“podblanc” shut down


from google

Dear Podblanc Member, One of our server companies recently caved into Jewish and Israeli pressure and decided to unequally enforce their TOS policy and deny …

EXCELENT! FUCK YOU PODBLANC! Fuck you for defending the phora/vnn, and bringing up my real life info so you could attack another poster (“Hunter Wallace”) via his lyceum-era association with me. Fuck you.

If the Jews did this, then HAIL THE JEWS!

Metal Gear @ July 5, 2010

8 Responses to ““podblanc” shut down”

  1. The White Says:

    what a fucking shit that podblanc is closed.long live the white race and the nationalist!fuck the jews and you!!

  2. Proud White Male Says:

    Fuck anyone against the protection of Europe and Whites! Fuck you all and that applies even to brainwashed Whites who support their own genocide! You should take a long hard look at yourselves, prefereably slap yourself upside the head, and question why you are so happy for your race to die.

    Then there is the muslim animal psychos, but the worst are the radical Jews who admit they are behind multiculturalism!

    When will you wake up and start siding with your own people! We’re the good guys you shmucks!

  3. Metal Gear Says:

    Fuck the money movement.

  4. Yagsienak Says:

    Fuck it all.

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. AllahShallPrevail Says:

    Fuck all you Nazis. Muslims will succeed in having Shariah law all over the world! Death to the white race.

  7. Metal Gear Says:

    Down with both Nazism and Sharia law.

    Technocracy and Marxism are the two sides of the coin of the future.

  8. Craig Cobb Sucks Balls Says:

    Kill Craig Cobb

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