Free Media Production's niche is that it provides a platform for political dissidents to develop high quality multimedia and news. While participants include people across the political spectrum, its niche is not to intentionally declare allegiance to a single ideology. That being said, opposition to contemporary American Imperialism is a nearly unanimous view at FMP. Still, the organization is not a political party but a media development organization. A strong consensus exists that avoiding active politics and focusing on media, art, news and creativity instead is the best move for the community which created the website. Additionally, we are not interested in web-related drama/politics either and seek our own target audience rather than to compete directly against other websites for an audience that has already been defined.

We are not concerned with "left vs right" but the constructiveness, behavior and attitude of our participants. Free Media Productions is a website that appeals to a very serious and committed audience, rather than some websites that are more concerned with entertainment. We would like to gain a large audience, but we will never neglect our mission to remain a high end website in an attempt to do so.

Free Media Productions is future proof. While other websites remain mere discussion forums, FMP pushes the tech limit and the creativity limit. While the focus on web design and uniqueness over raw marketing may result in less activity than a lower end website, we believe that creating something worthwhile is more important than getting the word out. A high quality experience that 50 people experience is superior to an average website that 500 people experience. That being said, we encourage our fanbase to distribute the website. While we are busy making the website the best it can be, it is your job to promote its awareness. Please get the word out.