Terminology : Marxist-Leninist, Socialist and Communist

Most people believe the words “Marxist-Leninist,” “Socialist” and “Communist” mean the exact same thing. As I interpret it, they do not. I will define what I mean when by each term.  In fact most “Americans” think anyone who criticizes the “free market” is automatically a “ka ka ka ka kkkkkommmunist” but that is not true either.  Here are my definitions.


A Marxist-Leninist supports Lenin’s interpretations of Marx’s views. Important points including rejecting idealism for materialism and believing in transitional stages – feudalism to capitalism to socialism to communism. A Marxist-Leninist is more than a Socialist or a Communist, but a conductor of transition through the alleged spectrum of feudalism to communism. They support advancing society from one stage to the next rather than merely attacking capitalism. Capitalism is favored over feudalism but not over Socialism or Communism.  Marxist-Leninists therefore support multiple Governmental forms depending on what “order” a given society is in the given stages.


A person who looks out for the working class and rejects the “right to private property.” Marxist-Leninism supports Socialism as a transitional stage, but one can be a Socialist without being a Marxist-Leninist. If one rejects the concept of Socialism as merely a means to an end- a transition from Capitalism to create the conditions for Communism – but still supports a society similar to what Marx described as Socialism, then they are a non-Marxist Socialist.


A person who supports a society in which the state has withered away.  The state is no longer needed for the exchange of the means of productions.  Most Communists are Marxist-Leninists who view Communism as the final transitional stage, but this is not always the case. The Juche regime in North Korea envisions Marx’s final destination of Communism; but not his “roadmap” to arrive there. North Korea considers itself to be Communist but not Marxist-Leninist (officially). This means that they support the society Marx described, but do not support his methodology of bringing it to reality.

Objectively speaking, I support utilizing both socialistic and market infrastructures at the whim of an authoritarian model which contingently determines what is best for its people. I do not think the state will dissolve into Communism, nor do I think that would be a good thing. This is populism.

Metal Gear @ August 23, 2009

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  1. Aslan Maskhadov Says:

    [a deleted ad hominem attack from someone who is attempting to infiltrate and divide free media productions]

  2. Aslan Maskhadov Says:

    [ad hominem]

  3. Metal Gear Says:

    If you’d like to discuss me personally, take it to the forum. If you’d like to disagree with my ideas and stay on topic, then comment.


  4. Metal Gear Says:

    At least I’m not completely removing your comments.

    That’s being more tolerant than most others would be at this point.

  5. Aslan Maskhadov Says:

    Again, you keep claiming these are ad hominem attacks, as though your obvious ignorance of Marxism isn’t the root of your distored claims about it.

    If you wish to discuss something else, maybe you can tell me which “Communist party” likes your ideas.

  6. Chrissy D. Zaloudek Says:

    Hellooo there, I always enjoy reading your blog postings. Keep up the good Work!

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  8. Article on Juche by comrade Daryl Basarab | North American Juche-Songun Ideas Study Group Says:

    [...] validates my previous post, in which I argued that not all Communists and Socialists are Marxist-Leninists. Many envision some [...]

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