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Anti-War Protest in SF – 12.2.2009

Monday, November 30th, 2009

‘Emergency Protest: No Escalation! U.S./NATO Out Now!—San Francicso

Wednesday, December 2, 5 p.m.
Powell and Market Streets

On Tuesday, December 1, President Obama is expected to announce that tens of thousands additional U.S. troops will be sent to Afghanistan in the coming months.

A call for protest actions across the country against the war and escalation following the announcement has been issued by several national organizations including A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition, World Can’t Wait, United for Peace and Justice, Veterans For Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, National Assembly, and others.

Join us to demand: No Escalation—Bring ALL the Troops Home Now! No to War and Occupation in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Everywhere! Money for People’s Needs, Not War!

Call 415-821-6545 for more info or to volunteer.

Theocracy Worship is for Keyboard Commandos

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Every decent Arab I have ever met has mocked the idea of Theocracy. Every decent Iranian I have ever met has mocked the idea of theocracy.

The only people who defend it are the people who vertically benefit from it – the actual regime itself – and keyboard commandos.


-If you mean, do I support the Ba’ath party? No.

I’m secular (nonreligious too).

-I’m Syrian; and there’s not much difference, but the SSNP is less corrupt and places a heavier emphasis on secularism and expansion.

The Arabs don’t want theocracy and soon the Iranians won’t. Certainly the diaspora Iranians don’t.

FMP Condemns Swiss Anti-Islamic law

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Swiss voters on Sunday passed a hostile and antagonistic referendum sponsored by the ultra-reactionary “Swiss People’s Party” effectively banning the construction of minarets, the distinctive architectural designs atop the vast majority of Mosques, or places of worship for adherents of the Islamic faith.

Supporters of the ban claim the minaret is a so-called “symbol” of “militant Islam,” a repulsive and deceitful claim concocted in the minds of ultra-nationalist bourgeois and petit-bourgeois elements among the Swiss ruling class.

Historically, the minaret served the practical purpose of a signal to the Muslim community, and traditionally, though less so today, served as the place for issuing the call to prayer (adhan) to believers.

Response to Sunday’s vote was largely negative – both domestically and abroad. Legal experts criticized the ban on its violation of freedom of religion and incompatible with Switzerland’s constitution. Foreign legal experts also criticized the ban on account of its violation of standing international conventions in Europe that guarantee religious freedom, of which Switzerland is a signatory.

Secretary-General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Dr. Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, issued a statement following Sunday’s vote, denouncing the ban on minarets as an “example of growing anti-Islamic incitement in Europe by extremist, anti-immigrant, xenophobic, racist, scare-mongering ultra-right politicians who reign over common sense, wisdom and universal values.”

Islam is Switzerland’s second largest religion, behind only Christianity. Muslims make up approximately 4 per cent of Switzerland’s population.

Free Media Productions wholeheartedly and unambiguously condemns this blatant and provocative ban against minarets as an inexcusable and prejudiced attack against European Muslims, and demands an immediate end to the propagation of aggressive, malignant and antagonistic Islamophobic policies.

Victory of Socialism is Inevitable

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Korean Central News Agency

Pyongyang, November 29 (KCNA) — It is inevitability of history and a law governing the development of history that humankind advances toward socialism, says Rodong Sinmun Sunday in a signed article.

The socialist society develops thanks to the inexhaustible creative power of the popular masses who are armed with high ideological consciousness and united as one, the article notes, and goes on:

The drive for remolding people and their thought so as to strengthen the driving force of the revolution and steadily boost their role was pushed forward ahead of other work under the wise leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea. As a result, socialism in the DPRK has been fortified as an invincible fortress standing whatever storm and stress, demonstrating its might all over the world.

The Songun era is the era of great change in which the driving force of the revolution has unprecedentedly grown stronger and the cause of socialism developed onto a new higher stage.

The DPRK has put forward the People’s Army stronger than any other social group in terms of revolutionary character, the sense of organization and combat capacity as the core unit of the Juche revolutionary force. Herein lies the source of the invincibility and might of Korean-style socialism.

Socialist society is the most advantageous and advanced one embodying the popular masses’ intrinsic nature and desire for independence. It is also genuine society for the people as their political and economic life as well as ideological and cultural one are in full bloom as required by man’s intrinsic desire to live and develop independently.

The advantages and vitality of socialism have been clearly proved by the reality in the DPRK which has brought about in a short span of historical time great socio-economic changes. It is impossible for capitalism to do so even though they would have taken it hundreds of years.

Socialism in the DPRK is the most advantageous one centered on the popular masses.

The essential character and advantages of Korean-style socialism lie in that it successfully embodies the immortal Juche idea in order to ensure that the popular masses are put forward as the master of everything in the society and everything of the society serves the people and independence of the people is most firmly defended and realized.

The reality in which Korean-style socialism centred on the popular masses is firmly defended and wins victory after victory goes to prove the validity and the tremendous vitality of the Songun leadership, the Songun politics of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The cause of socialism is sure to emerge victorious as there is the Songun politics, example of the independent politics, politics under socialism in the present times and the most powerful weapon.

Copyright (C) KOREA NEWS SERVICE(KNS) All Rights Reserved.

Big Joe (a serial killer) on the real victims

Monday, November 30th, 2009

According to Joseph Duncan, an active serial killer at the time he wrote this, the founding fathers were sex offenders and criminals are victims. The resident Marxist-Leninists who contribute their angle to this blog should love this guy. After all, this is class conflict.

I just updated this blog template to show the Fifthnail image. I’m working on a web site that I hope will be a voice for oppressed “criminals.” I’m not sticking up for their crimes; I’m sticking up for the human being inside, and trying to get people to see that punishing a scapegoat does only creates more vicitms, mostly innocent ones. I believe—I know—there are no bad people in this world, just people who do bad things. I was one once. I was ignorant. Now I know better, and the only reason I do is because I am not a bad person at heart. I care about people, and my only solace is in knowing that if I had understood how I was hurting my victim I would not have done it. Our society needs to understand this. You take any criminal, even the worst, and underneath all the crappy thinking is a battered and tortured heart that cares. I’ve lived and loved these people, murderers, rapists, child molesters, you name it. Every one of them is a human and a victim of their own messed up thinking. Every one of them is capable of remorse. Even if most hide from their remorse by denying it, or by burying it in the rage they feel toward society for denying their existence as a worthwhile human being. And now instead of confirming their existence society is denying it in the worst way yet. By requiring them to register, and directly implying that they are not valuable human beings, but instead they are monsters that must be watched closely and tolerated only because some long dead person wrote (for some long forgotten reason) that they have rights. How soon we forget that the Fathers of this country were criminals, even sex offenders by today’s standards. Study your history people; it’s all there waiting to be repeated.

Glory to the Secular Arabs

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Let it be made loud and clear, that I am not racist against Arabs as Arabs and absolutely admire the Ba’athists, Social Nationalists and secular authoritarians. Do not ever mistake my anti-theocratic stance for an anti-Arab stance.

For that matter, Iranians are not even Arabs. But I would support something like the Ba’athists if it existed in Iran.

Modern Communist Force (Video)

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Johnny Gulag on White Nationalism

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

he!lo, this is Joihnny Gulag and I am writing another lettter 2 metal gear.  i want to give a shot out to glenn mi!ler and occidenTAl dissent   THe Ph0ra iz my favorite forum but i still remain in contact with others.  I want to start by saying that I am a diehard white nationalist.   The caucasoid race origianated in europe.  the midle east is just swedish people who mixed with niggers.  Jews are not white and neither are arabs, but both are the same as each other exactly.  I think i am going 2 join occidental dissent!  The people really agree wit me there and I thinkt hey are really smart.  those hbd people try to associate southern euroopean with jews.  well at majority writes, they told me that jews act in their ethnic genetic intereszts and that is why they lie.  It isn’t because I am anthrpologicially retardded, but its because jews are in a conspiracy to make me look retyarded.

Metal gear is a cryto-jew who openly claism jewish ancestry.   I thyink I should out him to prozium, and then I can do more 2 solve the jewish question.  A sijngle jewishy cause I dont agree with but jews are one of the main problems.  Metal agear, please send this leeter to white nationalists.

another thing, (illegible).

Get banned at the Phora – Become a staff member here

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

We reopen our offer to mod any poster who gets banned at the phora.

Link to newer thread

Link to real life identities of phora.net members

How long should we remain peaceful?

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Perhaps it is not just the recession, but the lack of competition. With the fall of the Soviet Union, liberal capitalists now have nothing to compete against and have totally screwed over the average every day person while they stuff their own faces with bail-out money and rip the fabric of the American nation to shreds.

How long until we start to commit acts that they’ll never forget? This is not a call to violence, to all the subversives who read this, but a purely introspective question. At what point is enough really enough?

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