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Free Media Productions Endorses Gov. Sarah Palin

Monday, October 27th, 2008

We’re just a little more than a week away from the great façade of American democracy– where the largely indifferent voting public gets to choose between two identical and unremarkable candidates from the wealthy elite to misrepresent them for another four years.

On that note – we at Free Media Productions of course have our own endorsement we’d like to offer. We’re proud to lend our official endorsement to none other than the distinguishable Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and former beauty queen. We looked at each of the candidates, spent hours upon hours reviewing their background, policy positions, and personalities, and came to the conclusion that only one candidate truly represents the best interest of the American nation and its people. Of course, that candidate is Sarah Palin.

For our readers, we thought we’d like to put together a more personal and intimate portrait of Ms. Palin. When compiling information on all the candidates, the following is what largely influenced us in our endorsement decision:

Name: Sarah Louise Heath Palin

Born: February 11, 1964 – Sandpoint, Idaho (yes, not a TRUE Alaskan).

Residence: Wasilla, AK

Political Party: Republican

Other Organizations: Boy Scouts of America, Wasilla Chamber of Commerce, Mothers Against Destructive Decisions (M.A.D.D.).

Current Political Office: Governor of Alaska, since 12/4/2006

Former political experience: Mayor of Wasilla, AK (1996-2002)

Citycouncil of Wasilla, AK (1992-1996)

We contacted the McCain/Palin campaign headquarters in hopes of getting an interview with Ms. Palin. I spoke to one of the staff-person who recorded my name and organization, but said that Ms. Palin was very busy campaigning in this “critical time” before the election. Needless to say, we won’t be getting our interview. But that’s okay, since we love her anyway.

We told the staff-person that we had a questionnaire we’d like Ms. Palin to fill out so we could consider her for our endorsement. So far, the questionnaire has not been returned.

But, that didn’t stop us! We decided, since none of the candidates responded to our requests (that’s democracy for you!) we’d go ahead and endorse Governor Palin anyways, due to her above-average intelligence and political acumen.

We feel that Sarah Palin is truly the most competent and honest politician this country has ever seen. Regardless of her portraiture in the liberal media – such as the myth that she didn’t know what exactly the Vice President is supposed to do, or her inability to name a single newspaper source that she likes to reference. Other disgusting rumors, like how she abused her power in dealings with a certain state trooper, or how she’s known to get excessively moist downstairs when reading from the Good Book, didn’t influence us one bit!

The Chains of the Two Party System

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

The Audio

Hello, I am here speaking with free media productions and this time I am speaking on my own impulse. I want to talk about the two party system and how cleverly it is constructed to fool people who are not deep thinkers. I also want to encourage all those who agree with the following message to join “www.freemediaproductions.info” and get involved with the website. We cannot succeed in making change unless we stick to our principles, but those who truly share these principles should unite.

The truth is that the parties are more similar than different. Republicans call Democrats liberals, but Republicans are liberal too. Compared to Marxists, Fascists, Nazis, Islamic Fundamentalists, Kahanists, and Ba’athists, the Republicans are truly just as liberal the Democrats they smear. Republicans support a “free market,” if that isn’t liberalism, than I don’t know what is. And the Republicans and Democrats are equally committed to upholding the structures that maintain the American ideal, and frequently collude to stop the rise of third party opposition movements. The Republicans and Democrats in the Senate and House of Representatives also colluded to help Bush launch his Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The financial crysis that the two-party allies allowed to take place, in the name of “Freedom” and “Liberty,” is also indictive of the priorities of these parties. Rather than challenge the corrupt businessmen and questionably qualified buyers, the politically correct leadership allowed people to do what they please. And that is really what Democracy is. People doing what they want, not necessarily people doing what is beneficial for society. Yet with the failures of Democracy at home, arrogant “democratic / republican” American leaders feel they have a moral right to export it abroad. There is nothing “moral” about the American crusade in the middle east. A small group of powerful elites ruthlessly persue their intersts, and destroy the infrastructure of other nations, and then justify it in the name of a non-existant moral highground. I say non-existant because the “Democratic System” is just as corrosive at home as it is abroad.

Psychologically, the elites who rule America have cleverly designed a system in which the angers of dissent are improperly diverted towards the opposite party instead of the political process. Every 8 years or so, the balance of power shifts, and the American people feel their job is done. Intuitively the American people initially and rightfully get angry because of the system of world-wide exploitation, but then they feel at peace with themselves. After all, a new party is in power.

But it’s not really a new party. What the American people fail to realize is that the elites who manipulate them are playing a game of pinball, but the flippers on both side of the arcade machine are being controlled by the same power structure. Finance capitalism combined with political correctness to incite racial warfare is the truly dominant ideology in both parties. Obviously the people in power, though selfish and harmful, are intelligent. They know very well that their acts of corruption will anger people. But they control the resistance psychologically, by diverting the public opinion from one party to another. Just like professional wrestling, the two apparent opponents are actually cleverly manipulating the crowd, in an attempt to frame a box that binds constraints around what is acceptable discourse. By giving people two choices, the elites are then in a position to label anyone who sees through their plan as extremists. They point out to the public that their opposition could dissent in a more mainstream fashion. But that’s just part of the shell game played by the people who hold power in America. The manipulators in power convince the masses that their party swapping is a true sign of rebellious out of the box thinking. It is not, the masses are truly thinking inside the box. It’s just that the box is framed around two different parties. And anyone who TRULY thinks outside of the two-party box can be labeled as nuts, extremist, and insatiable. “When will these people every be satisfied,” is what the propagandists say to attack those who reject their system. Well, we will never be satisfied until the entire political process and governmental system is truly reformed, and a switch between nearly identical parties won’t achieve that.

Do I need to remind people that the Democratic party was originally labeled the “Democratic-Republican Party?” Then it switched its name and a new Republican Party was created. Many of us oppose the political system for different reasons, and many of us have different visions for the future. But I believe anyone who has the wisdom to understand the problem I am describing is a potential ally. We must think pragmatically and we must work together. All who oppose the status quo must work as a team to dismantle it. We know they are working as a team. If we don’t, we will lose. Please join the team effort at “www.freemediaproductions.info.” We encourage people to TRULY think outside of the box. Take off the chains and join us. The most misguided people are those who are angry but feel they can work within the system and reform it. We here know we must work outside of the system. Those who think they can debate their way to change, without fundamentally changing the way society actually works are misguided.

Red Star Editorial: International Relations

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Here’s an editorial written by the staff of Red Star, Nepal’s National Magazine. It gives a glimpse into the interesting developments that are sure to face the Maoist-led Nepalese government, which is committed to carrying out the People’s objectives, and is currently working towards the possibility of transforming Nepal from a “Federal Republic,” to a “People’s Republice.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has just visited America to take part in the 63rd assembly of the United Nations Organization. The visit was very interesting because Prachanda came as the head of state as well as the commander of the decade long People’s War. Actually, this is the identity of the new Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

The new identity of Nepal is the continuation of the revolution according to the conditions of Nepal. Revolution itself means change. Nepal is now in a transitional period. But what is surprising to many foreigners is that the transition has been successfully led by a revolutionary party, the CPN-Maoist. The party and the party leaders have come to the United Nations by peaceful revolution.

The speech delivered by the prime minister in the assembly has given a clear message to the countries of the world about Nepal. All the participant countries have heartily accepted the vision and talked with prime minister. Even George W. Bush talked with Com. Prachanda, although the US Administration still has a red corner notice against the CPN-Maoist and the party chairman Prachanda.

The Prime Minister talked about the People’s War, the People’s Movement and the newly declared Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal in most of the programmes organised. He convinced the people and the participants who were curious to know about the Nepal and its future plans. This is the first time that people from so many foreign countries have been so curious about Nepal. This is a matter of pride for Nepalese.

Many countries learnt more about Nepal in course of discussions about political development, participation of the Nepalese people in the struggle against feudalism and in establishing a Federal Democratic Republic.

Many heads of the state from many different countries have invited the Prime Minister to visit their countries. The acceptance of the new Nepal all over the world has become possible due to the objectives, ideas, policies and the tactics of the Prime Minister Puspa Kamal Dahal, Prachanda.

Nepalese Republic of the People

Monday, October 13th, 2008

To those who say that the revolutionary spirit of scientific socialism is dead, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoists), CPN (M), has announced its plan to continue the struggle of the Nepalese proletariat and peasantry into the correct trajectory towards socialism. An invariable “people’s revolt” will ensue, ending with the full-fledged declaration of Nepal as a People’s Republic.

From Free Media Productions News:

“We will accomplish the peoples’ revolution in Nepal through a peoples’ revolt, finally to achieve the target of Socialism and Communism”, writes Vaidya in a five page political proposal submitted to the CPN (M).

Back when the CPN (M) gained dominance over the Constituent Assembly, which deposed the feudal-monarchy and landlord system that oppressed the Nepalese people, many were concerned that the path to socialism would be diverted by the engagement in participatory politics with other parties. However, if the latest news is indicative of the growing political climate in Nepal, it seems the People’s War has not been abandoned, but rather picked up in its more overtly political form, considering the access to vital political infrastructure now enjoyed by the CPN (M). We’ll keep you updated with all the latest events in the heroic struggle of the Nepalese people to establish a People’s Republic, and the reactions from the imperialist camp. Stay tuned!

Vote and Demonstrate against the Two Party Leadership of Collusion

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Just a reminder here that both parties are pawns of the same liberal Democratic chess player. My friends, if you vote for either party, you are a pawn too! We must not be fooled into being satisfied with a switch of parties. The only thing that can truly bring about change is to oppose the ENTIRE process. When we switch from one expression of liberal capitalism to another, we are merely transferring the power from one hand to another hand. We need not a new hand but a new body and mind. We cannot oppose one party and support the other, we must realize that both parties are one and they are friends of each other.

We must oppose the two party rule not only at the ballot box but in our every day lives. It is not sufficient merely to vote against the system, one must also evangelize his/her views and verbally criticize the system.

Free Media Productions: Dog Tag Report No. 2

Friday, October 10th, 2008

It’s that time again where we celebrate the fallen “heroes” of the American occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. Here’s the latest “Dog Tag Report” (No. 2). Enjoy!

Dog Tag Report No. 2

American soldiers abandoned .

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

The American occupation troops, who give their lives, limbs, and bodies to the cause of imposing democracy and freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan were expecting a hero’s welcome on their return to the states. But, reality had another fate in mind for these poor mangled individuals as they returned to their loved ones.

One story, that of a young man who’s requested to be anonymous, involves the betrayal of an American soldier wounded in Iraq, who can’t get any medical assistance for his injuries.

The once able-bodied 24 year old is now rendered helpless and hopeless in a wheelchair, susceptible to sporadic seizures due to the brain damage he sustained from a piece of shrapnel after his armored vehicle encountered a roadside bomb, and to add insult to injury, he’s missing his four-front teeth. The returning veteran had been assured that his medical care, if he were injured in the line of duty, would be covered by the US Army. However, he’s been state-side for over 9 months now, and no follow-up care has been provided. He can’t get an electric wheel-chair, because funding for the veteran’s assistance health programs has hit an all-time low. He can’t get the needed dental-work because they told him it was “too intensive.”

Now, crippled and toothless, this young man once full of promise is broken down into a  fraction of his former self. He says thoughts of suicide constantly plague him, and is literally “hanging on by a thread.”

To make matters worse – he’s had to move back in with his parents because he can’t get a job. Upon enlisting in the army – he was told that his experience would open up myriad job and career opportunities. However, the young man says (indignantly) that has not been the case.  He indicated that all an employer can do is check to see if a veteran-job applicant received an “honorable discharge,” which apparently these days is not difficult to obtain.

His personal life has suffered greatly as well. He said due to the injuries sustained in Iraq, which include the loss of muscle-control (paralysis) from his waist down, his fiance left him on account of his inability to engage in sexual activities. Their engagement was finally called off after she disclosed she’d been having an affair with another man while he was serving in Iraq, which continued after his return home.

This case is just one of thousands that have been told regarding the dismal twist of fate awaiting returning soldiers from their occupation missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you know of any other stories of discontent, distress, depression, and so forth involving American military personnel, please send them to freemediaproductions@gmail.com.

Unremarkable VP Candidate Debate echoes bourgeois mediocrity

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Last night’s debate between Democratic VP candidate, Senator Joe Biden, and Republican VP candidate, Governor Sarah Palin, further implicated the overwhelming similarities between the two mainstream parties (though, by no means a surprise to anybody probably reading this).

First, throughout the entire debate, Joe Biden lacked his usual articulate form when pronouncing his party’s talking points. Though infamous for his verbosity, Biden managed to keep himself relatively on track, though neglected to answer a few questions directly. Namely, when asked if there were any promises that the candidates had previously made, that (due to the current financial crisis) they didn’t believe they could keep, Biden simply ignored the question and framed his messaging into “what the Obama/Biden ticket will do.”

When asked the same Question, Palin at first appeared as if she was going to address the question of “broken promises,” but as one could expect, decided instead to enter into a diatribe about her gubernatorial experience combating the oil-companies in Alaska.

The series of non-answers from the candidates prompted the moderator to finally ask again, “So there are no promises made earlier in the campaign that you don’t feel you will not be able to keep?” Palin’s timely response was, “I’ve only been in this for 5 weeks, so there hasn’t been a whole lot I’ve promised.” Biden refused to address the question directly.

When the issue of addressing the apparent financial calamity that has bestowed the US, neither candidate performed sufficiently in demonstrating that they really knew what was going on. Biden started off by defending his earlier vote to make it more difficult for homeowners to declare bankruptcy, and Palin once again entered into another speech about the importance of energy independence, and what her and McCain plan to do about it (drill). This was almost astounding, as the question on energy had already been asked, but Palin continued to press the point several times – I counted at least 5 separate occasions.

When the topic of the debate moved to foreign policy, both candidates espoused the same imperialist line. Biden chided that he and Barack Obama WILL end the war in Iraq, but made no mention of Afghanistan until later, declaring it and Pakistan as the two major centers of “terrorism.” Palin tried to remind the audience that Obama had previously voted against funding the occupation forces, to which Biden quickly reminded Palin that McCain failed to do so as well (because the proposed bill included a time-line for early withdrawal).

However, both candidates held the exact same line that American presence in the middle-east ought to be continued, for at the very least, the preservation and protection of Israel. Both candidates kneeled down to the topic of Israel, declaring their unabated devotion to the state of Israel. Joe Biden went on to say that “Nobody’s been a better friend to Israel than Joe Biden,” and “We cannot and will not allow another Holocaust.” Sarah Palin put it best when she openly stated, “Both Senator Biden and I LOVE Israel, that’s one thing we definitely agree on.”

As the debate dragged on, it became more and more apparent that a Obama/Biden ticket would look almost identical to a McCain/Palin ticket on foreign policy. Both declared that American involvement in Pakistan should be increased to assure the political “stability” of a country already in possession of nuclear weapons; and the need to prevent the Iranian proliferation of nuclear weapons at “all costs.” Finally, both candidates also presented an imperialist plan to interfere with Sudan for “humanitarian” objectives (the word genocide was of course thrown out during this discussion).

It was a debate hardly worth watching, and the dreariness of both candidates is all the more compounded by the vast similarities that exist between them. Of course, one could not expect anything different from the bourgeois parties who spend incredible amounts of money campaigning and disseminating how much “change” they’re going to bring. In the end it really does not matter whether we have an Obama/Biden administration or McCain/Palin administration. Both tickets represent only the interests of the bourgeoisie and global capital. Neither can be expected to resort to any dramatic changes, for even if they had the slightest sincere desire, they’re participating in a system that is inherently restrictive to preserving and fulfilling only the interests of the privileged property classes.

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