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How the media distorted The Message of Al-Zawahiri

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

From the New York Times to the Christian Science Monitor, Western journalists did a pathetic job in covering the overall message from Dr. Al-Zawahiri’s message, focusing on the particular use of the term “house-negroe,” which should be noted includes a far broader concept espoused by Malcolm X.

Not surprisingly the bourgeois media took extreme liberties with the message – ignoring the criticism that Barack Obama is unlikely to bring about any substantial change in American foreign policy, and instead decided to frame the whole video as if it were a racist attack on Barack Obama himself – completely misrepresenting the overall theme of what the video was trying to convey, and framing it as something completely different.

Just reviewing the headlines gives a strong indication of exactly what went wrong with the Western media’s coverage of the message. “Al-Qaeda No. 2 issues racial epitaph against Obama,” “Al-Qaeda video slurs Barack Obama,” “New Al Qaeda video insults Obama with racial slur.”

Any respectable journalist with the slightest bit of integrity would recognize the erroneous distortion going on. If one actually watches the video (a link is available at the end of this artice) then it’s obvious that the focus is not on Obama’s race, but rather, a remark on how he serves the interest of the imperialist ruling class, which is predominantly white. That Dr. Al-Zawahiri referred to Barack Obama as a “house negroe,” should have also been contextualized by his respectful mention of Malcolm X – whom the video represented as a positive influence for African-Americans.

Maybe this sort of sensationalism and poor reporting is what’s to blame for the rising cynical attitude towards the mainstream media – but hey whatever they think helps increase circulation and advertising revenues is good enough.

Press Release: Policy Positions of President-elect Barack Obama on the Oppressed World and National Liberation

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Media Contact:
Free Media Productions News

President-elect Barack Obama’s Policy Positions on the Oppressed World and National Liberation

False-promises of “change” don’t hide Obama’s true class loyalties

Nov. 25 - The hundreds of millions of oppressed peoples who thought the United States might embark on a new path of foreign policy, one respectful of national sovereignty, the right to self-determination, and most importantly, a step back from hegemonic intervention, will be sorely disappointed when the new President-elect assumes office in January 2009.

The future President has already made it perfectly clear that he’s going to represent “dramatic change” once in power. But, the differences between Barack Obama and George W. Bush are only peripheral.

In his outline for his policy towards Latin America – Barack Obama explained the need to refocus efforts on establishing mutual relations and diplomacy as a means of establishing stability, something that has been largely ignored due to Bush’s primary focus on Iraq and Middle-Eastern affairs.

Obama exclaimed that neglecting diplomacy in the oppressed world has resulted in a loss of US influence. Thus, through diplomatic rather than overtly militant means, the US under President Obama will try to regain the influence in the oppressed world to assure its interests are met.

On the subject of trade – Obama’s presidential campaign included myriad remarks indicating his preference for fair-trade over free-trade. However, he has also exclaimed the importance of investing American capital as a means of retaining influence in the oppressed world, and promoting friendly attitudes towards the US – which he believes is also an important effort for national security concerns. Let us not forget that former imperialist president, Bill Clinton, used slogans of fair-trade to gain favor with more stridently liberal voters before assuming office – only to later become one of the most ardent supporters of free-trade (including the overseeing of the implementation of NAFTA).

Obama has also indicated his intention to maintain the 46 year old trade embargo against Cuba – to use as political and economic leverage to influence a regime change, undoubtedly one favorable to American interests such as before the Proletarian Revolution.

Obama said he intends to have “respectful” dialogues with Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez. However, his hope and intention is to appeal to Chavez to “tone down” the anti-American and anti-imperialist sentiments that Chavez’s leadership has stirred in his country.

On matters of armed struggle for national liberation – Obama has vowed to continue supporting US funded programs and para-military agencies to combat legitimate struggles, such as the FARC in Colombia.

As the newly elected future president prepares to assume office in a just under two-months his actions are already failing to uphold the principles and values of his campaign speeches and promises.

For more information please visit Free Media Productions

About Free Media Productions
Free Media Productions is an independent multimedia news, editorial, and agitation source dedicated to opposing imperialism, wage-slavery, and all forms of class oppression. It is a non-commercial voice for the oppressed peoples of the world and looks to provide an alternative to the messages and information found in the mainstream bourgeois media. Free Media Productions is always looking to form strong and effective relationships with sympathetic organizations who share our views. For more information, contact Communications Director Erich Hekkenschroeder at freemediaproductions@gmail.com



Interview with FMP Editor Berianidze

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Q & A with Free Media Productions Editor Berianidze

Q: So what is Free Media Productions?

A: Well it’s simple, really. It started out as an extension of some previous projects some collaborators and myself had worked on in the past. Basically, most of us fall well beyond the mainstream political paradigm of liberal and conservative. And with this in mind, we’re well aware of how ours, and many others’, viewpoints are neglected or simply ignored in the mainstream media. Free Media Productions is an online multi-media project aimed at disseminating information, analysis, and opinions outside the mainstream.

Q: Who else is behind Free Media Productions?

A: Nobody actually. We’re completely independent. We fund all our own projects so our content is not restricted by any particular interest other than our own. We do have editorial agendas that are typically anti-imperialist, anti-liberal and anti-capitalist. Most of my perspectives and content reflect my thoughts on events.

Q: So what is your perspective or angle when producing content?

A: I’m a veteran Marxist-Leninist, which undoubtedly comes through in my work. I try to assess events from a viewpoint consistent with Marxist-Leninist interpretation of events – namely, historical and dialectical materialism. But I’m far from subtle about it. I don’t claim to be unbiased – but rather, try to present facts and information from a different bias than what you’ll see in the mainstream media.

Q: How has the project been received? Would you call it a “success?”

A: It’s been received very well, so yes, in and of itself, I would consider what we’ve accomplished so far a “success.” Several of our news stories have been picked up on various alternative news-wires, or linked in political and media blogs. It’s always hard to get your name publicized and gain a loyal audience when you’re literally competing with millions of other sites – many similar to yours – on the internet. But we do our best with what few resources we have available.

Q: What is your favorite aspect about Free Media Productions?

A: Probably the fact that we are a multi-media website that is really about disseminating messages. We don’t necessarily have a direct “call to action,” and we’re certainly not trying to sell anything. I would say what really makes us unique is our combination of simply disseminating key messages for the sake of letting the public know that alternatives to the status quo are out there, and utilizing modern technology in the process.

Q: What roles do you play as editor at Free Media Productions?

A: Most of my work has been focused on producing media content and outreach. For content production I manage the newsroom (writing news stories, researching current events), writing scripts for AuzioZone segments (like the Dog Tag Reports), and producing a few videos. In terms of outreach, my role is distributing our content to various online publications, reaching out to sympathetic or friendly sites/organizations that would be interested in cooperative partnerships, utilizing social-media networks to help market what FMP actually does and provides.

Q: The FMP video room used to be hosted on YouTube – but your channel has been disabled. What happened?

A: Knowing that YouTube takes an interest in advertising and profits – it didn’t take long for some of their moderators and administrators to remove some of our videos due to the content. We actually verified with all of the listed terms of service agreements that are posted on the YouTube website, and saw that our videos were NOT in violation of those terms. It boils down to people simply disagreeing with what we had to say.

Q: Are you planning to revive the Video Room?

A: Absolutely. We have an account with Daily Motion – which has better stipulations for video uploads anyways. The problem is that it simply doesn’t get the same traffic – so we’re not hitting the same size audience. So for the meantime we’re using DM to host our videos, and we’re embedding them directly to our Editorials page. We’re currently in the process of finding a new permanent location for the Video Room, though.

Q: What other projects will FMP be working on in the future?

A: One thing that hasn’t been released yet, but is currently in production, will be a series of VNRs, or video-news releases, that FMP will be producing. Many of the large, bourgeois media outlets utilize video-sharing capabilities to deliver the news. The staff at FMP thought this could be a great tool to spread our message in an interesting way. The VNRs will be just like broadcast news segments, with footage and commentary on current international and domestic news items.

Arbitrary YouTube censorship closes FMP Video Room

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

As part of our commitment to bringing members, listeners, readers and viewers an eclectic multimedia experience, Free Media Productions was committed to producing unique content that told the story of news neglected and selectively censored from the mainstream media. For convenience sake, our staff and producers used the popular video-sharing website, YouTube, as the means for hosting and distributing our videos. However, our experience with YouTube in our three month relationship was marred by arbitrary censorship which resulted in 2 videos being pulled AND finally discovering that our account, freemediavideos, has just been permanently disabled (11/20/2008).

While it’s not surprising that a for-profit website like YouTube would have an interest in censoring what content it makes available to the public – what we really can’t figure out is why they feel it necessary to remove videos and disable accounts that report on matters that in no way could be confused with any violation of community guidelines or terms of service.

The latest video which resulted in the disabling of the freemediavideos account was simple coverage of the Iraq war from the perspective of the Iraqi Resistance. The images and footage incorporated into the video depicted nothing overtly graphic or explicit. Furthermore, most if not all the footage had been included in numerous broadcasts in the international media.

Furthermore, other videos on youtube showcasing American occupation forces being blown to pieces by IEDs and grenades, remain online. The only difference was that our particular video included a very specific message to frame the issue.

Thus, the only conclusion that one can deduce is that YouTube censors videos not on the basis of violation of community guidelines or terms of services alone – but also political messages that administrators personally disagree with.

It’s not that we would expect anything different given the content of our videos. But, it is a major inconvenience when a lot of work and time was put in towards producing said videos, only to have them removed when they were OBVIOUSLY not in violation of ANY TERMS OF SERVICE.

Oh well. Free Media Productions will be restoring its Video Room soon, and we will replace all of our previous videos and continue to produce more.

New Al-Zawahiri Video Calls Out Barack Obama

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

The new video from Al-Qaeda’s Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri compares American president-elect Barack Obama (agent of global capitalism and international zionism) a “house-negroe.” Video produced and distributed by al-Sahab Media.

Anthroscape is coming back!

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008


After making us wait months for a restoration, ZetaBoards has revised its policy and is no longer promising that it can (or will) restore lost data. Because of this, and also in light of recent events, we’ve decided to just start over and are planning a re-launch within the next few weeks.

We apologize for the delay and hope you’ll join us again.

After a long hiatus, anthroscape will return! Well known anthropology enthusiasts such as racial reality and Dienekes will reunite and rebuild.

Anthroscape RESPECTS the older anthropologists of the Coon variety, and is above the smear games and arrogant proclamations that they are obsolete and totally worthless. And from what I saw there last time, the general consensus was that Boas was biased and inaccurate. Even as our technology improves, anthroscape correctly recognizes the foundations of the science laid down by the older anthropologists that got us to this point.

Knowing that it will come back gives me something to truly look forwards to.

Barack Obama = Agent of Global Capitalism

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

The election of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama led many hopeful progressives to believe that “a new sense of change” was coming to America. Most of the credentials Barack Obama has laid out don’t indicate that there is going to be any sense of change. In fact, it’s most certain that very little will change in the next four years after Obama is inaugurated as president in January 2009.

There is little, if any, reason to believe that the legacy left after Barack’s tenure as Commander in Chief will resemble anything dissimilar to that of Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan, or George W. Bush. That’s not to say that these leaders were identical; hardly. They had their differences, but those differences need to be placed in the proper context – as does Barack Obama. The subtle differences between democrats and republicans are only important when you’re observing from the extremely limited, and narrowly defined political spectrum of American politics. While Barack Obama, the champion of bourgeois liberalism, is portrayed as a “radical leftist,” by his moderate and conservative opponents; in all actuality, in most systems he would be described as center-right.

Needless to say whatever promises and glittering generalities emerge from the mouthpiece of the Obama campaign, they are neither radical, unique, noteworthy, or more than likely, attainable. American politics is a system defined by its inherently conservative nature. The political infrastructure of this country is innately designed to prevent the rise of a faction, which served as the dominant fear of the original bodies behind Federalism and the Constitution.

But, more importantly, why would anybody believe that Barack Obama is going to be that sort of leader anyway? A campaign is an opportune time to talk idealistically about what one wants to do, without ever seriously mentioning how it’s going to be implemented or paid for. But I don’t really believe that the American people voted for Barack Obama because he was going to bring about change. In their minds, he was the “lesser of two evils.” The Republican brand had little chance of surviving 8 years of the Bush administration; the recent economic collapse deflated faith in Republican economic values; and the McCain campaign’s selection of Vice Presidential running-mates left much to be desired.

As to the ridiculous claims that Barack Obama is a socialist, his own words dispel any such nonsense. Barack Obama has been as aggressive a supporter for the free-market system as any Republican. An Obama administration will do more to preserve and prolong capitalism. Obama has been perfectly clear about this, defending the “wealth” that open markets have created, calling “free trade a cornerstone of our growth and global development,” and even on the need to “forge a trade that truly rewards the work that creates wealth, with meaningful protections for our people and planet.”

The idealism of Barack Obama will only be masked by his close ties with capital and his subservience in light of their global aims. Obama is not an idealistic fool who thinks he’s going to march into Washington and “set them straight.” He’s chosen his side – the side of the bourgeoisie, the class he has been chosen to represent by a system that inherently bestows power only to those who are willing to protect, preserve, and strengthen the capitalist system.

New FMP Video: 91st Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Free Media Productions has uploaded a new video celebrating the historic Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

Good Jews, Bad Jews, and Extreme Ideologies

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Being paralyzed with fear and afraid to criticize any Jew in any circumstance is obviously ridiculous. Likewise, being convinced that Jews are behind everything, that all Jews march in step with one another, and that nothing bad in the world has a non-Jewish origin is just as ridiculous. The Jewish Question shouldn’t be reduced to dwelling on the most exceedingly annoying members of the community, but the entire mosaic of the community should be examined. Sure, if you reduce Jews to the lowest common denominator, the most disloyal, arrogant, self-righteous few with chips on their shoulders, then you will not like Jews. Is that really fair? To only focus on bad Jews is to do the rest of the Jewish community a disservice. There are Jews out there who are decent people, and there are Jews who identify the status quo as flawed and look for reasonable solutions and philosophies.

Some people, in their attempt to maneuver around antisemitism, believe they must defend even the worst of the Jews. But maneuvering around an extreme ideology with a reactionary ideology is not the solution. Some Jews indeed are worthy of criticism, but this doesn’t vindicate the most crude and insatiable of the antisemites. The worst type of Jew is the paranoid type, the militant activist who feeds off persecution, and develops his identity through it. He becomes obsessed with being hated, even seeks out enemies, and thinks the world owes him something. But these types of people are few and far between. This is the type of Jew who believes that if Jews don’t control the actions and thoughts of every non-Jew, than an outburst of antisemitic violence is around the corner. But in his attempt to prevent persecution, by acting in such a bizarre fashion, this type of Jew creates persecution, and soon finds out he is not as chosen and invincible as he thinks he is.

But then you have these soap opera rejects who legitimately believe all Jews are out to get them, and everything bad has a Jewish origin, and these Judeo-Obsessives are just a ridiculous as the individual Jewish enemies, both real and imagined, that they rant about. The obsessed antisemite cannot live without the compulsive and militant Jew, and the compulsive and militant Jew cannot live without the antisemite. But the man with a sane mind can do without both of them, and realizes that he must legitimately praise and recognize the good Jew, while simultaneously denouncing the bad one. He must not be bound by the limitations of political correctness, but he must reject any urge to act like a classic antisemite. There really is no other way to correctly deal with the Jewish question. Denouncing them all is wrong, but refusing to denounce even the bad ones is also wrong.

91st Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution

Friday, November 7th, 2008

On this day, 91 years ago, the fires of revolution exploded into what later become history’s first ever Proletarian State.

On this day, November 7th (October 25th on the Julian Calendar), marked the beginning of the Bolshevik Revolution to depose the failed Provisional Government of Alexander Kerensky and the liberal-bourgeoisie. After a vicious struggle with counter-revolutionary White and foreign interventionist forces – it was the Bolsheviks who led Russia’s toiling masses into a sustainable and prosperous future.

The celebration of the Bolshevik Revolution was the single-most important holiday in the Soviet Union’s pantheon. It’s historical importance marked the first time in which the former exploited classes were able to overcome the repeated obstacles of the class enemies and counter-revolutionary armies of the world who wished to bring the Soviet Union to its knees.

On this historic day the international proletariat realized that another world is possible; that democracy and liberation come not from the ballot, but from the struggle and inevitable victory over the exploiter classes.

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