War in Iraq vs War in Afghanistan

The war in Iraq is a war for oil. The nature of the conflict is indeed that of a profit motive.

The war in Afghanistan is completely different. Bush didn’t plan on invading. 9/11 happened and put him on the spot. I don’t take people seriously who argue that 9/11 was an inside job and will just laugh at them if they comment.

The war in Afghanistan is a war against Islam, but it is corrupted by the profit motive. But the war does not have an original class nature. Bush didn’t plan on invading Afghanistan before 9/11. The original nature of the war was to destroy Sharia law and destroy Al-Qaeda

It is the profit motive that corrupts the American military into democratization, but the original motive was indeed an anti-Jihad motive.

I still oppose the Afghanistan war at least as it is being fought under the current conditions, but it is different. I do not think the war in Afghanistan is as ethically flawed as the war in Iraq.

Metal Gear @ December 9, 2009

3 Responses to “War in Iraq vs War in Afghanistan”

  1. Besoshvili Says:

    The war in Afghanistan is certainly different; but why on earth would you possibly support it? Even under your own pretexts for anti-democracy, few states were as anti-liberal as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

    And no, despite everything that the media says, the Taliban were not collaborating with Al-Qaeda in attacking the US center of global capitalism (World Trade Center).

    This much has been repudiated by subsequent Congressional commissions and documentary evidence.

    This sounds more like paranoid conservatism rather than progressive technocratic-fascism. But at least we agree on Iraq :)

  2. Metal Gear Says:

    Some of these posts definitely are getting Johnnly Gullaged.

    Other posts are definitely getting edited!

  3. Sumiko Schroeden Says:

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