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Autistic Posters Accuse Other Posters of Being Autistic

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Some of the internet personalities you meet are pathetic.  They set up their own false micro-realities, in which the world can be explained in a certain way, and then flip out when someone shakes their foundations.  This is autism and I expose the autism.  The same people accuse me of autism.  No I am the ground shaker and you are the collapsing house!

I have no use for being stuck in the 1940′s or 1800′s and I view people as negative when their mind thinks backwards. My mind only thinks sideways and forwards!  If you can’t handle that, then fuck you.

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Saturday, February 27th, 2010

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Are you an anonymous coward, or are you the real thing? Whether or not joining this group “scares” you will tell me what you are!

Iraq to reinstate 20,000 Saddam-era army personnel

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

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This is great news! The Ba’athist regime has been officially destroyed, but unofficially, former Ba’athists are regaining their influence. The secular Ba’athists work towards a great political system but are less extreme (in terms of nationalism and secularism) then the Social Nationalists of Syria. But pragmatically the Ba’athists have achieved more.

People like the Ba’athists are people who should be ruling over the Middle East. People who have a sense of identity, but are not religious zealots. Similar people should be ruling over Israel right now.


Iraq on Friday announced the reinstatement of 20,000 former army officers who were dismissed after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, in a gesture toward healing sectarian resentment over the disbanding of Saddam Hussein’s military.

But the timing of the announcement raised suspicions that Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and his allies were just currying votes in upcoming parliamentary election.

The skepticism underscored how bitter feelings have become between Iraq’s factions ahead of the March 7 vote. Many had hoped the vote would be a chance to move past the Shiite-Sunni divisions that have wracked Iraq since Saddam’s fall nearly seven years ago, but instead the mistrust between the two sides has become starker.

Al-Maliki is facing Sunni anger after a Shiite-led commission barred 440 candidates—mostly Sunnis—from running because of suspected ties to Saddam’s former ruling party.

In theory, the military reinstatements should be good news for Sunnis. The 2003 order by Iraq’s then-American governor L Paul Bremer to dissolve Saddam’s 400,000-strong army—the largest in the Middle East on the eve of the 2003 invasion—is widely seen as one of the factors that fueled Sunnis’ sense of alienation with the new Iraq from the very start.

Sunnis dominated Saddam’s regime, and many top military officers came from the community. Jobless and angry, some from the old army took their expertise to the Sunni insurgency that broke out in the summer of 2003, seeking an income for their families or revenge against the Americans and their Iraqi allies. The disbanding, along with the looting of the army’s bases and depots across much of Iraq, is widely blamed for the tortuously slow pace of standing, equipping and training the country’s new army.

Over past years, thousands of officers from the disbanded army have trickled back to service in an ongoing process of reintegration. Friday’s announcement that 20,000 were being reinstated was the largest known single batch of returnees.

Defense Ministry Spokesman Mohammed al-Askari denied that the announcement was linked to the March 7 election for a 325-seat legislature, insisting that it was made when funding for the 20,000 positions became available.

“This measure has nothing to do with elections, rather it is related to budget allocations,” he said.

A Defense Ministry statement said the rehired personnel would be reinstated as of Sunday, but a senior Iraqi military official said the process of absorbing so many could take weeks and maybe months to complete.

The official said a systematic process to reinstate Saddam-era army personnel has been ongoing for months, with a ministry committee screening officers and noncommissioned officers for ties to Saddam’s regime or involvement in atrocities or war crimes.

He said reinstatements were strictly based on the army’s present requirements and mainly benefited officers from the rank of colonel down to noncommissioned officers. U.S. commanders have in the past pointed out that Iraq’s new army, which is at least 300,000-strong, desperately needed mid-ranking and experienced noncommssioned officers.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject.

Critics, however, said the sudden return of their jobs might influence the votes of the reinstated personnel.

“No doubt, this move is related to the elections and it aims at gaining votes,” said Maysoun al-Damlouji, a candidate from a secular block led by former prime minister Ayad Allawi, a fierce critic of al-Maliki.

The United States hopes a transparent and credible election will bolster national reconciliation efforts and pave the way for its combat forces to go home by the end of August and the rest by next year’s end.

Regardless of the motive, reinstating the large group of officers would go some way toward helping reconciliation. Al-Maliki has raised Sunni resentment with his relentless denouncements of Baathists in Iraqi politics. But at the same time, he has shown some flexibility on the issue when it comes to the military.

Al-Maliki’s Shiite-dominated government has already reinstated many Sunni officers as top commanders in the new army. It also waived “de-Baathification” rules and reinstated generals—Sunnis and Shiites—who once held senior positions in Saddam’s ruling party.

Analyst Nabil Salim, a Baghdad University political science professor, attributed Friday’s announcement to political and election considerations, but also saw it as a boost for the U.S.-backed Iraqi security forces as they fight insurgents.

“It is a good step to provide the new army with badly needed expertise,” he said.

What to do with officials from the Baath and former army officers has been a key source of tension for postwar Iraq.

Hundreds of thousands, including army personnel, were purged from jobs at the government and security forces under a controversial program conceived by Bremer’s Coalition Provisional Authority—the U.S. occupation government.

Many were allowed to return to government service in 2008. But the issue remains a source of friction, especially after the election ban, ordered by a committee led by two Shiite candidates believed to have ties to Iran.

One of the banned candidates, prominent Sunni lawmaker Saleh al-Mutlaq, pulled his party out of the election in protest, but he reversed the decision on Thursday. The decision effectively lifts the lingering threat that minority Sunnis would boycott the vote.

In yet another twist Friday, the spokesman of the Shiite-led political vetting committee that drafted the blacklist, Mudhafar al-Batat, said the panel would file a lawsuit against al-Mutlaq for his alleged involvement in attacks and killings carried out by insurgent groups linked to the Baath party.

Al-Mutlaq has repeatedly denied any links to the insurgency and says he quit the Baath party in the 1970s

Rejecting Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Free Media Productions has no official ideology, but condemns attempts to use oversimplified, autistic and exclusive targeting of ONLY Jews as a crutch to explain everything that is wrong with diplomacy in the world, and a version of morality which holds Zionists to a higher standard than then neighboring and opposing states.  That said, we still feel we have the right to criticize Israel, or the Eskimos, or the Iranians.

Each statement made on Free Media Productions is made individually, not collectively.  Simply put, this operation is not run by Democratic Centralism but convergence via happenstance.  For instance not all of Metal Gear’s statements are proofread and supported by Besosvhili, and vice versa, not all of Besoshvili’s statements are proof read and supported by Metal Gear.

Moscow was marching on Stalin’s Birthday!

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Our friends at the North Star Compass published these photographs taken from the celebrations of the 130th Birthday of Josef Stalin on Dec. 21, 2009 (from the current issue of NSC).

On December 21, 2009 – the 130th Birthday of J.V. Stalin, people gathered on the Red Square in Moscow to celebrate this great event in the history of all mankind. Then came representatives from different parties and citizens from all walks of life.

First came the patriotic forces from the AUCPB, coming to the grave of Stalin and laid flowers and held a small meeting. After that the representatives of the CPRF and RCU of Youth, Trudovaya Rossia and many other parties and multitude of people came to pay respect to Stalin with flowers and wreaths.

Even though the authorities tried to stop some people, the multitude was just too much for the present regime to stop. The columns of people grew longer and longer and it brought back memories as to how it was during Soviet times.

There was a never-ending laying of flowers and wreaths to Stalin.
The people kept coming in greater numbers as never before since the demise of the Soviet Union.
Red Square from one end to the other had people waiting in line.
Soviet War Veterans, decorated with medals, paid their respect to Generalissimo Stalin.
Putin-Medvedev police started to hold back the Muscovites, but the people kept coming to pay respect to Stalin.

Letters from Our Readers

Saturday, February 27th, 2010


Some of our favorite recent comments from our more endearing readers:

cubbt said:

Why don’t you guys just drop the shit and watch the super bowl game. The Who were amazing. Allah would be proud if you did.

Jimmy the Popper said:

You guys truly suck.

Tresse Julie said:

Wow. Love all the unnecessary anti-Semitism. You guys have a real subtle way of turning something otherwise progressive (anti-Zionism) into something despicable.

Pornotaliban said:

another fucked up moron raised on burgers and fries with no clue of poverty or lack of freedom. Such pigs should be impaled and burned – earth would be so nice without u

jsg75 said:

Ha! Communists! That’s rich. Communism / socialism / internationalism reminds me of flat-earth, eugenics, biblical literalism and similar disproven beliefs. Have fun with your make believe time, it’s cute.

Kirby Ruffle said:

You guys are a disgrace.

“Proud veterans” are ruining vbulletin dissident circles

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

How can one be taken seriously as a political dissident when he/she openly brags about his/her service in the army which he/she claims to be dissenting against?

Simulation displayed below:
Originally Posted by A phony political dissident

“I’m a hardcore dissident against American foreign policy. But I proudly served in the Army and enjoyed killing Ba’athists and Vietnamese in the name of neo-liberalism.”

No, you cannot be taken seriously! All serious dissident circles must criticize this!  All such people will never be able to post on Free Media Productions using anything but a guest account!

Magnificent Designs for Future Construction in D.P.R. of Korea

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Below are some architectural designs for future buildings to be constructed in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). Please note the distinct lack of vulgarity and philistinism.

We can defeat the oligarchy that controls America

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

From the Free Media Productions News Room
The system of exploitation and nepotism imposed on Americans is unjust and can be defeated. We have a numerical advantage and the average person knows that the elite leadership is disloyal to American interests. It is only a matter of time until these nepotistic and greedy animals are put down for good. It is only a matter of time until the average American has a voice, because the patience level is decreasing. It is only a matter of time before patriotic citizens rise up in defiance. It is only a matter of time until we see real “change.”

February 24 – A new poll from CNN shows that a mere 14 per cent of American citizens have “faith” in the United States government and its ability to handle the problems currently confronting it.

The poll, conducted by CNN and Research Corp., was published earlier this week and showed that an overwhelming majority of American citizens – a staggering (but not surprising) 85 per cent – of those surveyed believed the current US governing system was “broken,” according to CNN’s report on the poll findings.

The results of the latest poll are consistent with recent surveys which have shown a dramatic decrease in popular support for US President Barack Obama, who at one point garnered impressive approval ratings following the hype of the President’s massive campaign push in 2008.

But since coming to power in January 2009, President Obama has done little, if anything, to substantiate his highly emotionally-charged campaign rhetoric calling for “change.” In fact, disappointment and disillusionment have perhaps best defined the President’s first year in office, particularly in the policy areas in which the President had said he was most interested in making change: health care reform and US aggression abroad.

However, the President has done little to distinguish himself from his predecessor, including his ongoing failures to manage the unprecedented unemployment resulting from the latest worldwide capitalist crisis, failure to even bring about shallow, surface level “reform” to the US’ broken privately-run health care system and his plans for deploying 30,000 additional US soldiers to war-ravaged Afghanistan.

Source: CNN

William Pierce discusses social misfits and avoids “the movement”

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

In terms of what he said, he is actually correct.  I do not really care, because William Pierce is as important to me as Tiger Woods or the next worker at Duncan Donuts.  Nevertheless, William Pierce would hate basically every internet “white nationalist” that exists today.

If you are reading this over the internet and consider yourself a white nationalist, then William Pierce probably would have hated you.

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