It is assumed that the American media is a free system, because America is technically a democracy. What is freedom? When corporations operate at the whims of political and financial influences, is that objectivity? We at free media productions answer that question with a resounding "no!" A new media is needed, and only people outside of the corporate infrastructure can truly provide it. Only people like us can provide an alternative to the mainstream media.

Unlike the constrained bourgeois media, which limits and frames its messages to those which are most conducive to increasing circulation and reflect the interests of shareholders and private capital, we at Free Media Productions are answerable to no one. We have but one objective: to provide our readers, listeners, and users with the latest in high quality content through an alternative analysis neglected by the mainstream. Unlike mainstream media outlets, we don’t receive any talking points, and our message is wholly our own.

Though powerful, the pitiful status of the modern-day media has been relegated to that of the official voice of the ownership class, the elite for whom objectivity only exists insofar that it yields a wider profit margin. The calamity of Western news and media has bestowed upon the masses the objective virtue of liberal values and private enterprise. We at Free Media Productions wholeheartedly reject these values, and especially their pertinence in mainstream information dissemination.

The liberal vs. conservative paradigm is only a fraction of the political spectrum; most of which has no place in the mainstream due to its renunciation of the accepted values. Free Media Productions rejects this on the premise that there is a whole other world of voices that are infinitely superior to the mass-produced garbage available on your television screens, your newspapers, and your radios.

We absolutely support dedicated individuals who would like to contribute to the development of dissident media. You can start by simply commenting on the News, doing likewise on the Editorials, or by joining the Firezone Forum. Or you can assist us in major development projects.