a poster example, just like Zionism, as what happens when actions are declared ethical based on primitive religion. Just like Zionism, just like George W. Bush and his invasions, religion is being used to justify an act. Can this really be denied?

I do not think 9/11 was “worth it,” but I do think the way it has weakened organized religion is good. I realize Bin Laden did not intend this, but I still believe in exploiting the pragmatic reality. I think when the crimes of Zionists become more widely known, it will become fashionable not just to bash Islam, but to bash ALL religion.

The holocaust, 9/11, the genocides between Serbs and Croats, Zionism – all are at least partially motivated by religion. Even though Hitler saw Jews as a race (he meant nationality, he also saw Poles as a race), there was also clearly something theological about his attitudes towards Jews, whether Pagan or Catholic.

My point is that the events between 1940 and 2004 have really harmed organized religion. 9/11 has, the holocaust has, zionism has, George W Bush “talking to God” has. These events can be tied together to trash the whole idea of religion. It is no longer my religion vs. your religion, but a rebellion against all religion. To do that, 9/11 is useful to my propaganda. Sorry if you disagree or think it is bad for anti-imperialist relations with religious people, but I think the correct approach is to exploit 9/11 more effectively than the opposition, as opposed to worrying about how this will effect reputation with Islamic regimes and fellow posters / associates who may in fact (in error) believe that only American imperialists talk about 9/11 negatively.

Build more mosques, synagogues and churches!

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

When I think about it, the more religion is shoved down the throat of the average person, the more the average person will rebel. We all know that it is only a matter of time until Islam, Christianity and Judaism become like the pagan religions are – a relic of the past. I completely support Jews, Christians and Muslims who help destroy religion by promoting it too militantly. I want those with religious feelings to show their true colors, so they can destroy themselves.

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