Russians Deny Slavic Origin – Claim Finnish Origin

note to the poster “racial awareness” : you’ll enjoy that there is women bashing in this post!
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Russian nation was created by Russian climate and Russian blood.

Contrary to common misconception, Russians living on territory of Russian Federation are not of Slavic blood. The ancient inhabitants of Kiev’s principate were Slavic people, that’s true. When Moscow principality was created a few centuries later in the 14th century, its population was overwhelmingly Urgo-Finns. Descendants of Kiev’s genealogical tree, their princes were originally of Slavic blood. But when Kiev’s armies moved north with their small troops, they conquered enormous vast variety of Finnish tribes who lived on enormous territory of European Russia. Only aristocrats of Russia were originally Slavs. Simple folk were descendants of Finns. That is why it is practically no different between “Chuvash” and “Finn.” And that is why Serbs are so different from Russians. Because Serbs are Slavs.

Russians are a depressive tribe because of centuries they were living in shadows of moisty forests. Russians are as unhappy with alcohol as Finns are.

So, forget about Slavs. When you will adopt my vision of Russian history, and of Russians, you will understand who Russians are.

I am the best Russian writer, but I am forced to confess that I hate Russian language. Russian words are painfully long, they remind me of naked slimy worms. You know, those pink awful creatures that you can see on some hot summer night on path you walk. Worms get out of soil to copulate under the moonlight. Russian words are copulating on my table every day and night. I am looking at them with hate and I am screaming. I am gnashing my teeth. Why should put “icheskaya” to the end of “social” in “Social Republic?” Seven letters I am adding for what fuck? Fucking “icheskaya!” Hysterical, hystericheskii laugh goes out of me when I am imaging those fucking Urgo-Finns in their shadowy forests. They move in slow motion, they take their time. Why wasn’t I born in a clear lucid language dealing in “Achtung!” and “Shnell?” And when I think that Russians are only a handful of 142 million readers, it’s really depressing for a writer.

The so called “Russian Soul” can be also explained by origins of the Russian people. Proverbial slowness of Finns (”hot finish lads!”) can be seen as phenomenon of Russian soul. Enigmatical Russian Soul is simply Russian man, uncertain, slow to decide, hesitating, never sure of itself, never sure of its own decision. Forest man with a milky skin, with thin blond hair. Not a Slav, but a Finn, Finn, Finn! And don’t accuse me of racism. Happily we have Turks and all sorts of Mongols amongst us. But the sick from alcoholism urban Russian Europeans are descendants of native Urgo-Finns and their tribes. They have shadowy mysterious souls because for hundred generations their ancestors were living by the river banks in the forests. They like to get drunk and to weep. Of too many trees, of too much of river’s water the Russian Soul is created.

Then, of course, we live in a terrible climate. We have eight months of winter and only four of summer. This summer, however, can be called a “summer” only such on condition that you have never travelled abroad. The lack of sunshine is chronic on the Russia’s territory. Everything is explained by its climate and the Urgo-Finn blood. Even more, the blood is explained by the climate. It moves slowly because of the freeze. No sunshine makes our kids look sad. When I was young, I thought almost everyday why “we Slavs” (I thought we were Slavic people) living in such an unhuman, uncomfortable climate? Why we didn’t move out of that terrible territory? However, I had tried to move. Our national ideas for centuries was to move south. We fought First World War to capture the the straights of Bosphorus and Dardanelles. We didn’t get it, alas. (Before that, in January of 1878, we were some kilometers from Istanbul-Constantinople before English bastards intervened.) Russian man carries all weight of his climate on itself. My deepest belief is that Russia should swallow Kazakhstan territory if we want our children to have sunshine.

Russian women are very, very bad. The worst of all. Russian women is like the Russian Government. Most Russian women at least are good looking when they are in their twenties. Some Russian women are gorgeously beautiful. But they are bad. They are treacherous because they have no moral principles. Christian faith was eliminated during existence of the Soviet Union so nobody taught Russian women morals. No such discipline was taught in Soviet schools. Russian woman hates man because she is envying him. She wants to be as brutal and stupid as him, she wants to lay on a divan doing nothing as man does, but she has less possibilities. Russian woman is disastrous, relationships with her destined to be tragedy. There is no way that you will end happily. You must subjugate her. If not, she will subjugate you. On both occasions, you will lose. Don’t forget that abortions and divorces were permitted even in Stalin’s Russia, so our country educated women as bitches. Millions of bitches walking our streets. I am absolutely and positively on the side of Muslim strict code of behavior for women. Their system of separation of sexes if effective and healthy.

Russian Government is bloody beast eating human flesh. It is deeply medieval in its principle conceptions. Russian Government strongly believed that Russians are subjects of Russian Government, that they are its property, that Russians should be physically punished for not showing proper respect for its Government. European Governments behave cruelly towards foreign populations, towards Yugoslavs or toward Iraqis. But Russian Government represses its own citizens. Russian Government never said one honest word. Blatant lies, we, citizens, hear from Government. They terrorize us.

Their instrument are police, brutal and unhuman, just millions of scoundrels dressed in grey uniforms. And judges: archaic men and women with terrible medieval faces and black souls under their judges clothes.

As you understand, my view of Russia is macabre, like Lovecraft’s work. I hope country will change soon, I am working for it. Then I will look at my country through rosy tinted glasses. Just wait.

Interesting. This may explain why Russians have tiny traces of Mongoloid blood (but not as much as Finns do).

Metal Gear @ January 28, 2010

9 Responses to “Russians Deny Slavic Origin – Claim Finnish Origin”

  1. Racial Awareness Says:

    Nonsense. Russia was first founded and organized by Vikings.

  2. Batu Khan Says:

    Who was the author of this train wreck? Was it really Limonov?

  3. Scully Says:

    Savenko lives in France now and Russia is well rid of him.

  4. Lisa Says:

    You actually make it appear really easy with your presentation however I in finding this topic to be really one thing which I believe I’d never understand. It sort of feels too complex and very vast for me. I’m having a look forward on your next publish, I will attempt to get the cling of it!

  5. Masako Says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful, excellent and informative blog.

  6. Marge Lardner Says:

    I am curious to find out what blog system you happen to be utilizing? I’m having some minor security issues with my latest blog and I would like to find something more safeguarded. Do you have any recommendations?

  7. väinörurik Says:

    True, Russians have much Volga-Finnic blood from Moscow area and Baltic-Finnic blood of Novgorod but the repressive nature of the Russian culture must be derived from the Mongol and the Turkish invaders and the Ivans, who crushed the whole society under they feudal power with the help of the Orthodox Church.

    Look at Finns and Estonians! They thrive well. In their past they were never mixed with Russians but got their culture from West.

  8. B.K. Says:

    What an odd mixture of self-loathing and self-aggrandizing bullshit! Logic flies out the window as history hangs itself. The Rus are now a conglomeration of peoples, cultures, races and languages who have been interbreeding for centuries. To claim we are all more this than that is absurd.

  9. inofanfic Says:

    There are books of Balanovsky family,who are researchers of Russian gene pool:
    “The Russian gene pool of the Russian Plain” and “The gene pool of the Russian North: The Slavs? The Finns? Paleo-Europeans? ”

    VERY brief and simplified contents:

    1. ethnic Russians (83% of all Russians) are typical of a European nation, not Asian absolutely. Mongolian genes – less than 2% only.

    2. Genes:

    “male line” – there of the closest kin to Russian are Ukrainians, Belarusians and Poles, that is, Slavic and other Indo-Europeans.

    “female line”- Finns, Balts, Scandinavians and Northern Germans because they have many of the common female ancestors – the northern and eastern Paleo-Europeans. Modern Europeans inherited blond hair and ligth eye color from Paleo-Europeans. Therefore, the Russians have a lighter skin tone, hair and eyes than the Poles or the Ukrainians, who have their ancestors- Paleo-Europeans less, but more of Indo-Europeans.


    The Slavic Superstratum was not found at the Russians. Scientists were able to detect only the features of the Balts, Finns, Paleo-Europeans and other substrates. That is, the Russian have not Slavs physical anthropology, but the ancient European population, who lives here from the Mesolithic. While the ancestors of most Europeans came to Europe from South-East from the Steppes.

    But the Russian, no doubt, are the Slavs on the culture and language, and these are the main features in the designation of certain ethno-linguistic group. That is, the assertion “the Russian are not Slavs” is not right.

    Interestingly, there was not Slavic appearance and when Kievan Rus was founded. |The Polans (eastern), Severians, vyatichi, Ilmen Slavs, Radimichs, Krivich were Slavs only in language and culture too. Only Drevlyans and other tribes who lived in now the right-bank Ukraine had Slavic appearance.

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